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  1. Thanks, wow, extreme fan, this is serious.
  2. @emgphils dear, agreed with the article, Bomi is so funny, energetic, hillarious and sometime she felt shy for what she has done. I remembered she said in WGM, in real life she's a shy person, now I believed what she said, while rubbing the ice cube at a very fast speed on her stomach ,everyone are looking, she felt shy and tried to cover it by laughing and also try to hide from everyone eyes.
  3. Happy Together 3 ep. 504 eng. sub.
  4. @emgphils, CTJ is talented, it's time the public appreciate his talent and for us here, we have been updating his thread since his presence in WGM till todate.
  5. Wow... Bomi has a talent to invite someone involved in a conversation usually she's very polite in it, best of luck to her, my one and only BOMI.
  6. I can't imagine how Bomi's reaction to this, be strong Bomi and the rest of Apink members. I saw comments on this, some people are saying this is marketing strategy, as for me it's not a joke when police involved in it, six or seven police officials rushed over to Apink's agency and it seems they were ordered to provide protection.
  7. Her face doesn't change at all,she just become more beautiful now.. Debut to present.
  8. [TRANS] [1:25AM KST] Bomi's messages in the group chat
  9. @whysoserious1234, definetely, agreed, wow.......Scooby Doo team at work.
  10. @emgphils, dear, just for fun, I enclosed the details for Numerical 7.
  11. @whysoserious1234, ha ha...actually before this, there's a lot of comments, he like to praise everyone he met.
  12. Ji Chang Wook told CTJ not to visit him.
  13. @emgphils dear, thanks for the info, there's lots of no. 7.
  14. @emgphils, an estimated of 2 years only we will be able to JCW again in Kdrama Then it will be CTJ turn.