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  1. @lin55 Yes I hope he moves on also but he's a good guy but yet I hope whatever woman they choose to hook him up with will be his mom worst nightmare.. She desreves some mud rub in her face.. She needs to be taught wealthy girls aren't nice and nor will they bow down to they MIL expectations.. Let's hope he gets a woman he takes sides with over his mom this will teach her a lesson.. Nor was I expecting to see JH hug SY like that.. But it's just two parents worrying for there child concerns.. JH saw the worrying look on SY face and knew it was serious and was confirming to her he would do all he could to save his sons life.. Now he has to really juggle two lifestyles.. I'm wondering how long can they hide the facts that wifey is barren.. Wifey gets on my nerves and so do the scenes with her and JH who acts as if he scared to defend himself to her or father even mother needs to be brought down a peg or two.. It also might be halmoni that's a match she will try to bargain I'll save his life if you give him up..
  2. @antoniaclamens BSP has to do something that will make CMS realize not only will she be judge by the public which she has played like a fiddle wearing her mask but whats going to pour salt in her wounds is when she will be judge by the law that she so kindly made a mockery out of.. Bringing her and her father past deeds to the public will be the only way to make her realize no matter what she inherit from him it was wrong instead of cleaning up her father organization she continued on in his legacy she choose to continue to extort and monopolize the law in the name of judgement and her rights to do so.. Myself I thinks she will commit suicide or at least try to just so she don't have to hear and see the whispers and fingers pointed at her.. You could be right she planned for BSP to be arrested the first time but things just didn't work out in her favor.. Which leads me to believe she don't know BSP has brought him to Kiseang.. She may thinks this prosecutor has the hots for locking him up.. I'm incline to believe she will proposition him.. She will also go as far to frame BSP using he uncles right hand man who could still be loyal to DW and turn the tables on her.. Uncles right hand man could take a lesson from AOJ who CMS has stab in the back and snatch up his company and money.. She will kill him off just like she's trying to do now and NSJ is next to go..
  3. KUDOS @shamrockmom I just love reading your comments.. JH looking like a sore thumb sticking out on tha beach.. I'm waiting for dumb greedy granny get her wake up call..
  4. OMFG What did I just watch.. Boy this writer is good, gosh darn good who would have suspected.. I don't know what to think from here on.. I can't really even speculate the next move on CMS.. All I know is BSP has to use some reverse thug actions on CMS.. She's been calculating his every move.. Having HJY running around like a chicken with her head cut off and BSP doing her dirty work.. She's truly a master mind.. Now this should be and interesting watch from now on out not that the other episodes wasn't awesome but to have BSP play wit for wit with the evil masterind is ingenius.. Look how long she kept BSP dancing in her strings like a puppet.. NSJ is the clueless clown she's always been I'm glad AOJ woke her up to reality after him she's next but now that BSP has found this out she could be the first to go.. I said she'll become the whisteblower on the whole operations.. NSJ will do anything to get her money back that CMS has so kindly put into her pocket.. I'm in a bind right now could someone please explain to me whats going on with BSP and the prosecutor he brought to Kisaeng.. Did CMS factir this in also..
  5. @NoonaE @SCSfanz & @zenya22 Also with his outstanding martial arts ablility JG is one of the top number 1 sharpshooters in the country.. There was and article on his military achivements .. He was choosen to play the lead in Joseon Gunman because of his shooting expertise.. @bebebisous33 Yes NHJ is the biger threat, Only good thuing about this is that CMS nor AOJ knows she's the source of the pictures.. I kind of get where JY mom is coming from JY already has a bigger burden with her dad now add mom to the equation makes matters worse.. I like to ask what are your thoughts on BSP telling CMS his judgement of her that he will be the one that brings her to be judged something she has never heard anyone tell her not even thought about.. Just this word alone (JUDGEMENT) struck a nerve in her..
  6. Hello All playing catch up here.. @kjoy & @RobinM I don't feel sorry for KYH.. She has rode on the coat tails of her mom and CMS seems like all her life.. Her role as a prosecutor is just as questionable as CMS as a judge.. I know she has come across cases were the evidence wasn't enough to even convict a person let alone being in a court trail.. I know she has seens so much questionable stuff and yet she never did all she sees in herself is win win and make a name for herself as a prosecutor.. She still hasnb't question herself on what she's been doing and how many innocent people has went to jail behind the thug mayor and the gangster judge.. Now she has been introduce to power and the movers and shakers all thats going through her head is to be like CMS be better then HJY.. She wants HJY to bow down to her that's her triump.. Only then will she feel she has suceeded.. The thing with NSJ she never thought her own child would fall into there click.. She has done everything possible to make sure that wouldn't happen and yet and still her own child went in bindfolded not knowing all the exact player and what they're jobs consist of.. Mom will have to become the whistle blower in order to keep her proasecutor child from being prosecuted herself .. The things NSJ did to protect her child only end up putting her in harns way.. To me NSJ is vicariously living her life through KYH.. NSJ is always in HJY face because she's knows her daughter don't have the guts to stand up to her.. KYH don't have guts to stand up to her mom so she leaves mom to fight her battles outside while she thinks all is peachy and nothing can come back to her.. This is why I quote she has ridden on the coatails on her mom and CMS all her life.. When have they shown us her standing up fighting for anything not even she was a student in school.. Yes Kisaeng was the place for her and mom because her and mom wouldn't have lasted a hot ten second in Seoul.. Now this is a very interesting comment.. It would explain if Daddy dearest is KYJ dad.. Mom isn't attractive now and I can't see her being attractive as a younger woman but when men drinks all women becomes beauties regardless of looks @zenya22 Sorry to cut your post, I was wondering what could CMS have offered DW right hand man and this could be it.. CEO of AOJ company.. She needs another thug to replce AOJ and to keep laundering the money and do her dirty work when things gets to close to her.. What will really blow her mind if AOJ put BSP in that position.. AOJ doing something like this could insure AOJ life and position as mayor.. She wouldn't dare touch him on a move like this..
