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    Please Help Me! Thread

    Searching Soompi Forums is nuts! I had to do a Google search "shopping king soompi forum" to find it. https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/388838-drama-2016-shopping-king-louie-쇼핑왕-루이/ Welcome @fitzsimmons!
  2. Is there anyone at SKY Castle who is not a fake? I hope so. Hye-na turned out to be just like the others. Will the Hwang family be next? I hope not. Do they all lie? One hopeful, happy moment: "But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him."
  3. I thought all those "coincidences" pointed straight to KJY, because she has shown how meticulous she is. I thought the same thing about the trash bag. It still might turn up. KJY definitely set up all the evidence. I won't say my theory out loud, cuz it's too crazy. I want to know about "water" and the boiler room.
  4. Catching up again! Thanks for all the posts and comments! LMH in Faith: I couldn't find the gif I remember of this scene, captioned: COUPLE GOALS! So true! Love it! Kinda sums everything up. More favorites: (Is this the line LMH says is his favorite?) I was impressed with the scene where everyone learns that the Queen lost the baby. Great acting all around! Choi Young was so sweet! I was also touched by the reaction of the King's man. Thanks everyone!
  5. Faith episode 19: Thanks for the recap and the comments!! Latifah_ @msdot @syntyche @CallieP, you'ved metioned some of my favorite parts. When ES says that she likes to hear him say "what" or "mwo" and so on, I can relate to that. I first watched Faith when Korean was really new for me, and that sound "mwo" from CY stood out a lot to my ears. I like the way LMH says it. It's difficult to comment on this since I already know the story, but I'm happy that we are now starting to understand what is happening with Eun-soo and her notebook and so on.
  6. Catching up wih Faith, I just watched 4 episodes. Thanks for all the recaps and comments!! For me, Deok-heung is the slimiest of all the villains. Yuck! But now, CY and ES are acknowledging their feelings for each other, giving us lots of sweet moments. That kiss surprised me. I didn't know what clever CY was thinking. I agree!! What is the best way to love someone, knowing you will be parted? Do you share everything and then suffer the hurt when you are separated? Or do you conceal your feelings, thinking you are protecting the other person? I think CY is actually being quite brave, considering his stoic nature and that he has already experienced love AND loss. Unrelated, but if you're interested in DMZ news:
  7. LMH in Faith episode 14: Thanks for all the comments!! There are many sweet moments in this episode. I'll pick this as my favorite because Eun-soo is starting to wake up to her own feelings: Does this look familiar? What are you showing us? Are you crazy?
  8. Thanks for the recap Latifah_! My favorite part of Faith episode 13 is the "drinks" scene--both the funny reactions that started it, and the touching conversation that followed.
  9. I'm catching up. Thanks for all the posts and comments! LMH in Faith episode 11: Episode 12 favorite part: CY has come around to seeing past his first love and has decided he has a reason for living.
  10. KIS revealed their secrets, except for Ae-rin. I’m still expecting a secret about her. What could it be?
  11. Yay! I'm glad someone else is watching and enjoying!! Why is no one talking about this?? I haven't watched the Japanese version--did it end badly? (Don't tell me. ) The actors alone are reason to watch this one. I'm uptight like Seok-moo, so I'm most interested to see what happens with him. But, Jang-hyun is sooo intriguing. I don't like him, but I want to know his story.
  12. Aaaarrrghhh!!!!!! It's upsetting to me. I don't want to be called Minoz if this is what they do. Disregarding guidelines and disrespecting LMH. He has the patience of a saint! (Yes, I'll use the red, fiery face!)
  13. I can't believe no one is discussing this drama. This is the first time that I've followed a drama and nothing is going on at Soompi. I usually don't comment too much, but I feel like this one is being overlooked. I'm really enjoying it! It gives me a lot to think about. It isn't shallow and predictable. I don't find it boring. There are a lot of little details that are easy to miss. I agree. It's not black and white. I haven't watched the original Japanese version, so I don't know the story or how it will end. I'm not sure what the "happy ending" will be. As Si-ho explained, getting married and getting divorced are both about seeking happiness. I'm finding that I have a lot of sympathy for each of the characters--except maybe Jang-hyun. (He doesn't even seem to remember his own life. Does he have two personalities?!) Each of us is born with our personality. We don't exactly choose to be uptight or carefree or introvert or extrovert. But we do have to learn how to interact with others and consider their feelings. Without realizing it, I think we expect people to be able to read our minds and know what we are thinking and feeling without telling them. I liked seeing the realization come to Hwi-roo about Seok-moo when Si-ho showed up late for the movie, and when she tried balancing on the curb. Walking in the other person's shoes helps you to see from their point of view and from their personality.
  14. Is anybody watching? Has anyone seen the Japanese version? I like Cha Tae-hyun and Bae Doona, and Lee El is growing on me. I'm enjoying the more introspective style of this drama.
  15. LMH in Faith episode 9: Thanks for the recap @syntyche and for everyone's posts! I didn't remember this style until @CallieP pointed it out. There is only this one shot, so it's a little hard to judge, but I think I would have liked it for CY. I'm not sure why his look changed or why this look wasn't used. At the time I first watched Faith, I didn't realize that viewers' feedback could change a drama. I do remember since then seeing a promo clip where LMH tells viewers to look for his new hairstyle. To me, LMH looks good with any style! My favorite moment of this episode is this exchange of tiny smiles between CY and the king: cr. syntyche I like that CY has an auntie to tell him he's not all that. AND ... I am so tickled to see the teasers this week!!! I truly didn't expect such a gift. I thought such promotion wouldn't be permitted under the rules of military service. I'm glad I was wrong.
  16. Hello everyone! I'm enjoying your posts! Yes! I was thinking of Jason Bourne, though. I was getting all kinds of Bourne Identity vibes ... even the frantic chasing music. I'm really liking the set-up and the actors. Yes! I think he is one for blending in, but his skills shine (more Bourne vibes); however, as you said, SJS stands out in a crowd! This is going to be fun!
  17. LMH in Faith episode 8: Thanks @Latifah_! I, too, love CY's relationship with the king. They both benefit and grow. I like this moment too, @msdot!
  18. LMH in Faith episode 7: Thanks for the recap @CallieP! This is a strong episode. I like the sweet moments: falling asleep on her shoulder, brushing the flower from his hair, his affection for the young boy. But the most compelling scene is the crisis with the former king: I thought Eun-soo would be (and should be) more understanding. She is a doctor. She should know about life and death and suffering, and the limited options for helping Chungjeong. She's seen blood before, but not death. Choi Young has seen a lot of both. He's from a different world. I think there is a little disappointment from each of them about the other: she can't understand why he killed, and he doesn't understand why she can't understand.
  19. It's very quiet here these days, but very noisy at Suseo. LMH in Faith episode 6:
  20. Catching up. Thanks for all the posts! LMH in Faith episode 5: Favorite scene...
  21. I think 3017 accomplished what it set out to do. It is a story of life's moments--some big, some small--and what we make of them. It didn't follow the k-drama formula, which seemed upsetting for some viewers, but instead was refreshingly different. It isn't perfect. There were some details that fell by the wayside. (I blame live-shooting more than anything.) I enjoyed Woo-jin's narration, voicing the show's message for all to hear. A few of my favorite moments: Love you, Jennifer! @stuartjmz Oh, to share a little optimism with you. Kim Tae-rin was not a villain.
  22. Sooooo sweet! I loved it! There was only one villain: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!
  23. I’m hoping for the 200 Euro note to work some "ruby slippers" magic!