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  1. Great recap @syntyche! I love your gifs! Boys Over Flowers episode 17: If I were a character in this story, I think I would be GJP's noona Jun-hee. I love the way she is watching over her brother and standing up to their mom. I'm not sure why GJP decides to officially date JK. Is he hoping if he gives in, his mom will let up and leave him alone? JK won't leave him alone even after the passionless kiss, but isn't GJP making his disinterest completely obvious? Everything about him on the date screams, "I don't want to be here!" I like that this episode gave us the chance to flash back to the intimate moments that JP and JD shared and contrast them with the relationship of JP and JK. Maybe it's cheesy, but my favorite part is Jun-pyo's swimming. I think it's very touching; he overcame a real fear.
  2. For those of us still figuring out how to manage the changes, this post helped me. Thanks @triplem! Edit: I still had trouble posting this comment! I couldn't quote, but had to copy and paste, and I couldn't mention @triplem. One or both of those things gave me the error message. And to beautify this post, I'll now practice adding a pic.
  3. Thanks for the comments @Kris Silva @minekas @syntyche and all! Boys Over Flowers episode 16: I'm glad that GJP can't seem to leave JD alone (even though he has supposedly broken up with her and is also supposedly engaged to someone else). JK (short for "just kidding," right?) is boldly pressing forward, cluelessly unaware of how things really stand. Or is she? It seems GJP has figured out the essence of his relationship with JD. That's love for ya: I always like GJP's reactions to any small, personal thought JD has for him (love-starved as he is). It was a crappy gift, but he had the right response, appreciating her gesture. My favorite part: I enjoyed watching the Plan to get the Idiot Duo together. Mostly, I like that they made a plan and that they think of them as idiots. It was a bit screwball, but since it gave us more GJP-JD banter and because this is a fantasy romance, I could accept it. I thought everyone played their roles well according to character, even Mama Kang, who spoiled things in the end.
  4. Loved seeing Lee Kyu Hyeon and love seeing all his flashbacks!! Best bromance ever! Here is one of my favorite moments: credit: logos
  5. A few more comments on BOF ep. 14: (Thanks for your posts!) I don't know if he is afraid of his mother, but I think he feels powerless against her. What can he do? I don't think he has given up; I think he is trying to work out a plan in his mind. He is growing up. Jan-di has hurt him, but I don't know how much she intended to. GJP is trying to protect JD from his mother, and like YJ describes, he is making the break harsh in order for her to get over it faster. Cold-hearted character? Yes! He looked pretty fierce in Public Enemy Returns. It's nice that Jan-di is now in F4 and has their protection. When GJP said JD was the first woman he has ever loved, his mom didn't even flinch. Shouldn't a boy's mom be the first woman he ever loves? She didn't seem surprised to hear that he doesn't love her. (Maybe I'm the only one who took it that way.) I get kinda mad when folks say LMH can't act. I also think JK is a good match for GJP. I think Lee Min-jung's acting makes JK more appealing than KHS's Jan-di. That thing called love is not rational, but it's a good thing to be committed to your loved one and not have your head turned by everything that crosses your path. Boys Over Flowers episode 15 For a full recap visit Dramabeans: http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/02/boys-before-flowers-episode-15/ My few thoughts: Gu Jun-pyo promised his mom he’d break up with Jan-di, so the only thing he can do now is stalk her. (I don't know anyone other than LMH who can lovingly sing a song titled "Stalker" to his fans! ) Jan-di is spending her time with Ji-hoo, but the plot and their acting right here is cringey to me. However, this line from Ji-hoo is nice: “There are a lot of things I’m doing for the first time because of you. So thanks.” The only thing I liked about the bathroom scenario was this little note: Mr. Jung is keeping track of Jan-di for Jun-pyo and manages to get him to the airport before Jan-di and Ji-hoo leave Macau. But again, what can Gu Jun-pyo do? Staying away is the protection he can give Jan-di, so now he gets to watch Ji-hoo get closer. Jun-pyo just breaks down in frustration, knowing he can’t do anything, or Madam Kang will come after Jan-di and her family. He had intended to give Jan-di the shoes he saw her admiring. Left behind at the airport, those darned shoes end up as an unintended gift to Jae-kyung (though she views them differently). Even though she’s not the most likeable person, up to now, I have been willing to believe that Madam Kang is doing what she thinks is best for Jun-pyo. From her viewpoint, she is preparing him for a successful future where he will be happiest. Her witchy behavior at GJP’s birthday party put me over the edge. Blech! So mean! Who’s the grown-up here? Here are the words to the song Jan-di bravely performs: The moment you come to my side, I love that look in your eye. Yesterday I cried, but because of you today, I’ll be happy tomorrow. It’s not your face or style but your soft love that I needed to forget the past. Without you, I can’t do anything anymore I only know love. I enjoyed Jae-kyung’s entrance to the party and GJP’s wrist-grab of the wrong wrist. Gu Jun-pyo has made an about-face from his serious, brutal ways in Macau and is back to his goofier, bickering self. It would be easy to forget what happened there. My favoritest moment came at the very end: I like that JH and JP always seem to be in synch, always returning to each other when in crisis ... Friends. Preview of episode 16:
  6. Yes, I see it as a shrewd business move, but I expected her to just crush Grandma. I don't think of her as compassionate at all. (She's not helping JG because of her kind nature.) Buying out Grandma is the quickest way to eliminate her, if she accepts. But I, like you, predict that this will be the rise of Kang-soo and she won't sell. If this business development pits Kang-soo against the woman he learns is his mother, then his "righteousness" will be tested yet again. The relationships among KS, DA, JG, and JY are already being disrupted. How will this play out? Who will live a "good" life?
