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  1. The highest 25.6% in itself" ... 'Defendants', 25%
  2. the drama is just sad and frustrated
  3. somehow i feel losing interest PHS next week hair look so good, much better than recently, same hair that he has in high society Bo Soon style is very granma clothes
  4. none of them has ben confirmed yet
  5. Today they have ending party, so they have been live shooting. As Yeol, I think he was busy with Exo so they just kill him off early
  6. 16.8% lol he touches my bottom, so clever somehow i think the two guys will work together at the end,
  7. its not long time, the drama before defendant is romantic doctor, teacher kim
  8. 4.9% i think the rate will be more or less like this from now on
  9. with low rating of perfect wife, i think it will be cut to 16 episodes... just not sure if TRMW have enough time to film as they havent started filiming yet. PSJ just finish fimling the movie then go straight to this. I hope they change the name thought, third rate my way is a very strange name