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  1. Finished the episode a while ago, but couldn't bring myself to post yet, this has many reasons ,pretty sure not everyone will like my (honest) opinion about the current episode. So, my quick thoughts as always: I have to admit that I switched to KD as best potential bf-candidate for BS . I think he should be the one that wins BS heart. I will explain the reasons why: MH doesn't develope at all in recent episodes, he still does the same thing over and over again, every episode he repeats his typical behavior to force BS touching him or at least interacting with him. This episode wasn't different. The way he speaks to her at the phone is the same way he does it in the first few episodes. He really begins to bore me, which is sad, because he really had a very interesting character at the beginning of the show. But his character is stuck in his progression, you have to show me new sides of him or he just ends up as a weak character that I will forget pretty fast. His "confession" was not very touching, because he does his 'thing' again, he switches within the scene from cute to funny, back to cute and just stares at her........this was funny when the drama started, but after 10 episodes of doing the same thing over and over again it just gets.......frustrating. You don't have to ruin every moment, just for the gag. Let him be competely serious for one episode. I don't even blame PHS for this, his acting is strong, it's just bad writing. AMH needs to change his attitude towards BS, in his current state, he wouldn't be a proper bf for her. KD was a weak character in the first few episodes, because he was one-dimensional and boring. AMH outperformed him in every aspect, but right now that changed. KD developed and AMH didn't. KD added so many layers in recent episodes and showed how determined he is. It's really sad that he's a little short on screentime. Talking about bad writing, this episode had so much....kinda.....scripted scenes and moments where everything felt like it was fake. It didn't have a natural flow. BS looking at the painting while randomly walking through the house late at night felt somehow strange. She did something completely different with MH before and suddenly she just walks straight to that painting, just to realize it's her. That was the only reason, she did nothing else in that scene. Sorry, thats not enough. Why would she walk straight to his closet without any reason? I'm aware of the fact that this scene is important and I was curious to see when she finds out. But this scene felt scripted, like someone looking at a list whats left to do and squeeze it between two scenes so he can check it off. Let her at least look for something or just give me anything non-obvious. The episode felt like a filler. everything relevant could have been said in a few minutes. The only really important thing was MH's confession, which was like one(?) minute? If you watched that scene, congratulations, you didn't miss anything. I know it's RomCom, but the comedy aspect is too shallow. It feels like they force themselves being funny which doesn't benefit them a bit. The feces vine scene is a good example for it. Just because you're a drama with a comedy aspect, you don't have to hunt down every joke. In these moment I have the feeling I'm not the crowd their aiming for. This is so much wasted potential. The whole "Strategic Team"-plotline with this "guy" was just plain stupid and way over the top. The whole scenes with BS's grandmother was....how do I describe it....I don't know what they are trying to with that scene and if it plays a greater role in upcoming episodes, but I just couldn't stop my facepalm happening. I really have to say the drama is losing me. If the female lead wouldn't be PBY, I would drop SWDBS. If I had to describe SWDBS with one word, it would be "weak". Which is really, really sad, because I had great hopes and was expectating a lot more from it. I still like it somehow though, but it isn't a drama that justifies its hype. @triplem
  2. Sigh....like I already said....I really should have said it differently, without women/men. I'm still pinpointed in that corner. But, again, that wasn't my point. I already said that I know that he protected her because she loves her, KD would have protected her for the same reason. But feelings aside, preventing a crime from happening should be main priority for everyone even without feelings. All I wanted to say is, that I was annoyed by the fact that everyone was questioning him of doing something like that, he didn't donate a vital organ to a complete stranger. He just protected someone that was in danger, he had courage. Sure we know that he did it because he loves her and I'm sure at least GD and BS's dad know that aswell, but even from a point of view that isn't related to them, it shouldn't be a complete mystery why someone would do something like that. First, thank you, I'm glad to read something like that. And don't worry, I already forgot the fact that you thought I'm a girl at first, but thanks for reminding me. I will be honest as good as I can, nothing will change that and I will continue writing my honest thoughts here. I have to say I didn't grew up on a farm or a small village, I just watched my father day in and day out and learned to do things differently. Everything you said, may it be opening doors, pulling out chairs or allow her to enter a room first is something that I do without thinking. It's just how I was raised. Bad things happen everyday, and I remember that in my early teenage/kid years, whenever I watched news and people were killed, the anchorman highlighted that among the people that were killed, there were woman and children. Even today it's very hard to see a woman cry, because it just tears my heart apart. Like I said, I was raised that way and I think among my male-friends, there is nobody that wouldn't treat a woman differently. I don't want to comment on "All men should be taught to do that - protect women". A similar sentence already backfired at me. Really don't like being honest..... .but no......the show doesn't tell us anything about thinking about these things. The drama goes the exact same route as every other drama. It doesn't play with stereotypical things. If BS would have taken the bullet or would have been stabbed instead of MH, this would be something that I would consider a new way of thinking in kdrama-land. Sure BS doesn't need being rescued, but the drama suggests it and forces her in that role anyway, the drama creates scenes where the male-lead protects the female lead multiple times. Just for the sake of awakening feelings for him within her. BS would have the potential of being completely out of bound, but so far they didn't walk on that path. Her character is written like every other female lead in these "rich guy, poor girl" kind of shows, which is sad, because I expected way more. I really wanted a strong female lead ( or how @triplemonce said, alpha female) . Thank you @USAFarmgirl Exactly, this is how I was raised. I couldn't say it better myself. This is what I was trying to say the whole time. I completely agree.
