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  1. @leeza77 It would be from Evil Big Mdm.. Brothers wife holds the position to name the next marquis not big Mdm, Being tghat her husband holds the currebnt title.. Evil Mdm need both sons dead or big brother past the title over to lil brother..
  2. @leeza77 From what I read he ask him to divorce ML to protect his wife and child.. @matrim With SH character you need to read between the lines.. Outside the hime and to the public he's a good person inside the home he's the worst person ever.. If you think about it he's no different then GTY evil step mom both always trying tio save there faces and that they do no wrong..
  3. @doubleicon I think it should be GTY to get QH and wife together and have him to check her regardless to if he kept the dolls are not.. It's not her place to go tattle tale to her Aunt in-laws before checking out with the circumstances was.. Instead of trying to stir up trouble in someone else home.. My guess is she knows she can't compete with the beauty of ML and being that ML and GTY is the talk of the town and yet for these two stay home and mind there own business it's people like her that's making it there business to mind ML and GTY business.. The Ex jealous wife hasn't thought about if her action was to cause ML and GTY to part from one another what will her husband do since she can't recieve all of his heart.. Did she really not know before hand that he had a love interest.. It's not ML fault if he hasn't let go nor is she the one thats keeping and old flame burning being that she's married to someone else.. @m0us3y Proud Ruffin Comes To mind.. Do anyone I have clue to when she'll be preggo..?
  4. @leeza77 My guess he wants his wife a child protected and wife still to carry the title of his,, He got a lot of nerve. Why should he become Father to his niece.. I'm sure GTY and ML would see to it that she marries well.. Some widows were sent back to there family homes back then so she could re-marry out and yet she's trying to cling on to her title.. I don't know who is the worst her or evil Mdm.. She was so worried about GTY taking her husbands title when it was his to begin with.. Now to marry the same brother she help plot against not thinking ahead when her husband past what kind of safety net she or her husband has in plan for them.. GTY should them both to kick cans.. How dare they suggest to divorce his wife unbelievable.. It's sounds to me that his wife is and opportunist use the title to force him to divorce and she gets to keep her position.. Why even stay with the GU's when she don't have a son any way.. This is the time to run to the border away from all this crazy mess but yet she wants to stay because of a title get real will ya.. I wouldn't be suprised if step mom had those servants feeding her something that may have caused her not to get pregnant ever again.. @ForgottenSoulx She found those dolls that QH had for him and ML.. Both initials or nanes were on the very bottom of the porcelin dolls which he had pck away very nicely..
  5. @ForgottenSoulx GTY is a lot richer himself without the wealth of the Gu's I suppose GTY alone is richer the Liang family.. Molan was so worried about marrying into and establish household and becoming the first wife she for got to do her homework.. She just jump on the first man from and establish house that look her way.. Well guy's off to work chat with you later in the afternoon
  6. @leeza77 Did QH new wife go to the Sheng house asking the SIL about QH past trelationship with this house.. Why even ask at this point there's no single miss in the home and she's married to him.. Did she not hear about QH and ML back then everyone else in the capital seems to have known about it..
  7. @matrim So I'm not the only one guessing that it was step mom that set fire to the hime fearing MK giving birth to a son which will cut her child out of having the nobke title all together.. She's the only one with motive to do something like this.. I just have to ask is justice brought to her for all her actions against GTY and ML.. If the director has changed the novel this much I'm wondering what will they do with her character.. @leeza77 Thats the witches putting a hex on it..
