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  1. Going to give this drama a try after seeing PHS acting in Hwarang Nice to meet you all
  2. Such a happy ending for this drama! I had a feeling SW would go against Master Young Shil. It never seemed like he wanted the throne anyway. During the episode, I kept on hoping he wouldn't become the bad guy. It was such a touching scene when SW and Hwarang hail SMJ and pledge to be loyal to him! I just love the friendship between SW and SMJ even in tacky situations. I'm so happy that SMJ and SW are together in the end, supporting each other till the end. I liked the scenes between the Queen and SMJ. Seeing those scenes almost made me forget what she had done in the past. It's sad that she died right after SMJ was crowned. Soo Ho crying made me cry. I haven't seen him cry at all until now. Speaking of when SMJ was crowned, did anyone else find his crown to be erm... extraordinary? SY and BR's scene is funny! I can't believe BR wanted to jump out the window!!! Well it's about time they revealed their relationship! I need to know what happens to them later though...they have to get married! I couldn't help but smile when Pa Oh was crying at SMJ's coronation. What I loved most in this drama were the moments between SMJ and Pa Oh. These two have such a close relationship with each other and I've always looked forward to the scenes between them! They always gave me a good laugh Although the writing of this drama wasn't what I expected, the actors and actresses did a good job in playing these roles! There are so many questions after watching this final episode. What happened to the princess? What happened to Young Shil? What was the reason for SW's condition? Where was Soo Ho in the riding scene at the end of the episode??? (that was what I wondered most) I'm sad to say goodbye to the drama I wonder what I'll do on Mondays and Tuesdays from now on...
  3. Couldn't watch the episode today so watching it tomorrow along with final episode I've snuck time reading some of the posts here...hope I have more time tomorrow...also I see that SW is a sacred bone...how can that be???
  4. Seeing all these beautiful stills makes me dread saying goodbye to the drama Hehe I'm also wowed how much I know about Korean history after watching Hwarang and researching. History exams would be a breeze if the dramas followed actual history
  5. Wow I can't believe it's almost nearing to an end...time sure flies by. I'm not ready either
  6. Hi chingus! I've been around since page 6 and now I'm joining you Pretty excited for this drama...especially since Suzy is in it While You Were Sleeping hwaiting!!!
  7. Since Sun Woo is not a Sacred Bone, how can he take the throne? He can't be a threat if he's not entitled to be King... Very baffling situation
  8. I completely forgot it was Valentines Day today! This just makes today even sadder Yep, I'm definitely not in the mood for chocolate or hearts today I can't stop crying either! I think I finished half of one pack of Kleenex already
  9. This was such a sad episode I wouldn't think Han Sung would die after all that bromance between him and Moo Myung in this episode. After all that promising and hugging, I did not expect him to die at the end. It was such a turn of events too! I couldn't help but cry...Han Sung had been so bubbly and cheerful...he doesn't deserve to die And I felt so bad for his brother. I can't imagine how hard it is for him to deal with such grief and guilt. And seeing all the Hwarangs crying (especially Yeo Wool) was so heartbreaking, that it made me cry all over again The writer is so mean! Playing with our emotions!!! Hmph! I have to say though, that Tae tae did a good job in this scene! Hard to believe this is his first time acting! Poor Ah Ro...always hurt I hope she gets better! Only happy scene was the moment between Soo Yeon and Ban Ryu. That little kiss
  10. Oh man...imagine if Moo Myung really took the throne. That would completely throw off history, but I am positive the writer won't be that mean to SMJ On a happy note, I'm very excited for what's in store tomorrow! Judging by the preview, Moo Myung's background may FINALLY be revealed!!! THE MOMENT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FORRRR! *crosses fingers* Ban Ryu's scene was funny when he was drunk I've never seen that side to him before. I'm so glad that Ban Ryu helped them! Soo Yeon knows that he has a good heart. Ban Ryu would never have malicious intentions especially now that he's really changed. My favorite scene today was the scene between him and SY. It was an emotional and touching scene. I really do love the pairing of these two I also noticed I see the Queen wearing something other than her usual costume
  11. BTS- Spring Day
  12. Glad this forum is back Also all those stills look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Ah Ro really looks beautiful
  13. Park Seo Joon singing "Our Tears" So beautiful