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  1. @Jackie1048 We should have expected this she can't even depend on her kids to take care of her during her sick days.. She has taught them to be as selfish as her.. She knows YE would take care of her and her barking needs.. I don't see how any of them could even fix they mouth to even attempt to ask but knowing shameless dad he would get elected for the position like somebody will want to enter that broke and destitute family.. They'll elect him because he was always nice to her to the end and they thinks she won't tell him NO I hope she tells him H-E-L-L-N-O-L And ask have he taken a complete leave of his senses.. Hope she tells dad the JS is in love and he can't live without HY remember..
  2. @Jackie1048 I had always thought GY was no relation to them this is why TP had no problems doing the stuff he did..I also think stepmom knows she's no relation to them could be another reason why so called Aunt st back and watch this women do what she did to GY.. I say they all benefited from GY misfortune.. @UnniSarah TP has always been and ambitions and greedy man if money was involved then he was all for it.. If he couldn't get paid right then he'll come back later..
  3. @rolisrntex My thoughts exactly.. The only way HY can shatter HJ heart is to have something to happen to YE.. Knowing HY she would have her kidnap and sold off some where.. HY getting back at HJ will land her in jail and she will run to IS once again when she's back against a wall with no way out and know one to help but him.. I don't see him helping her when the time comes because she ratted out him and BS.. I think IS will be the one to turn her in.. I'm loving the fact JS got served his manhood on a silver platter.. So much for the $500.000
  4. Hello Everyone, It's seems some of you misinterpret my comments.. As of now GY isn't sterile but the birthcontrol and whatever that OSR is so happily putting in there food that she loves to bring them on the pretenses that she's happily enjoy cooking for JS and GY is a part of her plan to use GY not able to have kids is the means to get them divorced.. Only thing is she's not going to realizes she messed GY up for life. I don;t think JS would ever find out what his mom did to GY even if he do.. GY still will want to divorce because he's going to want a family but will feel obligated to GY for what his mom done.. @lee-chan That did cross my mind and OSR will use giving her kidney for GY to divorce and help her enter back in JS life..
  5. @Jackie1048 I think HY do think she has the guts to do something like this remember she's been only dealing with idiots and she got in her mind she has to get the best of YE and her new man before she leaves.. @rolisrntex Hello, Sorry to cut your post.. JS has the brain the size of a pea from day one.. I don't think the nookie junkie cares so much about he and HY divorcing all he worried about is having trim available when he needs it.. He always had in mind that no one would want YE and if things didn't work out between he and HY.. YE would take him back remember his head has been filled he's the man from mom and dads mistress and he's god gift to women.. If YE is successful in getting HJ into not filing charges against SR trust and believe he will send his mom to try and talk YE around into coming back to him and MS will do it she need a DIL to make her feel like she's the sht Queen Matriarch of the family because of now HY has been showing her she's not all that she thought she was.. I also think HJ last girlfriend got married but will hide it saying she never did the scenario I painted is YE coming up pregnant then..
  6. @jessboii25 IS won't get involved with anymore of HY dealings long as she's not harming BS he could careless.. She will try to get him involved in one last scam that she's pulling and she'll be caught..
  7. @Jackie1048 I'm just flabbergasted.. What gives her the right to think that going back to her EX will allow her to be back in her family live and loved by JS wife because she's the Aunt.. After what she's done to GY family she deserves no happiness in life.. She's serving TP divorce papers and I hope he sue her or have the Ex to sue her for the money of the house I don't want to see her walking away as if nothings happen nor living a good life she should be made to work and suffer the rest of her life like GW is doing her and TP both.. @wdsayang I don't think it's TP or ONR blackmailing her I think it's someone from the family she married into.. Look now that TP is broke busted and disgusted she's serving him and smiling about it.. I bet JS is going to want to move out and GY will look dumbfounded.. OSR is going to sht bricks once she finds out what relation GY is to TP and ONR is going to tell her GY married JS to get back at her especially when she learns that GY knew who OSR was all the time and felt she lied to her.. She would never think it was JS doing because of his relationship with OSR.. It's really going to get bad when she learns the real reason why JS cut ties when his Aunt wasn't for her sake but GY.. I also think this is about the time GY will find out she's sterile..
