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  1. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    These pictures were taken from Weibo by someone (not sure whether Soo Hyun's fan) who happened to be in Japan and surprised that she was able to watch REAL over there. She said that REAL had very little korean influence and regretted not being able to watch again as she had not much time in Japan. She could not understand certain part of the movie. Soo Hyun once said that we need to watch at least 6 times to fully understand REAL so not surprising that she could not grasp the plot at one sitting. Some people feel the rain others just get wet. Bob Marley We have been thinking of this quote for a long time. We agree totally to the quote though it may be interpreted in many ways. We, genuine fans of Soo Hyun feel the rain (in fact thunderous rain/storm) when REAL was first released in SK while his passing fans just get wet. We, genuine fans of Soo Hyun feel the rain (the personal attack on Soo Hyun) and get sick with anger and frustrations while his undependable fans just dry themselves after getting wet. We, genuine fans of Soo Hyun feel the rain and try to prevent REAL from being destroyed by the rain while his double-cross fans just take care of themselves after getting wet and left. Another interpretation: We sincerely feel the rain as we appreciate the acting prowess of Soo Hyun in REAL while there are those who simply watch the show and just get wet without any feelings. REAL fighting.
  2. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Obviously, Certainly, Evidently, Of course, Surely, Undeniably, Unquestionably and Without doubt REAL IS DOING WELL in Japan. It speaks for itself. Increase of theatres when REAL was released in Japan. REAL is doing well in Japan. Soo Hyun will be even better known in Japan after REAL. Soo Hyun's effort is not wasted. Soo Hyun's great fans' effort are seeing results. Wondering what are the feelings of those conglomerates and antis responsible for the downfall of REAL in SK.
  3. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    We are always dumbfounded whenever we read of what loyal fans did or doing for Soo Hyun on REAL. For every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month his sincere fans are working on something to bring justice to REAL. They cant fight against conglomerates or antis in SK but they can do wonders outside Sk. They are more capable than KeyEast a hundredfold. These genuine fans are not only loyal but also geniuses breaking new grounds on their ideas one after another. Soo Hyun ah We believe that you are sincere to your fans and that is how your fans reciprocate. We believe that you treat your fans as friends with love and not money makers of ATM and that is exactly the reason why your fans are willing to spend their hard earn money on your welfare. We believe that you work extremely hard to be a real actor (different from many of your peers) and so your fans are also willing to work just as hard to help you to achieve your aim. We believe that you suffered the most humiliating blow when REAL was released in SK but your fans are going all out to uphold the justice due to you. We believe that you hope that REAL reaches as far as possible and be watched by as many as possible. KeyEast cant do much but your devoted and dutiful fans are doing that for you putting in their efforts, money, time and presumably at the expense of their health. We believe that you will come out from the army an even more matured person and so your fans are counting the days for your return. REAL FIGHTING
  4. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Giving credit to the above owners of the pictures. So happy with the number of viewers to the above posts. 868 ,000 and 2,000,000 viewers. It may be months ago but it showed the tremendous interest of REAL at that time outside South Korea, the place that literally destroyed the movie. Grateful to the fans of Soo Hyun for the honourable spirit for bringing REAL to the attention of audiences outside SK. Many thanks Hwonhwon for the 3 beautiful Fans art of Real. All are very well drawn but what impressed us most is this piece. Look at the flaming eyes. Very realistic as if in the actual picture of JTY. Very well done.
  5. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    I always search for REAL's news in Weibo under the site REAL (not the movie itself). That is the site where I read about the fans support of REAL in Taiwan and HongKong. That is also the place where occasionally I get pictures of JTY in REAL posted by Soo Hyun's fans from China. I kept seeing the movie REAL at the right hand corner with another 2 movies but did not pay much attention until today due to the other 2 happened to be also REAL....... Yes, I believe that till date, there are still people searching for the movie REAL.
  6. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    picture taken from one of Soo Hyun's fan at facebook Wishing all mothers who have/have not watched REAL a happy and memorable MOTHER'S DAY.
