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  1. "Cause you are my boy" Episode 5 Saturday, 21 July 2018 Channel GMMTV Thailand - YouTube Version (4 Parts - NON Subtitles yet available) TEASER - EP 6 Have to go back to work Enjoy it guys...!! Cheers
  2. Love Lie Hide Fake - แกล้งแอ๊บแอบรัก Episode 8 Saturday, 21 July 2018 * * * Cheers * * *
  3. Love Lie Hide Fake - แกล้งแอ๊บแอบรัก Episode 8 Airs today, Saturday 21 July 2018 At 8:00 PM (Thai Time) // 3 PM (Central European Time) // 9 AM (New York Time) Original Teaser for EP 8 * * * Cheers * * *
  4. Do it please ONLY for EP 1, as the others have been shared already. Because your were the first to share the links to EP 1 is best to keep the links visible for everyone to find then in the first comment available. All the other links are always to be found on Page 1 / Comment 2 Thank you for being so active here, sharing informations and all your ideas. It is been a lot of fun talking about this series here. Cheers...!!
  5. PLECK...! Thanks you for sharing the links to EP 1. Please, do change your comment by taking the SPOILER over the links out; and let the links be visible for all without the hiding. You will find your this comment of yours on page 46. Cheers...!!
  6. "Cause you are my boy" Episode 5 airs today Saturday, 21 July 2018 Airing on TV Channel ONE31 HD Thailand at 10:15 PM (Thai Time) (This is at 5:15 PM Central European Time = 11:15 AM New York Time) Airing on LINE TV Thailand at 11:15 PM (Thai Time) (This is at 6:15 PM Central European Time = 12:15 PM New York Time) For those who want to see it live, use the LIVE link of ONE 31 HD Thailand http://www.one31.net/live * * * * * Are we ready to see what is behind the highlight scenes of EP 5...?? Please, remember that I will be busy today attending the Berlin Gay Pride Week Opening Festivities I hope GMMTV release EP 5 in YouTube together with LINE TV If that is the case... the Episode may be available around 11:15 PM Thai Time (That is at 6:15 CET // 12:15 PM New York Time) * * * Cheers * * *
  7. Last highlight from EP 4 on GMMTV - YouTube Gord is like Gu Hai from ADDICTION... He has been pretending to be "poor" and humble to Morn just to get in his bed with him... but actually he is rich and has been doing many things to help Morn with the IG for his barber shop. For Gord they are more than just good friends... and Morn feels always his love in many different shapes... quite beautiful Also, the way they talk about almost everything is amazing... almost no secrets (just the few Gord needed to "protect" his identity)... and now that the last secret is open there is nothing standing on their way. This couple shows 100% the difference to Tee & Mork... both full of secrets (specially Tee)... for no reason at all... besides their own fears. Tomorrow EP 5... Will we get some answer to the many questions we all still have...??? Cheers...!!
  8. I believe that we both see and understand all these questions in a very similar way. Alvinyl theory doesn't seem to stand at all. Bambie is just a sneaky B***H going for revenge using the most subtile ways... like "pushing" Tee's mum into play. Only after that moved didn't show any good come-out she decided to play the "offended GF/BF" with that silly line to Tee after practice. Can we truly believe her...?? NO ONE SINGLE WORD...!! Let's remember the scene with Ching... as she was watching the "wedding" video of Tee & Mork. She told Ching to stay out of her businesses with Tee... and in her eyes...she was like Lady Macbeth... thirsting for blood Cheers...!!
  9. Mel_Rios

    [Thailand Drama 2016] Kiss The Series

    Tawan Vihokratana (Tay) 27 Birthday, Today, 20 July 2018 Cheers...!!
  10. PS: Does anyone here watch Pete & Kao in "Kiss me Again The Series"...?? Get ready for next Sunday...!! Cheers...!!
  11. Mel_Rios

    [Thailand Drama 2016] Kiss The Series

    He is such a bad a** playing those roles...!! I loved that one...!! Brace yourself for what is coming up Sunday...!! Cheers...!!
  12. Yes... BUT we have been talking about this ONLY from Bambie's perspective so far. If we remember... when Tee told Mork to have been calling Bambie all night long it was a lie...!! Now I realized another point: Could it be that Tee is angry with Bambie, because she just left the day Mork pretended to be bringing him the gay porn dvd order....?? It was like that: Mork said all that... Tee tried to tell Bambie it was not true... but she juts took all her things and left What kind of good friend does such a thing...?? I have the feeling this controversy with Bambie has a deeper reason... She leaving him just like that, without listening to him could be one. If we add that Tee doesn't want to be her boyfriend... the list keeps growing... And then she just shows up and says: "You don't want to reconcile with me anymore?" Humm... This quarrel between friends could even go deeper. I was wondering how Tee's mum just showed at in his school to give a lecture on "love". Such an innocent style... Why do I have the feeling that Bambie has something to do with that too....(?) The way Tee's mum was bombing Mork with personal questions was way to obvious... right (?) I bet Bambie told her everything already. That sneaky B***H I am just joining the feeling like mellialuna: But I am not joking about my ideas about WHY Tee may be angry with Bambie as well. * * * * * * Episode 1 is still missing on GMMTV YouTube Channel... They should release it before Saturday comes... * * * * * * * * By the way: I will be busy from Friday on for over a week attending the Gay Pride Week Festivities. I am partly helping with the organization of this event... so... sharing links, commenting and else will be limited from my side. You guys will have to fill the void for me. I will be online mobile so I will do the best I can... but can't promise it will be as I always do with "live comments" and fast links sharing. Cheers...!!
  13. We are all in the same boat... Lazy just made a very very very reduce BL cuts... the hole beginning is missing... which is quite important. I have been trying to translate as much as I can... or write resumes... for you all to follow this the best possible not having subtitles. It hasn't been easy following 7 different Thai Series... I can't believe that until know there is no one single EngSub Team working on this series Everybody was very surprised with EP 5... but it hasn't shown any major impact so far outside Thailand That scene...P'Game wanted to know what is going on between Jingjai and Sattaya... and how was it connected to Magic in any way. * * * * * * * The Teaser For EP 8 is out. It concentrates more on the Sattaya & Jingjai scandal issue... and how to solve it Cheers...!!