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  1. Yes, if they're still rooting for a WR-LR endgame, then yes, that's definitely what the kid will have to do, betray PWN and i'm sure that's how everything will be resolved since i don't see any other way how ZLL will get his company back and how NX will finally be able to release his tech
  2. As someone who watched the raw ans not understanding most of it, i'm always looking forward to your episode summaries, so thank you! I'm now at at stage where i don't care about YX and i skip her scenes when i have to rewatch with subs. I didn't even know she told PWN about her choosing him and when i saw her dancing with the dude, i was like 'what, how is she in harmony, just yesterday, she was avoiding him'.
  3. Normally, a tortoise can live for many many years, i've had a water tortoise for more than 20 years. However, the small turtle becomes a big one. I also have an uncle who has a turtle for more than 35 years. Damn, i feel sorry for him. I'm for a WR-ZLL relationship after LR's betrayal
  4. Oops my bad, sorry peeps! Hopefully, it wouldn't be that bad
  5. This! My heart is sooo full https://youtu.be/qif8wdXTXuc
  6. Am i the only one here that likes ZLL? Sure, he made some mistakes, scanning the contract and then sue NX's company but i can understand his reasons for doing so. They've worked hard to obtain Alpha for a year, then suddenly Qianyu is a competitor, they lack funds, they do their best to obtain it, they won the contract and finally, they just obtain an empty shell since the researcher decided to leave, as an entrepreneur myself, i would be very upset. Personally, i like ZLL (not as much as NX), he's very business savvy and despite WN not loving him, he still took care of her
  7. Thank you, i understood a little bit here and there but not enough to understand it all, so thank you!Yep, i was getting this vibe that it was kind of business formal on WN's part(not hugging back). Oh, i thought that she resumed her work as assistant but this too is fine. I kind of like the direction that this is going, they will slowing get back together, WN kind of is working for Qianyu and i believe the part about WN not giving the contract to ZLL having been cleared up?
  8. Is it similar to the movie? The plot looks similar except the pregnancy part. It will be awesome if it could have been a remake of the movie, but just with a heartbreaking and happy ending
  9. Damn, i feel bad for WR now, she was soo hesitant to get in a relationship with him and now, that LITTLE TRAITOR
  10. TRANSLATIONS for the lobby meet up please?? FInally!!!
  11. ok, so i've finally had the time to sit down and catch up on watching full episodes (still on ep30 though). You guys have been talking about NX a lot these past pages and i've refrained from commenting since it wasn't fair. My two cents about NX till now is he loves his mum very dearly (mum says he's always been obedient) and she's not very well. He doesn't want to make her mad but at the same time, he loves WN, he has a hard time choosing between love of his mum(unconditional filial love) or the love of his life (whom has broken up with him without second thoughts and who's been gone for 7yrs and was seen leaving with ZLL). ok, in ep30, why did Gao suggest NX to lunch with XY??dude come on...you screwed up big time The library scene was sooo full of angst and heartbreaking, poor dude was hurting also,it's funny how NX knew her dresses and (i guess underwear) sizes
  12. Ohh i haven't watched that episode with the flashback. I thought she said it was cruel to bring her to this house because it was their dream house and she was never gonna live there
  13. My theory (and what i wished it is) for the coming wedding are as follows: In last episode, we see XY hugging little pan. A paparazzi photographed them and it has hit the news, taking extreme proportion and tarnishing her reputation as a cheater or whatever. This have taken such a toll on her that she's asked NX for help (since she's helped him in his darkest days) and they came to the idea that they have to had to fake wedding to calm down the rumors. NX will follow through because he thinks that is what will bring WN back. (Note that this has some flaws since NX said to XY that she has to clean her mess herself)
  14. If i wasn't sooo busy with work these last few days, i know i would have watched the raws( yesterday's and today's). Positive thing about having a ton of work is by the time i'm free enough to sit for 1hr, viki will already release the subs. By the way, i'm rewatching cdramas because i'm trying to learn Mandarin