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  1. WOOOHOOOOOO! *collects self* I'm telling you guys again, this drama is the death of me. So great on the bunch of you to call the whole Bok Nam thing before this episode! Really, we all should have known judging by the use of the goofy in-your-face evil background music whenever BN was on. We know this writer likes to play with Kdrama tropes and she did it again here. She knew too well we would all go nuts figuring out the whole point of Bok Nam on the show. The thing is though, like some of you have also mentioned, I'm not completely happy about the overall result either. It's like, I know what they were going for, what the purpose of the story line was in the end, I love the payoff it gave us at the end of Episode 8, and it was so funny watch Se Hee get embarrassed again in Episode 9. But because I couldn't let myself be charmed by Bok Nam when he first showed up, I guess I wasn't in on the ride that the show wanted all of us to go on. I personally couldn't feel torn between Bok Nam being cute/nice versus him being a dangerous stalker. I wish I felt the full effect of this twist though cause then I might have enjoyed these recent episodes a bit more. Maybe if it had been a different actor playing Bok Nam? Or maybe I was just annoyed that the show was trying to be vague about it in the first place. But moving on!!! To the important stuff: I legit shed a tear (or two) when they showed us SH sprinting uphill to get to JH as fast as he could. I don't know why I felt emotional, but I did. It doesn't even matter to me that it turned out all of that could have been avoided if they just asked BN upfront and cleared up the misunderstanding. Really, JH could have been in any other kind of real danger, and it's clear to us now that SH would still try his very best to get to her. To me, that wasn't about a man having to always save the damsel in distress because we know Ji Ho is her own person--strong and capable of protecting herself. To me, that showed how he is genuinely looking out for her. He has her back. As a friend/unofficial husband/fellow human being. He even says it to her later, that he's looking out for her like a teammate would. It was just really nice to see a scene like that without it being played up as a big romantic buildup to a confession. It was another turning point for our couple, sure. But it ended up being quieter than most scenes similar to that (THAT FULL 3 MINUTE HAND-HOLDING OMO), and it could mean that we might be getting somewhere. But all that there is to that scene is that SH has JH's back. Which is why I loved it when they sort of fell back into a comfortable place again after: SH going back to formally addressing her, their quiet conversations etc. There's definitely more warmth in their interactions now, and I'm glad that's still the direction we're going with them. But the bestest-est-est-est thing about this show is that it's not in a rush and it's not eager to just put two people together and romantically entangle them without true-to-life complications. Ji Ho and Se Hee seem very well suited for each other, and it would be so satisfying to see them end up together. But I also wouldn't hate an ending where they don't end up together. The drama to me just seems like I'm getting a glimpse of two very interesting people thrown together in an unconventional situation, and I'm already satisfied with just watching them go through it. I know, I know, what a shame it would be if they weren't end game (and I doubt they won't be) but I just feel like this couple and their story is special enough that their chemistry wouldn't be "wasted" if they don't end up together. They are already utilizing that chemistry amazingly well right now, and ever since they met actually, that none of it is wasted. I find that to be a rare quality about BTLIOF. Every little moment, meaningful look, interaction between URI couple, you just want to cherish and savor because you don't know where the show is taking you next. We might be happy with the developments now, but then we're given that cliffhanger. It just seems like the writer doesn't want us to go to fantasy land right away just because Uri couple are smiling at each other again. I always find my expectations tempered, and I love that. Also LOVE: the show's comedy. OMG. So many funny moments but my favorite this episode is this-- HAHAHAHAHA. Se Hee nodding off robotically because Bok Nam's spanner makes sense now in his perfectly logical head, of course. I just love everything about Se Hee. Ugh. That last convo they had with SH saying one good friend and one love for life is more than enough?Double UGH.This character is now the one to beat in my heart.
