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  1. This is just from Taipei. The above figure does not include those cinemas showing REAL in other parts of Taiwan. Congratulations to REAL, Congratulations to Soo Hyun, Congratulations to Soo Hyun's fans. We used to say that REAL lost the 1st battle in SK. Upon further consideration, actually there was no battle at all in SK because Soo Hyun was intruded and overrun by enemies at lightning speed. They surrounded Soo Hyun as if to catch a criminal or a runaway horse. Soo Hyun did not put up any fight. Worse, the enemies even went to the extent of putting up REAL in the internet and producing DVD within 2 weeks of the release so as to totally destroy REAL. We fans, when inspecting the damages done to REAL, did ask though without words to heaven whether there are any justice on earth or one will forever be bullied by large conglomerates or the powerful ones. We do believe that heaven is looking at REAL now. REAL IS released in Taiwan as the first stop. Most of us dare not hope for good result because REAL is available at the click of a button. Also, just 2 days before the release of REAL there was a typhoon in Taiwan. When looking at the good response in Taiwan, we teared in appreciation of the loyalty of Soo Hyun's fans and the effort they put in for REAL. REAL fighting.
  2. Got this wise saying from a fan of Soo Hyun. YOUR HARDEST TIME OFTEN LEAD TO THE GREATEST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE. During the release of REAL in SK, we saw all the dark clouds obscuring both the sun and the moon. All the well prepared and in advance horrible comments shot his body into pieces leaving behind only a conscious mind. As his fans, we are determined, within our means, to follow REAL to every corner of the world where it is released. How about Soo Hyun? We hope to tell him that Your hardest time often lead to the greatest moment of your life. We believe that Soo Hyun sees very clearly and distinctly from REAL who are his hidden or masked enemies. Also from REAL, we believe that Soo Hyun sees clearly and distinctly who are those who sincerely and faithfully supported him in time of need. Also from REAL, we believe that Soo Hyun leaped to a greater height in his career as more get to acknowledge his acting. Also his terrible experiences in REAL matured him. Just hope to hear from him personally as to his greatest moment of life after REAL. CR to the owner
  3. Good morning everybody According to this chart, Annabelle is the hottest show. That explains why REAL is always second to this show in Lux Cinemas. From observation, there are 9 movies showing everyday in Lux Cinemas and REAL ranks 2nd beating all other 7 movies. We have just checked (actually friends not us) and as at 16th August REAL is still No 2.
  4. A GOOD START IS HALF THE BATTLE WON. REAL GET OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT IN TAIWAN. SO LET US HOPE THAT REAL ENDED IN TAIWAN WITH THE BEST NOTE. REAL will be received favourably elsewhere and not SK as international audience will read honest Reviews and watched the movie. Hopefully REAL continue to exert itself and do well at every country of release.
  5. Hello Hwonhwon HOW CAN you post this picture at this time. How do you expect us to sleep with this picture in mind? OMG Soo Hyun had really transformed to such a macho. The difference between Professor Do and JTY is just too great. The difference between Soo Hyun of 2015 and 2016 is just too great. The difference between a shy (and sometime cheeky) Soo Hyun and the above picture is just too great. The difference between Soo Hyun during his fans meeting and the above picture is just too great. Question: Is the tattooist a male or female?. How can he/she be touching Soo Hyun's body for that number of hours?
  6. haha Hwonhwon, We dont know who are the actors but we knew of the story long long long ago. It is also a long long long story and so probably many many many episodes right? We just funished (skipped a few episodes) watching an interesting old Kdrama (50 episodes) " I summon you Gold". We like the actress (sorry never pay attention to her name) who acted in 2 roles (twins) with different characters convincingly. While watching her automatically we will think of the 2 JTY. What do you think is Soo Hyun doing now? Reading scripts, bowling, watching TV, listening to music?