  7. It suprised me that she plans to buy out Hanyang for a good price. That seems too compassionate for her. Will Grandma sell??
  8. Thanks for the (as always!) great post, @minekas! I'm glad you included that image of Mr. Jung with the F4 kids. I think it shows the role he plays for them. It seems he knows them better than anyone and cares for them more. Thanks for including the MV of "A Little" by Seo Ji-young. The lyrics are very touching. My thoughts on BOF episode 14: This episode was not boring like the last one; instead, it was tear-jerking, at least for me. If you didn’t get at least one tear in your eye, I would say that you are unfeeling. This beautiful image at the start might make you think that this will be a sleepy, shmexy, silly episode. Think again. Gu Jun-pyo still has no time for Jan-di or for his friends. (He bemoans his busy schedule while practicing golf!) I liked Ji-hoo quite a bit in this episode. For whatever reason, he is more believable and likeable to me. I think he’s doing for Jan-di what Jan-di did for him when he followed Seo-hyun to Paris. At that time, Jan-di was crushing on Ji-hoo, but she put that aside and thought of him and his desires. Now he’s doing the same for her. The soulmate quality which they share is to stand by a friend no matter what. JH stands by JD and JP. The events of this episode certainly gave the second lead a boost. GJP's words to F3 were eye-opening to them. Hearing that Jan-di can no longer swim, was eye-opening to him. The scene on the bridge is fantastic, yet devastating! Gu Jun-pyo is not all wrong in what he says. But no way did he need to call her a stain!! (There's not some lame dry cleaner joke there, is there?) He won’t look at her for the longest time and appears to be without emotion. Did he rehearse what he was going to say? I am dying because I am believing what he is saying! Thankfully, we only have to wait five minutes (when he confronts his mom) before we learn that Gu Jun-pyo was dying too. He wanted to say these words: I’ve never been so happy to see Mama Kang rifling through snapshots as when she was looking at the photos of Jun-pyo on the bridge. Yes! It was a show for her. But more than a show, Jun-pyo made a promise to her to stay away from Jan-di, and in exchange Mama would leave Jan-di alone. When he talks of a promise, I think this is the one he means. The childhood promise to his dad which he later recalled was an expectation he grew up with as a chaebol heir. The reality of it is now sinking in. That memory of the airplane makes us imagine lots of happy father-and-son moments, but Jun-pyo could probably count them on one hand A lot of us are thinking, why does there have to be a conflict? Can’t Jun-pyo lead Shinhwa and be with Jan-di? Yi-jung explained it in the beginning—that it doesn’t work that way for F4. Particularly right now as Shinhwa is in crisis, they are forging a partnership with JK Group. These deals are made by joining families, so Jae-kyung, not Jan-di, is the one for Jun-pyo. Jae-kyung is likeable. What will Gu Jun-pyo do? Mr, Jung is the one looking out for Gu Jun-pyo. My favorite part: Gu Jun-pyo in the conference room I completely agree with this comment: From the BTS shown at the end of the episode: Director: "Min Ho, I told you to touch lips not open them!"
