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  1. Bomi in "This is our first Life"
  2. Bomi in Running Man. Her LOTJ Fiji will be airing end of October, delay 1 week due to Chuseok Holidays. Apink's appeared on Running Man 7 times in the last 6 months 170402 - BM 170625, 170702 - NE&HY 170723, 170730 - NE 170827 - EJ 171015 - BM
  3. Taipei Press Conference.
  4. OTW to Taiwan.
  5. Bomi in TVN Albratos. http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=9860115&memberNo=3669297
  6. Missed them
  7. Missed Taebom.
  8. Thanks @Myraa, so our Taebom 1st anniversary in this thread is 1st October. I know it a bit late for @emgphils to said it, may be due to the new system in Sompi "Taebom" sucess in your life. finger crossed let the destiny be on your side.
  9. update from Bomi's IG.
  10. Bomi, “I tried to emphasize eunji’s eyes and big mouth. so, i put this face on from the start.”
  11. Bomi in Law of the Jungles.
  12. wow..sorry for the delay, Happy Anniversary Taebom.