  7. Heeheeheehee Rossy, From what we read, actually it exceeded 3 million Taiwan dollars on 14th August. Dont believe that we can be so intellectual overnight, check it yourself. Word of advice from an old lady: C Drama is no good for health and so dont watch. Same advice to Hwonhwon.
  8. Hahahaha Hwonhwon, We just checked on the latest development. As of 14th August REAL remains No 2. As for the other theatres, results are not shown. Have to use your picture because we dont know how to copy the present one from the theatre over to this thread. So happy for REAL. So happy for Soo Hyun. So Happy for fans.
  9. Very Grateful to the owner of this picture. We all know that both JTY were acted by Soo Hyun alone. This picture captures our interest due to the precision of the spot the butter knife pointed at the fake JTY's mask when both Boss JTY and fake JTY were shown at the same time. It shows the great effort put in for every minute movement in the movie. Soo Hyun as usual, exudes the manliness of Boss JTY even from his side way view. Imagine myself seated next to Boss JTY leaving only that seat infront of him for either Hwonhwon or Rossy. Do regret causing both of them to fight over for the seat. cr to the owner
  10. We have been looking for more pictures of JTY disfigured face but manage to get only one (provided by Rossy). Actually there are many more worse pictures than this which led to the remark (not made by us) that even with all the wounds, bruises and cuts on his face, Soo Hyun still look very charming. Whether the remark be figurative or in the strict sense, we agree whole heartedly. Soo Hyun, even with a face covered with blood and bruises still exude the charisma and magnetism most others lack in. In REAL JTY face had on many occasions been hurt and injured. In real life is Soo Hyun's face (image) hurt or injured because of REAL? Is his pride hurt because of REAL? We believed most likely not. When REAL was first released in Sk, same as JTY, Soo Hyun's face was (metaphorically) slashed, slit and cut deeply by many with the sole intention of hurting him to the maximum. Only these people know their ulterior motive for doing so. As said, In REAL, Soo Hyun as JTY still maintained his charm inspite of the badly injured face. How about the real Soo HYun who we have not seen since the release of REAL in SK. How is he faring so far? . Cant be bad because He should know that it is too early to know the fate of REAL as the last release of REAL may be 2 years later. Inspite of the movie availability on DVD and the internet, Not all are lost. Due to the genre of REAL to enjoy oneself to the fullest, it is more satisfying to watch from the big screen. Curiosity kills the cat and many will want to watch the movie from the big screens when shown in their countries. There are only praises and acclaimations for Soo Hyun's acting in the 2 roles of JTY; he should realised that superficially there may be" big scars left on his face by the horrible infliction" (hurt his pride) but in reality, he actually glow in many eyes of those who hurt him . He already received more than before offers in movie and dramas; He is more for the "process" than the results of REAL. So, we believe that Soo Hyun , same as JTY, no matter how deep those scars left behind by cruel inflictions on his face, remained sparklingly handsome. cr to the owner
  11. We read and re-read lots of interviews, reviews and comments (not on REAL) yesterday. While reading those articles, we seemed to hear clearly and repeatedly from Soo Hyun himself that 1) "It will be good if it is just like this" and 2) "I dont regret doing this movie". The reporters asked how Soo Hyun felt with all the negative comments on REAL and he replied that "It will be good if it is just like this". Soo Hyun could have anticipated those happenings at that time and probably even expect worse adversities. Having Alibaba as the investors of REAL not only cancerous but is the worst that could happen in the entertainment line and it did not help even when they changed the distributor to another company. Poor Soo Hyun all alone to face the revenge plotted by those entertainment enterprises badly effected by THAAD who bent their angers on REAL. We believed that Soo Hyun also expected all the haters to seize the opportunity to topple him. The saying is that you not only must know where you stand but also where is your next step. If Soo Hyun knew already his position at the release of REAL, we hope that he also had the direction he should take thereafter. During one of his stage meetings of REAL, he advised his fans to stop watching the movie if their intention was to support REAL. He appreciated all the fans' effort and did not want fans to spend any more money on REAL. In comparison, we read that his peer "beg" fans to watch his movie recently released when faced with unexpected trouble. 