  7. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Haha what a co-incidence with the 3 REALs in Weibo. This section I posted indicates the 3 most searched topics in this part of Weibo. It is the 3 Reals that catches my attention initially. My excitement sets in only after I realised that Soo Hyun's REAL is there since the first day of its birth in SK or maybe earlier. I started searching/reading on that section of Weibo after the release of REAL in SK (June 2017). So, the movie REAL has been one of the top 3 most searched topic in that section of Weibo for about 11 months. Broke any records of Weibo? REAL fighting
  8. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Saw this picture at Facebook posted by one of Soo Hyun's fan. Had been admiring the subtle yet comprehensible expressions of JTY. These are just 4 of the hundreds of such expressions captured in REAL. This fan captured some of the nice views of Soo Hyun in REAL. Another of his fan ever said that "Life is like a camera, just focus on what is important. Capture the good times and nice views. If things dont turn out beautiful, take another shot. There are always another chance". We agree totally if she is talking about life generally. Take another shot or go for another chance if we dont do well in certain examinations or in our career. Otherwise, interpreting "nice views" may be difficult as it is very subjective. Not everyone agrees on the choice of the 7 Wonders of the world. Figuratively is REAL considered as a "nice view" captured in Soo Hyun's life?. Does Soo Hyun need another "nice shot" or another chance? We presumed that this fan and some other fans viewed REAL as "not a nice view" and Soo Hyun may need another shot or chance. As stated, "nice views" are very subjective and what is considered "not nice view" by some may turn out to be the best scenery for others. We always consider REAL the "nice views" of Soo Hyun's career life. REAL is the eye opener for many of his enemies who are not familiar or underestimate Soo Hyun's real fans. REAL is the eye opener for many of his peers or directors or producers on Soo Hyun's actual acting chops. REAL is the eye opener for those working in the entertainment industry on Soo Hyun's star's power. REAL is the eye opener for Soo Hyun's fans on his special aptitude and personality. There is no reason for Soo Hyun not to take another shot or many other shots in his career but also no reason for him to treat REAL as the cause for taking further shots. Probably Soo Hyun's fan is trying to console him not to be disheartened over REAL and try another drama or movie when he is out of the army to strengthen his position in the entertainment world. To them, most probably, they considered Soo Hyun's almighty status in SK shaken by REAL. To us, not only is his status not shaken at all but infact strengthened after REAL. There is no urgency for him to pick up any movie (or chance) but to consider whether any offers are comparable to that of REAL. We must be in the minority but we are REAL. REAL fighting
  9. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    After a hectic, exhausting and burning week it is a great pleasure to be able to read this thread. However, after reading this particular post by our dear Hwonhwon, we cant even describe our feelings aptly. Affected deeply: We are beyond doubt captivated by the deep affection of Soo Hyun's fans and the pure and simple love affair between his fans and him. For the love of Soo Hyun, fans took the extraordinary but harsh route to support REAL. They are doing more than "fans" expected to do. Their sincere love for Soo Hyun is praiseworthy. Grateful: Words cant describe how grateful we are to them. They do not expect any returns fortheir hard work or financial support of REAL especially when Soo Hyun is now in the army. Staying a month in one of the world's most expensive country is costly. Soo Hyun should be overwhelm by all these fans' sincerity as we are overwhelm by their love and support of REAL. In contrast to them, what did we do for REAL? Hopeful: After Japan, if REAL is able to show in just another few countries, it may be able to recoup the financial loss after the unnatural death in SK. REAL did well in Taiwan. We believe that Soo Hyun never regretted in taking on REAL though he may lost financially but he may be sorrowful that he caused financial loss to the sponsors of REAL. As long as REAL's income from other countries are sufficient to reimburse those payments made by the sponsors, we believe that Soo Hyun will be more relieved. Soo Hyun already got paid from REAL though not in the financial sense. His acting chops are now known in every corner of the entertainment industry. Just read that in a movie of a A-listed well known actor's admission was only about 350,000 plus in SK. REAL's admission was definitely much more than that and yet its enemies publicly declared REAL to be the worst movie in SK. But, from this comparison, we deduce that Soo Hyun is actually considered a A+listed (not just A-listed) actor by his enemies, a status more supreme than many others. Those enemies hope to convince that REAL is the worst movie to bring down Soo Hyun and to take revenge on the financial loss from THAAD but the repercussions of their evilness is that REAL is more popular and Soo Hyun's acting prowess more recognised.
  10. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    A teacher asked some students." If you need to boil a pot of water and when lighting the fire, you realised that there are insufficient woods to boil the entire pot of water. What should you do?" Some students suggested that they look for more woods, some suggested borrowing and some suggested buying more woods. Teacher said to them "Why dont we pour out some of the water in the pot so that the woods are sufficient to boil the remaining water?" The lesson from the teacher: Things dont always work out as we anticipated or wish to be. We need to give up some before we can gain more. Soo Hyun, most likely, knew that things may not always work out as he anticipated especially in the entertainment industry. He took the risk in REAL of loosing some fans due to his 180 degrees change of his image portrayed in his previous work. He took the said risk because he wanted to be acknowledged as a real actor not just a popular actor. From what we read, he actually lost some fans because of REAL. However, the loss of those fans are negligible if compared to the gains he made. He gained the reputation of being the actor with solid acting and the admiration from others in the same industry. He gained the respect from many unsung heroes even in SK. Those that left him after REAL will not park permanently anywhere. They admire handsome and "pure" actors which cant keep afloat in the entertainment industry. The handsome actors will be overtaken by the more handsome actors and those "pure" actors can never hold out for long as there will be other "pure" younger actors flooding the industry. As witnessed by the Baeksang (hope right spelling) Awards, Only real actors can survive long in the entertainment industry.