  8. HY is out to see how she can takeover TMO group or become apart of it to try and control YE
  9. Oh yes another thing I'm waiting to see is SR seeing how lovey dovey BS and IS is and she has no one ..
  10. Well@rolisrntex From the looks of things HY will not only land herself in jail but all her other fraud buddies right along with her including the hospital nurse especially when it comes time to pay up.. @lu09 This is what you call Karma MS was just badmouthing YE so bad now she has to go and bend on hand and knees for YE to help SR.. I hope YE don't fall for it I hope she tells her just what her position is in that company just and employee not manager to help fight crazy SR battles. begging her is the wrong person.. Just the day before is how dare YE thinks she can step into the shoes of TMO group madam and yet she begging her for help.. This women needs to be taught a good lesson only way her kids would learn and her to stop looking down on others as if they are better.. I can't wait til HY serve all then her ugliness when they left with nothing.. Another thing that irk my nerves is JS still hasn't mentioned to his family that as of 7 years ago HY had a hysterectomy and mom sue to have your house returned using kids that she always knew would never see the light of day coming from her as means to thinks she's entitled to have whats not hers and she stole the seal to get.. Instead of letting his mom run around with her Oh poor me pity party and scared to go home.. SMH.. Now when it came to SR I knew she was going to nut up on HY she's not going to let this go even if HY serves JS divorce papers.. SR is no way going to let HY get away with what she has done knowing she's the reason any chance she had to be with HJ is ruined thanks to HY.. The one good thing about all of this HY has always know the child was brain dead from the beginning but after her teachings she will underestimate her SR will go in for the kill on HY in the end because like she found out her pregnancy was fake this time she won;t be caught and may use HY own game on her..
  11. @lu09 As long as YE is happy crazy Jo will never be satisfied.. @rolisrntex Yes the stolen info will seal a marriage for the OTP that's going to shock everyone that SM gave the marriage a go ahead but I think HY and the Doc is going to land in jail behind all of this.. HY will be screaming all the way it's YE fault she set them up after framing YE for everything..
  12. @rolisrntex I'm still laughing at the fact that just the day before MS was badmouthing YE to SM telling her SR is smart and educated and KABOOM out comes her fake diploma business and now Dad on his knees begging forgiveness after saying he had told her to quit before it's found out.. MS has no place to show her face in front of SM not even YE's mom.. Now I still think if SR had half a brain she would figure out HY rated her out.. If this comes into play knowing it was HY that did it SR isn't going to let HY get away with this quietly she's going to watch hy every move like a hawk watching chickens and move in on the strike.. I'm tickled about JS asking YE do she miss him who do he thinks would want him with all his family baggage. Why is he claiming she's a victim of HY deceit... This man is really ridiculous.. His B-A-L-L-S will be served on a silver platter next and what will MS do about her so smart and intelligent kids.. So smart until they just stupid..
  13. Marriage Breakdown @wdsayang GY won't tell she's used to keeping her feelings to herself and this is OSR excuse to get them divorced.. I still thinks she's serving GY some kind of food that will sterile her.. OSR is selfish and greedy she knows if any children comes now is less that she will receive.. Her sons has to inherit it all for her to feel it all belongs to her.. Children will cut her out of the picture because of them and there spouses.. I still think halmoni will have to take her to hand and let Js and brother knows just what type of mother they have.. Halmoni hasn't said anything but when it comes to GY and being who she is it's coming and OSR isn't going to know what hit her because she has gotten comfortable with Halmoni not painting her picture at this point she don;t think she will.. I see JS begging to save the marriage and GY will walk away.. Remember her Aunts dream..
  14. $$$$$ 500,000 $$$$$ Still Laughing.. What Will JS Do Now That He Knows There's No Money Coming In.. Next Is To Figure How He Will Get All Of His Assets Back.. Totally Stupid.. Looks like SR might try and go after Js friend and be in for another disappointment he already seen her true colors
  15. Haven't been watching much of kdramas lately just nothing is appealing to my taste lately.. Been checking out cdramas as of the late but this one reins me in every week.. Logical thinking @bebebisous33 But it's hard to really tell what's really up with this tree.. From the beginning of this story we really haven't had much light shed on this tree.. I'm curious into why SR is being more infected now from this tree the more OS shows his love towards her.. It's kind of like the tree is jealous from lack of attention from OS which he never gave it much attention from the start. Maybe your right that the pharmacist has some kind of bad juju G/pa also got that vibe from him also will SR be the connection to it all..