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  1. https://imgur.com/a/oGDK3 Hi guys , can somebody translate this ? This is a banner on the MITH’s car. Thank you so much
  2. I think this is “their” belts right? And yes it’s listed as women’s belt
  3. Guys guys count me in too coz i'm over here delulu about this same thought. I spend hours on the way home to think about this. Gosh how many deep thoughts I've had for these two are uncountable. I saw the post on this thread that OYS delete her posts on her weibo. I think she've been stressful way to much and LSG is trying to comfort her and ensure his feelings towards this vulnerable lady by saying "I understand what you've been through, people threw you under the bus, but at any price with all my responsibility I'm gonna protect you". "Girl let me love you until you learn to love yourself" - Neyo . Dang this song just pop up in my head when I visualise that he's truly trying to tell her this . Plus on Master in the house, this dude can't stop talking about love stuff: kissing, marriage, getting the girl, how to impressed the girl,...ermmm hmmm Seung Gi-ssi I wonder who is on your mind when you're talking about those stuffs. Hmmmm *too deep in delulu land, just leave me here, I enjoy it too much*
  4. Wow that one cmt is really harsh, I hope she didn’t see that cmt. Hang in there OYS-ssi.
  5. I mean according to his fans he seems to be an open book. Well said guys. OMG this precious hints will stuck in my head for days Urrrgghh i’m so sick of people who are body shaming, those ridiculous people are so mean . For the sakes of OYS, she’s been through a lot of pressure form that WGW scandal. I believe that somehow LSG is awared of OYS’s situation and very carefully not to hurts her feelings since she’s already hurt once. Please LSG send your love to lovely OYS.