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  1. I bow down to the new Wed-Thu king. 8.6 & 9.6 % today. I will sooo watch this as soon as at least 6 episodes are out (12 in new format).
  2. Whoa, 9.1% for both episodes. I feel like asking if they forgot that Ruler ended, but that still would not explain why they sticked around for episode 2. Have to see if tomorrow's episodes will be as much or less
  3. Viu is one of the site that does subtitles. Usually the sites that work to do the subtitles are : viu (for asia, but can work with vpn) who usually does the subtdles first and then the illegal sites dOwnlsort ad their subtitles and use them so we can watch the series. DramaFever (only for North America, can work with vpn) who do subtitles according to their own schedule and sometimes release 2 days after drama airs. Viki (Depends on licence, sOrt of need vpn) which is the site that owns soompi too. They have the most accurate subtitles but usually take about 12+ hours to release. Ondemandkorea (only north America, can woRK with vpn) usually does subtitles for viariety more. Viu is the site that all illegal drama sites check first, and then the others according to my list. Viu & dramafever have payments , which means that a non vip user of viu can watch a drama 2-3 days after it aired, while a non vip user of dramafever usually can watch only the first 3 episodes for free. Viki lets you watch whatever show your country has the licence for, but it has a lot of adds. Ondemandkorea, I don't know cause I don't use it. A lot of users nowadays download the non-subtitled video file from illegal drama sites, and then get the subtitles from the site subscene, which is where the illegal drama sites get the subtitles too
  4. Rating 3.637% for episode 6. The ratings are slowly rising, and not getting lower
  5. Today's finale ratings - 9.6 & 11.4 King Loves was 5.1&6.0 School 20017 was 4.2. Considering the other 2 , I really hoped MSG could have been higher, but I guess the numbers are not that bad.
  6. Are JTBC kidding me? The package is supposed to air in October/Nov after Age of Youth 2, and now instead I see news of this drama taking that timeslot Can't JTBC already add a second timeslot for dramas? They have too many good ideas for only 6 dramas a year
  7. Just saw episode 5. This drama is very good, however I feel it suits more binge-watching because then the twists and turns would have more power for me. So I'm going on a break and coming back after some episodes
  8. Now Byun Yo Han confirmed too. Wonder wtf does she want, maybe the drama will go Ahjussi Over Boys at this point All actors are well respected good actors, and the last addition BYH was in six flying dragons and has done good movies these last years. Now, will KES already get a fricking female second lead so I can ship her with whoever since obviously their love story will be better than the first leads? Or has KES decided to go all emo on us and have 3 guys go after one Kim Tae Ri
  9. @packmule3 I saw the ratings on a site that tells only the big 3 ones, however since then k-drama news posted them all. Bride of water god - 3.1% , which I think it's very good considering last drama that had that rating in that timeslot was Miss Rude season 15 back in January for this year.
  10. To think that this drama was filmed for 20 episodes, but then the PD decided to cut it 4 episodes for better viewing. Now looking at how everything is being dumped at the last episode, maybe at 17-18 episodes would have been a better choice.
  11. Today's episode was 8.9 & 10.2. For whoever cares : The king loves - 7.8 & 8.1 School 2017 - 5.9
  12. Just found a teen that is watching this drama in asianwiki. And I know she could feel alone, so I made sure to include her
  13. This drama finally broke tvn curse. 5.5% today Congratulations !!!
  14. I don't know if any of you have seen it, but JW's parents HY's in-laws, were in the weekend drama Smile You back in 2009. They were in-laws with each other and would bicker 3/4 of the time. Their personalities were almost the same, she was an evil MIL there too