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  1. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Haha haha haha REAL extended again to the 23rd October 2017 in Taiwan. REAL breaks many records in Taiwan but it is never reported in SK. Understandable as those people including those that never watch REAL will avoid smacking their own cheeks or biting their own tongues at all costs. TO US, Soo Hyun's enlisting is at the most appropriate time. He divulges to the entire industry his acting prowess in REAL. He endures or submit to with equanimity and take upon himself the brutal humiliation inflicted on REAL. SK entertainment industry should be proud of the birth of a legendary figure Kim Soo Hyun. For REAL, we undertake most willingly to update it for the next 2 years (till the return of Soo Hyun) not entirely for the sake of Soo Hyun, not entirely for the sake of REAL, not entirely for the sake of Soo Hyun's fans but for the sake of JUSTICE.
  2. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    I did not even try voting because I lost faith in such votings. 2 years ago I personally witnessed votes rolled out in thousands (twice) when I was faithfully voting 1 vote at a time. Such abnormal votings would always be in the night so as to avoid suspicions. Just a few days ago, again, I had to be that unfortunate to witness abnormal votings. Soo Hyun was competing against another veteran actor who was not that popular though well known ( sincere apologies to his honest fans). Through the accumulations of votes for days, Soo Hyun lead by more than 13,000 votes. I repeat these 13,000 votes were accumulated for days not a few hours. On that fateful night due to heavy boosting medication (I was on MC for a few days) I could not sleep until past midnight. Though not fit, I was still faithfully voting for Soo Hyun. When I was forced to stop, at that time, there were still others voting for Soo Hyun and the gap was still about slightly more than 13,000 votes. The next morning, I was shocked to find that the gap between Soo Hyun and the other actor left with only about 4,000. I calculated that if for a few hours they could close the gap till only about 4,000, within a day, Soo Hyun would be defeated. Thereafter, inspite of help requested for the votings, I did not bother. At that time, I suspected that even strangers might be requested to vote for the other actor. Why fight a losing battle? I may be wrong and the other actor won the poll fairly. Unfortunately not easy to convince me that.
  3. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Good morning everybody REAL will see the good in everything soon though not everything is good especially with the shocking start in SK.
  4. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    hello, when are we supposed to meet there? shall we make arrangement for the date visiting Busan and be at this Hotel? Do you think that some of those actors attending the Busan Festival now (if it is still on) are in this Hotel? Do you think they are talking about REAL? Do you think that they also bow to Soo Hyun's challenge in REAL?
  5. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Soo Hyun will be in the army and not able to witness the grand opening of REAL in HongKong. Be that as it may, we are sure that he will receive the good news when available for him. Need to "Kowtow" to this 30 years' old young gentleman Kim Soo Hyun. He took on such courageous, resolutely fearless and bold challenge not only to his extraordinary successful career, not only to his flawless reputation, not only to the k entertainment industry, not only to the k movie industry, but to the international intricately complex entertainment industry. He succeeded. When Soo Hyun walks out of the army, he will be in another pride of his career. Can imagine the numbers of scripts and PDs waiting for him at the gate of the army camp probably offering blank cheques for him to fill in the particulars. Sk did managed to destroy the physical REAL but not the spirit. REAL will be the future spirit of reforms for the entertainment world everywhere.
  6. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Heh heh heh Not surprising at all. Though being sick and should be resting, I was still checking faithfully on the bookings of REAL daily for the last week. Compared to the bookings of other K movies showing at the same time with REAL, REAL shines brightly. Hopefully, REAL will receive the same response in HONG KONG.
  7. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Fantastically beautiful picture. Very well done.
  8. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Hee hee Hwonhwon, thanks for the good news. So busy with the votings and neglected JTY. Will apologise to him if we meet him personally. Dreaming is not an offence and so we will be dreaming for such a day to arrive.
  9. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Soooooooooooo charming. Lucky we decide to see if any of his picture will appear before we call it a day. Will be busy doing voting for his both sites until we are assured of his sitting right on top of both places. Thanks Rossy and Good night. See you tomorrow.
  10. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Yes Rossy, Real will never end. It will continue showing for the next few years (after the release in Japan) in those countries REAL are sold to during the film festival. Those illegal filthy videos will not cause much effect to the actual movie REAL because those are incomplete and not final edition. The REAL released in Hong Kong and hopefully Japan will be revised Edition. Besides, it is never the same to watch a movie from the big screen than from a small ipad. Only regret will be that we will not be informed which are the countries REAL will be sold to.
  11. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Have been very occupied with the voting and not concentrating on this thread. So Sorry JTY, So sorry Rossy, So sorry Hwonhwon. While resting, we look back at some of the postings and realised that REAL will stop showing in Taiwan on 11th October 2017 but immediately will be released in the Sitges Film festival on 12th and 13th. Next month it be released in Hong Kong. Fantastic.
  12. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Rossy, We waited anxiously for this day to justify our belief that REAL was treated barbarously and brutally killed the day it was released in SK. Only those responsible will know the reason for such cruel uncivilized acts on an innocent actor whose goal is just that his acting be acknowledged. Hopefully Soo Hyun is informed of the achievement of REAL in Taiwan. A special heartfelt gift to him before his enlistment.
  13. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Thanks Rossy "be recognised by the critics" Especially those critics in South Korea. Some of the critics in South Korea need to know that there may be multi-levels stratum in a movie and never stop at the first layer. They should not judge a movie superficially and most importantly never follow the crowd for fear of being outcasted. "a movie that for me is the best korean of the year, REAL" We believe that those responsible for bringing down REAL in South Korea never expect that Soo Hyun's acting prowess is not only acknowledged in SK but universally and nothing will stop professionals abroad from studying or appreciating artistically unique and solid films.
  14. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Gif from an audience who is totally fascinated by Soo Hyun's acting prowess in the 4 totally polarised characters in REAL. She just watched the movie REAL. Hope she does'nt mind our reposting the Gif here for more to appreciate. Real glory springs from silent conquest of ourselves. We cant agree more to this saying. REAL suffered the worst humiliation in SK. Those voices objecting to the extreme negative comments were drowned by the haters. However, we said many times but still saying that "genuine gold is not afraid of fire" and we believe that many haters will have to taste their own medicine and eat their words. REAL is silently proving its worth overseas and more foreigners (outside SK) will be introduced to Soo Hyun, one of the great actor in SK. With more foreigners staying in Paradise City and the promotion of it as far as Spain, REAL will be more well known than most other movies from SK.
  15. [Movie 2017] Real 리얼

    Anyone willing to pray with us for Soo Hyun to be there at the film festival so that we get to see more pictures of him?