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  1. i guess he was shocked by his bestfriend's (Kim Woo Bin) breaking news. KWB diagnosed having cancer. Anyway please pray for Kim Woo Bin. I'm one of his fans
  2. . vote for Han Hyo Joo for The Most Beautiful Korean Actress. On that link
  3. @4everdelight8d @frozentundrayes! Peace between fandom. No need shipping war. We believe what we believe, they believe what they believe. Meanwhile, HJ and PSH hang out together. See, how closed they are! Happy seeing both of them, hang out together. Promote peace!
  4. Agree with you guys. No need shippers war. They are friend this one, see how hhj and psh
  5. @isadoodlesyes, i guess. It's from dvd director's cut.
  6. part of director's cut can't bear anymore. Their sweetness really killing me slow by slow. Just annouce you guys are dating!
  7. HJ for Zishen. Heheh. Ha Seok Jin, my sister's favourite actor.. I think she's crazy for him.. Then she tagged me coz HJ is there
  8. dont miss this chance. They'll sell it in Gmarket with Merchandise
  9. @lee-chan @isadoodles yupp. You guys are right! In MBC Section TV interview, with Park Seul Gi (MC). He said HJ speak with charming. That's why HJ resembles his ideal type. Also, in another interview he said that he like Lee Na Young coz LNY speak with charming. Same
  10. @frozentundra yes me too. (Malaysia), just sell the drama that we can get it free.
  11. can someone translate? I'm not understand chinese.. hehe
  12. I am very happy seeing this thread alive again after 2 days of silent (maybe). I was lurking here everyday to check either there's news or what hehe. I was a bit badmood these past 2 day then now, you guys back to discuss about them (really make me happy), you guys just like my happy pill and other half from another country. thanks chingus!!
  13. I hope JS or HJ reveal it by themself too andddddd I hope it marriage news. Hahaha sorryyy