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  1. He not only ate the lips, but it seems like JW's hands and fingers actually ravished her neck as well. If this hadn't come straight out of horse's mouth, I would have not believed JW's urgency..hehe..
  2. And I felt a resetting is on the cards. IDK..memory loss or something of that kind or like HJ and JW are stuck in the game.. It will be happy ending but a weirdly happy ending, something that we will be dissecting for weeks to come..that I can tell you. So, @trust3, no we are not going anywhere..we will be scratching our heads on this thread.. @stargazer187 Yes, I guess misread your post. My bad. Anyways, HJ should be looking for JW just as she was doing in episode 14 but I think he will find a way out on his own. If last week's episodes are really the clash between daddy Cha and JW, then he has to face him by himself. Also, server is down so I don't know what can she do in the game. But like you said, even I have zilch clue about what will happen. We can only speculate.
  3. Bahhhh! As much as I like the concept of MOA and would love to have both PSH-HB in season 2, but no, I just can't afford the thought of missing Zinu just like missing SeJu. Because then he will only have two scenes at the most- a desperate phone call, running and then returning home by the 14 episode. Nope! I will be deprived of Zinu's action, rifle scenes..can you imagine that?? Yeah, if they want a season 2 then, I can give them ideas.. -Emma and Zinu against the evil world. -Their enemies can range from zombies to desperate ex-wives to scary daddies to good-for-nothing oppas. -They can only have each other as allies and no one else.. -They will have to visit Bathrooms to gain health points..*wink* -Emma shall play guitar and Zinu will stare her as a reward for completing a level. -And of course MinJu and halemoni will have special appearances.. That is ladies...Memories of Alhambra season 2 for you.. Netflix, darling, you must sponsor this one also..okay..
  4. Okay this is for you.....hehe.. I can understand the frustration. It's not easy to follow this writer and it's okay to vent out. Do you want a hug? I can give you a hug..hehe. And no please don't go insane..we chingus on this thread can't afford that.K? Now the answers to your questions. Quest was about rescuing master, master is rescued, quest is over. Where was SJ all this time? I think in Granada. JW didn't get swapped with SJ, otherwise episode 15 preview would have not shown JW with Daddy Cha. About the deaths of Marco, Seo and Cha. I can understand Marco and Cha's death but not Seo's because JW didn't talk about it at all. Maybe he will.. And no bug isn't fixed. They probably will shut down the server, and will keep it shut. Perhaps I can now understand as to why it is difficult to follow the events of this writer. It's like fill in the blanks; writer-nim provides us with ABC and DEF is something that she leaves to viewers discretion. People are perhaps facing problems in filling the blanks, joining the missing dots. Maybe it will become better once this ends and we binge watch the drama.
  5. I did not mind the kiss. I love these kind of closed space kisses and 'hey don't move..' sort of face-holding kisses. There is more desperation and longing in such kisses. I mean you would only kiss in the changing room if you have no other choice. Right. But that said, I personally preferred the hug and JW taking her out to safety and making her sit in the taxi. There was more concern and care evident in those two actions than the kiss alone. Also, like someone said, timing was out. Anyways, but I can understand the need for why he did that. Maybe he thought that he might not return or that he wanted to reciprocate her desperation of stubbornly looking for him..kiss was his version of showing devotion.
  6. This is the only regret that I also have. I felt that the writer was somehow bound, restricted within the 16 hour time frame. Not many dramas shout out that 'hey..give me some more episodes..'. MOA is one of them.
  7. Once again a misunderstood drama. Sigh! I was not surprised by the knetz comments. I expected these comments because this drama is NOT everyone's cup of tea. Lets just accept it. Life would become far easier if people did. An example of why it isn't, I asked my fellow kdrama binger to watch this show live with me and this was her reply, "game-type, mysterious, twisting plot..I can't watch that", this was actually her reply. So, you see the audience who actually picked up this show, picked up knowing what they will be thrown at- mystery, fantasy, mend-bending, unanswered-questions-till-the-very-end. I didn't even think of following romance, when I started watching, so it was PSH-HB's chemistry that made me a fan of them. I agree with what @ktcjdrama said, those who signed up actually thought that with HB and PSH on the board, the drama will be typical one, full of romance. I would have not minded that also, but the writer didn't want to tell us that, hence, I suppose we should pray that both HB-PSH sign up for a 'romance-only', with some other writer whose expertise is such. Flash backs drag the show. The only episode that I actually found to be draggy due to flashbacks is actually episode 14. But more than flashbacks, I will admit that YuRa's story was draggy as it didn't serve any purpose. Other than that, I found no issues with flashbacks because, heyy..story is going forward! We know what went wrong with the game, Emma is the actual glitch, SeJu returned, JW completed the quest. And not to mention, there is still one more story left to be told by JinWoo, so it is still not a failure; the story is still open! And yes about it being a failure. How do we calculate that whether a movie has sunk at the box office or floated? By the margin of income over cost. From what I can understand it that MOA is a heavy budget drama and not to mention the sponsors are not only from Korea but all the way from USA(Netflix). So, I can safely assume that Netflix is not a fool to invest in a drama which would sink. This is I guess their first and only Kdrama production. Korean ratings are good for a cable TV, around 10-13 is like very good. I am not a ratings expert but I remember Goblin also had approximately the same ratings, and people on that forum used to be ecstatic on these ratings. Critics will always be there. Shakespeare is still heavily criticized for his works even after 400 years...lol. Even I nitpick his works and every new reader of him has a different perspective. But does it stop people from reading him or appreciating his work? No, it doesn't. In the same way, those who have an eye for intelligent work, and out-of-the-box-thinking are actually still in awe about Memories of Alhambra. And I admit it today, that I will definitely wait for this writer's new work. Come what may! Cheers!
