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  1. WOW I missed today live stream and recap but just saw the preview and some posts back looks like NO KISS TODAY.. @bebebisous33 Where are you??? looks like 9 people will suffer punishment today.. PS:Little bit of relief for me for having chosen 10 .. Sorry i sound a bit narcissistic. Even though she didn't kiss atleast she seems to be ready so this is definitely a progress in their relationship.
  2. I came back to try to posting some gif I did on recent making video of amusement park scene.. @stroppyse thank you so much for translation. you are a sweetheart dear this was hilarious.. HOPE THIS IS seen.. @bebebisous33 what is TB?? did u mean Baek Tak??
  3. CR:JTBC @lingx2 counting on you for next stills. Gotta go and STUDY. this my breaktime LOL
  4. MAMAMOO – DOUBLE TROUBLE COUPLE “Double Trouble Couple” is an OST track recorded by South Korean girl group Mamamoo. It was released on March 24, 2017 by Warner Music Korea. Details Artist: Mamamoo Released: March 24, 2017 English Title: Double Trouble Couple Genre: K-pop, OST Label: Warner Music Korea ENGLISH TRANSLATION Trouble in TranquilityThe shaking is TrueBecause of your presence you did not thinkThings got complicated. Inevitable Sweet TroubleI feel bad.It feels strange.Somewhat attracted (Oh I need you I do not understand me) I’m getting sick of it.Double Trouble CoupleWe still have too much of a problem with both of usBubble Bubble CoupleStrangely my heart melts. Sweet TroubleYou feel me now?Time is overWhat are you thinking?Your worries will increase.True can not be hiddenI keep thinking and stories about youPainted endlesslyExceptionally, my taste is firm.Hard-lookingLooks attractive to other inverters.I did not even think about it. (I just call to say I do not understand me) I’m getting sick of it.Double Trouble CoupleWe still have too much of a problem with both of usBubble Bubble CoupleStrangely my heart melts. Ordinary dayI am not in troubleEven if I try to hide my face (I can not fool you)Listen to me, I do not know my mind. Double Trouble Couple We still have too much of a problem with both of us Bubble Bubble Couple Strangely my heart melts. Sweet Trouble You feel me now? Time is over What are you thinking? ROMANISED LYRICS.. i DUNNO HOW MUCH PERFECT IS TRANSLATION FROM WEBSITE.. OST IS NICE.. cr:
  5. This thread is going so fast.. sometimes i forget which was the page i last read.. I Think GD will come to junkyard to meet the owner because he finds him to be suspicious.. WOW nice suggestion maybe i should have thought mine while betting on end of 9th episode. or beginning of 10th episode. (u know everyone want it happen fast too but still) CR:JTBC Thank you @stroppyse
  6. SOME GIFS FROM MAKING (please don't mind the quality.. @Era Ferawati will post in HD ne??) aww he comes back to lift her up.. SORRY pestering with too much gifs. @Wanderlust hope that long post isn't mine....
  7. @stroppyse there are come comments or caps in the article ... can u translate it.??Thanks in advance.. CR:
  8. @nonski WELCOME BACK CHINGU... and thanks for the roll call.. I just went and read posts in previous pges and looks like everyone wants kiss to happen so desperately. I see "Kiss"in each and every post.. Well I'll join you guys in the bet... @bebebisous33 my guess like is around the end or may be end of episode 9 they will kiss.And the writers will expect us to wait one more day to see what happens next (usual kdrama cliche..)I think they won't kiss in the hospital scene may be after that somewhere towards end of episode. Like you said i want DBS to initiate it.It will be like a way for her to confirm her feelings for him and like MH had taken that one step closer I want DBS to take this STEP.. I really like reading your post...teachernim ( I want to reply so much but I am becoming so busy in studying for exams... Sorry.) Does anyone know the name of the OST?? @lingx2 did they not upload the making in YT?? @briseis thank you so much for uploading from instagram. stills looks like this gangsters are gone.. SORCE: NAVER POST
  9. Watch: Park Hyung Sik Jokes That He Can’t Dance In New Behind-The-Scenes Video C. Oh March 23, 2017 JTBC has released another behind-the-scenes video from the set of their hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” of the cast members filming the club scene from the fourth episode. In the video, viewers can see Park Bo Young cutely trying to learn how to dance freestyle for the scene. While watching Park Bo Young film her dancing scenes, Park Hyung Sik says, “It’s such a relief that I don’t have to be dancing up there. I can’t [dance freestyle]. I can only dance choreography that I’ve learned,” and laughs at his own lack of dancing talent. “[Park Bo Young] said that she has never been to a club before but she acts like someone who has partied a lot,” he says jokingly with a laugh. Meanwhile, JTBC also released new stills earlier today that depict the intensifying love triangle from the upcoming episode of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” which continues to gain popularity and recognition amongst viewers. Love Triangle Intensifies In New “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Stills C. Oh March 23, 2017 On March 23, JTBC released new stills of Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji Soo from the upcoming episode of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” In the photos, fans can see Park Bo Young crying as she holds Park Hyung Sik, who seems to be injured, while Ji Soo can be seen looking on at the two. Furthermore, in one of the photos, Park Hyung Sik is holding tightly onto Park Bo Young’s arm, despite being injured. The photos are heightening anticipation for the developing love triangle between the three actors in the drama. The new stills are likely from the opening scene of the ninth episode of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” as the previous episode ended with the two male leads rushing to rescue Park Bo Young. Meanwhile, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” continues to grow in popularity and overtook programs like “Infinite Challenge” as the most buzzworthy TV program. CR:SOOMPI SOME FANARTs AND THIS ONE IS so good at first i wondered were they really made by someone..
  10. I agree with you and just now i saw this article and suddenly remembered about what you were saying on other day.. not everything may be correct for us .. 9 Moments That All International K-Pop Fans Know Too Well mayme22 March 22, 2017 Through fandom wars, group break-ups, and company scandals, if there’s one thing the K-pop world cannot break, it’s the bond that is forged from the struggles of being an international fan. 1. Looking at those tour dates and seeing that my country is not there: 1 2. But when the favs finally do decide to come to my country 3. Waiting for English subs like: 5. Watching fans in Korea go to fan meetings and other events exclusive to Korea: 6. When they drop MVs, do V Lives, and tweet at 12 a.m. KST: I posted only some points.. i was nodding my head when i saw this.. CHECK THE ARTICLE: PS : 5th point i was like that during hug event.. and dropping home thing also..
  12. CUTIE Park BoYoung ... title in jtbc website..: 이젠 귀엽다고 말하기도 지치는 봉수니♥ CR:JTBC @dhakra for you..
  13. @briseis and @lingx2 thank u for posting stills so fast. @Era Ferawati and @parmma for posting the stills for next episode thank u so much... @stroppyse thank you so much for translating those bts video... (Checking something will these gifs be seen???) Cr JTBC
  14. CECI POSTED THIS UPDATE ABOUT UPCOMING APRIL ISSUE FEATURING Park Hyungsik I don't really understand anything he is saying(too fast for me..looks like commercial) but simply seeing his cute smile and I'm smiling.. like crazy..