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  1. And of course... the OST for our Tee & Mork Episode as a Fan Made Music Video By Ar riyant Channel - On YouTube Song Titel: First Kiss Artist: Vie Trio (Feat.Pete Pol) Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  2. Fan made Music Video By Hwaazabii Channel - On YouTube Song Title: ยืนยันแค่เธอคนเดียว Yeun Yun Kae Tur Kon Diow (I Assure You, It’s Only You) Artist: Gun Achi Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  3. Fan Made Music Video by ATKP Channel - on YoutTube Song Title: ลองดี - Long Dee (Try it out) Artist: Best Natthasit Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  4. I don't get what are your negative points besides the music (but that one is up to taste), and the "girl affair"...?? Is that all...?? But the point about "less acting level"....?? I saw a much better acting here than in the Series before (specially Frank did better). I think this was an amazing Episode and seeing Drake & Frank working together again in this spinoff of their love story, knowing there is no going to be a season 2 for this Series made it a great Finale for the tee & Mork love story. You know already that I am a huge fan of Drake Laedeke since "Slam Dance" (his first BL role) and I melt always with those cute eyes playing sweet and romantic...!! And those many kisses on Tee's head during the entire episode are really to melt down with...!! They were being a couple so offen in this episode and that was also a very positive and amazing main frame for this story. We never had this in any Thai BL Series before with this beautiful expression of love and tender while going apart in public... and this amount of sweetness does compensates for the negative parts in the script to me. Also the permanent romantic ways of Mork showing Tee how much he loves him in a very spontaneous way, like the balcony scene with the notes; or even the entire surprise, makes this episode a TRUE LOVE story... and a great memory to keep in our Thai BL Files. Frank... well... He did his best - once again -... didn't he. Frank was really not expressive... and less his previous "commercial like permanent smiling face"... (I guess the director forced him into character this time) and that also contributed to the higher quality of the story. I give this Episode 9/10 points... one minus because I didn't like the lineal storytelling style that didn't leave room for surprises (like in the In & Sun Episode... which was awesome to the very last scenes; forcing us to re-read the entire episode from the beginning). Cheers...!!
  5. That takes time... but not even the group of "My Tee International" on facebook has said anything about the special episode, or about doing a FanMade EngSubs for it. We may need to wait for it to be release officially on YouTube by GMMTV with subtitles; and that may be by January next year. Cheers...!!
  6. Official Announcement The Best Twin The Series Will start showing in MARCH 2019 On LINE TV Thailand * Info sources * Cheers...!!
  7. This was an amazing Episode for the Tee & Mork storyline...!! They story was told as a misunderstanding; and the dramatic weight was on Frank shoulders this time, as he was the one suffering (thank God...! because I didn't want to get down once more over Drake's amazing cry moments). And so it comes Tee thinks Mork is having an affair due to a misreading of many situations. I have to say Drake was extremely cute playing this happy and cheerful side of Mork's character that was clouded just in 2 moments for a very short time. The balance of the story is very well settle, from comedy into drama, as Tee does believe to have lost Mork. BUT that is the weak part of this episode; and is also the part that contradicts the main point of the entire Series: True Love; 3 years from "now". Even IF Mork was having an affair, Tee was not able to win him back, nor does he anything to at least try; and that upsets me in this storyline. He was just accepting the fact of defeated and was even going to break up with Mork. He even says the words: "Let's break up...!" Fortunately that was not necessary. Another issue that doesn't make much sense to me is the boys having separate rooms, yet studying at the same university; specially since Tee comes from a very wealthy family. Knowing how needy Mork has always been of Tee, wanting to sleep together with him always, this seems to me a weak part on the story as well; which is been use just for 2 important scenes: (1) Mork making paper ppt note loving declaration to Tee over the balcony (2) Mork's old girl friend helping him learn to play a clarinet. I liked the fact that all 6 boys of "Cause You're My Boy" join by the end altogether, to celebrate the love of Tee & Mork; and also Phuwin and Neo showed us once again their chemistry and their interactions... leaving room for their own BL Series or movie in the future. That is a story I wanna watch as well. Another issue would be the story-telling style use by the director: chronological order Using this method means involving us viewers in the entire process of the story; and so we know absolutely everything what is happening from all sides. There are no surprise moments, but feelings of involvement, as we want to help Tee know the truth about what Mork is doing; and that he is misreading certain moments; coming to the wrong conclusions and feeling unloved and rejected. This actually works pretty well... and there are almost no clues left aside by the end. At last... a 3rd anniversary without kiss would have been silly... and so we got a kiss in public; sealing their love commitment once again. Cheers....!!
  8. Promoting this Episode of Tee & Mork in my YT Channel I came up with this promo based on the trailer: What do you think...?? Cheers...!!
