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  1. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Having a day of rest after a few crazy days of preparation for the lunar new New Year and visitings. While enjoying the peacefulness in a corner of our room, we can imagine the loud sound of the fire crackers, the exchange of new year greetings, the exchange of ang pows, the offerings of the new year cookies, the excitement, joy and celebrations of the fans of Soo Hyun and REAL on that day (16th February) on the 14th floor of Joy Times Shadow City outside the theatre. If only 5 of us were there. If we were there, probably we would have also get a lion dance troupe to celebrate the success of Soo Hyun over all those who tried to bring him down. REAL will forever be in the hearts of so many. Those cinemas outside SK which were imtimidated into not showing REAL should have regretted for doing so after hearing all the supports the movie have from fans of the superstar. All eyes and ears should be on the actor of REAL after witnessing the love and power of his fans. Soo Hyun is and will be in the army for many months more but the support never ceased. We may be new to the entertainment industry of SK, but we do read alot of its history. We have yet to come across any other movie or actor having such incredible support from fans. REAL is real. Soo Hyun is real. Soo Hyun's fans are real. Soo Hyun's supporters are real. Love for REAL and Soo Hyun are real. Finally, 5 of us are real. Wishing REAL a happy lunar new year; Wishing Soo Hyun a blessed lunar new year; Wishing Soo Hyun's fans and supporters the best of all lunar new years.
  2. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Haha, cant highlight and so underline. There are obviously very different views as the various characters of JTY in REAL are polarised yet human. We meet such characters daily though we dont see them clearly probably blinded by love, hatred, ignorance or our insensitivity. It will be great if there can be a conference held just for REAL and just for the melting out of all the characters of JTY. All 3 of us will be there if there is one such conference held in our country.
  3. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    What we deserve is not always what we get BUT unknowingly we get things much more precious than we expect. This is called BLESSINGS REAL and SOO HYUN obviously being blessed. Human try to destroy him but the almighty helps him. REAL fighting!
  4. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Congratulations To all dear fans of REAL To the unsung heroes of this thread To Hwonhwon and Rossy THIS THREAD REACHES Page 100 today A great achievement for a movie destroyed at its birth.
  5. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Sorry Hwonhwon and Rossy for Missing In action for so long. No reasonable reasons for not posting more often but it is true that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. In the picture, Soo Hyun seemed to be praying. When one person prays, it may not be heard but when millions are praying for the same thing It will probably be answered. Soo Hyun probably prays for being considered as one of the most sincere and genuine and good actor when he took on REAL. His prayers were drown by his own country men and conglomerates. However, his millions of fans are not willing to let legendary REAL be destroyed by his own people. Fans take all forms of action to revive REAL. His international fans Went the extra thousands of miles for REAL by promoting REAL everywhere. For those fans who are not able to participate in the promotion can only pray for the success of the promoting fans. Yes, all the joint forces of all prayers of fans will be heard and REAL will do well in all places that it is released. Taiwanese fans contracted with the theatre to show REAL monthly for 2 years. Similarly those HongKong fans also continue with the ad hoc showing of REAL in HongKong. Japan will be releasing REAL in APRIL. For those not being able to participate in the promotion, please carry on praying for the success of REAL. It may seems ridiculous to pray for such matter but Soo Hyun did not deserves that inhuman treatment in his country and if human cant help him, prayers are needed.
  6. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    When you find a dream inside your heart, dont ever let it go. For dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrow grows. (from a fan) What makes you different right now makes you stand out later in life. So you should be proud of being different. Proud of who you are.(Ellen Degeneres) Accept your past without regrets.Handle your present with confidence.Face your future without fear.(from a fan) So so so true. Soo Hyun devoted his 2 years of his career at the peak to the movie REAL. His dream (those most fertile seeds in him) is always to be different from others and to be a reliable actor. Those tiny seeds sowed by himself grew over the years and they bloomed beautifully in REAL. Rest assured that Soo Hyun will have a beautiful tomorrow. We dare not claim that Soo Hyun is the best actor in South Korea or interntional but it is a fact that he is one of the very few good actors. We dare not claim that Soo Hyun is very different from other good actors but it is a fact that he is not quite the same as them. So after REAL he should be proud of himself. From the interviews after REAL he accepts his past (movie REAL) without regrets, he is handling his present (in the army) with confidence and from the love showered on him in spite of him being in the army, he will face his future without fear. REAL fighting
  7. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Nice calendar. Something interesting to report. We went shopping just now (or since this morning). I wore a REAL Tshirt. It was very tiring shopping among large crowds and so on the way to another designation and in the train, I fell asleep. When I woke up when nearing the next shopping station, I realised that there was a gentleman seated diagonally opposite to me and looking at me (actually my Tshirt). He looked like a foreigner. He got down at the same stop as me and I had the opportunity to look at one of his arm. There are 3 korean words tattooed. I managed to catch the first word "Li". We are hoping that he is from South Korea and bring back words to his fellow citizens that he saw someone wearing a REAL Tshirt at a country where REAL is not released.
