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  1. with all the handsome man, and there's Jongsuk being the cutest one! Aigoooooo~
  2. I don't know too. But I just want to point out that, PD - Jung Dae Yoon, is a shipper! I love how he teased HJ. I can see how hardworking was him.
  3. Thank you for clarifying me! I just hope both of them happiness. Even I know they probably dating secretly (delulu) but I don't want they public their relationship unless marriage news hehee But we will wait Jongsuk's military first. Save country first, then he can marry her! ( I wish!) If he marry her, believe me, everyone here will make party here and there. Being shippers, ya it's hard! Congrats to all here, waiting for them until now. One year. Maybe we have to wait another one year or more to hear a good news. Jongjoo team, fighting!
  4. Hi guys. Just want to ask, is this 2017 interview? - in spoiler DELULU ALERT : If yes, I feel like he was talk about Hyojoo (Even if not), it's just match with HJ. - As for his current love life, stated "It may be I'm less mature (younger), but I have the tendency to lean on the other person." (We know that well in W bts, he always lean on hyojoo. if I'm not wrong, Hyojoo also like to lean to other person right? (Sorry if mistaken)) - He's okay with 10 years gap at the most (hyojoo 2 years older), ps : if this interview is old, it's okay if I am delulu - 감사합니다!
  5. Hi long time not posting here. Just be a silent reader. Busy with my university life. But now I'm in the sem-break. Miss you guys a lot! By the way, I hope there's someone will translate the interview with Arabia TV. Pleaseee! I did learned Arab, but not really good at it. So hope @saramin to translate it. Thank you! Have a nice day❤️
  6. i guess he was shocked by his bestfriend's (Kim Woo Bin) breaking news. KWB diagnosed having cancer. Anyway please pray for Kim Woo Bin. I'm one of his fans
  7. . vote for Han Hyo Joo for The Most Beautiful Korean Actress. On that link
  8. @4everdelight8d @frozentundrayes! Peace between fandom. No need shipping war. We believe what we believe, they believe what they believe. Meanwhile, HJ and PSH hang out together. See, how closed they are! Happy seeing both of them, hang out together. Promote peace!
  9. Agree with you guys. No need shippers war. They are friend this one, see how hhj and psh
  10. @isadoodlesyes, i guess. It's from dvd director's cut.
  11. part of director's cut can't bear anymore. Their sweetness really killing me slow by slow. Just annouce you guys are dating!
  12. HJ for Zishen. Heheh. Ha Seok Jin, my sister's favourite actor.. I think she's crazy for him.. Then she tagged me coz HJ is there