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  1. As far as I know is going to be a LINE TV Thailand Original Series... but there are no details yet as for WHAT kind of Series: A new BL Camp...? A Mini-Series episodes mix...? We will know on Wednesday 26 September for sure. The couple are going to be: Krist - Singto Off - Gun Tay - New Pluem - Chimon Drake -Frank The fact that GMMTV together with LINE TV is making a pure BL couples project is pretty amazing Let's see what comes out out of it. Cheers...!!
  2. It's complicated - เพราะรักมันซับซ้อน FanMade Music Video Teng & Min Song: Only You Can Save Me Artist: Darin Music Label © Universal Music Clips used from EP 7 I hope you all enjoy watching this FanMade Music Video I made out of EP 7... It feels like a new beginning for Teng together with Min. Cheers...!!
  3. Hi everyone...!! Today I asked the Subber for Thai - English GrayStag IF he may like to do the Eng Subs for this Series. We worked together some time ago in "My BromanceThe Series" and "Love Complex"... so I am hoping he may have the time to do this one too. Hope dies at the very end....!! Cheers....!!
  4. Season's Finale "Cause You're My Boy" Episode 12 Saturday, 22 September 2018 YouTube Version * Remember the Eng Sub will be add later on * * * * Cheers * * *
  5. S P O I L E R S YouTube Version coming up in just 15 minutes...!! Cheers...!! Why do you look there IF you don't wanna get any insides before watching the episode...???
  6. Season's Finale "Cause You're My Boy" Episode 12 Airs today - Saturday, 22 September 2018 Channel ONE31 Version at 10:25 PM Thai Time (That is at 5:25 PM Central European Time // 11:25 AM New York Time) For those who like to watch it LIVE http://www.one31.net/live * * * * * * * * The YouTube Version runs at 11:25 PM Thai Time (That is at 6:25 PM CET // 12:25 PM ET) Let's remember what is coming up in EP 12...! And not forget how EP 11 ended; With Mork & Tee involve in a car accident. The teaser feels like "My Bromance The Movie"; but there is that relaxing scene having a meal at Tee's home with all of them on the table. * * * * * * The Season's Finale Posters (two rings Tee...?) * * * Cheers * * *
  7. LOL - - I guess it depends where you live. For me it has mostly been ready by late Saturday. For you it most the similar, as I live "before your time zone"... or you just get the notifications with delay...??? Cheers...!!
  8. Love By Chance The Series Episode 7 Friday, 21 September 2018 LINE TV Thailand International Release Part 1/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4069410 Part 2/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4069441 Part 3/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4069484 Part 4/4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4069518 (Remember that the Eng Subs will be add by tomorrow) * * * Enjoy it...!! * * * Cheers...!!
  9. S P O I L E R
  10. Love By Chance Episode 7 * * * Cheers * * *
  11. It's complicated เพราะรักมันซับซ้อน Episode 7 (Thursday, 20. September 2018) https://www.lakorn.asia/its-complicated-เพราะรักมันซับซ้อน/15513 It is getting complicated to get international links for this Series. There are not yet any Eng Subs as well... too bad. * * * Cheers * * *
  12. Cause You're My Boy En Español https://tusenpaiblog.blogspot.com/2018/07/bl-sub-esp-my-tee.html Cheers...!!