  11. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Soo Hyun's fan on REAL or to Soo Hyun. Success does not lie in the results but in the efforts. Being the best is not so important. Doing the best is all that matters. Agree, Agree and Agree Soo Hyun did his best on REAL. He dedicated about two years of his life to REAL. He spent his great energy and money on REAL. He experienced the worst form of himiliation of his life on the release of REAL. So, should Soo Hyun consider REAL a failure? No. We uphold the belief that Success does not lie in the results but in the efforts. Being the best is not so important. Doing the best is all that matters. This is the one and probably only one good opportunity to showcase his acting prowess. Had he not done his best in REAL, his faithful fans may not work this hard. Every of his fans has different opinion on whether REAL is the right or wrong choice. Our most sincere opinion is that he grabbed the right opportunity to showcase his acting chops and to be a real actor. To us, he seized the right opportunity though it took too long a time to achieve the aim. Together with the 2 years' enlistment, he lost 4 years of his prime time. However, to those who consider REAL the wrong project for Soo Hyun, we cant convince them to change their opinion but at least we stay true to the believe that "Success does not lie in the results but in the efforts. Being the best is not so important but doing his best is all that matters". As to the results of the tremendous efforts made by the most dedicated and loyal fans of Soo Hyun who spent their energies and money (same as Soo Hyun) supporting REAL from day 1 of the release till now and in future, may be uncertain, but we believe that their efforts in the careful pruning of REAL will bear great fruits. We also believe that there are many actors out there admiring and adoring Soo Hyun on having such great fans going the extra (thousands) mile to bringing justice to REAL. The efforts made by these faithful fans for REAL will be recorded in the history of movies in SK. Regret: Cant join the group because of our work. Will miss out the opportunity of meeting Soo Hyun's fans and posting many interesting pictures.
  12. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Good morning Everybody "Because he’s an actor that needs to hone his craft by challenging himself in different roles and genres. He can’t become a serious actor if he only chooses roles to maintain his popularity. That being said, his acting was fantastic in Real and it really showcased his acting chops." I copied the above comment (from an article on the mannerism of another actor) from Netizenbuzz. The comment was a reply from A to B when B enquired why Soo Hyun took on REAL. It brightens our day also when reading the other very positive comments of Soo Hyun. We hope that he/she has no objection to our copying her comments here. Yes and yes and yes REAL is fantastic and showcased Soo Hyun's acting chops. The below picture was posted by Rossy which showed the various subtle yet vivid emotions of JTY. These pictures gathered are just grains of sands in the desert. There are many more of such pictures unfortunately not in our possession.
  13. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    another subtle expression of irritation of JTY just with his eyes and involving no other facial features. This is the art of acting. Love JTY's hairstyle. Note the painstaking even curls elegantly swept behind.
  14. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    We stumble on this picture when searching on another picture which we saved earlier from Facebook. We are first attracted by the hair style. It is so classic yet up-to-the-minute fashionable. So manly yet beautiful. Not all are suitable for the crew cut or fuzz cut or feather cut but majority should be able to take this hairdo. Had REAL not been exterminated at birth in SK, this hairstyle could be one of the most fashionable now. So sorry. Dont know how to reduce the size of the picture. The next to attract our attention in this picture is the expression of JTY. In the picture he looked as if pondering over something deeply and uncertain on the decisions to be made. Putting JTY aside, will Soo Hyun be occasionally be with this expression when alone? When he has the opportunity to think over his career especially after REAL, will his expression be the same as above? Did he ever regret in taking on REAL? Yes and No. Knowing his fine and honourable character, he would regret when seeing his most loyal and dedicated fans working so hard to support REAL. He is a humble and kind person. It may even hurt him to hear his fans travelling thousands of miles and spending huge amount of money to support REAL. It may hurt him further to hear the continuous support of fans in Taiwan who book theatres for 2 years to support REAL. It may also hurt him to hear that fans from HongKong fought with the local authorities for the official release of REAL in HongKong. However, for him, we believe that he did not regret for taking REAL judging from his challenging attitude towards work. He is now even more popular than before. We believe (though not whole hearted) in the saying that: What determines your fate is not by chance but choice. Soo Hyun's choice on REAL should be the most controversial even among his fans but to us, it is a good choice. Soo Hyun choice of REAL sealed his fate to be one of the most well received and respected actor in Asia if not wider. Soo Hyun will agree totally with the saying from one of his fan that Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. REAL is an utmost different choice made by Soo Hyun and so received the most unexpected results.
  15. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Is Kobe the place popular for Geisha? If it is, we had been there 3 years back. It is a beautiful place with serene landscape. People we met there appeared very gentle and disciplined. Hope REAL will do well there. REAL fighting