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  1. Yes, he is not perfect. It's fun to read your first-time comments. I agree, and I would love to see more of his funny side. The chainsaw scene was the funniest part of this episode for me as well. Thanks for all the comments, photos, clips, links!! My thoughts on Personal Taste episode 2: I like Jin-ho, but I'm a little bit concerned that he will be tempted to compromise his values. So far, he has shown a lot of decency. I really like the sidekicks Young-sun and Sang-jun. I also like In-hee, Chang-ryul, and CR's dad (aka Jan-di’s dad, lol) in that I love to hate them. In-hee just might be the worst human being ever. And I like Kae-in as well, but right now my like is still the kind you have for a "rain-soaked puppy." But I would choose dense Kae-in any day over the more savvy In-hee! “Sometimes I’m concerned that Kae-in is well, slow, but she’s not stupid so much as child-like, so maybe we can accept her as overly trusting”--girlfriday We know that Kae-in believes Jin-ho is gay, but now Jin-ho knows that she believes he is gay.
  2. Thanks for posting everyone! I felt like it was getting too quiet around here. It's good to start a new re-watch. I love this kind of support! Virtuous cycle!! Thank you!! and please continue. Thank you for always posting these updates for those of us who cannot access them otherwise. This is nice to know. There are 423 followers, and I guess at least some are still following. This episode sets things up well with the contrasts, conflicts, and assumptions. I like that this drama is closer to reality than BOF. Yes! Even though JJH is cool, we still get to see LMH's very expressive face. My thoughts on Personal Taste episode 1: Boys Over Flowers was my introduction to LMH, and after watching I was so intrigued that I googled and youtubed for everything I could find. I decided to continue from BOF and watch all his works in order. At the same time, I went back and watched all the earlier stuff. Personal Taste was my second LMH drama, but because I watched in 2015, I had seen all his different looks since 2006. I like Jeon Jin-ho’s look better than Gu Jun-pyo’s, but now it seems dated. I also like the character being very organized and sensible (“cool without being heartless”—javabeans). Kae-in, though lovable, is a bit of a ding-dong, and I think Son Ye-jin does a great job. My favorite part is the double (or more) misunderstanding at the motel. JJH states that "circumstantial evidence" is the issue. Haha! Kae-in is sharp enough to turn that around on to him: The LEE GALLERY caught my eye this time (thanks to DC and my improved Korean skills): No comment necessary:
  3. So much to love about him! He's always considerate of his fans (even when they are not always considerate of him). I think he wears the mask to protect his image from being pirated and used without permission. Sadly, all these pictures could be taken and used (for profit) without his knowledge or consent, but when he wears a mask, that is prevented. And thanks, @gtLmh0622, for always keeping us informed about what Chinese fans are saying.
  4. The video quality isn't very good, but here is a fun CF compilation video: The Trugen "Style or Die" deserves another look: credit to owners
  5. Boys Over Flowers Episode 25 (Final) Can you believe it?? The final episode. I look forward to all your comments and contributions! (I've left lots for you to talk about.) "[Boys Before Flowers] had its weird brand of narcotic magic. If you stuck around till the end, you know what I’m talkin’ about. If you didn’t, well, you may still know what I’m talking about, even if you were never under the influence."--Javabeans For a full recap, visit Dramabeans. (If you couldn't watch, please read.) http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/03/boys-before-flowers-episode-25-final/ My comments: The worst part: Yu-mi. She is insensitive, dishonest, selfish, manipulative--not qualities I look for in a friend. Actually, I'm surprised the mighty Gu Jun-pyo let her near him at all. I'll chalk that up to his head injury. The best part: Jan-di confronts Jun-pyo at poolside. Yes, Jan-di! I don't know if she thought she'd figured out how to break through his amnesia, but she gave a great speech and finally put her life on the line for her love. And yes, Gu Jun-pyo! He acted without hesitation once his memory returned. Favorite part: Namsan date no. 2. A return to the bickering, fun yet serious and vulnerable and lovable. And the last part ... the happily ever after: This is a fairy tale fantasy, so we should expect everything to be wrapped up neatly in the end. I love Jun-hee as the new Shinhwa chair. Javabeans commentary in the spoiler. Do you agree or disagree? There are lots of flaws to pick at if you want to, but for me BOF is hugely entertaining. It changed my life. It introduced me to Lee Min-ho. And life is better with LMH!
  6. Boys Over Flowers episode 24: Thanks for the recap @CarolynH and for your post @minekas! I guess we need Jun-pyo and Jan-di to really clarify their feelings for each other ... so let's make it life-or-death + amnesia. After Jan-di leaves, Jun-pyo is pretty defeated. He hates his chaebol life. Does Ji-hoo have a chance now? GJP seems to have given his okay. But ... now Jan-di is rejecting Ji-hoo. Jan-di finally admits her feelings to herself and to an unconscious GJP. Couldn't you have told him sooner, Jan-di? when he could hear? LMH is good at being grumpy GJP, and I liked watching that again, even though it was heartbreaking that he didn't remember JD and treated her poorly. I liked watching her re-play all her past confrontations with him. Arrrggghhhhh!!! This is the part I hate the most of the entire series. I DO NOT LIKE YU-MI! On the surface, she appears fine, but it took only a few seconds for me to start getting the creeps about her. All the growth GJP made was erased with the accident, and now there is one episode remaining to get it all back.
