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  1. @frozentundra yes me too. (Malaysia), just sell the drama that we can get it free.
  2. can someone translate? I'm not understand chinese.. hehe
  3. I am very happy seeing this thread alive again after 2 days of silent (maybe). I was lurking here everyday to check either there's news or what hehe. I was a bit badmood these past 2 day then now, you guys back to discuss about them (really make me happy), you guys just like my happy pill and other half from another country. thanks chingus!!
  4. I hope JS or HJ reveal it by themself too andddddd I hope it marriage news. Hahaha sorryyy
  5. @frozentundra @mischiemouse Yes I do think BH/YG have warn off Dispatch to shut up their mouth. Look when the dating rumors about Swag Couple or before that ( Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin ), when it's started revealed by insider, Dispatch will show us their paparazi's hardwork Then their agency will pretend not to know about dating and said they will ask the actor/actress. Then they'll confirm. Hahahha. Just my analysis.. don't take it seriously. Hehe So we just have to wait insider to reveal and then Dispatch will make their work. If they denied, it's maybe means yes they're not in relationship ( I hope no)
  6. @gogogirl26 btw, as I know. JS said he not smoking if he's on filming drama mode (especially when kissing scene) in his previous interview with Lee Bo Young noona. But, IDK if now he just smoke whenever he want. I miss his bright smile, his touching-hair moments!!! Please telepot me back to W era, chingus!
  7. Let us just waiting for our couple to be confirm too. Just like (Swag Couple). I know, everyone will be very happy. Let pray *crossfinger*!
  8. this is one of my favourite. They were like destined to be. Even their cloths were so matching sorry coz I repeat post this. Just miss them badly!! Have a nice weekend, yorobun!
  9. Awww. He want to travel now because of HJ travel to Japan now? Ahhh, my shipper mind!!
  10. @yy95 I hope they re-stock it soon. I hopeeeeeee! If I order from Yes24, they sell it with same price but korean site. I have to translate it to english first and it make me dizzy
  11. seems like JS attending Gong Cha Fans Sign today still Kang Chul vibes on him Ripped jeans..
  12. @nuna18 please update here what they (GMarket) told to you. I think there's chingu here can translate it to you.