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  1. Their wedding vid. will be 1M viewers soon, my guest by the end of December 2017.
  2. Bomi, wrap up party "Because this is my first life". She looks simple and elegant.
  3. The suspect has been indentified, there's a difficulty in bringing him to justice. https://www.soompi.com/2017/11/21/police-source-explains-apinks-bomb-threat-suspect-difficult-punish/
  4. She's talented.
  5. She looked great.
  6. Bomi, the chicken is skinny.
  7. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    CTJ Holidays in Philippines. CTJ with an OWL.
  8. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    It really have been a long time I have not updated CTJ thread. This video of his has been seen by 1.7M
  9. Seeing Bomi and Chorong in LOTJ, I didn't realise the time pass so fast, it really great. Lee Taegon: Bomi is a true jungle girl. She's always proactive & has good strength. She's always working hard even without being told. #LOTJ Ryu Dam: Wherever Bomi goes, people will love her. She'll receive a lot of love (because she's hardworking). #LOTJ
  10. Tonight Bomi will be in Law of the Jungle episode.
  11. Bomi as an actress.
  12. Ctj from Mweoro update, he's holding something pink, really don't know why pink.