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  1. It's on viu too. People from Asia (or with a good vpn) can watch it there
  2. I 100% love and support this drama. However I am very clear in the fact that it's probably not going to pull good ratings. 1. Joo Won is great and awesome. And every single director over-works him cause they just know he compels the audience to look at him. However he is not an A-lister like SJK, LMH or PBG 2. Oh Yeon Seo is amazing and she's rocked in every role she had. However, a lot of people hate her cause she has done Plastic Surgery, and because she is extremely confident (SK people want humble self-hating women to respect :/ ) 3. The famous casting controversy is always going to follow it as a shadow (Because of course, they can't just support that other actress by watching her drama "sister is alive" 4. Every pre-produced Saeguk has underperformed on SBS (moon lovers, saimdang) So my only hope is that the network does not re-edit or cut the episodes even if they get low ratings. Sorry for my pessimism, but sometimes it's better to know where you are getting into
  3. WTF!! Are they doing some UF volume2? It does not make sense. He's too young to have anything remotely resembling cancer
  4. Well, we got 6% and 5.7%. Which might mean anything really. All that's known for sure it's that the battle starts next week, cause Whisper slayed them all today, and tomorrow has the finale
  5. Tonight's on fire !!! 19.2% everybody
  6. Just saw this. Why are they doing this to me Fangirl gone craxy here
  7. He looked very cute. And while I did not agree with the hair, I'm completely on board with the gym time. I hope he keeps on doing that even when he comes back from MS
  8. Well, I see how they must fear popularity. After all, a lot of us (fans) have read the chapters (those who understand chinese the book) translated and we're literally begging for more. Addicted and the other books of CJD are extremely popular (at least as far as I know), and CJD has apparently got the budgets to shoot 2 other books (this info I got from the translated chapters, the translator is a big fan of giving extra info ). So considering that the first web series (CounterAttack) was on limited budget, Addicted was better, and now Advanced Bravery has all of (30-40 episodes) the book story shot and pre-produced and paid and the fans did the subs on YouTube for like 2 days after it was out. And considering Taiwan has the uncensored version ready to go any minute now. And with the info that very strong backers are ready to cover the budget of CDJ's next project, I would say the Chinese should be worried about it. CJD is turning into Chinese's BL novels Nicholas Sparks
  9. I'm in for a rom-com of those 2 only by this photo. However, please opa, no more dying your hair. Black hair suits you a whole lot more than any other colour
  10. I really enjoyed today's episode. Thanks to JTBC, I finally found a real drama that keeps my interest this days. I can honestly say this is the first pre-produced drama that I've completely enjoyed. Hopefully this sets the tone to the next episodes
  11. Today's ratings 6.8 & 7.4% That's lower than yesterday
  12. Today's ratings 12% & 13.4%
  13. It is on netflix. With subs. If your country cant open netflix : Just google man to man ep 1. Any site with drama in title should have it.
  14. I think we should be kind of careful in posting the blogs links for translation. Back when the illegal copy was around everyone on YouTube was telling people about wattpad, and so a copyright-fan got that story and a lot of others banned. And everytime someone posts a link at this forum, the link gets dead in 1-2 weeks. So please be careful. It's already been a month and some time since chapter 70 was translated, and thanks to these ban we might get chapter 71 next year