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  1. Thanks for the recap @minekas and thanks for all the posts, everyone! As usual, great job! I recently learned that both Japan and Taiwan currently have new BOF remakes planned. The story never dies! @pixie0622 I love the phone call gifs that you shared! It seems like there is at least one phone scene in every drama. Hot-headed is totally the right description for GJP. It warms my heart to know that someone's appreciation for BOF is growing. The tradition in Korea is that the girl gives the guy a gift on Valentine's Day, and then on White Day (March 14), the guy gives something to the girl. I think that Gu Jun-pyo and the chocolates is my favorite part of this episode. Thoughts on episode 10: GJP's words here pretty much give the theme for this episode: We are introduced full-force to the character of his mom. (Is "mom" even the right word?) A second theme is Ji-hoo as best supporting friend. (Don't get confused, Jan-di!) It really is moving to see that JP calls on JH, and that JH is there for JP (after all they've been through). You know how much I love LMH's facial expressions, so you know I'm gonna love GJP and his chocolates. All of the interactions with that Valentine gift were so adorable! I could totally see GJP's likeness in the goofiness of those chocolates. Another thing that I liked seeing in this episode was GJP's teeter-totter walk. For some reason, I really like it! When he walked up to Jan-di for the Valentine date, when he approached her on the road between the cars, and when he took her hand as they strolled along after promising to stick together--all these showcased his sexy stride. Let me not overlook the most important point: Jun-pyo stood up to his mom and is sticking with Jan-di.
  2. I was prepared for two HJs, but not prepared for their meeting (maybe just observing the other self). I thought somehow everything would implode if they were together. I was assuming only one real entity somehow in the end.
  3. So many questions. I guess the typhoon twinned HJ. I wasn't prepared for two HJs able to coexist (same time, same place, and together). The only thing I could predict is that it would be unpredictable.
  4. I guess it's time to turn off the speculators and just enjoy the finale and the answers to all our questions. But I can't help myself ... I have more useless thoughts: Does YJ have the same tear duct problem as WS? Could he really be her father? What happened to Grandpa's shoe? What happened to him during the typhoon? Why is he dressed the same as HJ? Does GJ meet up with time-traveled HJ in the past? What does HJ have planned? How does he return to 2017? I am totally anticipating a HAPPY ending. K-dramas why do you make us crazy?!
  5. @Ainee Etp @msbeatrice81 Yes, this would make sense. JH was HJ's son originally, but HJ changed, and then changes the past, and so GJ fathers JH. The catch has always been that HJ figures out how to time-travel. Can't wait for tomorrow for all to be revealed! I'm especially interested in this part: I can picture a different version of this being shown tomorrow.
  6. Can't wait for an awesome finish! I am too impatient to wait for subs. I will be watching raw. And then again later. For research. Happy viewing! As @stroppyse @luci13 @Seiran029 and others have commented, it doesn't seem right. This is why I am 99% sure that JH was never HJ's son to begin with. (And he will still exist whether HJ returns to the past or not.) I'll leave 1% for the writer to astound me. For most viewers to have a satisfying ending, it won't work for HJ to be the father, regardless of what the show has been trying to convince us of all along, IMO. Their goal isn't to have disgusted viewers. Real life meets drama again ... CTH gives out gold bars instead of bonus checks from a bank that might fail.
  7. OMG~~~~~ So much good stuff in the preview!! I predict that I will LOVE the ending. I'm especially intrigued by this part: Will the past change for Soon-tae, his daughter, and Mal-sook?? Is his memory fading in and out because his past is changing??
  8. JH's birthdate is 7 February 1995. The writer has to have had the plot figured out from the beginning, otherwise what we've seen so far won't end up making sense. Right?! Stick to your guns, writer! Some will like it, some won't, but it's your story.
