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  1. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Soo Hyun strong positive self image (after REAL) is the best possible preparation for success in life. Soo Hyun already survive the worst nightmare in SK and surprised and surpassed many of his peers. What is left to be dealt with seriously is that REAL gets fair reviews from audiences in Japan. REAL FIGHTING. Good night everyone
  2. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Haha have managed to find out the places where they will print pictures on Tshirts. Unfortunately, we are able to go to them only on next Saturday. So we may have to wait till next week to see the below picture printed against dark blue Tshirts. Is the colour of the background okay? Any other suggestions?
  3. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Yes Rossy it is a good idea to print it on a T-Shirt. It probably will costs just as much as the jigsaw puzzle but we will make enquiries and choose the most reliable printer. We dont intend to use black or white T-shirts but probably navy blue or light yellow. haha dont get a shock if you see a T-shirt with that picture appearing in this thread. We dont consider REAL as a failure. We call it a very controversial movie. We cant even tell now whether Soo Hyun made the right choice in taking REAL. On the one hand Soo Hyun showed to SK entertainment world or to be precise the entertainment industries of those countries where SK has great influential power, his acting prowess. He also showed to everybody interested in him, his other most powerful assets, his ardent dedicated international fans. On the other hand, the unwarranted embarrassment and humiliation he went through were beyond description. Anyway, as you said, we are very proud of him and his achievements and that can never change. Good night.
  4. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Thanks Rossy for the picture. Arranging to meet a friend to help us send it to China to make the jigsaw puzzle. Once it arrived, we will post it before breaking down the pieces. We will post our progress as we get along. So excited. What else can we do with the picture? any suggestions?
  5. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    REAL has touched countless hearts of Soo Hyun's fans. Till date, there are still encouragements pouring in from everywhere to Soo Hyun and REAL. Two noteworthy and touching ones were: "Nothing goes to waste on the journey of life. Both bad and good experiences shape your mind and heart for what is to come. Be grateful for all the obstacles in your life. They have strengthen you as you continue your journey; and Surrounded by people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions and bring out the best in you." If we fans of REAL only managed to compose ourselves after months of struggling since its release in SK how about the actor of REAL who experienced first hand embarrassments and humiliations in his own country. However, REAL should have strengthen further the already powerful young actor. He still has a very long journey ahead. REAL will be showing in Japan. We are quite worried as the synopsis on REAL in Japan (if we are not mistaken) does not accurately describe the story. I really pray that history does not repeat itself. Some of the reviews from those who had watched REAL stated very clearly that the story is more on the various characters of humans but the synopsis says otherwise.
  6. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Rossy this picture is fantastic. I tried to save it but not successful. Can you please email to me. I am eyeing at this picture to send to China to make it into a jigsaw puzzle. Not too ambitious but probably only about 2000 pieces. Looking at the rate I am working, it will probably take me a year to complete it but will try. Thanks alot
  7. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Good morning Rossy We woke up early this morning to write on this post. Unfortunately after writing for sometime, something went wrong with this thread and our effort was gone. Now briefly, from what we gather from the Chinese version, it seems to be a voting from the Busan Cinema Centre for the actor of any movie who fans feel most apologetic or sorry about. It is not surprising that they voted Soo Hyun as the actor whom they feel sorry for the movie REAL. Soo Hyun was battered for nearly a month during the release of REAL. The fans in SK, for reasons known or unknown did not support him. It was Soo Hyun's personality and his chinese fans that saved him from being crippled by the insane and inhuman torturing. To us, as we had said in July quoting the chinese saying "saiweng shi ma, an zhi feifu" when the old man on the frontier lost his mare, who could have guessed it was a blessing in disguise? a loss may turn out to be a gain. Look at Soo Hyun now.
  8. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Before we start another hectic week, lets have some jokes. When Soo Hyun and Kim Jung Un stands together No 10 appears. In terms of gambling, it is a good figure. They both have the some similarities in character. Soo Hyun is not considered a normal young man but an icon of a challenger which is the same as Kim Jong Un. They should make very good friends because of this similarity. If Soo Hyun happens to fall into the hands of Kim Jong Un, nothing bad will happen. Instead Soo Hyun may be treated with a feast and stay with him for a couple of days before returning to SK. While staying there, he may request Soo Hyun to do the last dance in REAL. That dance is fantastically good. Someone who watched REAL thought that it was a fight (Weibo). He commented that it looked more like a dance. Haha.