  9. OUR SKYY The Series Episode 4 - พีทเก้า - Pete & Kao Coming up next on Friday, 14 December 2018 EngSub Trailer This story S-U-C-K-S...!! Everything is been reduce to a rational fight over an inevitable breaking up...?? It doesn't seem to be a good story basis for me; specially knowing all the BL were such an issue has been presented before didn't end up well for the BL couples; like in the chinese BL short-film "From Now To The Past"; or the Taiwanese BL Series (Dark Blue and Moonlight - 深藍與月光); both using TAROT cards to influence the relationships status. Also the latest gay movie from HongKong film director SCUD "30 Years Of Adonis" main story-line shows the "realization" of a story mean to be; foreseeing by the Tarot Cards. In all this stories the predictions come true and are unstoppable... because predestination can't be stop, but fulfill. For Pete & Kao maybe the way is to break up, to find a way back together; just like Korn & Knock had done many times already... (I mean: How many times did the break up, and got back together again later...? I remember at least 5 times during all the Series they have had so far.) IF they always found the way back to each other Pete & Kao may have also their own way of doing so. Trying to stop a prophesy instead of thinking WHAT could make that choice come real seems the wrong approach for these two. BUT I will let this episodes surprise me... as I know there is "DARK BLUE KISS" coming up next year. Course... What is the point of this Episode...? Kao doing all sort of crazy things to avoid the Tarot Cards "prophesy" becoming truth...!! That is going to make this story incredibly funny... but it will show also how much he does loves Pete, and how much he wants them to be together, despite all the fights, or discrepancies in their relationship. That makes this story - even if it s-u-c-k-s as a topic - very cute. Cheers...!!
  10. Thai BL Series OUR SKYY Episode Tee & Mork Friday, 7 December 2018 Starring: Frank Thanatsaran (as Tee ) & Drake Laedeke (as Mork) Co-starring: Phuwin Tangsakyuen (as Morn) & Neo Nimtawat (as Gord) A LINE TV Original Series & GMMTV Production © 2018 Watch the NonSub & Full HD LINE TV Episode Version here: Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  11. It is great that GMMTV is promoting the Tee & Mork Episode to this level; but it also take the surprise effect the previous episodes had away. Course... since the Series didn't end up as well as we all expected this most be WHY GMMTV is making an effort to promote this episode more than the others. 3 Videos already in their YouTube Channel Trailer Selfie promo video last Wednesday Challenge promo video yesterday And all the promos for a LINE TV LIVE Programm today, Friday 7 December at 6 PM (Thai Time) And the permanent release on LINE TV at 8 PM (Thai Time) Our boys are not going to have be easy, since FRIEND ZONE last episode has caused a "revolution" amount most Thai BL fans with that erotic scene between Singto & Nat Sakdatorn in bed; and the kiss scene before, between Nat Sakdatorn & Plustor. Just a few more hours to go. Is going to be fun to watch. Cheers...!!
  12. OUR SKYY Episode Tee & Mork EngSub Trailer Episode will air on Friday, 7 December 2018 At 8 PM (Thai Time) on LINE TV Thailand PS: All the trailers have been updated on the star page for OUR SKYY on Page # 123 Cheers...!!
  13. THANK YOU all for keeping up the news so fast....!! The trailer is awesome...!! And the story goes well with the Series. After 3 years Tee is to test Mork true love feelings for him Of course... WHO could come out with such an idea, but Morn (I love the fact the Non's are part of this episode too). But then again... Mork is playing the same game back to Tee. This is going to be fun pure...!! Thinking of it... it was the same for In & Sun... a test for true love Their episode today was so emotional... with IN having all those feelings after 3 years (another point the Series seems to have in common for every episode too; showing a story 3 years ahead of the basis Series) still... unable to tell Sun that he loved him. I guess some time you need to find some obstacles in your way, in oder to value love and life again. That was for IN in their episode... finding out Sun hanging out with a P' that was all over him... literally... and those jealous feelings were killing him over and over again. Luckily IN was able to open up, and say the words he should have said already so many years ago to SUN. And thinking of it too... it was the same for Pick & Rome, finding out they were each others true love. It seems that is the major point of this entire Series. Looking forward to see the full episode next Friday...!! PS: If you guys haven't watched the episodes I share the links to the original Thai Versions here: Pick & Rome In & Sun Cheers...!!
  14. We are getting closer, and closer.... Our boys Drake & Frank were a few days ago in a small group Interview about OUR SKYY, Together with Gun, Off and Tay for GMM News Drake says that their story is at the university, after been dating for a while already... Can't wait to see how it comes... Cheers...!!