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  1. I feel super duper behind. I haven't watched the episodes yet but after reading the recaps @bebebisous33 it looks like I lost the bet as well Already changed my avatar. I should really catch up...I will watch the episodes now!!! Thanks to all for recapping!!!
  2. @bebebisous33 Ooh please add me to the bet list as well chingu! I'll have to go with episode 10, as do many other people Episode 10 seems the perfect episode to have a kiss in it even though I badly want it to be in Friday's episode @nonski Thanks again for tagging me! I'm always happy for the roll call Ahhhh I can't get enough over this scene! Source: JTBC
  3. I can feel a kiss is coming soon! I really hope it's in this episode coming Friday You can't tell me that they don't have something going on between them...just look at the way they look at each other!!! If there's no kiss...or even worse, if they were about to kiss but they were interrupted, I might as well go crazy I must sound very desperate now hehe...
  4. 756 @packmule3 @CamelKnight and @phikyl Thanks for the recommendations! I'll definitely watch it after SWDBS
  5. I am super happpppyyyyyy!!!! Episode 9 Preview came outtt! That intense gaze between the two of them though.... squeals Now I just want Friday to come right now!
  6. 744 @angelangie Hehe alright. I'll probably give it a try later
  7. 746 @packmule3 The drama's going great! I really like watching it Not too fluffy and action-packed – just my cup of tea Oh and I'd be Team 29 and under ^^ Ahh I see...the wait is also painful. I'm waiting for Friday to come for a new episode but the week is moving so slow! My friends have actually told me to watch Goblin but I haven't had the chance to. After Hwarang, I wanted to watch it but SWDBS caught my eye Maybe after SWDBS???
  8. Haha me too chingu! I am desperate for the preview as well I'm hoping it'll come out soon though...I don't think this wait is good for all of us
  9. Right let's go subtract team!!! 732
  10. Hellooo friends!! I hope you won't mind if I join in 736
  11. Quick question: After episode 8, I can't help but wonder if the culprit would have any intention of kidnapping DBS also? The way he stares at her while she's walking to work just looks so... unsettling. Would he even dare try to capture her knowing her considerable strength? Well if he does target her, he probably might use a way that doesn't allow her strength to interfere with his plans...he definitely is one smart schemer. I really want the culprit to be captured, but then again, I want to know what happens after he has his 7 "brides" and exactly what his intentions were. When he told the 3rd victim this, I thought to myself, "Dang, this dude needs help!!! I will take him to a psychiatrist RIGHT NOW!" Sigh...I guess we're all waiting for Friday to come soon. Monday has also been quite slow for me as well I'm itching for a new episode right now!!