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  1. 614 @triplemSave Me really is a good drama. @USAFarmgirlHi Haven't read from you for a while.
  2. 618 @CamelKnightYeah, you're right, like I said. Solji doesn't belong there. Solji is above them, add a few levels and you're on her level. You can deny it as much as you want, the music industry doesn't refer to her without reason. Solar on the other hand. At least she's better than TWICE, thats an accomplishment aswell.
  3. 612 @CamelKnightYeah, I agree that they are capable. I agree that IU, AKMU's Lee Suhyun are on a similiar level. I also would like to throw Davichi into the mix, but Solar? No, not even close. Solar is good, no doubt, but this is another level we're talking about
  4. 608 @CamelKnightI don't even want to have that license. I have other girls in mind for that Coloring Book was indeed okay, I had it in my playlist aswell, but it failed to surpass the two week test. As long as Minah is part of Girls Day, Hyeri won't have the chance of becoming the cutest or prettiest girl within Girls Day The other half is the one that is amazing though. What about the other two vids I showed you? They both are a masterpiece and should convince you. Meh, I think Solar is quite better. I didn't really like it, she's good, but there are better ones. Well I guesss based on your trolling you admit that you can't find one
  5. 600 @triplemYou have a lot of rewatching to do
  6. 602 @LmanglaBut time traveling,
  7. 600 @LmanglaUrgh..."travels 400y into the future"..and Sageuk...I'm out Sorry.
  8. 598 Good morning
  9. 596 @jeijeiExactly. And due to the fact that she became the first Winner of Masked Singer, it gained her a lot of attention. My first video that I posted was during her time before EXID. After the duo parted she became vocal teacher of EXID that was about to debut. But the roster changed shortly after the debut and she became member and leader of EXID. Her nickname is also Mama Solji. I let you decide why she is my bias though.
  10. 596 @CamelKnightOkay. Three examples. Here you go. Be ready to be amazed. Starts slow, but with every second that passes.....holy....(she's the left one) Their performance is legendary. Magical Moment. And if that's not enough. Be ready to be blown away. This is my last resort. Magical 5minutes are ahead of you. Show me one voice who could do this. This IS PERFECTION!
  11. 592 Their new song. "Red Flavor", the song is SO annoying, the guy who mumbles "Red Velvet" all the time during the song is horrible. The song isn't even as good as "Russian Roulette" (Which gets boring quite fast by the way). But for some odd reason, I can't get the melody of Red Flavor out of my head. I really hate myself by listening to it. I doubt my own music taste whenever I turn it on. Didn't Hyeri had long hair in Twinkle Twinkle aswell? She really looks cute there. Up/Down is pretty sexy and I mean...Hani. And LE has a body that I wouldn't touch without a licence aswell. But I can see that their not everyones deal. Oh My Girl just had one good song (CLOSER, which MV is pure art btw) and the rest is pretty bad. Oh you will regret that you said that. I won't give you just one. Solji is my absolute bias in kpop. She's what KSJ is to me in kdramas. Just wait....I need to find the links.
  12. 590 @CamelKnightI agree that I would consider to see Mamamoo, just because I want to hear their voices live. (And I never went to a concert before). I wouldn't go to RV though, I really hate myself that I can't get their song of my mind. It the fault of "Manhole" though. During one scene they played the songs and since then. Stuck. EXID was pretty much the first band that was really able to hook me up. Especially since they had their own variety show for 8 1hour episodes. They have a lot of fun aswell and they just eat...all the time. Girls Day "Something" is sexy, "Female President" was sexy aswell. But still, I loved their old concept more. Even "Twinkle, Twinkle" was better.
  13. 586 @CamelKnightQuite a lot to answer to The non GoT stuff first. No, I wouldn't call myself hooked. I still only have one of their songs in my playlist, which puts them on the same level as Red Velvet. But I love that they are more mature than other groups and that they have ton of fun doing their stuff. And their vocals are really good. No, come on bestie, you should know by now. EXID's Solji, the queen of vocals. Girls Day died to me after 2011, the moment they changed their concept. The early Girls Day were quite good, songs like "Nothing lasts forever" were amazing. At least since "Ring my Bell" I lost every respect towards them. GoT: