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  1. Thank you @0ly40 for the preview!!!! But now I need help cause I can't stop replaying bahahaha.
  2. Reposting cause I love all that you said Totally agree. I like that the relationships in the show are all likeable. It makes us want to stick with them until the end. Just to add on to those ships, I like Grim Reaper's growing fondness for the kids and his softer interactions with Teacher Shim as well. Also the gym teacher. He's a little low profile, doesn't like to cause too much fuss but he clearly has his principles too. I can't say the same for that female teacher though, she's just insufferable at this point. And I'm glad that we don't get much of the trio of bullies right now cause getting to know them later (if we do get there) will be less distracting from the X plot now. I do see some signs that there's more to those girls - - the way they dress and behave doesn't seem to hint that they've been growing up in the happiest of environments. But right now it's "less is more" when it comes to them. I'm hoping we don't go the suicide route with Bo Ra's storyline cause that would be more predictable. I'd like to see if they'll tackle mental health directly instead, maybe address peer pressure/depression/isolation. I'd like to see if the show can handle her situation well.
  3. EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! EunTae is seriously super cute. I honestly have not gotten over that BTS moment in the gif by @jaszz. I love them both on-cam and off-cam! I actually started watching this show since it aired, though I wasn't very hooked at first. Now, 8 episodes in, I'm invested in all the characters. I even felt a bit bad for the principal when he got kicked out of his desk LOL. When it started to rain in the last scene this episode, I legit screamed. I knew then they would try to recreate that genuine BTS moment. I'm glad PD-nim/writer-nim did! It made me so happy <3 Now we just have to wait a week, which seems like a month now. I hope the ratings get even better. Rise, School 2017, rise!!!!!
  4. I checked just to see if anyone mentions the box set hihi. I got mine today. SO UNREAL. I miss this forum! Take care you guys!
  5. Even though we're still waiting for confirmation, somehow it just doesn't matter to me. So much squeeee. So much joy!!!! Wow I love them so much
  6. Was gonna back read now and then compose something to say about this episode (the last scene!!!) but nah, you pretty much got it covered as always. Hehe <3. But seriously that scene made me so happy and content for the day. Shiny Boy!!! In my head for a good 8 hours now. Must get some sleep. Brb guys lol.
  7. Aaaahhhhh! I caught the end of the live stream! I need subs now!!!! Waaaaaaa I think I love Mush & Co.'s debut song though it may be CY's. I'm also really excited to hear HG's song recorded by SR. The music and scoring in this show is just oh so good. Exactly how I wanted it to be. I also feel like there will be no time skip after all which I'm happy about!!! Han Gyul-ssi now that you've smiled that way, please smile more!!! *melts into a puddle*
  8. Hope you guys had/are having a great weekend. The weather here where I'm from is getting much better cause spring is finally here. Still, I'm more e̶x̶c̶i̶t̶e̶d̶ impatient to watch Liar this monday than any activity I have planned this week hahaha. Just here to say I'm happy to see TLAHL get some more love from the Dramabeans staff other than the recappers. Joy is legit stealing all the hearts Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching by DB Staff April 15, 2017 javabeans The Liar and His Lover: Okay, so this was the show I’ve been waiting for—the kind that makes me eager to watch episode after episode, rather than feeling I have to try to keep up, and sticks in my mind even when I’m doing other things. It’s not perfect: The dialogue can get unrealistically drippy for my tastes (I cringe when it gets cheesy and push through it), I find the editing occasionally choppy, and the supporting cast is inexperienced. But despite all that, the show speaks to me with its breezy feel-good spirit; the tone, the mood, and the heart are all very engaging. And for once, I can absolutely see why everyone is fascinated with the same girl, and why they find her special. Joy is delightful. HeadsNo2 The Liar and His Lover: I really like how the show is giving So-rim higher and higher stakes as it progresses, because she’s just so good at portraying raw emotion. Everything you need to know is written on her face at any given moment, and while her tendency to cry at the drop of a(n admittedly important) hat could sometimes nag at me, the show does a great job of reminding me that these issues really do matter to her. She’s still a teenager at the end of the day, and with all these forces suddenly pushing and pulling at her, it’s no wonder that she finds herself at a crossroads. I’m kind of not rooting for the main couple, actually—not unless Han-gyul can learn to separate his personal feelings from his music, but then again, what kind of composer would he be if he could?
