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  1. The two script writers of Love Alarm send a Coffee truck support to shooting site of Love Alarm today.
  2. BREAKING NEWS!! #YooSeungHo finished his contract with #SANEntertainment when his drama (My Strange Hero) finish, he will move to new agency KSH and YSH ig uptades
  3. “Love Alarm” webtoon / Management Soop / Namoo Actors / E&T Story Entertainment “Love Alarm” was planned for 2018 but ended up being for 2019. The casting for the remake of the popular webtoon of the same name was for a long time unclear. Now all the main casting is fixed: Kim SoHyun, Song Kang, and Jung GaRam. It will tell the romance of young people that live in a society where an app is alarming when someone who likes them appears in the 10 meters surrounding them. The producer of the drama is Lee NaJung that worked in for example in “Oh My Venus” and “Fight for my Way”. No premiere date announced yet. Find out more about the drama in our cast and summary here.
  4. I saw a photo in ig (shared before) and the owner tagged season 2 at script of Love Alarm. Probably there will be several seasons .