  8. She didn't have sword because she never looked for one in the bathroom. It's like she is in the cruise mode in Need For Speed game, roaming around the city randomly. Everytime she got shot, the game logged her out automatically and then she had to log in again. Now what I don't understand is how come she faced soldier of level 100 and not Josean era assassin just like JW faced that Nasrid warrior? Maybe since she was not near that statue and instead in the area where high level enemy soldiers were roaming. If you are near statue then only will that warrior attack you otherwise you will attacked by the enemies of that particular area and level.
  9. Can I jump in this ship again??But I never left..right?? Lol.. See, there is this rule in the world..you are not guilty until proven. Hence, we are not guilty of shipping PSH-HB until proven. I have only shipped one more couple in my entire Kdrama journey that is JCW and NJH of Suspicious Partner. And I don't know whether that ship actually sailed or not but I liked sitting in the ship..hehe.. So, as I have always said, PSH defo has a girly-crush on Binnie. Now I am not sure about HB because he seems to deliberately tease PSH..I guess he has this flirtatious nature. Anyways, they look good together..and who knows..just maybe...
  10. Except for the fact that today's was one of the most emotional episodes. I was nail-biting at first and by the time it ended, I felt bad for all of them; HeeJu, SJ, Jin Woo,Park, Seo and even SuJin. It takes a lot of emotional burden to kill oneself. The drama started with 'Finding SeJu' and it is closing with, 'Finding Jin Woo'. Thank god the preview was promising otherwise I thought Emma had swapped SeJu with JinWoo and there will be season 2 of MOA with JW missing. We have yet to see whether the game is fixed or not because the quest was only to find SeJu, not about fixing the game. I think Emma or SeJu had told him something about the deaths of all three people and that's why JW went straight to Daddy Cha, to confront him. If he is out of Seoul then he can't be tracked. Therefore, Daddy Cha+Park+Marco= make JW life hell theory is still open...lol. Why are you doing to us, writer-nim?? Anyways, PSH is really good in emotional scenes. I could feel her pain and desperation to find Jin Woo. She had no choice but keep on re-logging and she did that. That's how a woman would act if her lover is nowhere to be found. People had criticized her for not showing interest in finding SJ. Well, I hope they got their answers now. TBH, I found the kiss to be fan service. But nevertheless, I absolutely loved how JW held her face and neck and also that it was a closed space. I love closed space kisses. There is nowhere to run. Ha! So, JW gave the key to Emma in morning and by the time SJ returned back to HJ's house, it was night time. So he really was in Granada. JW didn't go to Granada otherwise the news would have mentioned it..then he was confronting Daddy Cha this whole time?? Two episodes away and writer still hasn't revealed all her cards. I hope that maybe there is at least one episode which will be focused on hubby-wifey..is it too much to ask for??
  11. They kissed again...bahhhh!! Is it fan service..??? Anyways, I am a happy zombie and this time JW is holding her face..OMG.. I love it when heroes hold their girls' face tightly..it's like don't move..I am kissing you right here... Okay Netflix..when are you coming up with subs..sweetie??
  12. It is Jin Woo's narration( and not trustworthy, I tell you) But all of it was merely part of the game..and will revert back to normal. No, I don't think so. I think those dead are deader than dead. But if the game bug is removed, then further deaths can be prevented, that's the only thing that will be back to normal. I also have a feeling that maybe only Seo can come back to life, if the writer wants someone to come back. Because his death is the only death caused not by a player vs. player duel and the only death that doesn't fit into the latest Emma causing glitch theory. Cha and Marco are dead. I don't know and that's the very reason I proposed the theory that Marco was not killed by SJ in the game and his death was actually a homicide,the murderer left his body to rot in woods, deliberately. SJ is hiding in the game not because of Marco but because of a third person outside the game who is after his life. If we believe what JW has told us, then SJ has magical powers of going back and forth between Granada and Barcelona or just like JW doesn't limp while he is playing the game, in the same way, for SJ distance between Granada and Barcelona has vanished.
  13. I am glad that you brought this up because the whole night I kept on thinking about the whole Islamic connotation that they referred to and I wondered why didn't I also hear this particular story. I think they have mixed up a belief and a myth, and created a whole new story. There is this belief in Islam that Fatima being the favourite daughter of the Prophet shall be the queen of women in Heaven. That's an actual belief in Islam. Now the tale of Alhambra palace is the one that you mentioned, that Alhambra is 'unconquerable' and only if a knight or someone powerful reaches the key, Alhambra will be conquered, or it will be the end of the world. The hand is merely a symbol of protection from evil. And I don't know about the bracelet...ha! See, they made a mash of so many things and created something that is totally out of context. Anyways, I agree, if you are referring to religion then it should be well researched and not misleading. Sigh..it's dramaland!