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  1. BTS PICS CR: ARTICLE ADJOINING THIS In the public photos, Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun's perfect visuals, has attracted many attention At first, Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun capture the attention of the scene's behind-the-cut cuts to shoot the "election teaser" for the presidential election campaign. The two of them are dancing each other and holding hands for a couple dancing. The strange energy makes people to watch them. The ending scene of the dance that Ji Chang-wook made with his hand wrapped the waist of Nam Ji-hyun with one hand can be seen the pic.In addition, Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun are looking at each other with their lovely eyes at the poster shooting scene, and they are having a bright smile. Especially, Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun are close enough to hear a breath and look at each other. It captured the fateful second encounter scene of Ji Wook and Bong Hee. Ji Chang-wook looks down at Nam Ji-hyun with an unknown smile and Nam Ji-hyun is pushing his face toward him, causing him to wonder if he has caught the moment just before his first skinning. In addition, Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun's strange four-dimensional charm attracted 'ant hell chemi'. Ji Chang-wook stretched his index finger, and Nam Ji-hyun made a scissor with his own hand and held his finger and pretended to play. Ji Chang-wook seems to be unaware of this, smiling while gazing at another place, but the cute look of Nam Ji-hyun focused on his fingers, causing a fuss. In addition, Ji Chang-wook grabbed Nam Ji-hyun's wrist to attract the audience, while the first meeting scene of the two subway submissions was revealed to raise the expectations for the drama. "The suspicious partner said," Ji Chang-wook - Nam Ji-hyun seems to be able to convey the pleasant energy of two actors in form of chemi to the viewers, "he said." The synergy of the two people at the shooting site is amazing. I will ask for your interest and expectation because the two loving and delightful figures of Ji Wook and Bong Hee will be released in sequence. " "(i guess they mean more stills are going to be released.)
  2. Hey it's alright before I knew about it even I was wondering what it was.. Anyway it's a Korean website rather forum where many people just like here discuss and share pics and spoilers.. etc.. Anyway just found some bad news guys looks like the broadcast of the show got postponed to 22nd may from 8th may. KBS2 new monthly drama 'Ssam, My Way' will be broadcasted on the 22nd. According to a number of broadcasters on the 28th April , KBS2 new drama 'Ssam, My Way' of KBS2, starring Park Seo joon, Kim Ji-won, An Jae-hong and Song Hae- Yun, 'Ssam, My Way' is a drama about the growing romance of a minor league young people who want to go to 'My Way' which is what others call it, even in the reality that they force a minor life because of the lack of specifications in the world. Meanwhile, 'Ssam, My Way' is a follow-up work of 'Perfect Wife' which will be on the 2nd, but it was originally scheduled to be broadcast on the 8th, but it was broadcast on the 22nd. ( I guess after the presidential election that's what article says correct me if I'm wrong) ARTICLE SOURCE: CR: OWNER Daebak!! these people have eagle eyes to finding PSJ in middle of the photo..
  3. Thank you @Chellsee for posting the spoiler stills.. I found HQ quality and in separate form i hope you don't mind me posting them here. Here is what the article says regarding the stills : This stills are in fact about their 2nd meeting.. ( I tries translating as much as possible hope it is alright) 'Suspicious partners' Ji Chang-Wook and Nam Ji-hyun met again at the awesome timing.While Nam Ji-hyun is frustrated with his boyfriend Hwang Chan-Sung .'Suspicious Partner', which will be broadcasted on May 10th, unveiled Noh Ji wook (Ji Chang Wook) and Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) stills on the 28th. After Bong Hee misunderstood Noh Ji wook in the subway this is their 2nd meeting.. in a hotel lobby. In the above stills Bong hee looks devastated because of her Boyfriend Jang Hee-joon (Hwang Chan-sung), who is having an affair with another girl at the hotel, and her expression on the floor seems to be in a great shock and the sight of that makes her feel sick. In this situation, Ji-wook, who appeared like a savior, paused for a moment to see Bong-hee, grabbed her hand, and got out of the hotel. It is because of the boyfriend that is cheating, Noh jiwook saved Bong hee who was hurt in heart, so the question of how the relationship between two people will change will be getting bigger. A source from the drama said that the relationship between Noh ji wook and Eun Bong hee becomes more and more entagled and funny as the episodes go by. And please look forward to it added the source. ARTICLE SOURCE:
  4. I just found these pics from an interview dated 26th april ( i guess interview was posted as soon as SWBDS wnded but ohoto issue they posted it on 26th) .. Did anyone post these already?? CR: There is an article about this but my hangul is really bad.. Anyway bye for now..from my side. And one more thing I did miss you guys so much will join soon to gush over PHS in this thread in a proper manner.. I feel that in this speed we will reach 75 pages by 1st or 2nd May...