  9. Episode 8 and me: The previous episode was really made to prepare us for the mess that is this episode. Jeez Han Gyul could not catch a break there. Wow. Lumping dad/bros/ex-gf/career/current lovelife issues in one episode. I didn't even think that was possible. Well. It's certainly not like it's the end of the world for him, but if the goal was to break him and make him wanna run, and for us to want look away from this chaos, then they achieved it. It was hard to watch. Surely they could have spaced out everything that happened here into two or three episodes, no? But I guess we were building up to this all this time. Like I said at the start of the drama, everyone in that company is stuck in some bad loop. Now they're fed up. But for them all to pile up on Han Gyul like that, I just couldn't watch it. I wanted to grab HG from the screen and get him away from it all. But then he takes it out on So Rim of all people. Gah. Though I knew he would, cause she's the newest person to come in his life and as it seems to him--also his only hope. But why put her in a corner and use her feelings like that???? Aish we were making progress with you Han Gyul!!! I know this has to happen for HG to wake up and learn his lesson, but I really really really do not want him to lose So Rim in his life. I also do not want So Rim to stop loving HG. Waaaa. Waeeee. Whyyyyy. Ok rant over. Have a good week you guys
  10. Awesome post! I said the exact same thing about the fluffy sweater when I saw it make an appearance in this drama! Hehe. In my previous post I mentioned that I strangely warmed up to CY this episode, and I suspect that that may be the case for me too--that I'm falling for his trap. On my second viewing of this episode, I started to think about how CY may actually be the one to take advantage of So Rim's age and situation all along. Unlike HG who knows how impressionable SR is at her age and doesn't use that to his advantage, CY has done this several times. He knew about the HG-SR connection first and used that to get ahead of HG as SR's producer. Remember that he even unfairly played the guilt card on HG to make CEO Choi stop convincing HG to produce for SR so he can finally have a shot instead. Then after he successfully made HG out to be the deceiver, he got to be there to cheer So Rim up of course. Then he opens up to So Rim now just before he brings up his trust issues, which he has now used to make So Rim feel the need to take sides on this whole producer tug of war thing. I get that it can be more complex than that, and that CY is clearly also just a person who constantly feels unappreciated and unvalidated. And in this episode I really did feel like SR and CY can build towards a partnership where they both could benefit from the inspiration and belief they can have in each other and themselves. I like the idea of So Rim, as his fan, being able to help a desperate CY get out from this lonely and miserable hole that he's been stuck in for a while. And in return, he helps SR survive the industry without her personality getting sucked out of her. The thing is though, SR already has someone who is the best fit for that role. I'm much more interested in watching HG and SR help each other out and bring out the best in each other while making wonderful music together. CY adds nice tension here, but I don't think I'll like it if the show makes it so that he always gets the upper hand. I also thought that CY didn't really earn his way to get SR's loyalty. He can't just call dibs on SR and call it a day. He's maneuvered his way to get there, and he's shown signs that he may not even fully believe in SR's potential (as seen last week with his opinion about lip syncing on the show or not). So yeah we should all be careful with Chan Young, lol. Still I'm rooting for his character growth. Every time he is made to feel small, I am always there with him. I can't help but want to believe in his concern for So Rim and his desire to make her shine. But he's mainly doing this for himself, while HG wants the best and does things for SR and SR alone.
