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  2. I know this is last minute but could u guys support ruler by voting for it here http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=594e75cce4b0545698541b21 .Despite our disagreements i hope we monarchs can work together as a team to support ruler
  3. Honestly im hoping on Kim eun sook or Park Hye Run to recruit KSH and YSH in a modern drama since KSH did cameo on goblin and was the main lead of page turner and recently a cameo on While you were sleeping.Cause these are both writers we can trust unlike the garbash writers we have on ruler .sorry if its harsh
  4. Glad im not the only one who cried while reading KSH's message..i mean idk its sad looking at her cry all the time for this role..i hope to see her in a better role next time with YSH
  5. I seriously feel like firing the writers. Like WTH are you doing with ga eun.Pls i really hate the writer for causing ppl to critisize KSH despite her trying her best cause she is an AMAZING ACTRESS WHO CAN PULL OF VARIOUS ROLES.i hope next time she gets a better role which is actually written as if its the MAIN LEAD NOT THE SECOND..Sorry if its rude but i just cant stand reading all the hate comments on my shy shy couple and KSH
  6. I gotta say L has proven all his haters who said he couldnt act...He potrays LS perfectly that its heart breaking to see him cry and feel all alone...I hope all the actors and actress of this drama win awards for their excellent performance
  7. Well i forgot to insert certain.Sorry for the mistake and the misunderstaanding i caused
  8. I wonder who it is..I cant wait for this weeks episode anymore
  9. Hello chingus.Im new to this thread but have been KSH's fan since 2013.Anyways im sad that KYJ's fans are so inmature and always hate on KSH when they have the chance..So i have good news...Look at so hyun's popularity and how much love she is getting from China
  10. Hello guys..many of u might not recognise me since i was here only during December since i go to boarding school which has no internet.So first of all i would like to say thank u for those who supported this forum and blocked all the negative comments about it and KSH...Thanks for all the good vibes u guys try to give off to this forum..I hope it lives on till the day the drama is a success.FIGHTING!!!I hope to be a part of this family even if its temporarily
  11. sadly yes.thats why we should all show our full support ^_^.Lets beat the rest, and be the best.Hehehe sorry for the corny jokes ppl im just excited for so hyun unnie's next big project.
  12. Its a voting for the most anticipated drama for 2017..Please show support for ruler by voting on this website as ruler is currently 4th place..FIGHTING.we can get it to number 1!!!!http://m.moolmang.com/sub/rank-view/?id=487