  5. Glad you are joining us here ... Found these bigger versions of the still... The article says about.. here is my translation attempt with the help of Google .. any translators willing to translate?? In the still-cut which was made public, Nam Ji-hyun is staring at Ji Chang-wook with a resolute expression, and Ji Chang-wook is concentrating his attention on the explosion of his suspicious chemi (I think they mean about their chemisrty here )while he is unable to hide his puzzled expression in his absurdity. On May 27, the SBS new drama special drama "The Suspect Partner" will show the first meeting of "Eun Bong hee (Nam Ji Hyun) and "Noh Ji Wook" ( Ji chang wook) In the open photos, Jiwook and Bonghee look at each other with a 180-degree facial expression and catch their eyes.Bonghee, who is aware of the complex metamorphosis of the unknown subway, caught a moment of encountering Jiok, who was next to him in the process of detecting the criminal in the sense of justice that burned. Byeong-hee, who became a "metamorphic gender," after his 'kinky case', which made his life twisted, waved his eyes with a flabby laser eye toward Jiuk with a determined expression as if he would never let go of his arms. In the meantime, Ji Wook is surprised by the rabbit eyes and confused with the world in an embarrassing manner. This is the scene where Ji Wook and Bong Hee start their relationship, and they announce the beginning of their folly and suspicious ant hell romance. Ji-wook and Bong-hee, who fell into the limpiness of desperation that can not hide tension and embarrassment,In addition, Jiwook and Bonghee, who have faced each other again in a different place than the subway, have also been captured, and their anticipation of a fateful meeting will be unleashed. "Suspicious partner" said, "After the 'kinky incident' that changed his life, he started to fate his first meeting with Nogi-wook in the subway," said Nong-wook, who won the first meeting, I will give you a lot of fun and pleasant laughter in various events, and I hope that you will have a lot of expectations and interest because it is going to be unveiled in succession. " On the other hand, <Suspicious partner> will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on Wednesday night, May 10, following <Saimdang, Diary of Light>. CR: An article from Soompi Watch: Nam Ji Hyun Takes A Swing At Ji Chang Wook In Hilarious New Teaser For “Suspicious Partner” C. Oh April 27, 2017 The latest teaser for SBS’s upcoming drama “Suspicious Partner” shows actor Ji Chang Wook taking a leaf from tvN’s book for the unpredictable video. The teaser starts off with Ji Chang Wook reciting a poem in his soothing voice, with ethereal music playing in the background. The poem may sound familiar to some viewers and this is because it is the same poem that actor Gong Yoo recited in tvN’s “Goblin” to describe his first love. Ji Chang Wook stares longingly at a woman who has her back to him and smiles as she turns to face him. The romantic poem seems to be directed at actress Nam Ji Hyun, who later runs toward Ji Chang Wook with a smile on her face. Ji Chang Wook spreads his arm to embrace Nam Ji Hyun, only to be roundhouse kicked in the face by the actress. In the poem, the final line reads, “She was my first love,”; however, Ji Chang Wook, after receiving a blow to the head, gasps and says, “That was my first slap to the face,” ending the teaser on a hilarious and unexpected note. Meanwhile, a new behind-the-scenes video from the first script reading for the drama shows the wonderful chemistry between cast members. “Suspicious Partner” is set to air on May 10 at 10 p.m. KST. CR:soompi
  6. MORE FILMING PICS... Looks like some dinner party coming up in the plot...?? CR:DC I have tiny bit of question is the drama going to be fully pre-produced??? EDIT: @Visually-wandering you were right it is wedding after party I actually didn't see the description of the pic in DC properly.. My bad.. and in the pic below she seems to be wearing wedding attire..(gown i guess)
  7. TEASER WAS SO HILARIOUS ... CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DRAMA TO BE AIRED... This so funny.. ouchie... wookie seems happy to be hurt?? cr:dc *didn't get time to do the gifs insted posted the gif from DC.. * I BADLY want my exams and other things to finish fast so I'll be able to watch and savor this drama without much tension or hindrance..
