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  1. Law of the jungle, Bomi and Chorong.
  2. credit to owner.
  3. Bomi update her IG.
  4. Apink's reactions (is this how they look like when watching Eunji's intimate scenes in dramas).
  5. Taebom vid. more than 800K more than 700K
  6. Bomi: Wheein, come here for a sec! Namjoo: Wheein, you said you wanted to be closer to Bomi unnie. Bomi: We have each other's phone numbers!
  7. 윤호구;‏ @B2PMGG_ 22h22 hours ago On a recent interview, Weekly Idol's PD said he really wants to do a Weekly Idol episode with all the BTOPINK members together soon. Weekly Idol PD: I'd like to do a episode w/ BTOPINK, who proudly show their close friendship & is famous for their chemistry in varieties. This is great news, they are very close indeed, used to be in one management before. credit to owner.
  8. Both of them are enjoying their bathing.
  9. @Cedric Ong, is Boomi is a new Ballerina now. Happy Birthday Yoon Bo Mi. Have have grown into a beautiful and talented woman now.
  10. so quite today, Hope everyone will pick up the rhythm soon, @emgphils, dear thank your for kind words and explanation. I know everyone here loved "Taebom" so much, that why we are called Taebom shippers, yes it a bit frustrated the way CTJ did, I think he knew what is his action is when he support his co-star in missing 9, no one object him when he is acting in missing 9, besides some are angry when he killed Exo Chanyeol and some fans began to realised he is a talented star. His fans increased a bit in Missing 9, not only he is comfortable with Lee Sun Bin, he is also comfortable with everyone in Missing 9. In the beginning of WGM a lot of disagrement about him and Bomi, his instagram is the war zone between all the pros and cons. Haters are always haters you cannot do anything about it. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, tae joon oppa, once in a while pls update your virtue wife Bomi and Apink and this goes the same if Bomi has an instagram, I know everyone in entertaiment world are supporting each other and their responsibilty to support Korean Entertaiment industry, if I can say Korean Ent. World is the top search and seen in all the medias. Bomi and Apink are part of Choi Tae Joon's life journey as they are fated to be a couple "Taebom" at WGM,, as we are fated to be in "Taebom" life. I hope everyone will support them as part of Korean Entertaiment Variety the same as other couples. Whether they are in relationship or not, I'm not questioning it, just for the sake of your "Taebom Shippers" who have been supporting WGM since their day 1 till todate. This vid. is the proof of Taebom supporters, their wedding has reached 800k and counting, an estimated watched by 1K per day. This vid. is alive to date due to their supporters support. I'm hoping it will reached 1M and also keep counting.
  11. Bomi, Apink heading to Polland Kwave . Eddy Kim one of CTJ's best friend is also participating. Eddy Kim druring Taebom Wedding.
  12. CTJ's episode in HC
  13. Boomi and Chorong will meet experience cast members in Law of the Jungles except Chief Byungman.
  14. wow, this is great news, we can see how scared Bomi is during the night time in Law of the Jungles, Bomi are fimiliar with some of the experienced cast members e.g. Jin woon, they are in a variety "secret training institute" and of course Kangnam, they used to callobrate together in MIB Ft. Yoon Bomi.
  15. Happy 300 days Taebom.