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  1. @heartLMH Thanks for posting the link and also the translation!! I went back just now to watch the part you translated, and I realize now that I missed quite a bit when I watched it live because the streaming was so bad. I'm going to have to watch it again. Let me share this cute posting I saw on DCGallery: LOL Min-ho way back in his sea otter days: credit: Lee Min Ho DC Gallery (I don't know the poster's name)
  2. I have been seeing gifs from this past interview come up on twitter today. I've always wanted to know what they are saying. Does anyone know if there are subs somewhere? Or, @zinnia, when you have a chance, could you translate this one, please. They are laughing sooo much, and work so well together. I agree with you! I hope he gets a lot of good feedback and becomes more confident to go "natural" more often. There are such high expectations for Korean celebrities. Thanks for the flashback memories! His playful personality--just one of the things we love. Admit it, though, how long would you last when staring into Lee Min-ho's eyes??
  3. You guys are sooo right! The preview makes it look like it will be a lot of fun. I was expecting a dry and somewhat boring explanation of the animals in the DMZ, but this does look a little like it will be a documentary of LMH's wild life--his own personal 1N2D variety show. I'm really looking forward to it now. It's a smart way for him to expand and showcase his talents. Also looking forward to the press conference on the 29th--more sightings!
  4. Love, love, love reading this! This is the real-life information that I'm dying to know. Don't be sorry for your answer. (I would wish for an even longer answer.) lol My dream is to go to Korea to experience this for myself. One thing I've wanted to know, from the very beginning of my fangirling, is how tall he would be standing next to me. I watched Good Day episodes 14-24 this week for the first time (even though they are unsubbed). It's fun to watch a day in his life. It is still his work life, but you do get to see his personality. Actors know what to do when the camera is on, but I think we all love Min-ho because we believe he is ALWAYS adorable. So nice of you to spread the sweetness! Minoz are the best!
  5. Sorry to just drop in. I've only read the last few pages ... but has anyone discussed why Bong Soon wears such unfashionable clothes? What are your thoughts? The pink hoodie is important, but what's up with the rest of her wardrobe? Just trying to be wacky? Hand-me-downs? No significance? It's great to read all your posts!
  6. @leeminhosny How nice of you (and how much work) to translate into your own language! It will be much appreciated! In this translation (from Monika Setiono), cut out the part between ( ). Minho didn't say that; they are Monika's words. It should look like this: Lee Min Ho: Hanryang? I think that would be the correct word? Hehe. If @zinnia has time to translate the article, you would get a better English translation to use. I used Google to read an English translation (and Google is not the best) and there are some differences. That's why what zinnia is doing is so helpful! It is very true and wise that unifying all the world's languages would make a big and wonderful difference. (I told you Minho was an expert at answering spontaneous questions.) Instagram update:
  7. It looks like he worked on the recording on the same day as the filming of episode 5 (giving Cheongie her cell phone). I guess fans like his Adam's Apple a lot, but my favorite is something else ...
  8. This is what I found: Halyang (한량) means playboy or "people who are able to enjoy life without a fixed job." I don't think it necessarily means immoral or debauched.
  9. I think it's interesting to compare what he said this year with what he said last year (and also the fans' reactions). I'm okay with the idea of "fated love" or "love against all odds" and I do like grown-up ("deep") love, but I don't really want to see "tragic love" where one or both die. That's not my favorite. Also, I'm against the cheating kind of love. Having said that, I do like to see LMH grow and expand in his acting. I love watching him transform before our very eyes. (So, not all his portrayals will be honorable or admirable--but then there should be consequences.)
  10. @tshering12 @nika94 @heartLMH I've been thinking about this too. I even wondered if March 10th will be the day. Ahhhh. cr. owner Does anyone know anything about the upcoming DMZ documentary?
  11. I was just re-watching this yummy clip (http://visually-wandering.tumblr.com/post/154968710081/made-longer-version-of-legend-of-the-blue-sea-kiss) from @Visually-wandering and found this beautiful image. Love it! I love details like this!! HJJ SC credit: http://visually-wandering.tumblr.com Thank you!
  12. Regarding FAITH-- there were some issues, but maybe time has healed some of the pain. It seems like we all will have a lot to talk about with the re-watch! In the Talk Concert from last year (Jan 2016), He confirmed that his favorite drama is Faith, and Kim Hee Sun is his favorite co-star. His favorite romantic line was also from Faith when Choi Young said, "When I walk toward you, it'll be for eternity." * (me--Love this line! This is like HJJ.) *Approximate from Soompi. (Special thanks to pixie022.) source: https://www.dramafever.com/news/10-highlights-from-lee-min-hos-minoz-world-talk-concert/{[{notification.object.url}]} I think the writer, Nancy Z, got some of her information from this thread. Does she mean @pixie0622? Also, I thought this was a re-enactment from FAITH (in Yokohama, Jan 2016): credit: Beyond MinozBoiz ICE I just remember some good things being said about FAITH last year. I think Choi Young is his most likeable/admirable character. ---------- When I watched the National Brand Awards presentation, I noticed that at the end all the men wanted to have selfies taken with LMH. He's not just for fan-girls! LOL
  13. Thank you again for your translation! Sorry to cut your post ... I wanted to comment on this part because it reminds me of my favorite line from Heo Joon-jae. When SC learned that HJJ had been hearing her thoughts and realized he knew she was a mermaid, she asked what he thought. The words themselves are pretty ordinary, but I LOVE what he is saying here. HJJ: All right. I didn’t hate you nor was I afraid of you. I just knew that you are someone who is a little bit special / different / strange from our first meeting, so I just think like that LMH is correct when he says that Heo Joon-jae has parts of all his past characters. Here we see some Choi Young--quiet and understanding. LOVE IT! Yes! You are sooo right. I love your whole response. I look forward to re-watching Faith, and this time I won't be watching alone. (By the way ... Minho made his generous donation even though the project didn't quite get 1000 likes. He asks for our support, but doesn't let that stop him.) "If 1,000 people support the project for each categories 500 people of ‘Like’ and 500 People of ‘Heart’, PROMIZ will gift ‘warm body and heart’ to the children through ‘GOOD NEIGHBORS’." (from Promiz Facebook)
  14. @adamfever @mythicalove Oh, I hear you! I came relatively late to the party; I only discovered LMH in 2015. I was hooked from the get-go. I decided I would watch everything everywhere over and over until I was sick of him and then I would be done. Uhhh ... that didn't work. And thanks to his loyal photographers, I see him everyday via Twitter. I'm not sick yet. Actually, I'm having a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the second (and third) act of his career; he only gets better and better!