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  1. LMH in City Hunter episode 9: Things were getting too hot, so it's time to go back to being cold. Jin-pyo will not spare Nana when it comes to his revenge, so this is the way to save her. That's love, isn't it?
  2. Thanks for all the comments! I really enjoy reading your thoughts and impressions on City Hunter! LMH in City Hunter episode 8: Sae-hee is one cool lady. LYS trying to cover his true reaction to seeing Nana all wet: This cracks me up, though I wouldn't want anyone to say that to me. It's hard to pick, but I'll choose this moment as my favorite of this episode:
  3. Thanks for the recap @CallieP! LMH in City Hunter episode 7: Now it's Nana's turn to be jealous. She doesn't realize he's talking about her! I love the ending: Nana confronts the City Hunter! But Nana must not know our BB as well as we do, cuz she doesn't recognize him.
  4. LMH in City Hunter episode 6: Thanks for all your comments! I am totally enjoying all the different plot lines and all the action, but there is always so much LMH cuteness too! It is especially adorable because it is the opposite of his slick, cool City Hunter persona. Yes! It's such a treat to watch him. And you know that making a contract with fines for physical contact can only lead to trouble. Haha! I can't wait. My favorite part of this episode is ... the slow gaze and then the quick hide. Adorable! Thanks @Kris Silva for mentioning the soundtrack. "City Hunter" was my ringtone for a long time. This is the episode when they start playing more "Shiny Boy" (aka "Cupid" by Girl's Day).
  5. LMH in City Hunter episode 5: Thanks for all your comments! Yoon-sung is a suave ladies' man when he is just using women, but when it comes to Kim Nana and his true feelings, he is flustered and inept. That leads to their adorable bickering--which I thoroughly enjoy. Jealous LYS is fun to watch. He can't keep from tormenting the girl he cares about. In the words of javabeans: "Gah, why so cool, Lee Min-ho?"
  6. LMH in City Hunter episode 4: Thanks for the recap @CallieP and for the funny BTS! There is so much going on with the story now! I'm loving it! Yoon-sung is trying to right the wrongs of the past (and the corruption of the present), but not with more wrongs. I feel sorry for him, but he is very tough. The best part of this week's pics for me is that he is NOT WEARING A FACE MASK! (Fingers crossed that he doesn't start wearing one again to Suseo.) credit to @Minoz_pimxin and tina_minoz
  7. Thanks for all the comments and updates! LMH in City Hunter episode 3: I'm still loving his teasing, but you can see that something more is brewing. As @CallieP said, "The plot thickens!"
  8. Thanks @gtLmh0622 and @CarolynH! I found the video and the answer (Gyeongju). In case any one else is interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_(Korean_surname)
  9. Thanks everyone for all the comments and updates! Yes! I'll add another thing: I like the way he is paying it forward by establishing PROMIZ. Not only does he make generous donations, but he encourages others to donate also. I have read about other celebrities' good works, but I'm not aware of organizations that they have formed. (Do any of you know?) And like @willenette said, he does it sincerely. LMH is awesome! LMH in City Hunter episode 1: His Korean sounds pretty funny in the beginning. (Does anyone know what LMH's 본관 / 本貫 / clan is? I thought I remembered him answering this question in an interview a long time ago, but I can't remember. Do you know @gtLmh0622?)
  10. The Nape, before: https://twitter.com/mrrym77/status/974348671268597760
  11. Thanks for all the updates!! It was starting to get boring around here, but not anymore! I almost screamed as well. Agreed!! So hot, so manly, so sexy!!! I've been waiting for a long time to see him without bangs. (I know it's not true for Korea, but in my culture, boys stop wearing bangs when they are about 10 years old. ) This photo gives me Faith vibes. (Can't wait for the rewatch!) cr. owner This training makes it feel like he's just starting MS, but since he's already served 10 months, now we only have a little more than a year to wait.
  12. LMH in Personal Taste episode 15: “I won’t love Park Kae-in. I don’t love her.” I'm hoping we will get to see LMH with short hair this week. I've been looking forward to it for a looong time. Always handsome LMH!
  13. LMH in Personal Taste episode 14: I agree, @CarolynH The networks seem to be re-hashing old ideas, but the cable channels are showing something different and interesting. Park Hae-soo (Detective Mimi in LOTBS) played an interesting role in Prison Playbook and Lee Min-ki played a quirky character in Because This is My First Life. For dramas, I would like to see LMH play someone not rich, not perfect, not privileged, not a genius, maybe just ordinary but still heroic.