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  1. Hi dear @berries812... i was so busy with work.. can’t be here so much.. m so happy with all d updates.. keep updating.. i am always happy to read here.. yes @maria1983 i miss u woman! Come backnsoon!!!
  2. Yaaaa i can’t wait to watch ep 11. Is suho locking himself and haera in the walkin closet/dressing room? Yaaaa u naughty boy.. if it was me i’ll lock myself with him without being asked ... hehehehhe
  3. https://youtu.be/sZLq6YegpCI despite the hot kissing scene which makes me feel giddy, i also love this scene so much..i found bothe of them so natural in this scene...i love haera hit suho in the end... so cute!
  4. I know right! I am quite impress with his photo taking skills.. his next role shud b a photographer https://instagram.com/p/Bdm9olKHuhO/
  5. Even hylolyn the one who sang the ost for black knight was fangirling ove black knight! Fighting prince raewon and black knight gang.. btw.. in the scene where suho comforted haera outside her office .. i love love it... and suho or raewon even kissed the side of haera’s head... i find it so swoony and romantic!! I saw he kissed her head twice already.. d other while they were sleeping in the sofa... yeeeeee so romantic.. and the hi-five i suspect that was his ad-lib!
  6. yaaa so cute!! And raewon is a great photographer! pictures taken by him were beautiful!!
  7. @maria1983 it was HOT HOT HOT... hahaha.. i wish it was on cable tv then mebe we could see more.. but then I understand suho ... he waited for so many years for haera.. of course.. it seems like he was hungry for her omg i better stop rite now... the aunt better not come n disturb!! Huwaaahahahhahahahahah ehem.. u could hear their sound.. a bit.. ok stop stop stop
  8. Omg that kiss!!! Why did it hv to stop or cut ? Hahaha... oo i forgot it was just 1hr show.. but but... i really hope tomorrow’s episode will continue where they left off..
  9. The NGs... glad to see krw are having fun on the set despite the cold weather! In fact everybody seems to be in good mood ...
  10. The thing is i kinda like that everyone is not perfect and one dimensional. Which includes boon yi n myung so. Some people said that myung so was not a good husband since he loved other woman some said he is loyal to his wife.. well i find it bit of both.. but then again i find it refreshing that these people are not straight up good or bad but they are with flaws..
  11. Did haera suddenly became strong because sharon borrowed her body? Hahahahhahahha .. i think that last scene was intended to be funny! Seriously it was funny! I was rofl.. Good job PD-nim!
  12. The question is who is the real black knight now? Haera or suho? Since haera ‘saved’ him twice in this ep! The other one in the sauna!