  3. Oh, oh, I want to add something to that analogy: If office is a battlefield, Kkong Bi would be my flashbang. My day would be brighter everytime I see her. See? I told you. You really have to trust me on these kind of things, I already told you twice that beauties like her can't be bad or one of the bad guys. EHW of Voice was like that aswell, even though I didn't had any interest in her. 2 out of 2 so far, I think my sense is pretty good here. Bad people just don't have a cute schedule like this But bsides that, I really hope KT get someone nice in the end and Ji Na will be jealous as hell. I know that you get what I was trying to say, I just want to add that in order to call episodes good, there have to be weaker ones. But I think this episode was just as good as the others.....it just didn't have up and downs, potential twists the whole time...it focussed on character progression. The fourth episode just had.....a nice flow. It just felt like what it wants to be. Showing the regular days at an office, showing little victories and crushing losses. RO shows just how life is. RO doesn't need fancy stories or needs to create hypes over weak plotlines. It feels like a usual day at the office and let us be a part of it. I can understand why people don't like RO, but this drama is way more than just the usual drama. A lil like Fairy. No, she doesn't and sadly, I think she never will. She is so focused on herself that she lost everything that could make her realize what she's doing there. I really dislike her, sadly she still has some power over KT. I hope she loses it very soon.
  4. I really shouldn't have said that "men are told to protect women"-thing, now I'm getting pinpointed at that in spite of being true. I just think that everyone had acted like this, regardless of their feelings and it shouldn't be a reason why everyone around them is asking him like it's something ridicilous to do. He already catched a potential bullet for her and nobody made a fuss about it. Sure it's because he loves her, but even without feelings they can't just watch her being stabbed, even when she's strong. Uhm....call me crazy......but if your 'underling' is getting stabbed from behind with the clear intention of killing, then yeah.....I think that everyone, even bosses, should try to protect that person, even if it's just an underling. Because...regardless of gender....protecting anothers (innocent) life should always be main priority. Preventing a murder should be something natural. Sure the people around them don't know his feelings for her, even she doesn't know that particularly, Gookdo asked because he just wanted to confirm the thought he already had beforehand, he asked a question whose answer he already knew. BS father knows the feelings of MH, MH even promised him to protect BS. All he did was keeping his promise. Still, it wouldn't make a huge difference if the murder case wouldn't exist at all. BS sense of responsibilty could have been triggered in multiple ways, it isn't necessary to create a half-hearted murder case for this. He already told two people that he's fine and the wound wasn't even deep. He didn't have any pain while being in hospital, he just uses it to make her feel worried. Of course he knows that BS would care for him nontheless, but he did this kind of thing plenty of times until now. Pretending to be hurt to force her into touching/interacting with him. As soon as BS left the room, his whole behavior changed. He's making a bit of a show to get a little extra concern. MH already protected her before and it wasn't a big deal. He already catched a potential bullet from her, which, from my perspective, was way more brave and hero-like. He already got hurt so many times because of her. BS, of all people, should know the best why he would do it. The reason she could ask him, is to coax a love-confession out of him, but she isn't that kind of person. After all, BS is the person where I can understand the most why she's asking. Aigoo.....who would have thought that I would open such a discussion.
