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  1. 806 @kokodusIt really was an amazing and beautiful scene, but not my favourite one. Sorry. You wanted to guess. I told you it's very hard for you since you didn't know me by that time and you weren't around in the Fairy thread aswell. @staygoldHe still has a few people to get rid off though.
  2. +2 You think I would tell you the answer in public while you're still guessing? Who do think am I? Please. No, of course not. As if something like this would be my fav scene. Focus @kokodusfocus. You can do it. @triplemBe quiet, You know the answer, still impressed by your skills though. Still proud.
  3. 802 Rewatching a few scenes of Fairy right now, because I want to put my fav scene into a proper gif. Gosh, this drama was so good. All these scene I'm watching right now. You chingus remember the frog BJ made for JH? Or the scene at the airport? Gosh, I really want a drama like this again. @staygoldThey really have, but I would have killed him a long time ago Tyrion is the only acceptable Lannister. @kokodusOh of course you want to know. There is more than one explanation why it's romantic, trust me. Maybe Mrs.D will give you an answer on that one day. There are limited ways on how to find out otherwise.
  4. 796 But I won't say anything since I can't complain. Margaery This is a hidden test to see if I still know it, right? That's so cruel, especially since I do something like that aswell these days But, unfortunately for you, I know it. You like Jamie Lannister and only god knows why. Yeah, of course, you find his "character" interesting. But I get denunciated because of my love to Shi-Ho. We live in unfair times.
  5. Honestly I don't think so, I think he will go down like SY's dad in whisper. He won't see what's really important until the very end. Men with power are just afraid of losing it again. He won't do something for his son.
  6. 794 @Lmanglamilk chocolate all the way, without anything. Sometimes white chocolate. This is my guilty pleasure everyday. @staygoldYay, I think it's long ago since we both attended the same drama thread. Looking forward to it.
  7. 792 @LmanglaI only eat whole milk chocolate, pressed between two cookies. Just don't like dark chocolate. I could answer the question why chocolate is romantic, but it would be x-rated. @kokodusMe too, It's my daily snack between my meals
  8. 796 @LmanglaYeah, it is. I don't eat it myself, because I don't like it. My mother though eats it every day like crazy. All I know it's made of dark chocolate and is more liquid than regular nutella. And it's only availabe in the netherlands.
  9. Nah, don't think so DJ's dad was a selfish doc that apple-polished people with more power and used his own son to generate even more benefits for him. He just did one good thing during the end. EJ's dad is so far the upper end of the power-scale and pretty much doesn't use his son at all. The only thing both have in common is the corruption and shady things they do each day. More power is all they want. DJ's dad depended on other though to get this power. EJ's dad can generate his own it seems.
  10. 798 @CamelKnightMy mother is addicted to and she's running out of it. I have to infiltrate the Netherlands soon.
  11. 792 Let's hope so.
  12. Yeah, I'm going to check this out aswell. Premise sounds interesting and the female lead is cute
  13. 790 Mhm, okay. Count me in, let's give it a shot. Simple and heartwarming sounds good after Lookout, Duel and all the other stuff I watched recently.
  14. I don't know if he's into her or just feels guilty, but he cares more about her. When he immediately called her back it felt like SJ was texting him to check if he's okay and he wanted to hear her voice and answer more personally. But hey, maybe it's just wishful thinking. But as soon as SJ learns that DH could have prevented YN's death all our wishes will be buried anyway.
  15. 786 Already did So you're sold on 'Strongest Deliveryman'? It starts in a month, so much time. I will forget about the drama anyway. But Chae Soo-Bin is kinda cute.