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  1. Waiting for the day prince decide on his next project! Movie or drama does not matter as long as he is happy doing what he does best and i’ll be happy seeing and watching him on big or small screen!! Fighting Kim Rae Won!!!
  2. auwwww daddy daddy daddy raewon... i am melting!!
  3. Aaahhh prince raewon is so handsome today!!!
  4. another detailed report form the birthday fan meeting.. enjoy ..
  5. Happy 37th birthday KIM RAE WON.. may you forever be the great actor that i know and nay all your wishes come true. enjoy your day!! Be happy n be healthy!!
  6. Yeayyy i am so happy for kim rae won! He got his fishing equipment!! Ahhh i can’t wait to see him on screen again.. be it a movie or drama.. but seriously i want to see him on drama again because only then i get to see him on weekly basis! Thanks @berries812 for the info! Yaaa let’s go fishing again raewon!!
  7. Hahahahha grandma so funny wants him to have girlfriend... grandma i’ll volunteer!! To be your granchild girlfriend.
  8. Yaaa tomorrow is prince birthday... happy birthday kim rae won my most favourite actor! Here is some updates drom his birthday fan meeting..
  9. Hi beautiful people !!! Have not been here for quite sometime... so happy that krw just celebrated his 21 yrs in show biz /k ent.. hopefully we’ll gonna see him in many more projects this year and in the future.. so glad he is enjoying his free time fishinh with his dad!! Such a good son !! Heee ok .. i hope to be here often.. but since work has taken a lot of time so i hope you ladies keep updating ...
  10. Auwww loving his wide big smile ... especially during the pre wedding photography session! That looks so much fun!
  11. By punch co stars i meant the rest of the cast.. i love their dynamic.. not referring to seo jihye alone..I m not sure what was his relationship with sjh except that they are from the same company..