  5. Sexist? Did I miss something? O-okay. What I was trying to say was, it IS a big deal that he was getting stabbed. But it annoyed me that everyone was asking him why he threw himself in front of BS to save her. But, it's the obvious thing to do, especially considering that he loves her. Okay, the people around him don't know that, but why is it so surprising? BS was actually never MH's bodyguard, on paper she sure is, we know he hired here as one, but until now she never did actually bodyguarded or saved him. The only time she did it was when she stopped the bus when he was at highschool, MH instead saved BS a few times. But this isn't really important. I never said that woman need a man's protection. Anyway, that MH's behavior in front of BS wasn't okay, I sticking on that point. When it hurts, sure he can show it, but just for the attention and 'acting' like it hurt? Nah.... Actually, oh boy.....I hate being honest......so far the drama didn't go too far with their intention of switching gender roles. If you watch it from a neutral point of view, many scenes happen like that in every other drama aswell. It's like they do it according to the books. They built a up a romance between MH & BS, but nothing so far is unique enough that I would consider it special. BS herself is special of course. BS don't need any saving, but KD stated pretty much in every episode that BS is a weak woman that needs protection and nobody ever doubted him because of that. Of course MH protected her because he loves her, I never said anything different. But asking him why he protects her annoyed me, because there are SO many obvious reasons why he did it. He already told his nurse AND his assistant that it doesn't hurt, it's not a big deal and he's completely fine, but as soon as BS enters the picture, he makes a fuss about it. And just because of that I'm critize his behavior. I know that he's a vulnerable guy with a past that isn't pretty good, but that has nothing to do with his acting.
  6. Finished the 9th episode, just a few quick thoughts: Am I the only one that's annoyed by the stupid "Why you did that?"-question? Are they really asking him why he took the hit with the knife instead of letting her be stabbed? It's probably the most stupid question you can ask. Why he did it? Well, maybe because he's a man and every goddamn man in this world should throw himself in front of a woman if she is in danger of being stabbed. It would be more questionable if both would have done nothing. It's his task to do something like that. Men are always told that woman & kids are the most valueable thing to protect, especially if you love them, so it was the most normal thing to do that he did. Sure he needs to get credit for that, but shouldn't it be clear to everyone what his intention behind this could be? Hee-Ji raised in my favor a bit, I like how she approaches BS brother, it seems she's more mature than I thought. AHM getting stabbed was a little bit over the top, way too much slow motion and stuff, felt a lil cheesy. It was really important that BS saw HM struggle with his family again. This scenes showed her how fragile HM is in reality. His emotional release afterwards was important aswell, it shows that he isn't so cool like he tries to be in front of her. In moments like these BS learns more about HM that any words could tell her. You learn to know men really well if you just observe them. BS's mother changed between being a monster and MVP multiple times during the episode. I liked how she threatens the man who stabbed HM, but on the other hand, she still treats her husband like a pile of dirt. Presenting her own daughter as a 'gift' wasn't pretty nice either. But it was to see her making food for MH, of course it was just because she wants MH being her future son-in-law, but if she knew why MH would ask for something like that, she would handle it differently. The murder case is still boring as hell, the drama doesn't benefit or suffer from it, it's just unnecessary. AHM really has to make a decision between being a jerk (first 30 minutes) or being nice guy that chases after BS (last 30 minutes). The way he acted in the hospital was really exhausting at the beginning. No girl wants a crybaby, if okay if it hurts, but pretending to be in pain to get attention is so childish. I would prefer KD in this matter. Talking about KD, it's interesting to see him being jealous, but I think it's already to late. I'm glad that they didn't kiss, it would be a very weak first kiss in that scenes. And a little out of place, BS didn't fully realize HM feelings yet and they just don't have a magical connection yet. It's too soon for this kind of feelings.
  7. @bebebisous33I was told to tag you and participate in the bet regarding the first kiss. I'm voting on ep11, maybe I have better luck this time.
  8. Overall a pretty decent episode, maybe not the strongest, but better than the usual average episodes from other dramas. I don't really know what to say, it's pretty much the same as yesterday. Ji Na keeps doing everything in her power to make sure she still is the least favourite character in this drama. Pretty much every scene she has makes me mad. It's still so sad that she has KT under control, as much as I like him, but the keeps being her subordinate. When she says he should lower his hand, he does it. When she has something, may it as little as litte can be, he is right there and helps her. Like this would change her mind and save their relationship. This makes me sad and angry at the same time, because this episode he had such an amazing scene. Before talking about that scene, I have to praise my beloved Kkot-Bi , it was so smart of her to drop that little information about KH. Just because of that KT got the information of KH's betrayal towards HW. And KT gave KH the most deserving slap I saw in a long time. How could KH say such mean things? Gladly KH witnessed first hand what it means betraying your friends, he was alone and his co-workers exploited him big time. EHW was really funny as 'niece' of the CEO, but I have to say. KT carried her performance a little, the way he walked and acted as the desperate assistant that can't handle her was just pure gold. He made this whole scene believable. KT really is a great guy and he's that kind of person, I would gladly call my best friend, but he really needs to get away from Ji Na. Although it's clear that he doesn't stand a chance against WJ & SH and he won't be the one that gets the girl in the end, I would wish that he would be the first that falls in love with her. Just because it would drag him away from Ji Na. Sure it would be hard for him that she will choose someone else, but there are plenty of girls out there that are way, way better than Ji Na. I would even be okay with it when he dates Kkot-Bi at the end, because pretty much everyone should know to this point, that Kkot-Bi is the real star of this drama. She's the heart and the soul of the office. HW's roommate working at the cafeteria was surpring, It seems like she talks her life prettier than it actually is, I think it hurt her pride that she had to 'serve' HW food. Will be interesting to see if HW figures out that she works there. I'm a little tired, looking forward to read your thoughts about the current episode tomorrow.