  2. Oooh me me me I do! My heart totally skipped a beat when that came up. Hihi. Neocortex will always be "first kiss" in my mind. Now I don't know about Ji Ho but if that happened to me, anytime the word Neocortex comes up, and especially if I utter it myself, I would definitely think of the kiss. Also it was just really nice to hear her nickname him that. Which reminds me. Ji Ho seems to share everything immediately to her friends, like she did with the Bok Nam thing. But I don't remember her sharing her first kiss experience at all? Of course now she can't because of the contract, but I wonder why share about Fluffy Boy but not about Neocortex... (Went back to check) So she was about to share it to Su Ji the next day but SJ starts asking if Landlord hit on her lol. I wonder why Ji Ho didn't use this very real first meeting story to help explain why she's getting married so quickly haha. But I actually like that only JH and SH know about Neocortex. It's a pretty special story. I hope it stays just between the two of them <3
  3. I've got so much homework to do on this thread I really do make sure to read every single post because this is just the kind of drama that gets even better because of the discussions online. It just so happens that I moved to a different place last week so it's been kinda hellish until now, but I finally got to watch episodes 7&8!!!!! I can't say I'm looking forward to wherever and however this Bok Nam storyline is going. Isn't it a bit much to have Ji Ho undergo attempted rape and then be stalked/kidnapped (almost). We don't know anything yet of course, but I'm also not so sure I like the show being very vague about it. We shall see. I trust Writer-nim enough. Anyway when BN was introduced in the show complete with cutesy effects, I didn't really think much of it. I wasn't disappointed we were gonna get a potential second lead, and I wasn't excited about potential jealousy hijinks either. I wanted to wait and see first. Then when the whole Is Bok Nam a dog? bit started, I found myself not enjoying any of it when I usually get giddy about the classic Kdrama romcom misunderstanding/first meeting trope thing. Maybe I'm just getting old, and my kdrama sensibilities are evolving, but "cute guy appearing out of nowhere" just doesn't get me automatically giddy or intrigued anymore. I can see and appreciate how the writer has now avoided the very tired trope of having contract husband/wife be simply jealous as a way to get the romance started, because now Se Hee has legitimate reason to go out of his comfort zone to make sure Ji Ho's safety is a priority, which only helps him admit that he values her in his life way more than he thinks he does. I think I like 8 more than 7 because of the spotlight on Se Hee, and even if I ultimately wish that we didn't have Bok Nam involved in any of it to get our "Uri" couple's progress moving along, I do LOVE (VERY MUCH SO) every Se Hee/Ji Ho interaction we had. I love that ever since Ji Ho narrates at the end of Ep 6 that their gravity/balance had been disrupted, they've both been presuming or misunderstanding what one or the other is trying to say (the way they keep missing each other's bus on the way home). It just hurts so good. We know they're so capable of being on the same page together and always, but they've both held back. I literally have to squeeze something close to me every time they talk to each other. (Ji Ho's "Do I have to answer that?"after SH asked her how she got home that night, and SH's quiet "No." KILLED ME. SO SO GOOD.) Need a gif of that asap. Will hunt it down soon. I think that's what I love the most about these two episodes. SH and JH are getting to know each other in an unconventional way, but because this is SH and JH together, it's more poignant and IMO purposeful. Them figuring things out together makes me appreciate the process of getting to know someone in a way I didn't before. Not just getting to know people but understanding them. If this were any other couple in the same situation, it just wouldn't be the same. If it had different characters, I don't think I would want to "marry" this drama. Because it's Se Hee and Ji Ho, I want to commit to it forever, plain and simple.
  4. Thanks so much for the partial translation @teep523 I caught the end of the livestream where our couple gave each other these looks and then nothing else. I kept waiting for any last dialogue before credits but I just ended up yammering at my screen T_T Your semi-recap should tide me over until subs are up hehe Waaaaa. I'm just happy it's First Life Day again
  5. Holy richard simmons I'm in love with you...I mean with the drama. The drama. Maybe both actually Doesn't matter because the important thing here really is that your post is awesome. I also happen to have just come from Dramabeans with another awesome comment from this beanie who discussed the visual construction in this drama and how well thought out the staging/blocking is done for each important character: Then I come over here on the forum to find you discussing intertextuality...and I just can't. My soul is fed good food. This show itself is soul food to me. You both actually touch on the darker, cynical? aspects of the show and I have to say that I think I love that the most about This Life right now. Sometimes those darker moments--like Ji Ho's narration you quoted at the end---would hit me like a truck I didn't see coming at all, but then I realize more and more with help from folks like you that the show had always been like this, subtly laying groundwork to establish this unique tone ever since the first episode. I think I'm gonna REALLY love this one. 4 episodes in and I'm already thinking about saving up for the Director's cut. Off to catch up on everyone else's previous comments. So happy to see the thread moving along well!!!
