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  1. I really hope that won't be the case. Hard times ahead of me it seems.
  2. CY doesn't understand that it's not just about him, there are many lives that depend on his/HG's music. CY just thinks about himself and his own goals, not realizing that CEO Choi has to think way bigger. He has responsibility, he has to make sure that the show not only goes on, but also is succesful. People's jobs depends on his decisions. It's not about hurting someones ego, it's about whats best for everyone. Choi's job is to be harsh at times like this, he isn't in the position where he can consider everyones feelings. I'm quite sure he doesn't enjoy this either, but it is his job. Ahh...I almost forgot about this already. You have opened the boy of pandora. I have to write it off my chest. Disappointed isn't even close to what I'm thinking. You are absolutely right, it could have been SO MUCH better. The unveiling of K was one of the things that I was really looking forward to and it ended into something secondary and minor. This is something that will be onto my list of things that I don't like about this drama. I really was looking forward into the moment where the world gets to know the person behind K, now it's just a small turn, followed by an immediate switch of scenes. No reaction of the crowd, no reaction of the public. Nothing, we barely see the reaction of everyone else. Hell we don't see anything, he just plays as it's most common thing for him. I mean, come on, the drama suggested us at the beginning that he was a myth, something that is a big secret. If you decide to unveil it so...unspectacular, just give him a proper introduction. Let him walk big time towards his instrument. It felt like it was just squeezed between two scenes without thinking about the importancy. And on top of that, this historic moment isn't even shared with SR, she doesn't see how her boyfriend is introduced to the public. She doesn't see his first moments out in the world as HG. He doesn't even has the company of the person he loves the most. Even if they show us these scenes next week, it won't be the same. The atmosphere is missing, the flow is missing, the importance of the scene is just gone. Gosh, the more I write about it, the more clear it gets. Drama, you really screwed this up, Big time.
  3. You can borrow my videos everytime, feel free to use them. It could be a possibility that IJ saves YJ, she's the only one that knows what happened to his father. Dj's father avoided direct eye contact with his son, maybe he starts to feel guilty. DJ will somehow try to save YJ and will manage to do it. Somehow I don't think YJ & DJ will be working together with IJ, because DJ already said "You can't work together with a monster to catch a devil"
  4. I enjoy & watch Game of Thrones aswell, so I don't mind these things either But both shows are very different. Didn't notice the drop of viewers, but to be honest, I don't really care, yeah it's sad for the writer, the team and the actors, but if people decide to let this gem slice, I can't help them. Normally I'm the one who drops dramas like crazy and I love this one.
  5. Yeah, these people wih SLS Just kidding, I was told that I tend to support 2nd leads aswell, but my support goes more in the direction of the female 2nd leads Yip, they did. Why would they debut without a contract right? No, both of them are in contract with Sole, even CY wouldn't be able to leave so easily. As long as his contract doesn't end, he belongs to the company. The same goes for Mush&Co. Agree with everything you said, he really can't stop crying about his situation. Seems like he thinks he is the only one with problems around there. I have to agree aswell, but sadly I don't think she is able to do that. She's too nice and naive to seperate these two things. I think she can't hurt other people although it would be the best for everyone.
  6. One day of absence and this thread turns into Woo Jins wet dreams again. Funny to read your "ideas" of WJ's ideal spot in the next episode.
  7. Well it doesn't have to be a passionate one, but a cute little one. Well, it was just a suggestion. I like the idea of SY & SH way more aswell. She still is the hidden star of the drama.
  8. I agree. I really like the style of whisper writer. I really enjoyed it aswell. Ah....she even is sexy just by reading things.
  9. I was and am still hoping so aswell, but I just had the feeling during the scene that tvN just gave us all they could. Trust me, I hope that I'm mistaken and we will see another (better) one But, the way you asked me puts another thought in my head. I'm sure we will see kisses though, but between other characters. Maybe CEO Yoo and HG's father? Or SY and SH? Interesting idea.
  10. Yip, between those two. I somehow think so, the thought appeared in my head when they were talking on the roof, the scene was made for a kiss, but nothing.
