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  1. Try it ep 5 with eng sub https://youtu.be/Vq1oA7kLnhI
  2. They both are admirative to GunOff which show us they are friends before to be into competitive attitude! Great boys! And yeah, best kiss scene! I always supposed, seeing Perth kissing Saint so perfectly in the serie, there is something more than just friendship/brothership! They higly deserve their trophy! Both are very good young actor, but chemistry/attraction made the rest. It's my turn to be admirative. It's great they associate P'New to their success on stage, and the double duo are my two fav couples. I also wanted to associate as a couple trio Ohm/Toey, Alas, i'm sad for Ohm and i'm sure he is more sad than me!
  3. How Saint say thank you (my love) to Perth! Saint is very talkative (with hand)!
  4. LINE TV AWARDS 2019 Best couple: Winner: Perth & Saint Congrats! Bravo, boys!
  5. Hi i'm glad that thread is not (yet) dead! There was so much traffic before so now it is great to be able to walk safely on the middle of the road. So quiet!!! I patiently wait season 2 (have re-re-watch MIR, Please, LS s1+2, and i delay to rewatch LBC! I still not yet subscrib to social media, but i visit some twitter dedicated LBC for maintain contact with the boys. Have just got YT Perth Voter run vid 1-2-3 (unfortunately without eng sub), will watch tomorrow. Say hello to all true LBC serie's lovers!
  6. This vid could sound a lot better with eng sub.Both seems to have fun time, and it would be preferable to made part of the fun with eng sub! The only thing i understand is "Deke Laedeke" ( a little bit short, isn't it!)
  7. Hi Not yet found HQ/HD so have read complete vid is not accessible if you don't have code. Still have to wait. But try this: https:// It killed me by laugh and boys are so cute! ps: it is eng sub
  8. Already bad (but fun) at dancing, already wear his famed smile!
  9. We never says never, if S2 have to exist, it is possibly with another director than P'New! Just hope with same actors! P'New ended with 1.000.000bath debt (about 27.700€) and manager's problems create disenchantment, and he was the only one to manage this troubles. It is easy to understand he's not yet ready for S2. Only time heals the wounds (health or money), so we must be patient! My little finger says we'll see it one day and it never fails!
  10. 3230‏ @yoop3230 SuivreSuivre @yoop3230 Plus Saint’mom retweet ”from my 10 years experience I can tell you that They’re already in relationship. They aren't hiding, They just act as nothing happened.” #PerthSaintSation 08:05 - 3 janv. 2019 Can we believe it, Perth/Saint is real?
  11. As usual, the Mel_Rios comment is as long as a no ending day, but his positive point show us he is still into great shape! I was sure that a final allegory about Drake Laedeke actor will come at one point or another, so bingo! I must say, A contrario to Mel_Rios thoughts about this last ep, i think it is the best one so far, on an emotive point of view! I don't search to know if the story is understandable, or credible, as i always take every BL series/movies, i need emotion, and Kongpop/Arthit given me a lot! Only one weak point, the crying Arthit moment, i saw him does better work for similar scene! BTW, the rest is top level! Maybe this last ep was more into what i want from this kind of bonus, and the whole thing (the five eps) is largely on the good side and it was so good to see again all those old good loved faces! Just hope in a few years (2 would be a good timing), to have a new set with same stories/actors! And new Mel_Rios (long) comment!
  12. Hoops! Our lovely baby finally found a solution!
  13. With news like this, i better understand why there is no season 2! For now i have more than hope we will have it, it's just a question of time. I just hope it will be with same actors!