  8. @mooose She had good advice and experience from the Sheng family, ML is a tough nut to crack.. I hope that GTY will be able to break down this barrier.. But at this point ML trust issues with men she don't have any.. I have to admit she do have a point one can trust no one but themselves and thats a motto I live by to this day.. @ForgottenSoulx I like him also, I see he was kind of suprised how Molan wasn't close to ML and RL.. I don;t think he really knows Molan nature or character even at this point.. You could tell he wanted to join in with the men but by Molan not having all the attention and no one was admiring her she was totally upset.. I like how GTY brought ML back in a grand manner, He did that to let the Sheng household know that his wife isn't someone to be look down upon anymore from the people in this house or anyone else in the capital.. I thought it was done to show SH a thing or two.. The child that he looked down on and negelected, tried to sale her off at every oppourtunity that came up belongs to me now and she shall be treated with such dignity and respect even from you. Molan was so upset at ML grand return she basically called ML a nobody and her husband was a nothing for choosing to marry her.. Yet ML carriage was granted to them by the Emperor. She then replyed to her husband that she should have came back in a three tier carriage.. Now he's supposed to be a Count they should already have these carriages in there home.. He said I'll get you one next time as if they was in a rental then.. She really got bent out of shape hearing Big Mdm speak of her husband new child that she didn't birth.. Just got to love RL.. Direct and to the point..Loved it when RL told her why are you here in the Sheng daughter affairs, Next she told ML she's to densed Aunt is after favors for her SIL.. RL saw all through her plan and let her know right then she knows what she was after. Even braindead Big Mdm didn;t pick up on that.. Aunt had planned to use her connecvtion through her sister to get ML to curry her favors.. RK don;t really know how clever her Lil sis is, ML response was priceless she basically told her I have a book full of reciepts of good and bad deeds.. Now what in god nanmes do I owe you come if you want your not going to like it.. I was checking out the wat Aunt was sizing up GTY.. I know ML had to pick up on it.. She had the look in her eye like your not all that but yet at the sametime who could I hook him up with.. @leeza77 My thoughts exactly, He should hace went to GTY about the showy display. ML don't have the power to move and army to escort her.. This is GTY job and his way of showing the world how protective he is of her. I think SH wad just jello that he didn;t have and army or bodyguards escorting him, Another thing i think he was upset about is that his pet pea didn't have anyone escorting her and the Count.. Wasn't it back then that each manor had there own army also..? Why is it that Molan household seems so poor when they supposed to be a family of prestiege.. I'm sorry @matrim But are we watching the same drama. Did you not hear what GTY said.. GTY knew if he went and ask SH for ML hand in marriage he would have flatly turned him down regardless to his status because SH was more concerned of his own status.. He wanted them to marry scholars and doctors to hold his own head up high and not having Son In Laws status above his.. Only this way he could still feel the need to walk with his head up high wanting to be the Big Kuhuna.. (In other words even if my sht stink it should still smell like roses to you) SH didn't care if any of those girls got educated.. It was Granny that push him to educate her.. Also for ML marriage he wouldn't have cared if she married a beggar in the streets.. He just didn't care about ML at all period..
  9. @darkphoenix123 Yes they did. Even the head maid after taking orders from Evil Step mom was brought down to her knees.. ML showed they house maids that she can't have any dummies in the main court yard.. Had her maids taking resumes on all of them to check they family background.. She crack me up when she told them I don't know if you were sent here to helpo me or become one of my ancestors.. She was telling those old witches that sending your trollups here won't work here.. Maybe she should have send that Hong Girl to Molans husband he likes having a lot of concubines..
