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  1. Hi, Are we being too sensitive? If not, Soo Hyun should be the one who set the "challenging oneself to greater heights and out of the comfort zone" trend in SK. After the great success of Soo Hyun from all his work and from his various interviews, we note that he emphasized most on the determination to challenge himself to a greater height and with all genres of dramas. Thereafter, from most of the interviews of other actors we read, most of them talked also about venturing out of their comfort zones and taking different challenges. Even if he does not set the trend, he set a good example for younger stars to follow. Honoured to be his fans. We need to say GOOD NIGHT to everybody and reminds Rossy to email to us any news of SOO HYUN. We see everybody next Saturday. Bye Hwonhwon, where are you today?
  2. Thanks Rossy. Looking at the pictures of Soo Hyun when in Vietnam reminded us of a picture we liked very much from his Instagram. cr to the owner He looks very natural and relaxed in this picture. Though not smiling he still looks friendly and passionate. The shape of his face is perfect. Not so thin as to look disfigured, not too much flesh as to look bloated. Very soft stare at us though it is enough to cause hearts to flutter. He looks young/boyish and so should have been taken quite some time ago. Can it also be at 2014? Actually he looks good whether formal or informal. He looks good in blue which we only realised recently.
  3. Rossy are you attracted by his trying to shake hand with IU? ha ha joking. It is only available at SK only right? So definitely by tomorrow there will be news about the MV? Please email to us okay? once we work, we seldom visit this thread. We need concentration on our work and with him in mind, quite impossible not to stray. Haha Our dear Soo Hyun, any news about him is great news. So many actors had their FM in Taiwan lately and we presumed that his popularity should have reduced a bit. Seems like we are very wrong. He is still so loved there inspite of not appearing there for nearly 2 years. The saying "Pure gold not afraid of fire" so true. sorry to the moderator, we tried not to quote with the picture but we cant delete it.
  4. Hello Klky, While away from the laptop, our minds are still thinking of what you have said. Just realised that our moods took a plunge from one pole to another. We were reminded of the "terrible more than 6 months period" early last year when this thread lost one of the faithful fan of Soo Hyun (followed by the disappearance of another one). The "popping up" of others are unbearable but the popping up of one all out to "kill" Soo Hyun is extremely intolerable. At that time there were gigantic conglomerates trying to replace Soo Hyun in China or anywhere for one particular actor. These conglomerates anticipated (wrongly) that Soo Hyun will be enlisted soon and will loose ground in China. They needed a replacement in China to spin money for them and so chose that actor. During that period, That actor's picture was in every of Soo Hyun's sites. Whether it be youtube, youku, googles and another chinese site (cant remember the name). When fans protested (cant remember to where) the excuse given was the website cockup in its pictures. Many of the unconfirmed reports of the actor's overtaking Soo Hyun were also hashtag to Soo Hyun's sites presumably to make sure that all his fans know that Soo Hyun status "was taken over by that actor". Our colleagues went to Korea not long after that period and found that most of the shops that used to sell Soo Hyun's and other actors' products were no longer found. Every where were replaced by the pictures of that actor. Thanks to the almighty after the hurricane, Soo Hyun came out of his hiatus (completed filming REAL). He put those who tried to replace him in their right positions. Slowly some of that actor's pictures disappeared from Soo Hyun's sites. cr to the owner Not easy to replace Soo Hyun unless dear Soo Hyun became complacent and stopped working hard which he never will be.
  5. Good morning Rossy, even if we cover up the name of the person who posted this picture, we still can guess that it is you. Agree, he has beautiful hands. If we happened to meet him together, we will let you shake his hand first. You can grabbed both his hands at once if you dare but do not scare him away. There is such possibility of meeting him in person even though from far because he should be promoting REAL soon.
  6. hehehehe Klky very interesting picture. In all ways the one on the right is better. More natural; more attractive; more handsome; more amiable; more likeable etc etc. The one on the left is better only in one way. We can touch him but we cant (dont even dream of) touching the one on the right.
  7. Hahaha This picture comes in handy. Photobucket is still receiving medical aids and hopefully fit to work soon. Soo Hyun looked more like a teenager to us than 23 years old. As Hwonhwon said this picture was taken in 2011 and so before the drama "the moon embraces the sun". There is an upcoming Saguek drama and the promoters know how to hype it. From comments from the fans on the upcoming drama, they are hoping for the said drama to outdo the The Moon embracing the Sun in the ratings. We could not believe in what we heard thinking that fans do hope for the impossible. Later, we were told that the male lead in the drama was at one time (not too long ago) just as popular as Soo Hyun in SK. We forgot that Soo Hyun did not climb the ladder of success but shot to success. Every of his work is successful and so he bypass most of his peers to the top. So, it may not be too ambitious of fans of that drama to hope that it receives the same ratings or better than The Moon embracing the Sun. We are also more matured now towards fans of other actors and understand how others feel when their favourites who were once upon a time (again not too long ago) more famous and better received in South Korea than Soo Hyun loosing out to him in just a matter of a couple of years. We now understand why the super star Soo Hyun is super humble and polite. We now understand why Soo Hyun is low profiled and grounded. We now understand why Soo Hyun treated his seniors with great respect. We now understand why Soo Hyun treasures his achievements and not taking them for granted. We are expecting interviews of Soo Hyun during the opening of Paradise City. Any news? We are also expecting to hear news of Soo Hyun's MV. Hopefully by today because we are not working today and hope to see more pictures and hear news about Soo Hyun.