  9. Watched the fourth episode already, but will write my opinion later. Pretty busy today, couldn't read much aswell. Based purely on personality, KT would be the way to go, but honestly, so far pretty much no one would be ready for a relationship with her. All three of them have to develope big time to have a chance of getting involved with her. Hahaha, well I can say with absolute safety that I'm not going to have a boy crush on HSJ, not even a little. I like your description of "comfortable enough with his masculinity" though. I'm having fun looking up those pictures for you and don't feel anything. I still don't really have an opinion on his acting skills, right now it seems like he's playing his character well, but I guess he's quite experienced with this kind of character. My heart still belongs to PSW. Ovaries...... There you go again. But thank you, glad that you appreciate my sacrifice. Glad that I can be of use
  10. I already forgot, but did someone else laughed like crazy when the CSI-theme played while HW was accusing Manager Park of accepting bribery? It just couldn't stop laughing. Well, he said in the first episode he (or the company) looks for specialists, seems like he found one. She definitely is someone that is different than everyone else. I agree, if they continue like this, I think we have a great time ahead of us. That makes sense, when I come to think of it, I think she sees herself and her actions as reasonable. She thinks that she did the right thing, it would crush her pride if he ends up or starts something with someone else before she finds someone that 'rescues' her out of her life AND has a job on top of it. If he would get over her, after she broke up with him so harshly, she would have truly lost everything and might question herself, if she was wrong with her decision. And since she's pretty superficial and seems to care only for herself, she wants to avoid this as best as possible. If she finds someone else first, she can gladly confirm her decision as the right choice. Well, seems like she has a perfect excuse to record the kissing scene over and over again, because, silly GAS screwed up the kiss with him ~again, that poor girl needs to kiss HSJ over and over again because she's SO inexperienced with kissing on screen. She really is an unlucky girl, don't you think? Maybe they spent a whole day just for recording the kissing scene, because GAS failed everytime! I can live with both of them, as long as they treat EHW nicely, but right now my pick would go towards SH, just because I don't like WJ character yet, but he really did a huge step in the right direction today. But, to be honest with you, I developed only a crush for Park Se-Wan so far. Surprising, eh? Don't worry, we all have been there before, I can't describe you with words alone how awkward it feels as a guy to search for hot pictures of HSJ just because you want a few ahjummas to go crazy and have a little bit of fun,
  11. Gosh...chingus....there is so much I have to quote.....happy that this thread is alive again and we have something to talk about. Don't forget her legs. Her legs are......hot. I think this may be the turning point for her. She gathered points during the meeting with her behavior. She showed WJ who she is, she always said that she wanted to show him her true self, but wasn't able to do so and it that moment, without realizing, she showed it to him. And by coming back, she showed that she won't go down so easily, which impresses WJ. Things will be interesting after this point. I can smell a war between sales and marketing. Well, he was introduced as weakling and it doesn't surprised me that he behaved like that. He's just another pawn on the chessgame of life. We are just at the beginning of the drama and it would be more surprising if he already overcame this behavior. He needs a boost in confidence and be hardened. He was so afraid in that room, it was like he's a terrified little boy. But after all, the chemistry of the trio took a huge hit there, I don't think HW is able to trust him anymore. I wouldn't trust him aswell. He betrayed her. You also have to consider that HW told him that one of the part time workers will get a permanent position at the company, so maybe it was tactical choice aswell. I don't think of him like that, but still waters run deep. Everything is possible. I agree, this drama deserves so much more. I really think that in the end it's something like this. Because one thing makes me wonder. Why would the doctor have the desire to date her, when he knows that she is terminal ill? It's obvious that he has already some interest in her, so why is he doing all of this, when he already knows that she has only up to 6 months? This doesn't make any sense. You don't start dating someone if you know that she will die soon. When you developed feelings beforehand, this is something different, but why afterwards? There is something more behind this and I'm sure it will be something like: There was another fourth person or the data was from someone else and they just made a mistake. Maybe he was talking about something else. I have to say, I already like him a lil bit more. Would be my first pick for her right now. @USAFarmgirlIf this would be a bakery, you would have the chance to nibble on HSJ. But yeah....I love my honey cakes.