  9. Thanks for all the BOF comments! My thoughts on episode 9: Overall this was a fun episode. Gu Jun-pyo’s sleepover continues to the morning and we see the kimjang, bathhouse, and street food scenes. (These are part of why I can't hate Jan-di's family.) He is like a little kid, experiencing “regular” life for the first time, so curious and gleeful! It’s fun to watch. I always hate the misunderstandings, but this one was quickly cleared up. Yay! I liked that once Jan-di understood what kind of person Ga-eul’s “boyfriend” was, she responded in exactly the same way as Gu Jun-pyo: she started beating up the jerk! Still, apologizing to GJP didn’t come easily … which gave us some good interaction between the pair. I liked their first kiss for the reasons that @minekas described. Jun-pyo is very sweet and vulnerable here. Aaaaand, this is the episode that gives us the popular meme: I heard you, Jun-pyo. Way to go! You are awesome!
  10. We haven't yet been given all the answers. After the story is finished, you can decide if it makes sense to you and if you are happy with it. My favorite small, sweet action: @akorean fan I noticed the clothes too! I also wondered why they made JH's hair look like GJ's hair. (I'm always wondering lots of things, many of which are just useless thoughts.)
  11. 7 Celebrities Who Started Out As Models For Online Shopping Malls https://www.soompi.com/2017/07/14/7-celebrities-started-models-online-shopping-malls/ I learned something new today. I discovered YSY when he was doing his military service. That gave me a chance to catch up on all his work before he returned. So glad to see him active again! Thanks for all the posts in this forum!
  12. Amen! I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said. Thank you @gtLmh0622, @Latifah_, @zinnia, and others for translating and sharing. Thank you @pixie0622 and everyone else for being part of the Minoz community. Thank you LMH for being who you are and for inspiring the good in us and in everyone you meet. DMZ behind-the-scenes is almost here. I can hardly wait!
  13. Omo. I feel that HJ will eventually end up in the present. After all, he is ahead of his time. I think the ending scene will be similar to this beginning scene, with some new explanations and configurations of the relationships: What is the significance of the scrapbook pictures that HJ is looking at (in the preview)? Is there something more there than pictures of JH and WS? Does he recognize something? Looking forward to Friday!!
  14. This is the version I started with. I'm spending way too much time with this game. Please don't show me any other versions. haha! I'm really enjoying all the DMZ photos! When the "Here" photobook was announced, it was promoted as Lee Min-ho in his natural, everday life, but I think we are seeing that much more so in the DMZ behind-the-scenes. So much fun! I really hope to see him in a variety show after his service. Although I love seeing new pictures every day, I'm going to stick my neck out and give an unpopular opinion: I think that it would be nice if uri Minho could go back and forth to Suseo without having to face the fans. He is soooo patient and charming (like our current GJP), but maybe he would like a break. Keep the BOF episode 8 comments coming!
  15. I think Ji-hoo's taunts were too much, but then I remind myself that this is a drama. Even so, I didn't think long-time friends would act this way--both Ji-hoo and Jun-pyo. Amazingly, they are able to work right past their tensions and be friends again. We see GJP's stubbornness and passion AND hot body in action. Thanks for sharing the clip! I think that's the one, though I remembered seeing the board. I had to laugh ... Jan-di has definitely said that she hates GJP. Perhaps she thinks there is no point in liking him because there's no real chance of them being together. Jun-pyo is working on his pride, and Jan-di is working on her prejudice. She needs to see GJP as an individual and not just as a chaebol heir. I haven't yet found a translation. They both seem to be having so much fun. The reporter, Park Seul-gi, later joked that she thought they had made a connection, but then he started dating Suzy. She did a great job as the MC at his 2016 Talk Concert. cr. logo I feel the same way. Very well said. Jun-pyo is gracious and thoughtful, which is not his usual self. Is he changing? I think Jan-di's first love is Ji-hoo. Since we've been challenged, I'll include my score for 2048. (I used to play this in the past, but had to delete it because it's too addicting. I got readdicted with the LMH versions.) Thanks for all your posts!