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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 @kokodus Oh yeah, my mistake. LBY! You're right. Lee Bo Young was the actress & girl I meant. I watched all of her recent dramas and loved them all. She doesn't disappoint, she's probably the only actress which dramas I followed recently. Not even KSJ was able to manage this aswell. Gosh, Meloholic was so horrible.
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    36 @stroppyseUhhhh Hello!!!~ @kokodusYou truly are a little sis.
  3. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 @kokodusOkay, I checked. It's called "Marry Me Now?". It sounded interesting, but 50 episodes? No way. No drama is worth so much time. I'm not going to watch a drama with 50 episodes. Not even KSJ managed to do this. Even PBY wouldn't do the trick. And I say this because I realized that I watched a lot of dramas with her and she never disappoints. So I should add her onto my list. Edit: Haha, funny how well you know me.
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 @triplem Thank you Honeycakes is in a drama? For real? Which one? How big is her role? How does she look like? NAMES SIS! I need NAMES! I'm resting after "Mother" completely exhausted me. Even Mystery Queen 2 is on hold right now.
  5. What Song Are You Listening To?

    So atmospheric.
  6. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 Today arrived my Dreamcatcher Towelslogan from their first concert in Seoul. Looks preeeetty~ good.
  7. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    Mother was really an experience. At one point I couldn't watch other dramas because after every episode I felt so exhausted. It kept me busy for a whole week. I wasn't able to watch or focus on other dramas. The plot wasn't necessarily tense, but each episode was so heart-breaking, emotional and sad. It made you think about everything, especially about your own mother of course. Guys, like me, always have a special connection towards their mothers. So I thought about my own mom a lot. This drama was exceptional of creating a story and telling it. Although containing a very uncomfortable topic, the drama always felt calm. It never tried to impress or create a special story, it just took its time to tell you a story without being crazy. I never had the feeling to see something that I could not believe. That's what impressed me the most I guess, the drama never lost it's initial track. It delivered a lot of feeling, precious words & moments without actually telling them. It just had a natural flow, where every moment had a moment so naturally shine. Mother really is a gem and a drama I won't forget so easily.
  8. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 It really is an amazing drama. LBY really is an amazing actress. Hey @CamelKnight time to watch a good drama, so try this one. Never! I just can't stop teasing him. But I know that small little bold guy can handle it. At least he has the pleasure knowing that I actually start to like his favorite girlgroup. Mhm, I would say rather bad. Unfortunately. It didn't treat me very well I guess. Oh hell no!
  9. Add and Subtract Game

    452 Finished "Mother". Such a beautiful drama, but it was so sad that I even put a hold on Mystery Queen 2. Each episode was so emotional and sad. And you always have the urge to call & hug your mom.
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 The only button @CamelKnightshould push is the button that turns off his monitor, because clearly he can't differate between a good & a bad drama. No, you're not. Women are unsolvable riddles, that's what I learned during the past years.
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 You, Bestie, are not even close to being right. In fact, you are so damn far away of being right, that I'm considering talking to you A LITTLE BIT LOUDER, BECAUSE I CAN'T EVEN SEE YOU. The only brilliant thing was my decision to end the drama and turn it off. Awkward is the perfect term to describe the drama and it never stopped. Yeah, call me doodoohead if that makes you happy, but if you think that Coffee Prince is a good drama, then your taste should be filtered. But hey, keep ignoring the fact that I said that DBS is worse than CF. That's actually an accomplishment and a compliment.
  12. What Song Are You Listening To?

    @CamelKnightAlready found them. By now I love all of them. But the one I enjoy the most is from their new album. "Thank U". Unfortunately it's not anywhere on YouTube. Since they are an actual band, they do a lot of covers on various instruments. I already purchased their album. They are fantastic.
  13. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 Yep, the actress. Are you insane? The plot was awful, they dragged out the plotline of him finding out that she's a girl way too much. And not to mention the plotline of the second couple. How dumb the storytelling was. Chemistry? Which chemistry? None of the kisses have it. But you delivered the reason why you love it so much. You are blind because it was your first K-Drama and it hooked you up. I have the same feeling when it comes down to Fairy.
  14. Add and Subtract Game

    +2 A-m-a-z-i-n-g! A truely magical day & evening. It was very cold though, I almost froze to death, but I met a lot of nice people, hold the hand of my dreamgirl Yoohyeon for a few seconds and the concert itself went through my flesh and bones. It was just one huge party. Didn't I tell you that already? If not, I'm going to write you a more detailed version soon.
  15. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Well I managed to control myself and didn't buy a single album. (But instead I bought the Lightstick & Slogan Towel of Dreamcatchers concert of Seoul) Meet my new love.