  11. Not every war is won on the battlefield. DJ needs to look slick to make an impression. Yeah I noticed. Talking about cups, you noticed in todays episode that in the scene between SY and IJ at the villa, his glas had more wine in it than her. Can be a coincidence, but may also be a reference that she is below him. I think I will be the last person here that would hate SY
  12. Finished subbed episode: CY intense hug at the end felt kinda creepy. Dude....you don't do that to a girl that has someone else. I don't like how HG was revealed as K, it was so unspectacular and not really meaningful. I wanted this moment to be epic, the moment where he reveals himself as K, the genius. It somehow doesn't felt right. HG keeps on lying to SR, he knew exactly what decisions CEO Yoo meant. I don't feel anything towards CY, his whole role is so....I don't know....he's crying all the time, I mean, did he really think he won in a fair competition versus HG? All he does is cry and keep mentioning that he isn't a part of crude play. Yeah, when you always keep saying it, you will never be a part of them, because you remember everyone all the time. That said, CEO Choi's words towards him were harsh, but true. He has to remember his place, he isn't as good as HG and will never be, He beats him as bassist, but that's it. CEO Choi may be ruthless, but I can understand him. He is a CEO after all, he must make sure that his artists and his company are succesful. If CEO Yoo shuts down his company, where she has a point, not only he will lose his job, but every employee in that company will lose his job aswell. He may find a new one, but all his employees won't so easily. He is responsible for a lot of people, and with these people come families. It was his only choice to let them perform HG song, because he knows they will be succesful with it and even save his company. Mush & Co and HG will be as succesful as Crude Play. He doesn't need to get the authorization from CY or HG, it is his company after all, and we all know both of them wouldn't agree. If this move is necessary to save Mush & Co, his company and settling HG as their producer. I'll take it. Sometimes someone needs to be the jerk, he can't be always the nice guy. CEO Chois immediate action towards CEO Yoo showed that he cares for his artists, but he has to evaluate when it's time to support the artist or when it's about to make sure the company is save. The music business is hard, people come and go. The same goes for CEO Yoo, she may be harsh, but it's her job to do so. Her offer to SR & HG wasn't bad, she just knows how to survive in the industry, she has to make profit. You have to differ her into the business woman and her in private. When she's around HG's dad she becomes a total different person. I can understand her why she's 'threatening' Mr.Choi, because she needs to evaluate how profitable his company really is. The whole company exists only because of lies, if they get exposed, the company is done. Time will come where Crude Play start playing for real, interested to see how this turns out. Still love every conversation between HG and his dad. SY still is MVP, the way she said to SR that she goes early to bed so SR can talk to HG was just amazing. She is the real star of the company. YN didn't really had any worthy scenes today, she heard things that she didn't want to hear. But hey, your fault darling, if you ask him you can't complain that he answers you truthfully afterwards. Glad she treats CEO Choi rather cold, I still think she isn't evil at all, life just didn't treat her well. Somehow I think the first kiss will also be the last kiss. My bet goes towards YN.
  13. Finished the episode: Well, nothing really surprising happened today, it was quite obvious that they try to make her the suspect. War on all fronts, even DJ goes now against his own father, I like that. He really has some badass moments sometimes. I don't know what to say about todays episode, it just passed by and set up the stage for next week. YJ getting caught with the corpse in her trunk is unfortunate, but somehow DJ will manage to get her out. The scene where he talked to her under the bridge was kinda sweet, in that moment you clearly saw that he begins to create feelings for her. Just one thing, if you can escape from the police in SK just by turning two times and hide behind a car, SK should really think about their police. Easiest escape ever. Forget to post my favourite scene yesterday Well, technically she didn't do anything. She just shared information, which isn't a bad thing. She knows that her dad will do anything for her and she doesn't want to be a observer anymore. Her father even kills people to protect her, which isn't something good. She knows that aswell, she looked shocked multiplie times realizing that he actually killed him. Maybe she feels guilty and thinks she needs to do something. Her visit at DJ office was some kind of aproach to get closer, but DJ made clear that he absolutely hates her. (Which, btw, is totally absurd). But, she isn't an angel and she won't ever be one, but she doesn't have any other options. Her option "husband" was declined.
  14. You confuse me Still don't know what happened that I need to prepare defenses Really curious to find out what happened today. Still didn't read anything besides your posts.
  15. Didn't watch the episode yet, waiting for the subs like always I have no clue what you are talking about but I guess I will find out later But I will try to be reasonable.