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  1. I have to agree that this is THE most impressive scene in Life. From the moment he entered the auditorium, JSW stole the scene with his presence and how he retorted each Dr's so-called explanations. It's even more amazing to learn that the script had 15 pages for this scene and he basically memorised all these stats/medical jargons
  2. Have you tried iTunes? I downloaded all of the OSTs from here so you might find the whole LIFE album (OSTs and BGMs)
  3. Yes - he did a really hot scene with KHS and another classic romcom with Son Ye Jin in titled "The Classic" Actually, Life kinda made lots of pale asking for CSW to star in a melo!
  4. Ji Sung.... gosh, my eyes rolled when I read the article. How can they even get this fact wrong?
  5. Yup... he doesn’t seem the kind who likes to do PR kinda stuff. And CFs as well! I don’t remember seeing him in CFs especially when his popularity shot up after SF
  6. Yup... he doesn’t seem the kind who likes to do PR kinda stuff. And CFs as well! I don’t remember seeing him in CFs especially when his popularity shot up after SF
  7. @wanda77 What do they mean by "slow"? As in when he talks? Personally, I find him to be an interesting character. In the bts of his films/dramas, he is all goofy and playful but when they start the cameras rolling, he snaps into character. On the musical stage, he struts around confidently, belting out the songs with gusto and projecting his lines to the audience with emotions and conviction. Then you monitor him during these showcase for films/dramas..... he is suddenly so soft spoken and dreamy. Where is that guy who sings his heart out?
  8. wow! Cho Seung Woo’s ranked 9 for Sep drama actor brand reputation ranking https://www.soompi.com/article/1224117wpp/september-drama-actor-brand-reputation-rankings-announced He’s sure keeping himself busy with drama, movie and musical till 2019 Q1!!!
  9. OMG this is so damn funny...and I am watching both dramas at the moment!!!
  10. That ending kiss... I bet Joon Ho saw that drunken kiss hence it explains his changed preception of Joo Hyuk. I have been liking this drama so far for it’s great chemistry between the 2 leads and storyline. It actually resonates with me personally as in how marriage changes a person over time due to family and career commitments. Many a times, couples get so carried away with trying to reach their goals in life that they end up neglecting each other. Throw in kids into the mix and you get a perfect recipe for miscommunications and tempers getting frayed . Although equality between man and woman has improved in the workplace, society like S Korea still expects the woman to take care of the family. So I can empathise with WJ when she got berated by her spa manager when she had to rush off to pick her kid up from childcare. Anyway, this drama made me reflect a lot on the past and the choices my hubby and I made. Be it good or bad, things happened for a reason and we should always remember to cherish those who are dearest to us and don’t take things for granted. As for the drama, the conundrum they are in now probably warrants a visit to the past for both! The alternate timeline is getting messier with broken relationships and forbidden love. I do hope the writer is able to wrap things up and give the leads growth in their character as they mature to realise what their hearts really want and how they should define their future.
  11. Interesting observation made by a Chinese fan about how CSW wears his watch in reel life vs real life https://m.weibo.cn/1977447182/4277043648363884 The post mentions about his liking for watches ( yes!! I noticed all his fancy watch collections) since his twenties. Also, he always wears his watch on the right wrist in his daily life but switches to the left wrist during filming as wearing it on the right side would interfere with his acting. And here’s Mr Cho himself being such a mushy cutie pie
  12. How does he win fans? Just by his raw acting talent...
  13. This is cute.... some fan just made a mash up MV of CSW's Life cuts with "Hustler" as the bgm music https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/GtPSNBULV?fid=1034:4271109466731240
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