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  1. @angelwingssf Msg me the site with translation pls. Thank you..
  2. @imgreatgal I hope he don't hae what that other child had.. If so Jw will use Maya as his curer .. I'm just baffled that not even Dc knows about Mayas birthmark.. I think it would be MY to find out about Boms birthmark and put it together that she's Yr child and use her to get to Yr/Ys.. So My recognised Maya is Bom now this should be interesting will he let her to continue to stay there and be mistreated by Jw knowing full well why Jw ,mistreats her and hates her so badly.. It would be funny if he ask for child support or blackmail Jw..
  3. I hae a question.. From the preview it looks like Gw is visiting the princess else where.. Do this means she was exiled ?
  4. Ys sure is carless to be planning revenge she went after MY way to soon
  5. It's a pity poor maya has to live in that house only to be tortured by that old hag for her satisfaction
  6. EXACTLY @Auntie Mame We all know this is just the lie she has told to SW and dad over the years.. I believe she had never approved of they relationship from the beginning.. Meaning SW father and YS.. I think when the turmoil broke out then it was her oppourtunity to separate SW parents and took that chance... Now Halmoni will want to keep SW from finding out she's been a big liar all these years.. Well she will loose her fortunre fooling with Mr Jung.. It's called Karma for lying on the innocent she'll get what she deserves but I still think it will be SI to show them how to bail out of her misfortune..
  7. What a mess and with all these plots going on I can tell we will get some unanswered questions
  8. Well it has happened just as I thought and to kill two bids with one stone is to blame DM for it.. It's going to take a while before she finds out who really framed her and why because the sister of her Ex had a crush on a man she still won't be able to get married to even after DM is released from prison as she blames everybody as they fault why she and her onesided crush can never be.. She's way to obesessed..
  9. Hello All, Wow @Lunkera & @euraka I can see the tangle web is ready to be weaved.. Bora and SH and now GH and TJ with DH being thrown in the picture.. DH will be the one to find out the so called upright and elegant and classy step mom abandon her kids years ago.. My thoughts is why she's so egar to get him married off to someone she can control just to control him.. We can see now she will be against Bora and SH and will learn about DH liking GH and may try to marry him off to GH with the help of GH mom to control DH just to keep her on children from finding her whereabouts.. I think classy golddigger will meet her match with her own daughter especially when she finds out she's been playing mom to two other children thats not her own and never even meet her own G/son.. I look for the Chairman to really hit the bricks when DH throws up in her face about her past life and what she did that caused her to abandon her family just to live large and wants his dads money to try and make up for her bad deeds she done to her children.. Can't wait to the Chairman finds out she was married and who to.. I can see both reasons for Halmoni to be against wedlock between GH and TJ and being that HJ already sees GH in a bad light beause of the misunderstanding with her son she will also be against it to keep TJ from finding the connection to his mom ang growing to hate her even more.. EJ has liked TJ every since the first day he step foot in that office left and returned.. She'll side up with HJ to make GH life miserable but HJ will see a mean side in her brother that she's never seen.. He will be a male ersion of her.. The care giver in another cunning one, I still think she will try and proclaim her son as being TH and HJ child just to try and live in the comforts of her first love bed and be the women in the house her and HJ will run onto problems.. I'm looking forward to how all they lives entwines together.. My Bad @jimb Thanks for your awsome recaps
  10. Thanks Everyone For All The Comments, I'm still hanging in there due to my hectic life these days..
  11. Yes the Prince of Qing is very handsome but the princess agreeing to leave with him is her chance to escape without all eyes being focus on her once she's gone trying to send her to Qing just to satisfy his daughter jealousy is a big mistake.. What I'm baffeled at is why ahe agreed to become the prince concubine most likely he's already with wife..
  12. The birth switch and the two birthmarks is very confusing made me wonder was it Ys/Yr that gave birth to twins and she wasn't aware of it..
  13. @Katrina Abdul Talib I'm beginning to think YJN wasn't badly abused by men or raped.. I think YJN may have used the young KS as a meal ticket to make it out of the hell hole she was in.. I think KS is the product of a married man and YJN just told him she was raped to keep him from looking for the truth about who she really is.. Yes YJN is very jealous of HD because her life as a night club singer didn't result into what happen to her, Nor is HD out to marry for riches beinging a golddigger she uses her looks and seductive clothes to entice men of all ages who,ever gives her attention.. SO her pinning for her blind son I'm not buying this act anymore.. Just look at house her and KS was living in when he was a small child.. ..How was she able to provide for her and KS as a single stay at home mom unless she was using him as the meal ticket to blackmail his father.. Who knows but YJN I put nothing past her Speaking of attention YJN obesession for HJ knows no bounds.. She see she couldn't get him so she marries his father thinking she can control him and who he's with through HJ dad but that was a bad call and she's seeing that.. It's sad her thinking is if she can't have him she's going to make life hell for him and anyone he choose to be with and the sick father is seeing this all and his only solution is to make HJ move from the house.. BS he needs to toss the physco out on her old tired azz and say good riddence because she will start her antics of wanting to have HJ even if it's just once. I think she's going to go so out control that any lil information HJ or his brother gets on CEO both son will have him lock up so fast it would make a headless person head swim.. But I tell you it's going to be fun watching YJN leae that house only to fall back on her azz to where she started from. Just her and KS who she claims all her acts was because of whar she did to her child..
  14. Finally a lil action between the OTP didn't see any kissing but being in bed together is good enough to moe things forward..