  6. Just watched subbed episode 3. Ooof the wait was agonizing, and the episode more painful. It was tough to watch women get treated horribly in different ways in one episode. But then you see how our girls handle all this abuse of power exerted on them. They know certain realities, but they choose not to be defeated by them. Ji Ho may feel like she lost right now, but quitting that toxic work environment was absolutely a win for her. You did well, Ji Ho, you definitely did well. I'm looking forward to where the writer is going with the women in her story: Su Ji in her workplace, Ho Rang and her longtime bf (reminds me a bit of the second couple in the drama Fight My Way), and Ji Ho with her patriarchal family, maybe even Ji Ho's mom has a story to tell later on. It's tricky addressing sensitive issues without the show sounding like a PSA or ending up communicating the wrong message instead. But I'm being optimistic after watching episode 3. It's definitely eerily well-timed with current events like @Camillajames said. But if this show aims to talk about marriage and dating in this day and age, then I'm glad to see the woman's perspective given more focus here. Bring on the discussions! But now what about Mr. Unromantically?-Unintentionally?-Uncharacteristically?-Whatever-it-is-it’s-definitely-SWOONy Nam Se-hee though? Gosh, I loved this episode because of the girls and their friendship, but Lee Min Ki does not waste one second of any screen time given to him. I dig this character. I totally do. I miss his presence whenever he’s not in a scene, and I get too excited for my own good when Ji Ho and Se Hee are together. It’s so strange. I get him, I see myself in him, I want to know everything there is to know about his past and his story as a character, and yet I’d also be contented with getting to know Se Hee just the way he is now. I just want MOAR. Those scenes with his mom and Mr. Ma both noting that he needs to be more ‘normal’ makes me wonder if he gets affected whenever he hears that. Maybe he’s heard that all his life, and he’s learned to not let it bother him anymore. Or maybe he’s never been bothered by it and he never cared. This show is gonna kill me with hypertension, heartache, or extreme giddiness. Maybe all three combined, dear dramagods help me. Oooh and I’m so living for Kitty’s reaction shots. They’re all gold. I wonder how long it takes PD-nim to get just the right reaction from Kitty--she’s so precious. And sheesh. I cannot remember the last time I had a 14-hour long deep sleep!!! I don’t know if I should envy Ji Ho or worry about her body needing that much sleep. Lastly, my favorite moment this episode: I'm laughing with hearts in my eyes because I love this show <3
  7. YES. Your post made me nod my head so fast it might have fallen off!!! This drama has stolen my heart so quickly I couldn't believe it. It was the little moments (like the part I bolded in your post) that really did it for me. This drama is almost too real, too relatable for me. Not that I would actually move into someone's house before ever meeting them, or that I'd walk the city streets at night in my pajamas. We always gotta give way to the Kdrama quirks, otherwise it wouldn't be a Kdrama. But seeing and recognizing myself, or parts of myself, in BOTH our leads, in just those two opening episodes got me attached faster than I've ever experienced before in dramas. Some more of those little moments that I felt for so acutely: --Ji Ho coming back to the dinner party after having seen that jacka** with his secret gf. She puts on the most convincing smiling face she could, it actually hurt me that she wouldn't even let herself get obviously upset. --Ji Ho's face when she got on the bus after 'the kiss'. I felt like we didn't even need to hear that voice-over from her later at the end because all of that was already written in her face that moment in the bus. --Ji Ho repeatedly underlining her notes as she listened to the jacka** go on and on about how a character who graduated from Seoul Univ wouldn't/shouldn't wanna be just a writer. Ugh he's got such a punchable face too. --Se Hee enumerating his carefully arranged plans from retirement to his death. You see, this scene was funny as heck to me. I love this kind of humor. But this is also a moment I found a part of myself in SH. I could relate to the kind of contentment he wanted in his life. What I also love about the drama: everything that's unromantic about it. Like the kiss happening right after the neocortex story, or when SH explains the kiss like it's a business theory and a football reference, or just everything about that marriage proposal scene LOL. So dang refreshing. Also refreshing: the leads like each other or at least appreciate each other as people before even getting to the romance part. I'm just so excited for what's about to come Show, hwaiting!!!