  9. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Haha Rossy You do have a point for fearing Soo Hyun's safety when posted to the frontier. However, Kim Jong Un could have watched REAL and waiting for opportunity to meet JTY our Soo Hyun. Once Soo Hyun posted there, he will try all ways to capture our Soo Hyun. But, since he is Soo Hyun's fan, he will not ill treat Soo Hyun. Maybe due to Soo Hyun, both North and South Korea reunited into 1. Life is hard and it is our dreams that keep us going. haha.
  10. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    WHAT A MAN CAN BE, HE MUST BE. FROM MOVIE REAL. Have read all about our dear Soo Hyun choosing the Search Team instead of some more confortable places. Isnt that what REAL is trying to impart? This young man knows no barriers but only challenges in life. He was brutally murdered or at least visually killed in June 2017 when REAL was released in SK and yet in November he enlisted and in December the same year, after doing very well as a trainee, he took on the challenge to be assigned to the Search Team. He probably believed that REAL indoctrinate a lesson to be learned by everyone and he is taking the lead on that lesson. To make it simpler to understand, What a man can be, he must be, may be interpreted as What a man is capable of doing, he should do it without fear. Am I correct? Reading all the fears from fans of Soo Hyun in choosing that team, I recollected reading of his future by some well known fortune tellers from Hong Kong a few years back. An expert in reading faces stated that Soo Hyun will only meet with some health problems when he reaches the age of 35. Sounding superstitious but with that assurance, Soo Hyun will probably be okay for the next 2 years. haha. Also remember the lady MC promising to look after Soo Hyun when Soo Hyun met with any health problems. We wonder if she still remember her promise. cr to the owner.
  11. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    GOOD WIFE 0216 [2016 REAL full moon (1 month) Kim's fans gathering in HongKong to welcome Winter and continuing support of Soo Hyun) Altogether previously made 3 block bookings but still witness many friends unsuccessful attempts to see JTY. Very deeply effected especially at the last bookings on 23rd November 2017 when friends with no tickets rushed to the theatres. They waited quietly at a corner waiting for miracles to happen. Feeling very sad when looking at them. Although met with never before experience obstacles when applying for the block bookings and the increase of the ticket prices from $85.00 to $110.00) but to let more people see for themselves Soo Hyun's hard work and my never shaken determination, I will arrange personally the last block booking on 26th December First block bookings is 16th November and the last one is the 26th December. Welcome everybody to invite friends to enjoy together this memorable and happy moments. Watching from TV cant be compared to watching from the Big screen. Gather together to support Soo Hyun. Do it immediately. Everyone enjoy Siesta. Date: 16th December Time: 15.50 Theatre: Cinerma City JP Address: Dont know how to translate................3rd Floor No of people: 278 Price: $85 HongKong and $75 Yuan (Although price has increased but I will only collect the old price)
  12. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Sorry for missing in action. Totally exhausted after work. Someone (does not sound like a fan) commented on Weibo. She watched REAL and was confused by the story. However, one thing that impressed her most was Soo Hyun's acting especially his clear impressive eyes. Someone also said that when 2 people (A & meet there are actually 6 of them instead of 2. For each person, there will be the(1) what A think of himself (2) What B consider A is and (3) The real A. Similarly also for B. However, if one is to meet Soo Hyun, there will only be 4 instead of 6. When you meet Soo Hyun, you meet the real Soo Hyun. A REAL man.
  13. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Sure Hwonhwon, Give me an hour.
  14. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    ROSSY you had unknowingly posted our images. Dont you think that we fans are also injured all over though we dont have the bandages? Only the day when REAL received a form of acknowledgement it deserves that we will recover from the injuries. We will wait right?
  15. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Previously we used to think that money cant buy only intangibles though sometime money can buy the hearts of the greed. Now, because of REAL we believe that money ALSO cant buy an umbrella. Well as MLFTS said, FATE. GOOD MORNING everybody and have a nice day.