  11. Just awesome. Lovely post, chingu. Especially the part I put in bold. That's exactly how I feel about So Rim too. I love her. Hahaha yeheesssss it's great to have @dhakra here! Awesome episode!!! Musical moment at the beginning made me SO giddy and cheerful. I'm such a sucker for these kinds of moments. The new So Rim/Chan Young dynamic got me intrigued and excited because I'm actually the type to welcome a good love triangle and second lead if done right, and I find myself believing the budding connection between SR and CY. I don't think she'll ever get swayed and have feelings for CY (don't go there, show) and I'm not sure myself whether CY is interested in SR beyond making her his musical muse. But I like that there can potentially be genuine trust between those two. I dunno how to explain it but I saw CY behaving differently with SR this episode. Hopefully it's a good thing. We'll see if things change later on. I know I was more inclined to dislike CY in previous episodes but he isn't written to simply be the jerky guy to stand in between our OTP. I'm actually invested in his story and journey. The true nuisance character in the show is obviously that annoying girl classmate of So Rim's. So uselessly causing pain and harm and trouble in this story. I get that HG now is being all cautious around SR because of how young and impressionable she is right now, and I like how he's not being too forward or pushy on her. What I love even more is he doesn't treat her like a kid, all patronizing. But I also can't wait until that point when he can be forward with her. To level with So Rim's refreshingly open and honest manner. They keep mentioning this 3-year contract with Chan Young thing so I feel like the show will let that much time pass before the romance can truly take off. Right now though, our OTP is just super cute. I was squeeing over them the whole time. I'm in love with Han Gyul. I just. His teary-eyed look of pride? love? after SR's performance caught me off guard, and then the way he got so excited after that performance, and then during their day together. I seriously love him.
  12. Sorry to cut your awesome post chingu but, This! That's it, HG's version is my favorite. I can't help but smile whenever I think back to that moment. Oh my heart Stumbled upon this awesome blog that recaps the show and I really enjoy reading the blogger's take on the show, especially on the recent episode 6. LIAR AND HIS LOVER: EPISODE 6 April 5, 2017 · by CozyBooks-and-Life · in KDrama, Reviews. · Main Points: So-Rim’s band does have a name. Han-Kyeol’s chasing So-Rim now, hee! President Yoo takes an interest in So-Rim Different takes on performing are discussed
  13. Hi! I'm gonna try to help explain as a non-music expert but as a huge music fan, but if anyone else knows better please do enlighten us hehehe I think you're right about HG simply rearranging the already released song by a different artist (this was what Mr. Choi was listening to while pondering upon HG's request to rearrange). In this case HG argued that simply using the song's original "arrangement"--the instrumentation, the sound or even the genre of that particular song--wouldn't showcase SR's talent especially if she is gonna be introduced as a singer on national TV. HG most likely then changed the structure of that same song somehow, by slowing it down or making it more upbeat perhaps, or maybe make it less acoustic and more like a pop ballad using a piano instead or something like that. Sorta like how we have two arrangements of the song "I'm Okay" in the show--the Crude Play which is more pop rock I'd say and then So Rim's version which is straight up pop. Both versions fit the artists very well, and so I'm also anticipating to hear HG's rearranged version of the audition song to fit So Rim better. HG's role as the 'rearranger' would also mean he's the producer of his new rearranged song, since he's the one to make the changes in instrumentation etc. to come up with the new 'sound'. Basically the producer 'produces' the sound and facilitates everything from conceptualization to recording to the last stages of audio engineering of a song, an entire album, or in HG's case: the whole Crude Play sound. Since HG is a genius who "hears" the music in his head so perfectly well that he wants to recreate that through the music he makes, he can probably and very clearly hear the perfect kind of sound to match So Rim's voice and so he now wants to fight to make that happen. CY is trying to do the same too. lol. May the best genius win. Also since you mentioned, a producer could write the song and produce it at the same time, (and HG I think, writes and produces it ALL, which is why he's such a perfectionist and is under a ton of pressure all the time, poor thing) just as one can produce and write a TV show as well. They don't have to, but producing and writing can be done by the same person, since the capacity and skill to do either usually overlaps.