  12. Done watching the third episode with subs. I liked the episode, the pacing is really great. It wasn't as depressing as the previous episodes, but it showed the daily life as an office worker pretty good. I liked EHW's character progression, you can understand her struggles and the way she thinks about her future. But I think the real 'star' of todays episode was HSJ. Woo-Jin was very interesting this episode, because he got finally a little more screen time and showed various sides of him. I really didn't like him when he was screaming at KT & KH, it's true that they weren't very observing and should have seen the incident before it occured, but after all it wasn't particularly their fault. I think it wasn't necessary to scold them so harshly, they did a mistake, but that's it. I think it was brave of KT to protect the kid. But at the end I think SWJ showed a very interesting side of his, while EHW was accusing PSM for bribery, he looked at EHW with respect and without her knowing, she raised in his favor, because she was honest until the very end, she didn't play the game everyone else was playing. She didn't bend herself, she stayed on her opinion. I think this was the moment where SWJ began to see her value and that she's different from everyone else. JKH showed a few moments later the exact opposite, he was weak, he was just a servant without self-respect. Is it just me, or did anyone else got the feeling that Ji Na seemed a bit jealous? She gave some strange looks when she noticed that Ki-Taek was interacting with EHW and it feels like she gave EHW all kinds of extrawork because of that. Ji Na has two faces it seems, everytime Ki-Taek talks with her, she changes the tone of her voice in an instant and starts to scold him. Her whole body language becomes completely different, well I can understand that it's not really beneficial if you see your ex everyday at work, but her attitude is just horrible. It's about time that Ki-Taek forgets her, making her jealous is the best way to redeem himself. I wouldn't wonder if Ji Na tries to date that new employee, because in front of him, she actually becomes likable. Seems like Ki-Taek won't be the first victim of her double-faced personality. Seo Hyun seems to be a nice guy, really interesting to see how he begins to invade EHW's (love)life. After all, he's the reason EHW has the job. He had a decent scene at the hospital, looking forward to see more of him next episode. I begin to see Suk-Kyungs as one of the good "guys" within the company, she may be called the ice queen, but I think that's wrong, she's a fair and honest person that is treated the wrong way. I think you can work very well with her. If she likes you and knows that you're a valueable asset, I think she can be a very nice and careful woman. I think her attitude is just because she doesn't have any other option, if she wants respect she has to behave like this. It seems you must be a pretty hard girl to survive in this business. Don't show any weaknesses or you get eaten alive. Well and at last, some candy just for me Isn't she awesome? Did you watch her scenes? Aww, I really fell for her again, just by watching her scene. That cute little schedule she had. It's so cute, I could die! You just have to love her If she drew this all by herself, I would worship her just for that. I mean, there can't be anyone out there who is able to withstand her amazing smile. You just have to fall for her. And how nice she was to EHW, she treated her right away and eat something that was meant to the big boss. Talking about the big boss. I just have to get something off my chest. Heol....... If you critize her beautiful rice cakes again...........
  13. Thanks chingu. I just can't see enough of her. Great analyze like always, I just wanted to say that reading this part of your text and watching at the gif makes me really joyful towards the next episode. It somehow gives me hope that the next episodes will be of significant importance. It's about time they finally get close.
  14. Yeah okay, but sometimes the size does matter, even when it's just about the small things. It's not beneficial if things shake too much. You should always aim for something stable that can handle everything well, regardless what you're doing with...or on it. Honeycakes...ah......it's nice to get distracted by things like these. I can see my honeycakes today... I really hope that the ratings will raise this week, this drama needs a lot more attention. The whole cast deserves this kind of appreciation. What? I'm innocent. Like I already told you, that scene reminded me of a song from Scrubs, because it was her first little victory. The way she walked tells that she got a great boost of confidence there.
  15. Well, I don't watch his hands very often, my focus while watching the drama goes towards legs and honeycakes. Well, seems like it's the only thing around him that you can consider small. Gosh....where does all this come from? Seems like I need more scenes/pictures of EHW & LKB as diversion. Oh interesting, it seems he has the same taste like me, my bedroom looks like this in the dark aswell. I think Woo Jin wears the same clothes at home like every other man, either shirt and underpants or just underpants. Really comfy. So I think that picture is pretty accurate.