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  1. Hwonhwon, do you know how many theatres showing REAL? "Number one spot in the overall pre-sale despite the fact that it is a movie that is judged to be ineligible for youth admission" Well said. Truer than the Truth. Cant hope for more.
  2. It is not easy to translate from Hangul to English. However, it is not difficult to understand " Korean Film preview rate Kim Soo Hyun Real No 1." and "Real was 39.1%, the first in the pre-sale period.". Also, there are still the 27th June for pre-sale bookings. Sooooooooooooo pleased and extremely satisfied (with the result) and consoled (for ourselves and everybody contributing to this thread) and happy(for Soo Hyun) and grateful( to the fans of Soo Hyun) and thankful (to everybody who made contributed to the success so far) and excited over the news.
  3. Hwonhwon, any idea whether JTY will be sitting through the movie with the reporters? Getting very nervous. 1 hour passed by now but the movie is for 132 minutes right? So another 1 hour and more to wait. Anguish persevere sweat worried and hopefully in 2 hours the news are and .
  4. We are no angels but we do float in the air occasionally. From this picture posted by Hwonhwon or Rossy, he seems to be asking us what can we do for him in REAL. Soo Hyun put in his heart and soul in it. Though besides us, there are millions of other fans of Soo Hyun, we should at least hope or dream for the success of REAL even if we cant support him in other ways. We ever dream OR hope that REAL will top the chart of the movies showing at the same time. When we saw those competitors of REAL we lower our hope to that of REAL ranking 2nd in the chart. On further consideration, Now topping the chart movie was released on 21st June 2017 and by 28th June 2017 at least 2 million has watched that movie. REAL will be released on 28th June 2017 and so by the 2nd week or so, there are chances that REAL may overtake it and top the chart. It is never an offence to DREAM HIGH. As to a prospective local challenger, we are not that worried because of the genre of that movie. We dont know any of the actors there and so are in no position to compare. We are talking mainly on the genre of that movie. If based on the synopsis provided most likely people will watch that movie only once and not more. Any show relating to the Japanese occupation are just gravely solemn reminders of the past and some may not like to be reminded of their relatives or friends who suffered during that regime. Only the fans of those actors may watch more than once. The only obstacle to REAL outshining many other movies are we said and repeat the ratings. Why cr to the owner. Cant even try to translate the hanguls because the lower line is incomplete.
  5. Hwonhwon, we looked up the link above provided by you. We dare not translate because we are not even at the primary one level. However, even with our kindergarten level knowledge, we understand one of the comments and which we agree TOTALLY and that is "What ever Mr Kim Soo Hyun does is worth watching" Just feel so good after reading.
  6. GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY Brief translation of above From Kmoon Guarding star: 25th June Movie REAL: From tomorrow will start all various supporting and bookings activities. Everything will be according to real condition and following regulations, Dear friends, please wait patiently. Thanks One the one hand, we are worried about the 19+ ratings, On the other hand we consoled ourselves that the other movie started pre-sale bookings a few days before REAL. We checked through Hancinema. As we said, we should not feel lost even if REAL is behind it though we hope for the BEST.
  7. No 3 is very close to REAL. HOWEVER, the pre-sale bookings of No 3 was very much earlier than REAL. Even if its pre-sale bookings surpasses REAL, we are still proud of REAL. Tomorrow will be the media con day. Can Soo Hyun rests well tonight for the "big conference" tomorrow? Hopefully it is as impressive as that of Producers in 2015. OMG it was already 2 years ago when we were super excited watching the video of the media con for Producers. Since also talking of Producers, shall we check the similarities of the picture of Soo Hyun below in REAL and those when he was in Producers. None except that he is the same KIM SOO HYUN. cr to the owner Difficult to imagine that the above JTY is acted by the same person for BSC. Equally difficult to guess the mood of JTY in this picture. Also difficult to read his mind from the expression. However, from the eyes, not difficult to conclude or ascertain that JTY is a cool trouble shooter but at the wrong side of the law. The thick set of eye brows make it more obvious.
