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  1. Chingus, if you decide to have a private chat, can I join to?I want to share my own opinions too w/o worrying that some haters might read my post and also want to hear your opinion to.,thank you very much. This thread is not safe anymore because of the antis/lurkers out there...huhuhuhuhu,. How I miss those times we are happy here,reading all your post,exchanging each other opinions,this was our happy place.,
  2. Good evening my fellow stargazers.,Actually, I don' t know how to feel right now. Reading all your post here makes my heart heavy. It feels like our ship is stranded in a darkest place were there is a strong storm, hindering us to sail smoothly,. But despite all of this, I am still positive that we can overcome this storm that we're going thru., There's always a rainbow after the rain and I am hoping for the best for JG and JE. And I will continue to ship them ( in a silent/lowkey for now) and no one can stop me. Its now or never., Both of them are in my prayers. That God will guide and protect them from harm and also for their happiness., At least for now that's all we can do or hope for. And to us Stargazers, Fighting!!! No one can break us apart!!!
  3. Hello everyone, finally got a chance to post here. Just recently finished watching SWDBS and after that I started watching their BTS and interactions, and in my own opinion, there is something between this two.,