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  1. I think that this drama has 18 or 20 episodes. It's cause everywhere Sassy Girl is said to release on June, and that means Whisper is very long.
  2. Wow, next episode looks rough. PS. How great is it to find a couple wprking together towards the same goal? Back when watching a hero in the same position as him (gaksital) I would always pray that the heroine would be strong and they would co-operate, and here it seems to be heading that way. Just do your job writer! We fans are perfectly OK even if it never cracks 20% as long as the story is tight like right now
  3. God so many otp (bromance) moments in the teaser. And the D to the O part in the end about killed me I will miss them so much... Maybe they can make a sequel where they co-operate to save another company
  4. From what I've read there is some "forced seduction" but nothing near rape. But then the translated chapters have been up until they go on second base, so no idea what happens later on. One things for sure, til what Ive read, they both like it
  5. Well hell. Looks like all events on the promo/previews happened on episode 1. Looks like we're on for a long ride and we know nothing since the smart-bees gave us absolutely nothing. Can't wait for the subs later so I can understand the preview
  6. Well, considering how hot LSY is, that is a possibility. I just want this drama to do well, because the premise is something unknown to dramaland (the sexy part of course) . How is it that LBY is so graceful, she looks like she has aged gracefully without PS. Hopefully she'll do another drama this year after this one
  7. I kind of get your rant, however he himself got treated as if RDTK handed his drama the ratings. If you see the articles, the weeks until episode 4 of defendant were all with articles about comparing it to RDTK, so its not like Ji Sung did anything. As for him going to the set, its a golden oportunity for them as a couple to spend time with each-other. They're the first couple in drama history to get back-to-back work in the same station, and considering that sometimes filming goes on until after 3am, of course he'll want to see her and she'll want to see him.
  8. I just want the romance to be epic here. A lot of dramas have disappointed me in romance lately (unbelievable, forced, weird) , so I hope that since the leads here have a lot of chemistry, the writer will do his share so that it becomes believable in script too
  9. God, I find it so funny that the comments of i-netz and k-netz are polar opposites. K-netz can't wait for the movie and love OYS and the new cast. I-netz are hurt that KGe is no more there. They are only commenting negatively. I myself , am very happy about it. I love OYS and all the cast are great actors wth lots of ability. And also in terms of comments, the k-netz opinion matters more. Because they are the ones who'll pay for the movie. We international fans can comment positively and negatively all day long, however, when the movie releases korean people will be the only ones who will determine the success. Honestly I'm happy that there are separate threads for the movie and the drama. Dear drama fans, if you don't like the idea of this movie, go comment about it in the drama thread. And the people who see the movie can comment in this thread. Only that way we'll avoid unpleasant stuff
  10. He just does not connect with me. Like I watched him and was like "Who is this dude. Is he some rich richard simmons? Kind of like my impression of Lee Min Ho in BOF Anyway, I hope I'll like him too after the drama starts. Only male lead of a drama that I finished (BOF was a DNF for me) that I did not like was the one in Another Oh Hae Young, but the second and third leads made the drama great for me
  11. God, why I just can't take the male lead. He does not give me anything In a drama where I love the writer, the lead heroine (so happy she's back in dramas) , both the second lead and the ghost writer, it seems like a bad joke that the lead male looks blah to me. Maybe it's just because of the teasers. Tvn, take some lessons from SBS and do better teasers so I can enjoy this new drama !!!!!
  12. Well, this drama gets a lot of comments on illegal drama sites. However , it's not romantic enough for people to comment everytime. Even Defendant had a meh thread considering it almost broke 30% only cause it has no romance. SHR, Goblin, DOTS, MDBC, SWDBS : All of them hsd romance as focus and almost all the drama was problems for the couple, so it gets 24/7 feedback from shippers. Here we have no couples, no kisses, no romantic OST. So it means people see it , but have no extreme need to comment on soompi once they are done
  13. Honesly, now they'll have to put her out of nowhere (like Yuri in Defendant, both leads in Kill me, Heal Me, the lead in MDBC). I know for a fact that they offer the role to a lot of people (like in the sssam my way drama) , so who knows what actress has the script in her hands now
  14. Omg, if it were MBC I have no doubt that the psycho-sociopath couple would get at least nominated at best couple Since this is KBS, we'll only have the nice moments to rewatch from this drama