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  1. Thanks for all the updates!! It was starting to get boring around here, but not anymore! I almost screamed as well. Agreed!! So hot, so manly, so sexy!!! I've been waiting for a long time to see him without bangs. (I know it's not true for Korea, but in my culture, boys stop wearing bangs when they are about 10 years old. ) This photo gives me Faith vibes. (Can't wait for the rewatch!) cr. owner This training makes it feel like he's just starting MS, but since he's already served 10 months, now we only have a little more than a year to wait.
  2. LMH in Personal Taste episode 15: “I won’t love Park Kae-in. I don’t love her.” I'm hoping we will get to see LMH with short hair this week. I've been looking forward to it for a looong time. Always handsome LMH!
  3. LMH in Personal Taste episode 14: I agree, @CarolynH The networks seem to be re-hashing old ideas, but the cable channels are showing something different and interesting. Park Hae-soo (Detective Mimi in LOTBS) played an interesting role in Prison Playbook and Lee Min-ki played a quirky character in Because This is My First Life. For dramas, I would like to see LMH play someone not rich, not perfect, not privileged, not a genius, maybe just ordinary but still heroic.
  4. LMH in Personal Taste episode 13: Never boring! Thanks for the updates @gtLmh0622! Thanks for your write-ups @Latifah_! Thanks everyone for the great community!
  5. Soooooo excited to see this new PROMIZ video and to see his face! He looks sooo good!! I wish I could contribute to this campaign!!!
  6. LMH in Personal Taste episode 12: Thanks for the great recap Latifah! Just when you think things might be calm and happy, something else happens. This is also my favorite part: My 2nd favorite part is this little tongue bit: Thanks Latifah!
  7. LMH in Personal Taste episode 11: I agree @CarolynH. This might be my favorite part of this episode: credit: @syntyche (Thanks for making this!)
  8. @gtLmh0622 Thanks for posting these two videos, and thank you to the creators goodboySR and Kash Pictures! All those photos make me feel impatient and nostalgic. So fun! I am eager to see new works from our bb. LMH in Personal Taste episode 10: Imaginary or real, this was seared into my brain (as girlfriday said). This was in no way a typical k-drama smooch. Thank you!
  9. LMH in Personal Taste episode 9: Jin-ho, who is so good at everything, is not so good at communicating.
  10. LMH in Personal Taste episode 8: It's too bad this line is said only in Jin-ho's imagination. But at least we now know what he is thinking. Even when he's speaking out loud, it's not hard to see how Kae-in can't get his meaning because you never know if he is speaking for himself or as her "coach." I'm glad that Kae-in is mad enough at the way she is being treated by Chang-ryul and his dad to want revenge. Yes! "when my best friend and best teacher Jeon Jin-ho says it''s game over ..." That will be something to see.
  11. LMH in Personal Taste episode 7: Jin-ho hasn't betrayed his true feelings for Kae-in to her or to us. Does he know his own feelings? It's time to clear up the misconceptions: (Oh yeah, since it's only episode 7, that would be too good to be true. Let the misunderstanding continue.) The misunderstanding is compounded (ARGH!) because of the conversation between Jin-ho and Chang-ryul, witnessed by Do-bin and Kae-in. Jin-ho chooses to lie (lying is the thing he can't forgive) in order to protect someone. But he is the only one who knows it's a lie. I really did not like Chang-ryul's meanness! Couldn't Jin-ho have told him to stay out of his business and refused to answer? Or did he need to answer for Do-bin's benefit? It's fun to watch along with you @syntyche and hear the perspective of a first-watcher.
  12. [Drama 2012] Faith 신의

    An ode to Faith by Guest Beanie By Alaskan Listen my Beanies and you shall hear of a widely panned drama that I hold very dear In 2012, I tried a new genre of serial programs called Korean drama My first one was Faith and I have to admit that it began my addiction—it thrilled me to bits I was quickly sucked into this fantasy story of loyalty, love, and violent glory I would watch Faith for hours and hours Just to see all the villains with their magical powers I wanted to hang out with Court Lady Choi And who can’t help but love every Woodalchi boy? Lee Min-ho as the General captured my heart He was my kind of hero—kind, courageous and smart Best of all was Eun-soo, as tough as one gets She was clever and brave as she faced all the threats She kept General Choi Young on the tips of his toes and… honestly? Led him around by his nose You may laugh, but I loved the king and the queen And when she miscarried, I actually cried at that scene I liked all of the intrigue, the politics, the war (because for me, light romances are a bit of a bore) So I say to my friends, I don’t care that they think that the directing was clumsy, the villains absurd I liked that Oh-sung played Ki Chul with a wink and I liked Sung Hoon, though he said barely a word And though I agree that the directing was blah still the drama did touch me and isn’t that all that each of us ultimately, eagerly looks for? So keep the faith all you Beanies, forevermore (With sincere apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, as well as poets everywhere.) http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/01/in-defense-of-an-ode-to-faith/
  13. The challenge of promoting LMH for 30 days. Day 13 : Your favorite LMH's suit look. It is very hard to choose! Y'all have chosen some good ones! I'm going to go with this understated "Citizen Lee Minho" look from the 2017 National Brand Awards presentation: I like his "I'm-just-a-regular-guy" appearance. (His proportions are perfect for suits--his handsome looks can't be hidden!) I like everything about this day. I think it was meaningful for him. At the end of the ceremony, even the men wanted to take selfies with LMH.