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  1. Thanls @larus For the thread opening. Theres two actors that draws me here NGM and CJH looking forwrd to these two together
  2. I think SI father will try and go after CEO lady business and will be the start of his connectiin to the loan shark and all his dirty dealings coming out the closet .. Also did she lose the baby in this episode ?
  3. Will I hope to see everyone in the nameless women thread.. But I'm through with this drama and will keep a watchout for this drama writer.. She lost her sense of justice in all this which is why we the viewers kept watching.. She really let me down
  4. @bukk1 I agree to some what your getting at.. The MIL left her no good husband because she couldn't take the lifestyle she was living.. Now that he's married she wants the lifestyle that other Korean mothers has to have her DIL wait on her hand and foot while she calls all the shots and collects the household money and decides were it should be spent.. The sister did the right thing to get out and get a job no matter what job it is.. It was wrong for them to come into the In-laws house like that knowing full well it wasn't her son home to begin with.. I think MIL needs to get out and get a job also.. It's her thats effecting her son marriage and she thinks she right in everything.. I do get that dad don't want his daughter divorced but sometimes things just don't workout.. So I hope she goes out and get a job before she divoce the mamas boy.. Also I think CEO mother is the one he's trying to protect because I think it's something she did that can send her to jail maybe the both of them.. I think they both knowing how HW feels about them would have gotten both of them kick out of the company and house.. So I think the will is a big part of what him and mother is hiding.. Evil SIL all her hard work will be for nothing because she still won;t get what she wants..
  5. @Gerry58 This is also how I see things Choi will go all out to find BSG.. I think Choi really underestimated KIJ he thinks he got the upperhand but he's going to realizes he's was better off fighting with his father.. It's going to be KIJ takes him back to where he comes from and thats nothing and I put my bottom dollar on this..
  6. Thanks @awsparkle Now they really is going to have to hide JM this is so sad.. Well this should bring out the wrath of MA..
  7. @farhah_1986 Once they realizes the losing it all they will run to EH begging on there knees not to leave them broke and in destitute.. This is where the writer is going with this story having both of them kneeling down in front of the IM sisters.. They'll runt to EH first because they see her as the easy pushover and they use HY if they can..
  8. @dhakra I think these are words DJ is going to have to eat because YH will work with Peter to Rob Paul as long as it gets her what she wants
  9. Thank you @dhakra Somebody speaking my language and understanding the meaning of Chois role in all this.. Yes CY head swelled up because he actually thought his song was chosen over HG.. I knew Choi pulled some funny stuff because he needed to satisfy his bed partner but he also told CY on several different occassion to let HG handled Mush and Co. Npw with CEO Yoo determine to take all his singers away he will be out of his livelyhood and he needs to do whats best for all his employess and CY acting like he's the hot it can't see past his own arrogance to win over HG.. Now SR needs to quit giving him mixed signals.. I get that she's real green in the dating world and takes CY words at face value but she has to know what he's doing is wrong when she has a boyfriend she needs to put boundaries on CY what he can and can't do with her.. She's worried about what people would say about her well she's giving them all the ammo.. I think it was CY doing when they pictures was exposed the first time and it wouldn't surprise me if this embrace is exposed to.. He needed HG on stage to het to SR.. So people srop feeling sorry for CY he uses SR kindness for her weakness now he wants her to feel sorry for him to keep her next to him to rub it in HG face.. He's out to make SR his woman to the world and it's HG thats intruding.. Another thing is that someone needs to check Choi about relationship matters when he's sleeping with YH..
  10. Oh @glee77 He makes me sick with I'm Sorry JB ok cit the crap we all know your a sorry excise of a man.. Loved how JB played him in the end now it's time for him to watch her back after she walks off with another man.. EH was right to tell him he's a psycho to because his greed caused his lover death and mother of his children to be lock in a mental hospital.. I think JH fears being alone wothout any woman .. Look he was still wearing his engagement ring to EH while he was trying to hook back up with JB how sick can he get.. @maddymappo I think Brain will leave him in his position.. It's something thats going to have to be done for EA can put her love for JH to and end.. It's just I hate to see the next person she gets fixated on she will become worst.. She'll start off killing to eleminate all obestcles in one go to clear her way.. I feared for JB kids because they was next..
  11. @dhakra I need to barrow your video, It won't be DJ saving Yj, Thats why his father was brought there.. Now he realizes he has to save himself and forget what deal his father and Choii cooked up because Choi plays with to many innocent lives.. My guess is she will be saved on her way to the police station by KIJ.. He needs to know what she saw and at this point she'll have no other choice but to work with him.. I think Choi forget to factor in one thing in his framing of Yj as thats DJ and KIJ getting together to tear him down KIJ can escape charges as long as BSG is out of the picture.. Mr OCD (STG) Song is next to come up missing after he hears YJ story and he has hidden the so called witness to Yj being there she knows YJ wasn't the only one there.. KIJ will move BSG goons to help do his dirty work while all along looking like he's griving for his dad.. KIJ is determine to fill Choi blood in a wine bottle and send it to CSY.. So now it's time to tear Taebeak down CSY is nothing without that company backing her.. I see her and mom losing it all.. I would love to have her closet.. Bit she's jailed bound also I don't see how she can escape charges if KIJ is link to the repoters death.. Another thing to consider Choi going after YJ mother to try and make her stand trail for something he did.. What will he frame the mother with to try and bring YJ out of hiding.. Well I must admit I expected this much to happen frame her as a murder as to say like father like daughter. But I'm enjoying the execusion of the actrors displaying there skills to the writers story..