  14. Hello friends! Busy Liar Lover here for a bit of late reporting! Can't wait to catch up on recent discussions on here. I've just watched this week's episodes and I loved them. I love where we seem to be going with the story. I just can't help but love our OTP already. The way HG looks at SR, and the way he's already trying so hard to fight for her and support her just makes me SWOON. Lee Hyun Woo rocks. I think I can safely say that I like his version of the Aki character. Every moment OTP has together is charged. I find myself catching a breath every time HG and SR get close to each other. I loved these moments: I die. I die. I love their chemistry. Also, that episode 6 ender! Akjsbfrglkjsabnrhkljrbh. I was hoping they would actually give me something to tide me over until next week but of course not! Never in Kdramaland lol. I love that cliffhanger. I loved the last 15 minutes of that episode. More more more moments like that please. It just utilized the characters so well--Chan Young and Mr. Choi and Han Gyul working together and putting their issues aside for now to focus on what they believed and felt was right for So Rim and what was right for the music. I still get goosebumps whenever SR sings, and I hate it whenever something or someone hurts her and makes her cry. I love Joy. Sure, as an actress, she's pretty green. But in this case, that's actually a good thing and I wouldn't have it any other way. Oooh and I love love loved that precious Grandma-SR-HG moment in episode 5. Didn't expect it, and it made me so happy. Oh well look at that, I said 'love' quite a lot, I'll stop here. Hahaha
  15. Now it feels more like a party! Glad to see more people on here and thanks for the roll call @nonski! I'm happy to be a part of the Liar Lovers as you've named us. Love it! Finally watched Ep 3 with subs. Man I'm really liking this show more and more with each episode. I mean what's not to like? We've got such a pretty-looking drama (that. telephone booth. rain. scene. ohmigosh so pretty!!!). It's got a refreshing feel and tone, there's sweet music--not to mention great singing (I just LOVE Joy in this, she's definitely got a new fan in me), and quite a number of characters that I can see myself loving a lot later on. It's definitely not perfect, but the show gives me a certain kind of comfort when I watch it. And that's not bad to have on Mondays and Tuesdays at all. I missed Grandma this ep, but there was definitely a lot of cute to make up for that. HanRim making music with kids on the playground, is one. How cute was that? Oh and that chase scene at the beginning, I really liked too. I thought it was lovely how as an audience, we know that HG and SR would meet again of course, I mean this was only episode 3 after all. But even then the show was still able to make that scene feel climactic. At least to me, it was effective. Plus we got to see Jin Woo (poor thing) be all petty and cute about his jealousy as a bonus kekeke. I feel like I can get myself attached to the boys more when I can get a clearer sense of where they really stand on things. It's interesting that when it comes to their careers, things can get pretty tense among them, but then they can be totally all brotherly when it comes to matters like HG's breakup. Like some of you guys have mentioned, Crude Play vs. Han Gyul seems more complicated than just the one side being unfair to the other or vice versa because they're all sort of stuck in the position they're in now and pretty unhappy about it. But at the same time, they can't keep themselves from getting stuck if they want to stay in the business. The boys want to play for real, HG is uncompromising about his music and how to produce it, and that Jin Hyuk is a jerk to everyone so that doesn't help of course. They can't see just yet that there is another way to make music, to do it with integrity and succeed. I'm pretty sure Crude Play would sound and work even better as a band if they actually enjoyed making/playing music rather than pretending to, and Han Gyul would definitely be more fulfilled if his music is performed by people who actually love what they're doing (Exhibit A: So Rim's lovely response to his song). It's a negative energy loop they've all got themselves stuck in and I hope this is where So Rim factors in and shakes things up. Which reminds me. So Rim. What a voice! I wouldn't mind at all if the next however many episodes would just be filled with her singing. I hope we get something interesting out of our second lead. And I'm waiting to see how the show will move forward with the romance. HanRim's connection with and through music cannot be denied. It's magnetic. But I also want them to bring out other great things in each other in a way that I can fully root for them as a real and healthy couple. So dear writer-nim, don't let the ratings bring you down! Aja! Onto episode 4 weeeeeeee!