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  1. 824 @mouse007But I had to critizise other(s) (dramas)? That cannot rest! Oh, I will! I WILL!
  2. +2 @sushiliciousI hope it will change, but so far the actors are weak, the "excellent" main female lead has already been saved two times by the main lead and the end of ep2 is straight out of healer or SWDBS(ucks). She doesn't feel an excellent detective at all, more like a young, but ambitious detective, who can protect herself to a certain level, but need protection by the main lead. But what surprises me so far, it almost feels like they want to establish a love line between the leads, because they meet early, have "dates" together and it really looks like the female lead will have a crush on the main lead soon. That would be new in an OCN Drama. But after a few episodes, I can tell you more. @USAFarmgirlWhat are normally crazy mondays for you? @mouse007 I had to post with it....in other threads! Some people even thought I knew the peeps on my DP! OH and how you all enjoyed it. Oh wow, if you include that in your roster, be prepared that I will use all my evil brainpower to have something similiar for you.
  3. Finished ep2 I honestly don't know yet where the drama is heading to, everything still is kinda confusing, I mean we slowly get introduced into everyones background and trouble they have to deal with. Nana somehow fails at being the "excellent" detective she was introduced or described as mutliple times, she already got saved twice by SH, other than her dart moments, it doesn't feel like she is that outstanding cop. It almost feels like she always needs protection and that saddens me, because I really want her to be that cop. But so far she somehow doesn't feel like one. Seul Gi is probably the character I'm currently most interested at, since she seems like a very, very nice person who sympathizes a lot with people, but has to mime this cold, rude, almost snobby rich kid. The moment where she changed the elevator, got rid of the boxes and waited for HJ arrival were cute. It almost feels like they want to create a romantic story around SH and HJ. The frequency of scenes they had together and almost "dates" they went to, it definitely looks like HJ will have a crush on him. A loveline between the main-leads would be something new to OCN. But I don't think it will happen, because after all. SH is a killer and I don't think HJ would date him the moment she realizes. I also feel like JH plays a major part of HJ dead boyfriend. I don't know if I'm hooked or not, because I don't feel like the drama knows where it wants to be, the ending scene almost reminded me of "Healer". @jesstrisThe two main character of Mad Dog were a couple at the end.
  4. +2 @LawyerhDid you watch the 2nd episode of Kill it? It's like Healer 2.0. @sushiliciousBased on the first two episodes, I can't say watch it. It feels quite predicatable and I can't say I'm hooked, but I will continue watching it, because I want to see where it is going. But right now it's far from interesting.
  5. Gaaaah! KSJ must have received so much money to endure this kiss! Oh you know why! So you even admit you did it on purpose! You answered, but didn't like it, and because of that the post only had 6 instead of 7 and I lost. She was closer! I knew normally you would like it.....you were my joker....but you answered...but didn't like it! See? Why would I have a kissing dp? And people don't know! I didn't even know the drama until you all said it was from TYH You don't know which post? Here! Look at what you have done!
  6. +2 @cenchingI knew it! @triplemNah, I could do slow gifs aswell, just a few clicks extra, but I have no interest since most of them would be kinda weird. For example, if I would take my previous gif....it would look like this. But does that look better @cenching? Actually mhm... Why would anybody be so cruel and let me use that gif? It's even the kiss where it doesn't end like this!
  7. +2 Pfff! If you think it's ugly, it's even better! But fine.....I find another one, but no slow motion stuff. That's not my style @ktcjdramaYes, I lost a bet to @mouse007 and only because @stroppyseanswered on my post, but didn't like it! We were betting on how much likes a "Big" post of mine would get, if I tag a few peeps. Because.....well......why not? Yes @stroppyseYou lost me a bet! I always knew you were my doom!
  8. 788 Yip! Exactly! Woohoooo! Partyyy! No longer I need to endure this horrible, horrible DP! Gosh! You know how embarrassing it was to post on the "Healer" and "Kill it" thread with this DP? People might think there I really liked it! I can hear @mouse007 laugh when she reads it, and @cenchingwill join the laughter!
  9. +2 Thank god, you would dominate any harem until everybody leaves. EDIT: OMG WAIT! IT'S MONDAY! OMO!!!
  10. +2 But I guess as foreigner they won't be as strict if I make a mistake? Wait....as husband my wife's family have unique titels aswell? I mean future Mrs.D can teach me who is who. Sigh....... Maybe I shoud look for a Mrs.D with a small family
  11. +2 Rain & stormy outside, perfect day to go to the gym @stroppyseHahaha, I almost forgot the thread, but how can you remember all this? I even have trouble to figure out who is related to me in what way in the first place. Everything that goes beyond my cousins I honestly ignore because I can't remeber anyway. Last time @mouse007had to explain me in which way my cousins kids are related to me. You mean how we saved that thread and made it bearable? And it was no loss that he didn't answer anymore.
  12. +2 @sushiliciousI can tell you that after todays episode.
  13. +2 @LawyerhI feel the same about "Kill it". Too many time jumps, weak acting, no chemistry, the scarf face and the "Red Mafia" scenes were rather funny than touching/thrilling. And Nana acting and performance is rather a Nono. And these dart scenes
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