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  1. LMH in Personal Taste episode 7: Jin-ho hasn't betrayed his true feelings for Kae-in to her or to us. Does he know his own feelings? Time to clear up any misconceptions: (Oh yeah, since it's only episode 7, that would be too good to be true. Let the misunderstanding continue.) The misunderstanding is compounded (ARGH!) because of the conversation between Jin-ho and Chang-ryul, witnessed by Do-bin and Kae-in. Jin-ho chooses to lie (the thing he hates)--but only he knows it's a lie--in order to protect someone. I really did not like Chang-ryul's meanness! Couldn't Jin-ho have told him to stay out of his business and refused to answer? Or did he need to answer for Do-bin's benefit? It's fun to watch along with you @syntyche and hear the perspective of a first-watcher.
  2. [Drama 2012] Faith 신의

    An ode to Faith by Guest Beanie By Alaskan Listen my Beanies and you shall hear of a widely panned drama that I hold very dear In 2012, I tried a new genre of serial programs called Korean drama My first one was Faith and I have to admit that it began my addiction—it thrilled me to bits I was quickly sucked into this fantasy story of loyalty, love, and violent glory I would watch Faith for hours and hours Just to see all the villains with their magical powers I wanted to hang out with Court Lady Choi And who can’t help but love every Woodalchi boy? Lee Min-ho as the General captured my heart He was my kind of hero—kind, courageous and smart Best of all was Eun-soo, as tough as one gets She was clever and brave as she faced all the threats She kept General Choi Young on the tips of his toes and… honestly? Led him around by his nose You may laugh, but I loved the king and the queen And when she miscarried, I actually cried at that scene I liked all of the intrigue, the politics, the war (because for me, light romances are a bit of a bore) So I say to my friends, I don’t care that they think that the directing was clumsy, the villains absurd I liked that Oh-sung played Ki Chul with a wink and I liked Sung Hoon, though he said barely a word And though I agree that the directing was blah still the drama did touch me and isn’t that all that each of us ultimately, eagerly looks for? So keep the faith all you Beanies, forevermore (With sincere apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, as well as poets everywhere.) http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/01/in-defense-of-an-ode-to-faith/
  3. The challenge of promoting LMH for 30 days. Day 13 : Your favorite LMH's suit look. It is very hard to choose! Y'all have chosen some good ones! I'm going to go with this understated "Citizen Lee Minho" look from the 2017 National Brand Awards presentation: I like his "I'm-just-a-regular-guy" appearance. (His proportions are perfect for suits--his handsome looks can't be hidden!) I like everything about this day. I think it was meaningful for him. At the end of the ceremony, even the men wanted to take selfies with LMH.
  4. Thanks for the great recap Latifah! I've been eager to get back to our weekly rewatch. I loved episode 6, and even though I've watched PT numerous times, something happens in this episode that I had totally forgotten about. This is a true friend: Even super-cool guys are not without their troubles: I loved the humor, silliness, warmth, sensitivity, frustration ... but, again, my favorite part was the quiet conversation at the end. They are developing real concern for each other. And, this is the part that I forgot: there is a KISS! How could I forget?! I've enjoyed reading all your wishes, seeing all your favorites and all your contributions to the 30-day challenge!!! I love your choices and I agree with all of them! This is another shot I can't forget from that day: Like a sculpture.
  5. This isn't as simple as it sounds: only ONE wish, and for 2018. I have lots of wishes, and most of them have to wait until after MS. My username begins with 1 (LOL), so I should be clever and think of a #1 kind of wish. My real name begins with C, and I'm going to fudge a little and say "Virtuous Circle." I really like that Promiz works this way. virtuous circle: a chain of events in which one desirable occurrence leads to another which further promotes the first occurrence and so on resulting in a continuous process of improvement I wish for life to continue to get better and better for our bb and for all his Minoz!
  6. Thanks for your comments @syntyche @minekas @CarolynH @CallieP! This episode was a lot of fun!! A few thoughts on Lee Min-ho in Personal Taste episode 5: I can sense that this "project" will be fun to watch. Kae-in cracks me up. Is Jin-ho compromising himself? He's not just saying it; he believes it. The best part for me (again) was the quiet conversation between Kae-in and Jin-ho. Kae-in explains that she can't really remember her mother. Jin-ho sympathizes and tells her maybe she forgot in order to protect herself. Very sweet. I don't think Jin-ho is the kind of person who would use Kae-in for her knowledge of Sanggojae and then toss her aside--even though that is precisely what he has expressed he will do.
