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  1. Yay! Dramabeans Pilot Recap is up!!! The Liar and His Lover: Episode 1 March 23, 2017 by SailorJumun Tagged: Choi Min-soo, featured, first episodes, Joy, Lee Hyun-woo (2), Lee Jung-jin, The Liar and His Lover Posted In Drama Recaps I asked for cute and fresh, and cute and fresh I surely got. tvN’s new musical rom-com The Liar and His Lover (literal title: She Loves Lies Too Much) premiered this week, and though the setup may come across as a bit juvenile, this lying music composer and his loving singer already have me hooked. We’ve got charming characters, catchy music, and above all, a fascinating undertone that promises something much deeper than your average high school crush — all good signs.
  2. Aaaahh! Just finished ep 2 and I am IN! I'm in it for the long haul. Hope to share some thoughts with you guys here later. I'm still on the bus home feeling all giddy because the show left me wanting more just like @USAFarmgirl hehe (Edit) Update: I liked Episode 2 a lot more than the first one. All the show's elements just felt like they hit their groove (hee). And now I'm all excited about where the show will take me. Han Gyul - I can get behind this guy now. I can root for him better now that I could see more clearly where he is coming from (and now that I can stop thinking about the Japanese film adaptation and stop comparing that to this one because at Episode 2--I feel that the show becomes its own thing). He's a stubborn perfectionist with tunnel vision when it comes to his own music. Actually it seems like that's the only thing that defines his being and his life--his music. And we see here how that could be a blessing and a curse for someone. Yoo Na says he "treats the people around him as tools for his music" instead of as individuals and I really want to know and see how much of that is true. side note: Yoo Na as a character really draws me in. I find myself attached to her because she's not simply being portrayed as someone whose shine as a star has faded quite a bit. In Episode 1, when she talks to HG about retiring, I saw the heartbreak in her eyes. I just immediately felt for her, and then again now when she finally breaks up with HG. Too bad she chose to cheat--and not to mention with that sleazy director/producer too, of all people. So far with all the stuff we've seen from Han Gyul "the producer", What Yoo Na said seems like a fair assessment of HG. But there's more to it than that. It also helps that Lee Hyun Woo plays HG with enough nuance that could potentially mean there are more layers to peel back from HG later on... Like when he has that outburst with So Rim earlier and he says that the people who expect him to "come up with anything without trying" all have "no interest in learning his hardships", I felt for him and so now I'm invested in his character arc. Please don't let me down, Show. So Rim - Wasn't it lovely that HG unknowingly opens up to her in that scene I mentioned above? He might not know it or admit it yet but So Rim's earnestness has affected him enough for him to open up to her that way. Oh and the fact that she wrote her own lyrics to add to HG's song has me super excited. Because whatever it is that shocked HG in that cliffhanger--whether it's her beautiful voice or her lyrics (did they write similar lyrics? or is it that he's impressed with the lyrics she added?) I need to know. Now. Okay Monday, I'll wait. Also Re: Joy's acting debut - ditto all that @USAFarmgirl said about this. Stray observations: So Rim's bandmate and friend, you know, the one who has a huge crush on her - boy, I smell epic friend-zoning to come (or has it already come? has he been friend-zoned before she even knows about his feelings? this is too much for me to handle LOL) aaaand it's gonna hurt me badly too. Bring on the bromance, Show! And finally...I'm just so happy our OTP have great chemistry
  3. I've just seen the raw ep. It's so weird cause I had just read about this Kdrama last night (Monday morning Korea time), and was delighted to find out I didn't even have to wait that long for the premiere haha! So I live streamed this episode when I woke up this morning while I got ready and had breakfast. First impressions--I like the lightness of it, Joy's smile just makes me happy. Lee Hyun Woo, I also love, but I wasn't sure yet if I would love him here as the producer. Need to watch with subs first. I liked that bus scene though. So Rim helping the old lady, and Han Kyul startling the passengers by suddenly yelling a cheer over the phone for his guys in the band. But then by the middle of it I got really intrigued to see the Japanese film, so I paused right about when they meet--Han Kyul is on the bridge and he's humming a song he's composing in