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  1. Love the kid she gives the ol man hell LMAO..
  2. Love toy insight @bebebisous33 Yes JMR had to have those children dead.. She couldn't allows them to come in and take things she feels that rightfully belongs to her and her family and her marriage help Cheong A.. Still the thing is she hide her pregnancy and had the family thinking she had a honeymoon baby this could have been when JSM discover she was pregnant.. Yes she knew he was a happy man with the family he already had and she dispised that so because she was unhappy she had to make others feel the misery she did.. Afterall she came from and elite family and being pregnant out of wedlock would have looked bad on her and her family.. They marriage was a marrige only on paper no love was involved the more JSM gave her less attention and showed the love he has towards his already made family the more she craved his attention and wanted the same from the man for her son as she watch him with his own kids she knew he would never be close to her kid as he was to his own so what better way to stop his affection towards anything that he loves is to take him out of the picture.. I alsio sometimes think that the brother had something to do with his death.. Both parties could have been apart of him dying they bith had reasons to want him dead.. But I had also commented back then I think she killed him with medication saying they were pills for headaches and slowly feeding him poison..
  3. @triplem Even Mr. Oh asks him to comfort her.. It's just horrifying looking at those scenes.. I'm not going to spoil it for you..
  4. @triplem This drama would indeed made a good 100 episode daily.. I just don't see how this writer will tie things togather with just 24 episode most weekend family dramas go about 50.. I'm still wondering why 24.. @Prettysup Good to see the knetz or on the same page with us when it comes to NMH giving bith to KPJ child a true Jang.. After looking at the small minus from these people makes me wonder who are these people and whats runing in there viens.. How is it that NMH should just take a back seat toJbc infidelty maybe they think she should divorce are they not watching and understanding things as we do.. Woow @philosophie This is the best revenge ever make Jbc a puppet scarecrow and NMh is the head of it all with her child being listed as Kpj child on paper.. This is JMR karma she still didn't get what she wanted. She still don't get what she tried so hard to make hers at the expence of others lifes.. She's and Evil Bitter Witch.. @bebebisous33 Don't you find JMR seductive seducing scenes grusome when she looks and touches KPj she makes my skin crawl in these scenes wanting that youngman.. She is a very lonely woman has been for years this is why I questions JBc sister bloodline..
  5. @triplem Yes this scene shows how calculative and manipulating KPJ really is.. He knows what to do that makes KPJ dangle on his strings.. KPJ knows that the coward JBC is nothing without him and brought him this far.. G/pa has told JBc to do things on his own and not to rely on KPJ so much but JBc life is to far in KPJ hands and he won't survive 1hr without him.. KPJ is his G/pa G/son.. He's been controlling it all from day one.. @bebebisous33 Yes KPJ did consider JBc as his younger brother but Jbc betrayal to KPJ destroyed that closeness.. For the hurt he has put on NMH is the end of such closeness.. At this point KPJ is taking no prisoners especially when it comes to anything related to Jbc and Jmr.. KPj feels like a fool doing all to help the cowardly weasel while his brother has been lying cold in the ground in and unmark grave while Jbc wants to drag his iligitimate child there.. I don't see how he could sit still and watch and allow all these iligitimate kids to keep coming in.. With Jbc character the son he has now wouldn't be the only one Jbc has.. Jbc is weak when it comes to women and feels because of who he's supposed to be he's entitled to have any woman he wants so his extra martial affairs isn't going to stop. There would be more in the future.. So now it's time to start nipping somethings in the bud when it comes to this.. It should be comming up on Kpj dad memorial.. I bet he have his brother remains moved there were they dad remains is.. This is to send Jmr and Mr.Oh into a frenzy.. He will start to reveal part of his dads past to G/pa slowly but surely.. He will surely mark his tablet second son of JSM which will indeed send uncle out searching for some truths about his brothers past and where is the eldest son leaving G/pa to questioning the past.. Jbc will ask his mom about this and she will discover he knows who he is and may figure out what his mom did as she tells him she did it for him.. Maybe Jbc will also help in starting find the eldest son he will also want him dead.. He sure as hell not going to want to take a backseat to it all because of who he is.. It would be nice if he found out first who KPJ really is..
  6. Thanks @shamrockmom enjoyed those clips they were funny
  7. Thanks @jimb this is what I thought she was talking about I think it was them he took the fall for after they mis-management of the company.. I really dislike those girls father bit I think they mother isn't going to let him get away with what he's trying to do becaise his plans will conflict with the interst of the daughter.. I feel sorry for the older sister she's been having her eyes on the golddiging lawyer who really hasn't thought of her as his other half at all only see her as a friend.. Glad Lil sister told him she see things her sista don't and don't play with her..
  8. Come on in @triplem your in good company.. Your right this isn't your average weekend drama..
  9. Ok after reading @Ldy Gmerm comments on this drama time to start rewatching again I did see were the girl told the witch that she was no monster..
  10. pls msgs me the link to the site thanks
  11. @Ldy Gmerm The Ex will want a payout he's not going away empty handed after going to jail for her
  12. Never even thought of this, @saya2 This is a very interesting theory maybe this is why the mother thinks that GY should raose the kids since dad is not there to help her do it and it would explain her attitude towards GY.. Once the selfish twit stop going to school she should have made the selfish girl support the family and GY returned back to school.. I think mom will want GY to give up the man ahe wants to her sister because if she leaves who will be there to support them and sista will tell mom that GY stole her man when he was never involved with her she's or mom isn;t going to accept some rich man wants to marry GY and all GB hard work on her looks and body was all for nothing.
  13. This drama sounds interesting I; join in on the fun Like the lead actir and hasn't seen him in a drama in a while loved him in coffee prince
  14. How are you these days @jimb I'm still trying to figure it out.. To many or eyeing brother and sister for there own personal gains.. Only very few shows true intentions all is after the old lady money even the greedy girls father.. I somehow see Ajjumma getting conned out of her money by the rich boy BIL.. I didn't watch the last episode with subs but what did he overhear the Aunt and Husband talking about..? @jayakris A reality check came calling and had to move to Nevada for a while because mom was sick.. Still her go back and forward to Texas because the hubby is still there but other then working her e I can my dramas in my spare time..