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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPILOGUE:mission bringing abeji to Namil bar and did she really call him OPPA!!!? now that's something
  2. Father and son reconcile..and both bought soju to reconcile haha and sneaking to namil bar... lol
  3. DM and his dad are argiung.. SH and JM 's scene where he ends up crying after convo (infact both do but she goes home and cries infront of AR)
  4. Hi at last I am free to come screencapping!! AR is narrating Why SH and AR became besties and and she calls her omma
  5. MY first gray-scale edit ^_^ Until now this week was my favorite rom-com part of Suspicious partner. just found some beautiful quotes for each scene.. Source:athenamini22 @sharreb love your MV chingu!!
  6. Firstly I was so frustrated because I had missed THE MOST IMPORTANT EPISODE ANYWAY just posting some pics so that I feel better of myself... LOL PSJ in the behind ... peek a boo!! CR:DC
  7. They did everything in a DAY… what a progress!!!Total ‘U’ turn from yesterday’s episode BONUS: athenamini22 Posting after reviving back from dead... hehe after yesterday's last 10 minutes
  8. DATE extended preview is being played now... LOL I still laugh so badly
  9. DA is the one who made NJW believe that EBH's father is the culprit