his head but his phone dies right then. So Rim happens to pass by him while on her bike. He quickly asks to borrow her phone, records his partial song, and he sends it to himself before he runs off, leaving Soo Rim befuddled. She runs after him but she doesn't catch up-- Like I said I paused, then I looked for the Japanese movie as fast as I could and watched it right away. Fastest hour and 50 minutes ever haha. Needless to say I really enjoyed the movie. I liked the songs, the leads (Aki I love you!!!!), and I liked how--to me--the film came off like an indie film production. There wasn't that glitzy showbiz stuff I expected from this kind of concept. It's a film with music incorporated well in it. So then right after, I went back to watch the rest of this show's pilot. Right now I can't tell yet whether I love it. Have to wait for the subs and for me to watch the whole thing uninterrupted this time. But I'm quite hopeful. Because I thought that in the film, things needed a bit more time to breathe--the falling in love, writing music, singing those songs, getting to the conflict, then the resolution. There were so many things I wanted to see more of,and that's what a drama with 16+ episodes could be perfect for. If there's one thing I wish they would bring over to the Kdrama adaptation though, that would be Aki's sneak attack kisses. Hahaha
  4. Eyy. I love how PD-nim still has the occasional WFKBJ post on IG. I'm not able to translate the caption but hopefully it's got something to do with the fact that they're working on the DVD release. I miss our BokJoonHyung couple so badly. It feels like forever now since the show ended. I'm watching some new and old kdramas now and I can't stop pointing out stuff I find WF executed way better or even the little things in other shows that remind me of my favorite WF moments. It's really bad. Haha. I need a kdrama break. I think I'll stick to Netflix for a while
  5. Been busy. But never too busy for my Min Hyuk and Bong Soon. I seriously need to read back a ton of pages here and I'm so excited to read the discussions this past week, but OH MY GAAAA our OTP this episode 7 straight up killed me. This was me the whole time they were together: I was NOT prepared for all that cute. I also realized that this is my first time watching this kind of drama where it's all zany and amusing. I'm laughing one sec, crying the next, and then scared right after that. Other kdramas I'm sure have done this mixed genre thing successfully before and I'll probably check those out because of Strong Woman, but I'm kinda glad this show is my first exposure to that. Cause right now I'm not bothered by what those other shows may have done or executed better than SWDBS, and I can just enjoy this ride for now.
  6. Let me spazz with you! I swear I find myself wanting more scenes between our OTP and getting impatient whenever these two aren't sharing a scene hahaha. Park Hyun Sik/Min hyuk is already so swoony in this with 3 episodes is that even possible??? I'm loving his version of clingy and even more so that the show doesn't make a big deal out of it, at least for now. Seriously, I don't catch some of the stuff you guys notice and point out here on the thread that I happily rewatch the episode to enjoy the details I miss!!! If the show could just give us these two going on adventures of whatever sort - shady, spontaneous, hilarious like in this episode with the motorcycle guy- that would make me very happy. These two and their energies bounce off really well with each other (I don't know if that makes sense lol). I love the bickering, the constant one-upping of each other, all of the adorbs. Ack they're so cute it hurts. One thing I'll say though is that the show sure has a LOT of things going on right now. I'm hoping that the show will find the perfect way to interweave all this stuff in the coming episodes, and so it could be more tonally focused. I'm a happy fan though. OTP got me so sold on the show and there's no turning back now.
  7. Hello, my newest obsession. Mwahahaha! SWDBS first episode was seriously one heck of a fun ride to watch for me. I didn't watch teasers or promos and just read a bit about the premise before watching so it was all unexpected for me. What a delight it was. I knew she was gonna be strong but I didn't know it was gonna be on a supernatural level, so I burst out laughing and I squealed and giggled and grinned my way through the hour. I personally still can't get over that crossdressing scene from Ji Soo cause I just didn't expect it. Hahaha.
  8. Phew. This great great news just made my day--no my month, and possibly my year LOL. Just awesome awesome awesome stuff. Thank you, lovely people, for keeping it positive and for giving us updates!!! WFKBJ FOREVER!!!! Cheers!
