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  1. hamaji

    [Drama 2018] Life 라이프

    I take this as an happy ending hehe Edit: coz @annagriss8 already post it, they look so good together, thank you for the lovely pic
  2. hamaji

    [Drama 2018] Life 라이프

    I love the dynamic between GSH and Miss Kang my second fav after the relationship between GSH - LNE and Ye Brothers yes i want CSW to get all the loveline in this kdrama universe, fight me Knetz My fave Ps: i'm sorry Mod
  3. hamaji

    [Drama 2018] Life 라이프

    @bebebisous33 totally agree with everything you said about Dr. Oh. can't wait to see more of president Gu and Sun Woo interaction in future episodes Cr: sunse0n, paralas290
  4. hamaji

    [Drama 2018] Life 라이프

    @bedifferent yup... think so too... and i'm still sense there is another side of sunwoo, remember at episode 6 he was texting someone, maybe he also have an ally at the hospital and it's not his brother... waaah i can't wait for tonight's episode!