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  1. Kim rae lying on bed is yaaaaa i dunno... his smile is like he is inviting me to his bed..
  2. Premiere is said to be on the 12th of october.. i hope there'll be more promo sessions and interviews in between... or mebe he'll b hiding again in his cave until the premiere if no promotional activities in September...
  3. Yes for free i wud work for free.. i only ask him to show himself to me .. then ok i m a happy housekeeper
  4. Exactly... when you are rich .. and can afford to take vacation all year long.. when you are already so good lookking .. huwaaaaa can i be your house keeper please?
  5. Kim rae won ... looking so devilishly handsome in black!
  6. Haaaa my chingu... really miss our crazy time like those days... so we'll gonna see him tomorrow.. i actually had low expectations for RV but it changed when i saw the trailer... i love to see badass kimraewon!! bring it on RV!!!
  7. I'll be camping here tomorrow for krw's RV pc.. see you girls tomorrow!
  8. Hahaha take a day off? U must be missing him really bad!!!
  9. Yaaa miss you woman!! I can't wait for press conference RV on 7 sept!! See you soon prince!!