  9. exactly how I feel as well. Thanks so much for all the info and heads up by the way. I was getting really anxious just watching the sales counter go up slowly on the site. At least I'll know not to be too disappointed if the release gets cancelled. I hope I get my money back though lol. I wonder if most of the people that signed the survey/(petition?) only had the deadline as the issue. This system really kind of sucks. Cause no matter how mild or strong the reception for a show had been at the time of broadcast, it's pretty much immortalized online which means more people will have yet to discover it later on and when they will want the Dcut and merch, then...too bad? I guess I'm just so used to getting releases from anything on tv and never having to worry about the release depending on the ratings. Eek. I can't imagine not being able to own the Community dvd sets I have now.
  10. My TOP 10 moments from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (a.k.a THE BEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE) This list was sooooo difficult to put together. If I didn’t restrain myself I would have just put the entire show on here LOL! Also this isn't in any way a rigid list. My criteria for the rankings was completely personal to me (i.e how attached I am to the scene and how much the scene moved me). And my apologies for not being able to find all clips with subtitles. Although any diehard fan would have memorized these lines by now. I know I have. 10. I wonder why I ran away with you (Ep 3) The Bok Joo-Joon Hyung friendship is one that will always be a favorite of mine amongst all TV/Film friendships that I know of and love. This scene is the start of a pretty solid dynamic. I will always be grateful for this friendship, and the fact that Writer-nim built them a solid friendship first. Otherwise we wouldn’t have enjoyed all the wonderful skinship without the awkwardness. 9. Shi Ho’s swan song (Ep 14) I really did fall in love with Shi Ho by the end of her story arc. She had been incredibly strong this whole time. She had to sacrifice a lot, and watching her look back on all of those things made me realize just how strong she really is. She proved to be even stronger when she chose to let her performance/career path go. It was so inspiring to see someone be bold enough to leave something big behind, and not know what might be in store for you as you move forward. But you move on anyway because you know you’re doing it with no regrets. I’ve strangely never liked second female leads unlike the way I always get second-(male) lead syndrome, but with this show I know I can watch and rewatch Ep 1-16 with a new fondness for SH. 8. You save me, I save you (Ep 1)
  11. Kdrama Hidden Gem: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ON JANUARY 6, 2017 BY AMBERKMUSE of I found that multiple times this past year my favorite dramas are not necessarily the ones that are getting all the ratings or social media buzz. Which made me think that maybe we need a series of posts where I can attempt to make a difference. Because good dramas deserve to be watched regardless of ratings. So please join me in my first hidden gem recommendation Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Synopsis: A story of love and dreams between three young potential athletes: weightlifter Kim Book Joo, swimmer Jung Joon Hyung, rhythmic-gymnast Song Shi Ho, and the nutritionist Jung Jae Yi, Joon Hyung’s older brother. Full review HERE
  12. Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo January 18, 2017 by kfangurl of THE SHORT VERDICT: Cheerful, sweet and engaging, this show is easy to love. The conflicts and character journeys all feel relatable and real, with poignant coming-of-age struggles taking centerstage. The friendship-to-romance is treated with sensitivity and good humor, and the search for meaning and identity underscores everything with a lovely heartfelt poignance. The excellent cast makes everything pop, and Nam Joo Hyuk is more melty – and more excellent – than I’ve seen him, ever. Totally and absolutely marathon-worthy. THE LONG VERDICT: I seriously wish I could just fill this entire page with only heart emoticons – sprinkled liberally with hearts-in-eyes emoticons – and call this review done. Because honestly, that pretty much sums up how I feel about this show. This one just makes my heart so full, and makes me feel like hearts are leaping out of my eyes, pretty much all the way through, as I’m watching. And I loves it. So Freaking Much. STUFF I LOVE: .... Read the full (long and deliciously detailed) review HERE
  13. Gaaaaaah. Couldn't even make it to the halfway point of your post before crying T_T So again thanks for that @dhakra. Couldn't agree more. Just perfect. I will quote you on this for many many times in the future, for whenever I have to coherently convey my love for this show to anyone. <3 And thank you for opening up and sharing your personal stories. I FELT your pain on everything you shared and I genuinely wish and hope and pray that you find what/who you're looking for. I'm also very sorry about your dad. I don't have the best relationship with my dad as well. He makes it very difficult for me to love him and really be affectionate with him. But he is the only dad I have and will ever have. So I'm always gonna try my best. The fact that you were there for him and with him during what must have been his hardest time, I believe he knew how much you loved him. Your review seriously made me cry and cry some more, and then chuckle at seeing you reiterate your quibbles about the last episode. The best thing I got from joining this thread was being able to see things in the drama differently, from the different perspectives of all the people who pour their hearts out and give their insights about the littlest detail to the biggest moments. This has just been the best drama-watching experience for me, so thanks again everyone for that. THIS. Again I'm gonna have to quote you on this when I need to in the future. You can count on me to always cite you as THE source...the source of all awesomeness lol I literally just buried myself under a ton of work for the past week. I just couldn't accept that it's over and that I really have to move on so I tried to stay away from checking anything show-related. It hurts every time I get reminded that I won't get to see more of BJ and JH anymore. But it's not like a second season would make me feel better either. It's more like I'm longing for and missing the time and space or the bubble I was in while the show was still on. I miss being 'in that moment'. I feel better now. The wound will probably reopen the moment I'll hear about casting news/filming news for our cast. But the show really did leave my heart full enough to keep it from getting insanely greedy, and knowing that the actors and the whole production team looked so happy and seemed so proud of the amazing work they did by the end, makes saying goodbye a lot easier.
