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  1. @whysoserious1234, yes think positive and pls safe guard our feeling too because this is a reality show, as @Myraa said pls keep a space within ourself for the unforseen, still nothing is impossible for the couples to fell into relationship as time goes by. For Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun they are contacting each other and they have just finished their Kdrama together as a couple and also husband and wife in "Our Gap Soon" 61 episodes. They received an award for their roles.
  2. Lee Sung Kyung is CTJ close friend., both of them used to send food truck to each other. .
  3. The Qmentary Bomi, Apink...Remember. (eng. sub).
  4. yes...Bomi has not created her instagram yet, OMG Chaeyeon in they never invite Bomi..
  6. @whysoserious1234 welcome to CTJ thread, he's one of the panel in Hello Councellor.
  7. @whysoserious1234 yes, the whole group, when CTJ is one of the panel, a few have attended such as Naeum and Eunji and Bomi have not been invited during CTJ epiodes. Apink have been invited to HC during the early episodes, HC is a good variety show where we learned the difficulties that some of the people facing.
  8. Here an article when CTJ in Running Man a few years back, he's so energetic and competitive as his 2nd a few weeks ago and his virtue wife Bomi is a "goddess of Food".
  9. TBH, I failed are right I'm just an "apprentice" to Apink, as for Bomi to me she's not only goddess of food also a goddess of beauty with her sexiness. OMG, she becoming pretty and prettier nowdays.
  10. @Norlia Ismail, keep supporting, not many of us here, sometimes I felt lost when everyone are not around.
  11. @Cedric Ong yes, the only brother she had, he's not around during Taebom visit, maybe looking after their mini market.
  12. Apink promise to always to be with their fans.
  14. SNL Korea 9 ep. 4, eng sub. while surfing in the internet I stumble into these, this is the only 2 with sub.
  15. @Norlia Ismail, Sorry a bit late in corresponding your post, Thank you to you too for supporting this thread and I also notice in some of your post, your sentences are well arranged, mine are not good as yours and @emgphils, really glad both of you are here. @whysoserious1234, you are new and glad you are supporting our couple, @MiAmour, as always thank you for your post, your pic are great and thank you for everyone here @Myraa @mymireya @Myisha @Cedric Ong and also for everyone who have been with us before, thank you. Still missing our sweet couple, both are really in the limelight now, best of luck to them. Our Taebom pages are 151 now, an increased of 51 pages after their 100 days anniversary. Thank you everyone in this thread, keep supporting please.