  7. Thanks for all the updates!! It's especially fun to hear about Minoz' trips to Seoul! As some others have experienced, I've had some trouble viewing Soompi. Just trying to access Soompi gave me "request denied." I played with my VPN and got it to work again. I don't know why. I'm enjoying the Personal Taste rewatch. A few thoughts on LMH in episode 4: This might come back around to hurt you Jin-ho-ssi. You can say this, but it's happening anyway. My favorite part is the teary-eyed confrontation near the end. I can't really tell what Jin-ho is thinking. I like the way a friendship is developing. Neither one of them started out attracted to the other. I think Jin-ho is starting to understand what is charming about Kae-in's naive ways. I also don't think we should take all Jin-ho's words as sacred truths and all Kae-in's words as useless thoughts; some of what Jin-ho says is stupid and some of what Kae-in says is wise.
  8. Thanks for all the Personal Taste comments. Jin-ho is very driven. Like @CallieP said, it's hard to imagine him really liking Kae-in. Others might be making assumptions about Jin-ho, but he himself is not pretending to be gay.
  9. Thanks for posting everyone! I felt like it was getting too quiet around here. It's good to start a new re-watch. I love this kind of support! Virtuous cycle!! Thank you!! and please continue. Thank you for always posting these updates for those of us who cannot access them otherwise. This is nice to know. There are 423 followers, and I guess at least some are still following. This episode sets things up well with the contrasts, conflicts, and assumptions. I like that this drama is closer to reality than BOF. Yes! Even though JJH is cool, we still get to see LMH's very expressive face. My thoughts on Personal Taste episode 1: Boys Over Flowers was my introduction to LMH, and after watching I was so intrigued that I googled and youtubed for everything I could find. I decided to continue from BOF and watch all his works in order. At the same time, I went back and watched all the earlier stuff. Personal Taste was my second LMH drama, but because I watched in 2015, I had seen all his different looks since 2006. I like Jeon Jin-ho’s look better than Gu Jun-pyo’s, but now it seems dated. I also like the character being very organized and sensible (“cool without being heartless”—javabeans). Kae-in, though lovable, is a bit of a ding-dong, and I think Son Ye-jin does a great job. My favorite part is the double (or more) misunderstanding at the motel. JJH states that "circumstantial evidence" is the issue. Haha! Kae-in is sharp enough to turn that around on to him: The LEE GALLERY caught my eye this time (thanks to DC and my improved Korean skills): No comment necessary:
  10. So much to love about him! He's always considerate of his fans (even when they are not always considerate of him). I think he wears the mask to protect his image from being pirated and used without permission. Sadly, all these pictures could be taken and used (for profit) without his knowledge or consent, but when he wears a mask, that is prevented. And thanks, @gtLmh0622, for always keeping us informed about what Chinese fans are saying.
  11. The video quality isn't very good, but here is a fun CF compilation video: The Trugen "Style or Die" deserves another look: credit to owners
  12. Boys Over Flowers Episode 25 (Final) Can you believe it?? The final episode. I look forward to all your comments and contributions! (I've left lots for you to talk about.) "[Boys Before Flowers] had its weird brand of narcotic magic. If you stuck around till the end, you know what I’m talkin’ about. If you didn’t, well, you may still know what I’m talking about, even if you were never under the influence."--Javabeans For a full recap, visit Dramabeans. (If you couldn't watch, please read.) http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/03/boys-before-flowers-episode-25-final/ My comments: The worst part: Yu-mi. She is insensitive, dishonest, selfish, manipulative--not qualities I look for in a friend. Actually, I'm surprised the mighty Gu Jun-pyo let her near him at all. I'll chalk that up to his head injury. The best part: Jan-di confronts Jun-pyo at poolside. Yes, Jan-di! I don't know if she thought she'd figured out how to break through his amnesia, but she gave a great speech and finally put her life on the line for her love. And yes, Gu Jun-pyo! He acted without hesitation once his memory returned. Favorite part: Namsan date no. 2. A return to the bickering, fun yet serious and vulnerable and lovable. And the last part ... the happily ever after: This is a fairy tale fantasy, so we should expect everything to be wrapped up neatly in the end. I love Jun-hee as the new Shinhwa chair. Javabeans commentary in the spoiler. Do you agree or disagree? There are lots of flaws to pick at if you want to, but for me BOF is hugely entertaining. It changed my life. It introduced me to Lee Min-ho. And life is better with LMH!