  7. @kjoy @RobinM Yes I believe it if the child was born from CMS dad.. @LavelyShai Yes her characters don't even have the effects as the lawless gang who adds a bit of comic relief to the drama.. The annoying character she's playing is a women who is veying for power and the attention of CMS.. She wants to be the number 1 in CMS books and AOJ has pointed it out to her since he has taken up the mayors position she's below him now to mind her manners coming to his office and the way she talks to him.. As she ran to CMS office begging to protect her daughter from AOJ (meaning don't try and pair them together) She was also in a way asking CMS to chestise AOJ for the way he treats her and to remind him that she still above him which she never was.. AOJ was always CMS loyal dog until the owner has kick her dog one time to many when she told the thugs to kill them both.. She should know AOJ has figuerd out her next move and he has one up her by going into the court room being a witness for BSP innocent.. She will have to throw all this circumstainal evidence out of court now.. I'm wondering what offer she made to DW right hand man.. I have to say NSJ is just as dumb as they come even if CMS do take up and higher office NSJ is also at the top of her hit list becaue she's the link to the money laundering under those orphans name.. @kjoy Yes death is to good for her but she's the type not to take to abiding by the rules to well or the law as she was the punisher herself she won't stand to be judge or have her and daddy dearest to be judged so my guest she'll kill herself when her come to jesus moment comes.. She'll forget the simplist thing even in death you can still be judged and sentence.. (This is the key point for her)
  8. After reading up on each character I;m all for this one seeing how joseon transend into the early 19 centries guns vs knives my guess is we won't be seeing a lot of martial arts here
  9. @zenya22 Wow the ending to this episode was epic a kick in CMS face and just as you mentioned all the lack of evidence.. I hope AOJ brings this to her attention since he walk in the courtroom telling everyone in there that BSP isn't the culprit.. The doness didn't see this one coming after trying to kill BSP and AOJ.. I guess she'll throw it out now.. The look on YH and CMS faces were priceless I tell you just priceless.. Both had the look on there faces of WTF.. I called it JY got behind the 8 ball.. @antoniaclamens At this point AOJ knows JY isn't the person to get to.. Also killing DW was the wrong move..He has figured out Mdm Choi is going to kill him harmong JY has nothing to do with it.. If he want to survive he's going to need to be on the side of JY amd BSP to back up his claim to the Don and Doness crimes..
  10. @zenya22 Yes thats what a competent lawyer would do but all the so called facts she could have objected to she didn't and she knew CMS would have excepted it as evidence.. To me even the jury looks shady I don't see how she she's going to win without getting behind the 8 ball here.. My thing is this prosecutor whats his deal BSP gave him the chance of a lifetime to set his career to and all time high ad yet he's prosecuting him with circumstantial evidence and past dealings with BSP.. I'm wondering is this a show that he's putting on to throw CMS and her thugs off his tail. Alkso I think I figured out why CMS went to the man that double crossed her dad.. I'm guessing it has something to do with the money that has been confiscated from the bank. DW could have AOJ first right hand man hidden since he seems to have saw the big picture
  11. Thanks @shamrockmom I've been watching bits and pieces here and there and couldn' figure out why granny wanted the baby.. She should have known the girl wasn't going to give up her baby to be sold off to a family just because they have money.. Couldn't believe the old bat was determine to runoff with the baby.. I'm questioning who is the guy watching whats going on around her and who else knows that this is the spoiled brats hubby baby my guess is everyone knows except the baby father..
  12. Loved the first episodes, Life between Mars and Reality is very interesting normally I don't care to much for these kinds of drama but I'm a fan of actor Jung Kyoung Ho.. His skills has greatly improved since I first saw him in endless love and heartless city.. So I'm all in for this one..
  13. @allythefangirl The actor playing AOJ I have seen him in a few movies the best character I seen him play was the leader of a bad gang in a seguk drama called warrior beak dong soo is were I got first introduce to him but he also has and attractive resume.. But his acting skills as the bad guy are pretty impressive.. Look up his name find some of his dramas and movies they all are very good.. @bebebisous33 The dog ties are broken between her and the dog.. CMS knew AOJ would go to the hospital after BSP to rub salt in his wounds therefore killing two birds with one stone and looking honorable to JY is to have the new thugs kill BSP and AOJ take the fall for it.. This also could be uncles men coming after BSP. @40somethingahjumma CMS isn't going to take to kindly of being caught with her and her father past becomes public.. Using that courtroom as a mockery to her profession and the law just to mention maybe retraying her past cases might send her over the edge.. I could see her killing herself in the end sort of like the warden in shaw shank redeemption.. She's one that's not going to go out or away lightly will she try and take JY with her is what I'm worried about. Thinking having everything taken away from her taking JY from BSP is her final act of evil to him.. The end justify the means.. Also are you watching sketch and life on mars..? Life on Mars is very interesting loved the first episode.. I guess a lot of people is watching live stream today.. Yesterday live stream was no problem today it's a big problem because I can't watch so bring on the clips from todays episode..