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  1. So, started rewatching, here's some thoughts: EP1: Short hair looks better on her. Beside the awesome acting by the lead actors, this drama sure knows how to use the music to influence your emotions, the instrumentals played at the reunion scene, OMG, i really felt for them. That was intense but that was very rude of NX to just ignore her, no hello, no introduction. I'm sorry but i still don't get the scene where he's having a nightmare and he's on the roof, looking like he going to jump. EP2: Interactions between NX and WN seems to be more playful than angsty, NX casually asking WN what her hobbies are these days, inviting her for dinner to catch up with YX even after seeing her fake interactions with ZLL. In my head, im thinking, i must have hurt soo bad seeing her with ZLL, thinking she's the girlfriend of someone else. EP4: I LOVE HER DRESS, this is soo beautiful. I'm baffled how she did her hair since it's quite short but yet, she styled it! it's funny he invited her to meet clients but it looks like they barely interact, she only met the PAN family. The dance, NX choosing to dance with YX, dude, false move if you want to win your girl back. Also, NX did danced with WN right? why does ZLL says that he ignored her? I still don't like YX, her screen time, skipping... ZLL toned down his womanizing manners in later episodes. EP5: WN was a playful girl when she was young. Highlight of this episode was THAT revelation of not forgetting their love and the unlikely kiss afterward. Since, both are supposedly in a relationship, they're cheaters That's it for now, long week ahead
  2. i was going to make an exception and rewatch after reading here, about how you girls now note the little details but work has been hectic and draining. I have 3 pages to read here, lol. I've missed the OTPs Anyways, tomorrow is finally sunday and i'm already planning to relax to rewatch!
  3. You girls have been rewatching and noting little details, this makes me want to rewatch the early episodes..until the karaoke scene. I remember being confused, why did NX invite her to this event? Just google "The four" drama series you girls have been talking about, i thought it was the four guys of Meteor shower. Not too keen to watch a historical drama and it doesn't look like a romantic drama, is it?
  4. lol, children are only 1 year apart, wow, they sure haven't wasted time making children
  5. I just realised that they omitted the stills from the bar, where they are both crying, the one before the wedding. This means that they did rush and cut the ending a little bit. In my opinion, they went to the London eye after some time, she seems happier, normal self i guess and is pregnant. Wanted more OTPs though. I'm not gonna lie, i'm a little bit disappointed with the drama, i expected too much i guess, they delivered but i hate hate how much time they wasted on secondary characters(XY and little Pan). This dramas unhealthy for me, from getting barely 4-5 hours of sleep because i had to translate the raw to not socialising(because i preferred waiting and watching it as soon as it is out). However, it's been good on my Mandarin chinese, i've improved a little bit(still not enough though) both in grammar and writing.Now thinking of either take a pause or follow another c-dramas, hmm... Thank you everyone here who participated in this drama discussion, for the reviews, summaries! P.S; Am i the only one who sees the new assistant aka GF's new interest ressembles WN? The physical ressemblance, haircut is quite similar
  6. Need subs! Quite satisfying ending, just wanted more OTPs.
  7. Unfortunately, i'm not one to rewatch dramas in its entirety (add to that, this drama had wayyy too much screen time for the second characters, i could care less about them tbh) but i'll sure rewatch the cutest, funniest and saddest scenes(also, the R-rated scenes). Now waiting in my pajama for the release of the raws(even though i won't understand 90% of it)
  8. Wow, thank you, this is definitely the ending scene! I want more. Btw, is weibo like the facebook of china?
  9. Nice perspective! Can't argue with what you said. On another note, viki hasn't uploaded any episode yesterday :/ i hope they upload 2 episodes today
  10. Trusting is an issue here, he's supposedly getting married. Marriage is a form of finality that it's over and that's why i find this wedding plot to be stupid. How can they(NX and YX) firmly brlieve that their SO will be forced to take the leap, considering the rumours surrounding the reason for this wedding?
  11. WN should definitely take the initiative this time, she was the one who broke it off both times. However,why will she go to England after failing to arrive at the church on time? Why not seek NX. Do you guys/girls think that WN knows that YX's baby is not NX?
  12. how do you know it's the eve of the wedding day?
  13. I'm not too excited for this episode after reading @themarchioness's review. It looks boring as compared to other episode (or maybe i've spoiled too much and there aren't many new content). I wonder, the mum is attending the wedding, right? and i guess NX must have told her his plan, did she just suddenly accept WN?? She's the cause for their separation.
  14. Hahaha and what makes it more dramatic is the awesome use of the instrumentals in the background.
  15. From the looks of it, she didn't really believe NX to be father until the wedding annoncement. yay for 47 episodes but wait, 47 for the TV or DVD version?! DVD is currently 44 whereas TV is 45.