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  1. yes. i very much agree too. i sincerely believe in this too..
  2. i also feel it, it also look very real real to me too.. very obvious..
  3. yes, i also agree.. heart dont't lie, but mouth do. my faith about honey couple still going very very strong. Keep Fighting, Jongjoo Shippers, Keep going Jongjoo Shippers..Never mind how slow it sail, one day the ship will also reach it destination..Fighting!!!!!
  4. Maybe she avoiding something...each time being ask..
  5. yes.. to me, the ship is still sailing very strong..
  6. Same with me..i really agree with you, ya.. i also notice they change..maybe my delulu..i think they are into relationship for my eye and my observation for awhile ..(silent relationship.hehehe.)
  7. Love this picture.. so perfect together..
  8. maybe..maybe.. they make a promise together, work hard when the fire is hot..as i say maybe.. and later come officially together in public when time is right.. just like his noona lee bo young doing..just my guessing..
  9. miss them too much. miss them too much.
  10. Very sorry about that. noted with thks..
  11. They very similar in everything they do.