  7. Boys Over Flowers episode 23: A heartbreaking episode that made me cry. This bumpy ride isn't over yet. The best part is Jun-pyo and Jan-di's picnic date, including what comes right before and right after--her asking him to come play, and then her leaving him in the street. As usual, I love all the facial expressions of LMH! This scene mirrors the Macau break-up and is equally hard to watch. Once again, someone made a deal with the devil. LMH showed us every emotion one right after another. I feel your pain, GJP. On a brighter note, I was happy to see Grandma and Jun-hee, and I am hopeful that they can guide and support Gu Jun-pyo.
  8. I think today is a good day to repost this: cr. @Visually-wandering Thank you! HJJ sighting! I love the happy, random encounter for this lady today.
  9. Boys Over Flowers episode 22: For full recap and comments, visit Dramabeans: http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/03/boys-before-flowers-episode-22/ There are advances in all the plot lines, but the most important point is that the marriage is OFF! Jun-pyo and Jan-di are back together. I knew they would be, but I'm still relieved. Thank you, Jae-kyung. Finally! I have to say ... I don't think Jan-di fought very hard for Jun-pyo. It may have appeared to be completely hopeless, but couldn't she have spoken up to Jae-kyung? Or shown Jun-pyo what was in her heart? Are we meant to accept her as a warm, caring, decent, and unselfish doormat? My favorite part is JP talking with JD as they look at the stars. Even more than the kiss, I like the thoughts Jun-pyo shares with Jan-di.
  10. Boys Over Flowers episode 21: Thanks @minekas for another great recap! Love the fangirling! This episode was mostly sad and solemn, resigned to the seemingly inevitable marriage of JP and JK. With my first watch, though I couldn't predict how it was going to happen, I did know for sure that JP and JD would be together in the end. All the challenges, separations, and other contrivances heightened the anticipation--that's what k-drama is about, right? When JP humbles himself before JK, he uses her name for the first time (instead of calling her "Monkey"). He tries to get her to listen to her better nature, but she's having none of it. I liked her to begin with (and feel a bit sorry for her), but now I'm getting more and more annoyed. Okay, k-drama, you better not make me regret watching.
  11. Boys Over Flowers episode 20: We are introduced to one of my favorite characters: GJP's grandma. Love her! She is the best. I love the way she talks to GJP and I love his reactions to her. I also love the tender moments between GJP and Jan-di. Lip caress ... mmm.
  12. Life for me has been crazy busy and I'm just now catching up. Thanks for all the updates! My favorite part of episode 18 was the ramen scene. Gu Jun-pyo and food always makes for fun. Boys Over Flowers episode 19: For a full recap, visit Dramabeans: http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/03/boys-before-flowers-episode-19/ My favorite part is Jun-pyo as Jan-di's neighbor and their interactions: Love this: GJP fighting! Quote form Javabeans: Previous interactions aside, in this episode Jun-pyo makes it very clear that he has only ever wanted Jan-di, and that he is absolutely not giving up. I appreciated that his answer in the Truth Game came immediately — he doesn’t even have to think about it because the truth is so defined in his mind.
  13. Great recap @syntyche! I love your gifs! Boys Over Flowers episode 17: If I were a character in this story, I think I would be GJP's noona Jun-hee. I love the way she is watching over her brother and standing up to their mom. I'm not sure why GJP decides to officially date JK. Is he hoping if he gives in, his mom will let up and leave him alone? JK won't leave him alone even after the passionless kiss, but isn't GJP making his disinterest completely obvious? Everything about him on the date screams, "I don't want to be here!" I like that this episode gave us the chance to flash back to the intimate moments that JP and JD shared and contrast them with the relationship of JP and JK. Maybe it's cheesy, but my favorite part is Jun-pyo's swimming. I think it's very touching; he overcame a real fear.
  14. For those of us still figuring out how to manage the changes, this post helped me. Thanks @triplem! Edit: I still had trouble posting this comment! I couldn't quote, but had to copy and paste, and I couldn't mention @triplem. One or both of those things gave me the error message. And to beautify this post, I'll now practice adding a pic.
  15. Thanks for the comments @Kris Silva @minekas @syntyche and all! Boys Over Flowers episode 16: I'm glad that GJP can't seem to leave JD alone (even though he has supposedly broken up with her and is also supposedly engaged to someone else). JK (short for "just kidding," right?) is boldly pressing forward, cluelessly unaware of how things really stand. Or is she? It seems GJP has figured out the essence of his relationship with JD. That's love for ya: I always like GJP's reactions to any small, personal thought JD has for him (love-starved as he is). It was a crappy gift, but he had the right response, appreciating her gesture. My favorite part: I enjoyed watching the Plan to get the Idiot Duo together. Mostly, I like that they made a plan and that they think of them as idiots. It was a bit screwball, but since it gave us more GJP-JD banter and because this is a fantasy romance, I could accept it. I thought everyone played their roles well according to character, even Mama Kang, who spoiled things in the end.