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  1. hi woman @maria1983 miss u lots! now you are back from the wild.... wow must be so exciting in the wild.. this reminds me of krw photoshoot in the jungle or rather a studio which look like a jungle! hahahhahah
  2. gosh he deleted the 1st post replacing with this one .. different caption i guess
  3. convert to my currency it is cheap
  4. hi all ....anybody know or heard the news when is RV gonna be released? i have not heard about that movie getting it premiere date or something ... if i am not mistaken it was shot before prison and after punch..
  5. recycle post... but just want to say.. sometimes in this v app KRW looked bored and uninspired . the vibes here so different but in the commentary he really looked excited.. happy even though he was shy.. when i first saw this v app i was worried for krw it was as if he did not belong innthis group and he was forced to star in doctors... hahaha...
  6. yes yes correct.. that was the singer that he mentioned but he forgot the song's title!
  7. why so handsome?? he is so handsome nowadays.. n looks healthy