  14. Sorry chingu I wouldn't know if photos are included. I'll only know when the actual album gets delivered which could take a while. If they decide to release the DVD then let's hope they include a photo book as well that would be everything to me. I was also wondering whether "Is It Love" played at some point in the drama but I don't think I heard it. Did anyone catch that?
  15. Just finished watching with subs! Like I said before: Episode 16 = Big, delicious cherry on top of the most amazing sundae that is this show. I'm so happy the show gave me that. Let me just add on to all the others who have already said it, and we really can't say this enough: THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the folks who uploaded stills, those we could always rely on to recap live as best they could, the ones who share fanarts, gifs, their own edits and strips, our moderators, everyone who shared their stimulating insights, everyone who gave love to the show even with just the simple "like" button. You guys have made these past couple of months watching this show amazing for me. I love you guys. I only wish you the very best in wherever you go and whatever you do from here. My thoughts about the finale, I will write through the help of some of your posts. I apologize in advance for cutting some of them short. I'm going to be a bit sentimental here and add to that by saying that this show healed me in a way I've never experienced before. I used to look to certain types of Kdramas whenever I wanted to have a "healing" experience, and the writers and directors always talk about their shows aiming to be that way for their audience. I was used to getting drawn towards shows that made me cry. I have this thing where a particular heavy scene hits me, or a certain actor/actress crying during a scene elicits a kind of "ugly cry" from me that would never happen in any other situation in my normal, everyday life. It's kind of an embarrassing little fact about myself I never tell anyone about. So for a while I thought fun, light, fluffy dramas couldn't really give me that healing experience if it couldn't get me to that point of ugly crying lol. This show though, gosh. Like Bok Joo I went through a sort of quarter-life crisis, but in my case it was because my family decided to uproot all of us and move us halfway across the world when I was just about to graduate from college back then. I thought it was ridiculous that I couldn't fight for my right to stay behind, and I couldn't really look at the positives yet of moving away to seek better opportunities in the long run. I was being such a kid, all whiny that I had to start from scratch. But you know, it really was hard. I didn't expect it would make me all suddenly miserable, and the gravity of the pain I felt at the time I thought was just unbearable. I had to reevaluate a lot of stuff, and had to really look deeper within me to find out what it was that hurt me so badly and I wanted to do everything I possibly could to help myself get better. Coming from that experience and then discovering this show, in all its simplicity, humility and earnestness, it was/is seriously the best thing I never knew I needed. When JH tells BJ's dad that he likes that BJ leaves him feeling warm because she just is a warm person, I was just blown away by the simple sincerity of that scene, and the way it managed to affect me a million times more deeply than all the other "ugly crying" scene situations I got myself into in other dramas before. This scene, and countless others from this show (BJ confessing she wanted to quit weightlifting to her dad, JH confronting his parents and hyung, Shi Ho dropping the ribbon, just to name a few), might not necessarily make me cry so much to the point of exhaustion, but they are so illuminating and so moving in their simplicity that I realize that this entire experience gave an entirely different, more genuine definition of healing for me. It's really why I got so attached to the show. Just beautiful. Thank you.