  8. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    Ahh I was behind on episodes while I was away from civilization for 8 days!!! Thankfully I survived that LOL. Now I've caught up and I can't contain the feels waaaa aaaaaaaaaa My TaeHo/Lemonade couple going official on Episode 12 reminds me of my Swag couple going official on Episode 12 hehe. My heart will be fluttering for a whole week!!! I will happily wait for subs and I'll be re-watching episodes while waiting for next week's bwahahaha. The thing about this show, this writer-nim is that there's always so many things for us to be happy and grateful about!!! Ever since they made Bo Ra's journey an optimistic and promising one instead of going through the bleak/suicide route last week, I felt the show truly soar. Because not only do we have a lovely OTP, we now have more characters growing and slowly realizing why they should value and enjoy their youth while it lasts instead of constantly feeling like the world is against them and the weight is all on their shoulders. And now that the TaeHwi bromance has finally kicked in, and we're looking into Sa Rang's story, following Hee Chan's path to self-destruction or maybe redemption? (nah? Too late for that, is he?), and even the girl bully's story, there is just so many things to look forward to and we only have 4 episodes left!!! I'm just saying that I came into School 2017 expecting that it could never overtake my BIG love for School 2013, only to find myself obsessed with it 12 episodes later. The team behind this show is awesome. It's an underrated show and I wish more people especially young ones, discover it later because it really gets better every episode. Right now I'll just be enjoying the ride to the finish line
  9. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    Thank you @0ly40 for the preview!!!! But now I need help cause I can't stop replaying bahahaha.
  10. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    Reposting cause I love all that you said Totally agree. I like that the relationships in the show are all likeable. It makes us want to stick with them until the end. Just to add on to those ships, I like Grim Reaper's growing fondness for the kids and his softer interactions with Teacher Shim as well. Also the gym teacher. He's a little low profile, doesn't like to cause too much fuss but he clearly has his principles too. I can't say the same for that female teacher though, she's just insufferable at this point. And I'm glad that we don't get much of the trio of bullies right now cause getting to know them later (if we do get there) will be less distracting from the X plot now. I do see some signs that there's more to those girls - - the way they dress and behave doesn't seem to hint that they've been growing up in the happiest of environments. But right now it's "less is more" when it comes to them. I'm hoping we don't go the suicide route with Bo Ra's storyline cause that would be more predictable. I'd like to see if they'll tackle mental health directly instead, maybe address peer pressure/depression/isolation. I'd like to see if the show can handle her situation well.
  11. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! EunTae is seriously super cute. I honestly have not gotten over that BTS moment in the gif by @jaszz. I love them both on-cam and off-cam! I actually started watching this show since it aired, though I wasn't very hooked at first. Now, 8 episodes in, I'm invested in all the characters. I even felt a bit bad for the principal when he got kicked out of his desk LOL. When it started to rain in the last scene this episode, I legit screamed. I knew then they would try to recreate that genuine BTS moment. I'm glad PD-nim/writer-nim did! It made me so happy <3 Now we just have to wait a week, which seems like a month now. I hope the ratings get even better. Rise, School 2017, rise!!!!!
  12. I checked just to see if anyone mentions the box set hihi. I got mine today. SO UNREAL. I miss this forum! Take care you guys!
  13. Even though we're still waiting for confirmation, somehow it just doesn't matter to me. So much squeeee. So much joy!!!! Wow I love them so much