  8. ARE you serious or do i have Eye sight problem??? This thread reached 50 already... OMG I guess I missed tons of fun here... @Era Ferawati Thank you so much chingu I just saw the pics you posted from primera event... WOW so many new faces in the thread.. chingudeul I guess you are having good time here fan-girling about PHS.. I just found these HQ pics of PHS in airport ... CR: I just couldn't resist posting these... @sebastian27 hope your folders is getting filled with PHS's pics these days... will meet you guys frequently very soon probably after 2 weeks or so.. *runs to study* (this was my break after a week ... )
  9. WOW I just missed SOOMPI for a week and looks like all the updates came this week even the teasers.. I'm so happy and it's too funny seeing them... @Visually-wandering unnie you are joining us jincha...?? I'm so happy to see you here... I notice author of thread changed.. to @ilwoo_aein.. annyeong hope to get along in this thread.. Let me try to make up with everyone with these pics of BS from teasers... so cute.. CR: Found these recent filming shoots pardon me if not clear.. CR:DC
  10. whew so many pics cr: naver sbs PD NOTE WATCH :
  11. STILLS :CUTS The article says:(google translator) Any translator in the house??? Please translate the article In the open photo, the two sit next to each other with Kimbap under the cherry trees. Unlike Kim Ji-won, who dressed up in a neat way, the fashion of Park Seo-joon, who seemed to drink at a local mart, shows the relationship of two people close to each other in a drama. Especially in the eyes of a serious look that seems to play Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won, looking at him 'ssimmatic' to come up on expectations. The two of them will meet each other 's friends as a friend, and will give a laugh to viewers. The drama official said, "From the first shoot, Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won, who showed the best Namsan Chin and Mrs. Chin Khemi, are absorbed in Dongnae and Araa, sometimes attracting and reviving ambassadors. I hope they will spread their chemies. " 'Ssam, My Way' is a drama about the growing romance of a minor league young people who want to go to 'My Way', which is what others call it, even in the reality of forcing a minor life because of the lack of spec. CR: Drama filming location fantaken pics.. WOW NICE MORNING TODAY WITH LOT OF UPDATES..
  12. Thank you chingu for the suggestion but I don't know whether I'll be able to watch the drama because lately been so busy that I look at at soompi once in 4 or 3 days. Anyway still I agree that I'm hung over on SWDBS so much but I'm a bit curious about the drama. I have actually read the original Manga (Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru and musical) and just watched episode 1 very recently but I noticed that the character plot-lines were bit deviated from the manga (yes i know it's a adaptation and it is supposed to be different) despite this I really like the music in the drama and I have watched Lee Hyun Woo in the drama To the Beautiful You where he had a bubbly character and I really admired him there. So now my dilemma part comes should I try this drama chingu?? (will I not be disappointed??? about the deviation from manga or will I be happy about the current Drama plot-line??)
  13. Pardon this occasional visitor... Lately had been so busy and look at soompi once in 3 or 4 days.. I agree that this drama has been getting very little updates (understood when i saw my mail notifications) Some pics sorry if already posted.. Looks like the place where the drama is being filmed.. when was this??? CR:DC
  14. Found these pics when JCW and NJH were shooting for the posters.. (sorry if already posted) CR:INSTAGRAM owner jmy1066 DIRECTOR's cut Wow teasers released and looks nice... and the poster looks so.... still overcoming the withdrawal from my recent drama (SWDBS) hope this drama pull me out of that... wow @stroppyse you are here too looks like my life will be awesome with your speedy translations I hope when the drama starts. Nice to see you here chingu.