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  1. @maria1983 is that his car? the black one? looks like some luxury car..
  2. krw said thanks for the comments. summer full of flu so be careful of it... in his caption he said nuna stylist is rich she owns d building..
  3. OMG I WANT TO CRY.... he looks so good so handsome so dashing i even lost words... haaaaa and so happy and healthy!!!!
  4. i remember yoon so yi said krw gave her first kiss ... in a drama.. kekekkeke...
  5. hi i accidentally clicked the disable messager button so i cannot direct mesage the soompi members.. how do i get that function back? please help! thank u!
  6. shipping business... hahahahhahah hi @maria1983....... just bless us please... trolls go away our dear maria has giving me n oppa her blessings...
  7. auwww my dear..time heal.. you'll find your true love soon..
  8. girls girls.. that is my BF you are talking about.. well.. i'll think about it.. if i feel the need to brag i might do so.. so trolls just please go..go away... everybody here knows already i am KRW's gf.. gosh.. so your job is done.. thank you!
  9. yes... i am glad u share our happiness..kekekekekek
  10. ssshhhhh.... that lady is me..
  11. naturally he wears glasses... since school days i guess... u can still see him with glasses here n there.. i rmbr he wore glasses during gourmet script reading..