2) "I dont regret doing this movie". This is a cardiac stimulant. All we fans need is this assurance. Many felt that he chose the wrong project and should regret for it. He did not because he need not. We believe that behind those cursing and swearing and banging of tables, there are the acknowledgement of a rare and real actor Kim Soo Hyun. Any sane people in the entertainment world in South Korea knew very well why did REAL meet with such fate. It is true that the haters will have REAL hanging at the tip of their tongues. However the day will come when they will be tongue-tied. To us, removing our fangirling glasses, we confess learning from him the need to be strong even when faced with the worst disaster in our career. Never waste our precious time on regretting. Move forward. Thanks to the "not regretting" of Soo Hyun, International fans are doing their best to support REAL. Unlike the Critics in South Korea, Critics elsewhere have nothing to fear but to write honestly. REAL is not without flaws. However, all Soo Hyun's fans asking is honesty in the Review whether good or bad. We chose this picture (actually posted by Rossy before) because the look of this gentleman will be forever printed in our minds and a reminder to us to face with courage no matter how disastrous the calamity as it will be over soon. cr to the owner
  12. Maybe not Hwonhwon, Maybe he has just completed shooting his new CFs in South Korea and getting ready to go to Taiwan. Maybe he is offered new CF in Taiwan and now preparing to go over. Maybe he has been reading this thread and decided to grant us our wishes. Maybe he decides to have his fans meeting all over Asia before enlistment and Taiwan is his first stop. Maybe he needs to wrap up those CFs in China before enlistment and so dropped by Taiwan on his way there. Maybe he will be meeting with Alibaba Entertainment on the next move of REAL and visit Taiwan before heading home. Maybe he will be promoting for Paradise City somewhere and decides to surprised his fans on that day. Maybe I am tired and should say Good Night to you. See you tomorrow.
  13. 08/20(日)樂聲影城800人巨幕廳與你共賞《REAL》饗宴! 還在等什麼?還在猶豫什麼?再次相約看"真實"的秀賢!好戲值得一看再看!回味無窮!《REAL》大發!!! 報名方式:LINE生活圈 @gwp4157j,或Q群646734617 籌辦單位:金秀賢(Kim Soo Hyun)、金秀賢國際粉絲聯盟、金秀賢LadyKmoon粉絲會、金秀賢台灣首站、金秀賢Kim Stars台灣後援會、김수현의 집 金秀賢的家、金秀賢김수현。 [Soo-Hyun ♥ good afternoon] Good afternoon! Little Moon, good afternoon! 08/20 (day) Lok City Hall 800 people to share the real feast with you! ( Get together on 20th August at Lok Movie City 800 people large screen hall to appreciate REAL) (my translation) What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Meet the "real" Soo-Hyun again! The show is worth a look! Amazing![Real!!! Sign up: line life circle @ gwp4157j, or q group 646734617 Organising Unit: 金秀賢(Kim Soo Hyun), Kim Soo Hyun International Fan Union, Kim Soo Hyun Ladykmoon Fan Club, Kim Soo-Hyun Taiwan first station, Kim Soo Hyun Kim stars Taiwan Support Club, Gim Su hyeon-ui Jib, Kim Soo Hyun home, kim Soo Hyun Gim Suhyeon. Got the above message from facebook. Can somebody elaborate on it. If it is a gathering, will Soo Hyun be there? oh please please please let him be there to meet his most loyal fans.
  14. haha Rossy and Hwonhwon, We found this picture at Weibo. Beautifully done picture. There are plenty of praise at Weibo for REAL from those who watched the movie. Dear Almighty, please let justice be seen and done and not devoured by those deadly foe. cr to the owner
  15. Rossy, Is there a Paradise Casino in Japan? If so, which part of Japan. There must be plenty of REAL pictures around the place. Worth visiting if going to Japan.