  9. @pixie0622 My thoughts are very much the same as yours. I like the idea of endorsing a few huge brands. Of course, he can only choose from offers that come to him, but he should be discriminating. I think it will be a natural progression to show a more mature image, and that will take him away from youthful products. I personally love the Eider image and feel that Eider products would benefit from a model who can represent them through all ages. (And remember, his fans are aging with him.) We both agree that a film should be his next project. In a recent interview (which one?), he talked about a "Mission Impossible-type movie for wider Asia." Do you recall? Sounds great to me, but I think it needs to be in his own voice. I also want to see him in a variety show--which he has said he wants to try--maybe something like Three Meals a Day. What fun speculation! But it's making the waiting harder. Since my first glimpse of boyish LMH, I have been waiting for his "debut" (so to speak) as a mature man. LMH himself is fighting it, saying he would want to be always 25. I just watched BOF ep.14 and did my own cry-cry. I look forward to your comments! edit: I found the interview. Thank you @heartLMH Q: Have not seen you in movie in a long time after Gangnam 1970. LMH: Yes. I had actually wanted to make a movie before my enlistment. However, the shooting of LOTBS started later then scheduled and so it was difficult to find time for a movie. I long have thoughts about making movies when I am of a more matured age. So please look forward to the future. Let LMH as a person settle (more matured?) and LMH as an actor grow and by that time, I think by then it will be better for me to make movies. With that change, I have the ambition to make different genres of movies and work with many producers. Q: What genre/ subject matter of movies do you want to act in? LMH: A challenge to reach out to the entire Asian market in the likes of James Bond and Mission Impossible type of movie. The earlier Hong Kong type of sentimental love stories would also be something I wish to try. We are in a generation that straddles between film and digital era, hence that is a lot of nostalgia towards movies in film. Wish to take part in movies which reflect the era's societal happenings and values. Just like taking part in MBC's documentary DMZ, it can reflect some of my thoughts, is an area of interest to me. Just like Sunbae Gong Yoo's movie Silenced, as an actor to let the audience know what was of concern to him, it is a very meaningful job. https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/82760-lee-min-ho-♥-이민호-♥-ィミンホ-♥-李敏鎬-do-your-best-hwaiting/?do=findComment&comment=20510309
  10. I, too, am sad about Eider. I was hoping they could just wait for his return. (That tribute video now looks like "goodbye" and not "thank you.") Then I realized that Eider needs to model their current collections each season, so someone needs to do it. Since the contracts are signed one year at a time, I really really hope that Min-ho returns to Eider upon his release. Lee Min-ho = Eider! @Latifah_ I'm trying my best to convert people to BOF! It has its problems, but since it gave the world Lee Min-ho, that's reason enough for me to love it. <3 We love to watch LMH tripping! I think it's because he is soooo adorable and charming no matter the circumstance. I don't think he is clumsier than any one of us, but his whole life is filmed and then broadcast to the world for all to see, making it seem like he is always tripping. (I'm sure glad my NGs aren't on Twitter.) LMH also commented that the awards show fall has turned into a fond memory for him due to the fans' warm and supportive reaction.
  11. I wish that the media would lead out, and instead of presenting an outdated view (maybe prevalent only among older generations), show a better way. Maybe society is ready enough for change that the media can now show something different and better. I personally have never gotten used to all the beating (bosses, parents, elders, school bullies) and wish kdramas would phase it out. It is abuse and should not be condoned. Hitting your son with a golf club should land you in hot water. (There will still be bullies, but give them consequences not approval.) South Korea’s advance is astounding and worth celebrating! I believe that Koreans, particularly younger generations, have the capacity to transform “Hell Joseon” (which I know involves more than just changes in kdramas) into something better. Certainly they are better off than the generation who lived through war and poverty, and the story is ongoing. Kang-soo, Dan-ah, Jin-gyu, and Ji-yoon are young people representing different segments of modern society. I will be happy if they can show us their own real ways of managing and conquering “Hell Joseon” (and give hope to young Koreans)—you know, kind of like a public service message. Is that too sappy of me, asking too much of fluffy entertainment??
  12. I saw that Park Bo-gum will be the new Eider model. I will miss LMH's Eider ads! They were some of my favorites. I especially liked when his costar was a dog. L-O-V-E LOVE!
  13. The thing I liked about KS in this scene as I understood it is that he isn't doing a "concept." He's not playing or scheming. I understood that this showed his kind nature, that he doesn't necessarily try to win points, that he is just being good for its own sake, or because it's the right thing to do. I understood that he didn't want her to get wet, even though he had no romantic interest in her. Yes, he does seem a bit too good to be true, or maybe just truly unselfish. And yes, this kind of person will end up with a lot of friends. (He became friendly with even JG quite easily.) I think we will see his good nature tested. Life is not easy for anyone, even the kind-hearted (maybe especially the kind-hearted). Let's see what happens if his hairstyle changes. @baduy So, my plan to learn Korean by watching k-dramas will fail miserably is what you are saying. If it were all slowed down, I think I could pick up on a lot more. I think I get the meaning of "concepteu" and "tsundere," for example, but it's hard to watch the actors, read the subtitles, and listen to the actual words all at the same time.