  8. Yes, nothing surprising OR new when talking about Soo HYun in REAL. Soo Hyun would try his best in whatever movement required from him in all his dramas and movies. Not surprising that he worked even harder than before for REAL. He worked fervently and literary put his heart and soul in REAL. For the period concentrating on REAL, not difficult to see the hardship and sacrifices he experienced and made respectively, financially, mentally and physically. Glad to hear that the fighting actions are not similar to those in other films or movies and are unique in combining kungfu and dance. Mentioning Secretly and Greatly so often that we begin to miss Lee Hyun Woo (hope is the correct spelling). Will he do a cameo in REAL? CR to the owner YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Soo Hyun is an Amazing actor. Will we ever see another picture of Soo Hyun in future similar to this picture? It took us sometime to accept the fact that the person in the picture is our Soo Hyun. Need a real actor to be able to act so realistically and without exaggeration.
  9. Hello Rossy, why are you not entertaining friends but posting today? Where is this place?
  10. We dont understand ourselves now. We waited for this notification so eagerly and yet so fearfully. We hope to know the truth and yet fearful of disappointment all because of the 19+ ratings. We have full of confidence before the ratings but were so shaken by the news. We are no movie goers and so not familiar with all the ratings. However, we are worried about young Soo Hyun's fans not allowed into the theatre because of their age. We are of the opinion that youngsters form a large part of the movie goers though we do not have any statistic to back us. Probably, for elsewhere besides South Korea, there should'nt be any problem because the violent scenes will be censored and younger audience are allowed. However,we do hope that REAL performs just as well in SK because "no where is better than home" Any way, we will still be waiting for further notifications on pre-sale bookings (at least 2 more notifications).
  11. NOW We know what else we can do to support REAL if we are in Seoul. We including Hwonhwon, Rossy and Iluilu will be distributing the above fans to the passerby at DongDaeMun. We will start at 10.00am. At 12.00noon we will have our lunch at a restaurant there and of course distribute to the customers there. Thereafter we will distribute the fans until dinner. After dinner, we will carry on with the distribution at the Night Market until 10.00pm when most of the stalls will be closed. We will celebrate our success of the distribution by having a super supper. All agree?
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Great feeling waking up in the morning and reading such notice. Thanks Hwonhwon. We cant help in any way in promoting REAL but at least we can show mental support. Soo Hyun should be happy with what is happening. Only 3 days to the grand opening. REAL please be successful for all the efforts put in by Soo Hyun (and all his Forever Faithful Fans).
  13. Rossy, look at the first picture. There is a blood clot at one of his eyes. Does'nt look like photoshopped. Did he get hurt while filming REAL or he did not sleep continuously for many hours. Poor Soo Hyun.
  14. Thanks Hwonhwon. Quite a relief to us. We never hope for REAL to beat No 1 on the list. Originally, we hope for REAL to break the record of the volume of pre-sale bookings in korean movies for 2017. After the rating, we only pray that REAL will top all other movies released at about the same time. Not really worried now as REAL is very close to No 3 whereas the pre-sale bookings of No 2 was a few days before REAL. Not difficult to catch up. cr to the owner. Yes ELEGANCE is the right word for Soo Hyun or JTY.
  15. Hwonhwon any update on the pre-sale bookings? A bit worried because it is rated 19+ Copied the below extract from Soompi: "On June 16, KBS anchor Kim Sun Geun, who conducted the interview at the time, revealed what she had said on a podcast. Sulli’s answer was, “His lips tasted good.” Kim Sun Geun added that the comment had been censored merely due to concern over it being aired on a public broadcasting channel and it was not a serious issue". CR to owner AGREE TOTALLY with Sulli on his lips when we look at JTY in this picture. This is one of the rare pictures of JTY or Soo Hyun in REAL where it is closest to him. Just from the pictures and trailers of REAL released we already see countless of expressions of JTY. Seriously, do we need to watch the movie 6 times (as stated before) before we can see the difference of the 2 JTY.? OUR HUMBLE opinion is "NO NEED". From the various expressions we saw, we already see clearly the difference between the 2 JTY. We will see the movie for not less than 6 times not to see the difference in the 2 JTY but to see Kim Soo Hun over and over again.