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  1. your replies always WIN.... ysj fans in this thread dont get mad it is just for fun..hahahaha...it will be great if hs n jw kiss but it impossible..sometimes reading comment in this thread is fun.
  2. @meira23..why eric must getting bash ???for why??? one world know they already denied rumors.When they act awkward like that will make suspicious.Not only fans suspicious,public also feel it.They already denied it,why he gf still jealous?Be profesional is enough ! If u see other couple,example is Songsong couple..they are more rumours but they still can act profesional like friends infront of public. If u think his gf normal get jealous if he act normaly.I think u must think she must get jealous with the photobook and quotes in it .Dont make it complicated.You guys come to this thread make mess and others blame us the situation worst.If u guys profesional,u didnt have come to this thread to give ur opinion bcause it will make more complicated and fans war !It useless to debate with people not understand.
  3. u ERIC FANS,if u see the bad comment or something we never said about Eric or whoever in THIS THREAD,(maybe u guys read wherever:IG,Twitter etc).Just PM them n tell truth.If u guys keep posting it in here it make more worst.From others dont know,they will know.If they say something bad to E or Gf doesnt mean they are shippper.
  4. Sorry,may i know when did shippers said Ms Na Is seeking for sugar daddy??I never read it b4.I just read today in this thread bcause some of Eric Fans drag it here ..
  5. actually i want to say they SHOULD learn manners from their leader.I miss that word.No need to google it bcause now im saying about ERIC BAD FANS.thanks.
  6. "ERIC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DELLUSION/HE HAS A REAL GIRL NOT A FOREPLAY GIRL . Really?? They say like that ???So RUDE and JERK !What kind of fans is that?My first time i see this kind of fans in kpop.If true,I think they learn manners from their leader..Better good manners than good look.
  7. I think if u dont want negative comment in this thread,i suggest u to stop posting in this thread(dont reply the comment n dont care)Most of Shippers are just stay quiet already.If u kept replying it will never end.U also said u cant force to like Eric relationship and its all up to us.Thats all! (so sorry if it hurt u)
  8. True,sometimes fans are too fanatic and pretend to know everything about theirs bias.Sorry to say.