  8. Agree totally KlKY. He is a very steady person. He may be humble and polite but he seldom fumble (not talking about sense of directions). Being an upright person, he hides nothing. As the saying goes "the eyes are the windows of the soul", one can safely see a person 's character/mood through his eyes. As Soo Hyun hides nothing, his eyes are always radiating. He smiles not because he is infront of the camera. He never "act" in front of the camera to draw attention. On this occasion, we can see that he was not only excited but sincerely happy over some comments or treatment. Those sunshine smiles tell the story of the entire event. We do take note of another actor at the stage or other actors at the event. Are we being too sensitive?. At the stage, the other actor did not appear too friendly with Soo Hyun especially during the toasting. Probably he thought that he should be the chosen one since he is more popular than Soo Hyun in certain parts of the world. He appears to us to know some of the big shots in the management of the resorts. He was in the trade when Soo Hyun was still in college. Well, in the region where he is not well known, Soo Hyun shines. If Soo Hyun sets his eyes (we are saying "IF") in the region where the actor is active or his forte, he will be ousted in no time. he is fortunate that Soo Hyun will be out of the radar soon and for a miserable 2 years. As we said, we are only presuming and may be wrong but we definitely dont like his look on stage.
  9. Hahaha.. Klky, he sure is relieved when getting off the stage. We know very well he is not an attention seeker person. Attention seeker will seize this opportunity to "catch" more attention to gain more fans or publicity. Being a humble and grounded person, Soo Hyun certainly does'nt enjoy those toasting and standing shoulder to shoulder with those high society elites and taking pictures. There should be some more pictures of their touring around Paradise City right? It should be a great relief to him if his car leaves the premises of Paradise City and he can be himself again out of the spots light.
  10. Sorry Rossy, got to make use of the pictures posted by you because photobucket is problematic again. We were of super high spirit this morning when we read all the posts of Soo Hyun's achievements. However, we ventured further to read other sites and are now super down in spirit. 1. We read an article from another site that one actor will be completing his military service soon and be back in the entertainment circle in a few months. Soo Hyun has been in hiatus also for more than a year and few months. The difference between Soo Hyun and that actor will be that Soo Hyun will leave us soon for 2 years while the other will be returning in a few months. How we wish that Soo Hyun was serving his country for the period when he was in hiatus and will be back in full force in a few months. 2. We read from another site of the poor ratings of a drama (A) which we thought to be above average (though we had the opportunity to watch only 2 episodes). The male lead's acting is better than many other male leads in other dramas of good ratings. No overacting but subtlety with a difference from the norm.We are no experts capable of deciding the quality or standard of a drama but the reasons given (not from experts of course) for the good or bad ratings seem unreasonable or illogical. To us, the days have arrived when producers dont even have the confidence that a certain drama will sell even with a solid cast. Uncertainty looms in the entertainment circle besides the problem of THAAD. Soo Hyun may or may not be able to take on another drama before his enlistment. If it is the 87's that is going this year, Soo Hyun may be able to squeeze out a drama before enlistment. However, is it worth his effort? Are we paranoid and worrying unnecessarily for Soo Hyun?
  11. Haha......... very obviously, he likes Soo Hyun. Shall we let him know that every part of Soo Hyun has been claimed and that he is too late even for his hair?. Just fate and destiny that all he can claim of Soo Hyun now is that wax statute next to him. Count himself lucky actually. Even if we intend to take a picture with Soo Hyun wax figuring we need to travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars. For him, it is free. Probably for our next visit to Korea, we should try to stay in Paradise City. Only problem will be that we need to subsidize our colleagues' overseas' accommodations' allowance because Paradise City charges should be very much more than SK normal hotel's rates. Still worth considering.
  12. Can somebody please explain what is happening. We read comments that IU's song with GDragon in the album is very good. How is it that the song is released but the album not yet? Will Soo Hyun be the only guest in MV for IU's to be released album?Confusing.
  13. Thanks Hwonhwon, Now We know that he is the CEO of Paradise City. We observed with pride our Soo Hyun taking a picture with the CEO of Paradise City. Of course we are proud that Soo Hyun reaches a new height in his career and standing next to the CEO of a new grand holiday resorts of his own country though legally speaking he is not to stay in that resort as it is reserved for foreigners. However, we took pride more for his character than his status at this moment. Still looking at the above photograph. Very different from how many other actors will act (our opinion). He kept his distance. He showed no signs of trying to buy the CEO confidence or friendship. He showed no signs of trying to convince the on-lookers that he is closed or at least a friend of the CEO. He showed no sign of a person with super star status. We can safely say that by keeping the distance 1. He is not one trying to gain fame from connections but through his own efforts; 2. He is not one trying to improve his professional standing by being close to important people; 3. He knows where he stand and he stand where he should be. 4. The CEO will respect him more than if he puts his hand around his shoulder, standing very close to him and pretending to be great friends. Soo Hyun, an upright person who strive for his dreams and not relying on other factors. Keep it up Soo Hyun
  14. Did you spot the stage where Soo Hyun and the others took the pictures? If we are not wrong, it is at the top (about 12 oclock) right?
  15. Hi KlKY Any idea where was he going and when (centre picture first row)? thanks