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  1. yes i think so 1pm korean time . i stated wrongly ..earlier
  2. i do not know what he is going to tell.. still promoting prison.. i just take what i have even if he is sharing recipe!
  3. he is having another vlive tomorrow at 2 pm korean time.. he is everywhre this month..
  4. oh yes.. he colored his hair .. was it like that since prison promotion or just recently?
  5. that is how we love him.. abscence make our hearts grow fonder.. bcoz we are so used to him being abscence, no show to awards show.. hahaha.. how did we survive? we rewatch his shows..dramas.. hahaha... and that is when you find other temporary bias ... but in the end you always come back to him... bcoz once you love him there is no turning back
  6. kekekkeekek.... his style could be hit or miss! lol .. well as long as you are happy kim rae won.. i remember in doctors v app when asked about his style in the drama .. i just wear whatever they give me.. lol....
  7. eeekkk very inconsiderate! those immature fans should learn to respect their fav artist! leaving fandom just bcoz no updates? imagine how many fan krw has lost if his fans were like that? thousands mebe since he has not been active or did not even care about about social media till recently... which i also believe becoz of the prison...
  8. what brand he wore the day before? any idea?
  9. he likes the piano girl again.. hmmm i guess he is really into piano now.. kekekeke so piano and travelling... before anyone get me wrong it the piano girl IG when she is playing the piano!
  10. one look and u'll find him.. d man with the sweetest smile!
  11. aahhhh i am waiting for him to play drum! hahahahha sexy drum man.. or guitar for that matter.. kekekkeke just play whatever he wants to play.. but i know @maria1983 you want to invite him play with you.. kekekkeekee.. what game that is a question..