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  1. 892 @lynne22 It was a pretty hot day here for me.
  2. 894 How's your day going so far????
  3. Park Bo Young Reveals She Was Bullied In High School D. Kim April 24, 2017 Actress Park Bo Young opened up about the social isolation she had gone through back when she was a student. During an interview held on April 22, Park Bo Young revealed that she acted for the very first time in a short film that her video production club made in middle school. After participating in that project, she took acting classes for a few years and auditioned for several roles. Once she entered high school, she officially made her debut in a youth drama. However, her fellow schoolmates began to treat her differently due to jealousy. “It wasn’t because I was pretty. There were no actors in my neighborhood back then, so I got attention just for being an actress,” she explained. “Some kids would deliberately knock shoulders with me while passing by. Students from other classes would then put trash all over my seat, and the kids in my class would try to clean it up for me,” she continued. She further shared that when she got cast in the youth drama, her teacher tried to put up a poster of it. Upon seeing the poster, Park Bo Young broke down into tears and begged her teacher to take it down, scared that it would only make the bullying worse. The actress also revealed that people around her would say things like, “Park Bo Young is becoming a celebrity? I guess I can become one, too.” She then added that a lot of acting academies had opened up in her hometown soon after she had debuted. It looks like fame can come with some distress! Previously, Park Bo Young admitted that she got hurt by malicious comments. Source: Soompi Me: Park Bo Young really got the last laugh! I'm wondering what those bullies will say now that she's very successful!
  4. 832 Here to help you @fikachuuu
  5. 794 Subtract team right here! T_T so lonely here
  6. Park Bo Young Reveals She Gets Hurt By Malicious Comments D. Kim April 19, 2017 During an interview on April 19, Park Bo Young opened up about a relatable concern regarding compliments and criticism. The actress admitted that she did read malicious comments. “I do get hurt by them, but I learn about things I do that people don’t like to see. I think about whether my voice is too whiny or if any of my actions make them uncomfortable. When they tell me I always look the same when I cry, I think of ways to cry differently,” she revealed. She then shared about a specific concern. “When people compliment me, I don’t put much meaning into them, but when they say bad things, I take them too seriously. I try to fix this mentality but it’s hard. Personally, I think getting obsessed with yourself is the most dangerous thing. Since I’m a human being, I only want to hear nice things, but I feel like I would just end up believing them and getting obsessed with myself. I don’t want this to happen,” she expressed. “Whenever people say nice things to me, I think they’re just saying them because I’m standing right in front of them. Even when I read articles that say good things about me, I forget about them right away. When I read about people pointing out my flaws, however, I think about them a lot,” she confessed. Can you relate to her concern? Source: Soompi -----------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Just watched the subs for episode 15 I'm way too late Nothing much to say other than the highlights of that episode for me Also thanks to everyone who shared PBY's interview articles! MH being jealous is too cute ahah I'm wondering how they could do this scene without laughing al;fjff;slf j I can't believe I missed this scene in the live stream! This was too cute! I liked that cat sound effect too We hit 700 pages!! Woohoo! Off to episode 16!
  8. 722 @packmule3 Huh that's hard...first time I've seen PBG was in Cantabile Tomorrow and I've been a fan of his ever since. I've started liking PHS from Hwarang and I loved him even more in SWDBS...I'd go with PHS...I can't resist that puppy look