  8. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Hahahaha Manage to post a decent picture after a couple of months. Wish REAL the best of luck for the DOG year.
  9. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Today is 20th January and they will be releasing the number of presale tickets. Rossy and Hwonhwon, any news of it yet? we cant sit still or sitting on edge. Please post as soon as you have the news of it. thanks 6 theatres showing REAL. hahaha. Its real and the Japanese are taking it seriously.
  10. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    The most encouraging result and one of the best news of 2018 for REAL. While writing, we are constantly reminded that free Illegal videos were available within 2 weeks of the release of REAL and from Weibo, there are daily advertisements on the availability of illegal videos of REAL. Yet the great result of the sale of the Legally produced movie REAL. From one of Soo Hyun's fan : "Always keep your head up because if it's down, you wont be able to see the blessings that have been placed in your life". If Soo Hyun lost his spirit after witnessing the terrible unscrupulous methods his own brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties used to kill REAL, he wont be able to see the blessings the almighty and his fans work out for him. He never loose his spirit and are now seeing clearly the love for him.
  11. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Hahaha the little gifts from REAL are getting better and better. Magnetic items are always welcomed. We may expect gifts wrappers, ball points or even cards holder linked to REAL in future. For household goods we hope to see cups and small dishes or chopsticks with REAL embossed in it. So excited.
  12. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

  13. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Hi Hwonhwon, Can you tell us what happened in the last blue picture? We have the blu-ray of REAL for a week but did not watch it yet and actually dare not watch it. Cant take the violence, the sex scenes and other bloody scenes. Will probably keep it till the lunar new year and let our relatives watch it instead. Please dont laugh at us. REAL is not our cup of tea though Soo Hyun is our thirst quencher.
  14. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    sexy fascinating charasmatic attractive captivating Please dont get angry with us for not mentioning "handsome" as we are of the opinion that the above descriptions are more appropriate for the above picture. We dont really consider Soo Hyun handsome in the above picture but that there are some factors in it that fascinated us so much. First time looking at JTY with such expression. The screenshot of this picture is well taken and it gives justice to Soo Hyun acting prowess. Can anyone guess what is in his mind at that moment? For both JTY, Soo Hyun immersed completely in acting out with his soul the deep intricate feelings of the polarised characters. A great actor with great acting attitudes.
  15. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Hi Rossy Thanks for the great news. We have not been visiting this thread for the past few days for fear of distraction of any news of REAL which may affect our work. Unfortunately, even without distractions, we still make careless mistakes which may cause us thousand of dollars and reputation. After further consideration, we decide to read and enjoy the great news of REAL since we cant avoid making mistakes even without distractions. Those responsible for the downfall of REAL in SK actually 'zhancao-chugen' meaning to cut the weeds and dig up the roots and that is to thoroughly wiped out any possibility of survival for REAL by releasing illegal videos within 2 weeks of the release of REAL. The most inhuman act to a movie in their movie history. However, If Soo Hyun is destined to shine for more years, how can human acts rob him of the divine decree? Their release of illegal videos may be a double edged sword. There is a possibility that those who watched REAL through those illegal videos would prefer to watch a more complete and integrated movie (illegal videos are sketchy and of very poor quality) from a legal DVD or Blu-Ray. So when legal DVD are available, not much of a surprise that the response are good. Our only concern is that will the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray in HongKong effect the release of REAL in Japan. .