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  1. OK so I checked this account and that girl went the audition so we should stalk her lol anyway I checked the agency and found those informations, they started casting guitarists since May 8 and now they are casting for some extras, it really looks that they will start shooting from this week or travel this week so I think we will get the full cast in those days
  2. I think we should not be greedy I mean this Drama will be produced by Studio Dragon & Green snaje ( the prod comp of W & my mister ) we have a very good PD & Writer also overseas shooting which means that we will see beautiful quality with beautiful sceneries and let's not forget that the writer focus mostly on the leads and KGS is a veteran good actor also heard that Park hoon is a good actor and we still dont know who will be here grandma and what will be her role. Let's hope for a well written characters and good osts too
  3. Guys he will be married twice ahahah that's a really new concept for korean dramas , she I also under Keyeast/SM I think SM is investing in this drama or its pure coincidence
  4. New details about Shinhye character, she's Strong willed and determined and he's competitive and hates to lose I think this similarity will make them bicker lol lol, she's the key of the mystery but still hope she will join the action both of our leads are good in action! Hope they will reveal the other cast this week
  5. It really looks so beautiful and I really hope that they will film around Spain not only in Granada
  6. So Shinhye is in Spain now, idk if the other cast are there too or not yet but my guess is that as her role is supposed to be hostel manager/owner and tour guide too so she needs to learn a bit about their history + she will probably speak in spanish in some scenes so its possible that she went earlier to prepare for her role become according to Chinese Wikipedia, they will travel to spain on the 18th. I find it funny that they started preparing and about to shoot yet no news about the other cast i hope they will film in barca too, those places are so beautiful
  7. But you know that lawless lawyer is not high production or pre production, usually big preproduction projects start promoting early and the hype too like releasing still cuts & teasers etc but we still don't even know the other cast, they should release the news next week, they are very secretive with this project.
  8. What does Tramp card mean ? Anyways Shinhye's agency uploaded her May schedule and it stated that " tvN drama memories of Alhambra palace preparation and shooting in Spain" so its confirmed now that they will start shooting this month and according to Chinese Wikipedia, they will travel to Spain on May 18th so I don't get why up until now there is no news about the other cast ?
  9. yes Shinhye and Hyunbin were spotted yesterday at BBQ resto,eating meat together ~ I'm so excited, they are probably getting to know each other to feel more comfortable while acting and discussing their roles too I really wonder why up until now there is no news about the other cast ? Will they act all alone ? Lol they must announce the other cast this week, I mean they will start shooting soon so we need to know ...
  10. https://youtu.be/fwjX-m4LkYk Can we imagine Shinhye while playing this piece ? She's a classic guitarist and this is Memories of Alhambra Palace piece , wonder if her guitar or this piece will be related with the game like how the male lead in QIHM traveld through a talisman, in Nine there were 9 incenses and in W the Female lead used a tablet too https://youtu.be/fwjX-m4LkYk
  11. Hi this is Lola and I'm a huge fan of Shinhye that has been suffering for more than two years because of her long hiatus I hope we all will get along and share any news together, I hope many more will be active too From what I read on Naver this drama will be about VR and games, its multi genre drama and that's according to VAST ( Hyunbin's agency ) they loved the refresh setting of the game and its also tangled with mystery action and melo. I really hope to see both of the leads joining the action. Also some reporters mentioned that he will go through "marriage failure" so there is a chance that he will be a divorcee ? I'm not sure because it can be changed as they never mentioned it again and they also mentioned something about zombies in the past but it's all were from reporters not official sources and its not mentioned in the recent ones. There is no official broadcasting date and they are not giving much informations about Shinhye character but I'm sure we will hear about the other cast during this two weeks because they need to travel to Spain in May & start filming
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