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  1. Ask The Fellas

    @CamelKnight Yeah, we always tend to think "but maybe........she just wants to say "try harder", because she doesn't want us to think she's easy to get. Sometimes we are indeed a little dumb.
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    536 @CamelKnightI highly doubt that Unless they finally make a good song
  3. Ask The Fellas

    @CamelKnightI agree, if he's just a random guy, it shouldn't be a problem if you cut contact entirely. But just moving on and don't care at all may solve the problem aswell. Yep, he needs to know where his place is, I agree on that aswell. @aok is in another castle. Exactly, the hunt is one of the most interesting things. You have to be clear, we will use any room for interpretation.
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    532 @CamelKnightYou dislike EXID, I dislike Mamamoo. At least we have something in common LE is actually a good rapper, but to be honest I was never a fan of rapping, so I ignore her most of the time. But she has legs to die for. Well, MiSo's assets I already mentioned I hope their comeback will be good, but since Solji is back now and we have a main vocalist again I'm looking forward to it. Just have one Dance Song left in my playlist.
  5. Ask The Fellas

    @aok @CamelKnight I'm hesistating to say that she should cut contact with him because actually aok did nothing wrong. She's just part of the company and the world. So cutting ties would be a measure that could be read in many different ways. I'm trying to say is just continue as usual, reducing the contact but don't act as he doesn't exist. He has to understand at one point that it's not going to work this way. He has to make a decision first before he involved a thrid person (in this case aok).
  6. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 @CamelKnightFunnily I thought the same about the Mamamoo-One. About the vid: Mhm, I like the view I know at least two reasons why I like the MV, but the song......nah.....it's too much dance and upbeat for me. Minzy's Superwoman had a slower beat, which was better. I listen to that song a lot recently. EXID's Boy is very similiar. Talking about one of my two fav bands, they have a comeback in November! YAY! I'm so gonna order the new album.
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    526 @Ais1ingBlack
  8. @bedifferentWhat? Just because I had a cat aswell and I'm a little grumpy from time to time? Yeah, I do like statistics, but from what I have seen, the drama doesn't feel appealing to me. After his proposal at the end of ep2 the drama lost me. There are such so many things in the drama that doesn't really hook me. @triplemLu was way cuter!
  9. Add and Subtract Game

    532 @triplem @Ais1ing Black @LmanglaOh look, a chart with a lot of blue, green and red. @stroppyseYou removed the 24h tag @triplemMelo Holic short Teaser. KSJ is so beautiful
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    524 Oh boy, I didn't expect that, the first ep of Black is AWESOME! Straight to the top of my list! @Ais1ingLove your dp! I understand now what you meant about Black! Let's talk about it! I don't eve care it's 3am, I just HAVE to watch the 2nd episode! Edit: Well, ep2 seems a lil....awkward...
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    522 @Ais1ingWatching "Black" right know. You should choose one of the death shadows as dp! They're creepy
  12. Ask The Fellas

    @aokSo, 2 of 3 days, this means it is important to him, so you can tell that he will put thoughts into it. His body may be out of state, but his mind clearly is not. If you are not missing him, you have your answer. At least for yourself. Now you have to find a way to maneuver it. Since I doubt he will just stop, when you don't say anything his effort will just intensify. The choice if you cut contact with him is yours, I can't tell you to do or not do it. You have to ask yourself if you can cut contact with him easily and if you are willing to do it. Cutting contact is always the easiest way to go. Will you be able to cut him? Is it what you want? Will there be things that you could regret? You always have the option to tell him that you're not interested and respect their relationship.
  13. Interesting ending, glad she found that camera beforehand. But I'm sure the guy who just walks down the stairs is going to be YJW. No way that this pervert is going to enter her room and threaten her. He doesn't want to get caught, he wanted to scare her, which he managed to do, but he will leave so he can continue playing his game. Sigh, it's so hard to imagine that these sort of guys really exist. Sometimes people of my gender are really just trash. I knew watching these cases will be hard. I like YJW as a character, he really feels like one of the good guys and I'm sure at one point we will find out that he isn't actually her rookie, but instead worked somewhere else and is way more experienced.
  14. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 @Ais1ingNot very shocking so far The pug was your best bet.
  15. Add and Subtract Game

    520 @stroppyseOr....just blue.....nothing to do with germany. Just being a male. It's all blue. And you just said blue-ish and pink to me. You just don't have to complicate things, I'm an easy mind. So no cherry-red and stuff. Oh...it will be perfect....trust me.....I will make sure it will......planning something is one of my biggest strenghts, I always have back-up plans if necessary. Still, I'm very easy to please. I mean it's true that I wanted to see you with an avatar, but you know, in my world everything has to be sparkling....and.......WUSH!....you know. Adding a little exorbitance to everything. So I just accept a proper avatar as an actual avatar. @Ais1ingYou changed it again? Disappointed that I actually liked it? I like the new one. I'm going to watch Black tonight. Haven't the time to watch it yet.