  10. Lets agree to disagree i find him weak and pathetic and he never cared about ML at all. I dont think he did the best he could as husband towards big madam where he mistreated her for year's in favour of concubines and he just straight up never cared for ML. I think ML did want a father he was just not a father toward's her so she learnt to deal with it and made the gap bigger. Someone who cares about the reputation over his own children is just not a good man, the fact he brought up ML twice shows it if the grandma agree's then he just gives ML away like shes nothing. @cherubstomato SH didn't please no one but his concubine and her children.. SH didn't have a big responsibility only thing he did was sat back and watch how Big Mdm and Granny handle things and agreed to it.. Like I said if it was left up to Molan mom ML would have been sold into slavery and SH wouldn't have said dilly squat about it.. As for him being the messenger if he was any kind of father or man he wouldn't have went to Granny regarding ML.. A real father would have said F you what do you take me for.. (Trying to get two for thev price of one) at this point he was ok with what Molan had done long as she entered that house it didn't matter how after she has given the cow and milk for free. What father cares for his child at another child expense.. With a dad like SH who needs enemies he's the biggest one.. @ForgottenSoulx You are so right he never cared about ML he didn't care about them when her mom was alive.. SH rarely saw ML because she was under Granny care and thats all that matter to him let her deal with the child.. SH couldn't face ML after what happen to her mom.. He never ask question he just went on with life as the dead can't come back to life and being that ML was out of sight she ws also out of his mind.. I think he's the worst father in that history.. Yes he would have handed ML off like was a piece of sht paper in a heartbeat.. He may be getting some backlash from others in court how the concubines daughter married into such a well establish family.. @frenchfan I think she's handling those old witches very well, They thought she would be a push over but she threw they crap right back in they face when she told them she can't go against her husbands orders.. It was totally rude and wrong of them to try and get her to accept a concubine for him a day after they consummated the marriage.. Big Mdm is really after GTY wealth right along with the rest of the uncles and aunts,, Now that he's married even if he's killed off that money goes to ML and her children.. I just hope to see these rude people gets just what they deserves. I also I the Big brothers wife better start changing lanes because if Big Brother coughs out Evil Mdm will be looking for more ways then one to get rid of them to take what little he has..
  11. I'm loving these past two episodes, ML telling those old witches to stsy out of my court yard and mind your own.. I can handle my own house without your spies.. I see Evil step mom even pick out some beauties to see if he'll take the bait..
  12. @leeza77 Upon reading this it's seems like a brilliant and funny plan.. I can ony imagine how hard GTY and ML must have laughed afterwards.. I actually disagree i think ML hate's her father and does not care about him one bit , he never raised or provided for her either that was Grandma. Thank you @ForgottenSoulx And probably hated him even more after what happen to her Granny.. Also right pn point Granny did everything for ML she was like her child and shieled ML from him and Lingnnaing. All Molan mom had to do was tell SH to sell her as a slave and he would have done it.. Anything to make Molan life better then all others he would have ML as Molan servant if she told him to.. SH agreed to selling ML out to save his face every time chance came up.. It was Granny always being the one to put her foot down against them when it came to ML.. All SH did was sat on the fence swaying in the wind he didn't really care what happened to her if she marries or not.. If she never married she would have ended up serving him and Big Mdm.. You see he never offered her anything such as a dowry for marrige nor did he add to her dowry.. But he took from Big Mdm for Molan..
  13. @leeza77 The problem that these GU women have is knowing ML was born into a not so wealthy homs.. Coming from a house of scholars and she's concubine born.. They wants to try to use her status of her childhood home to overpower her as they think they have the rights to look down on her and treat her as such.. Little that they know She or GTY isn't having it.. She will be address as Big Mdm rather they like it or not.. GTY will make sure they treat his wife with the respect she deserves.. We all know thst bioth he and she don;t care for such title but when it's called for they will stand to correct whomever.. @paras I don't think ML wedding was a dress up aty all more like leading the pig to the slaughter house.. It would have been nice to see her wedding also.. But I do think this was a reason Big Mdm was so upset being that her step daughters wedding was better then her own daughters who decided to marry a scholar.. Thanks tou gave ,me my laugh for the day.. @UnniSarah ML hates her father, She only tolerates him.. Every since SH didn;t give justice to her mom that she deserved and allowed Molan to get away with scratching her in the face.. ML revenge against Molan and mom was really revenge towards her dad.. SH always knew that Lingnaning was the one that had reason to kill ML mother and unborn chilkd he knew how selfish she was.. All ML did was took what matterd to him the most..
  14. @mooose Manniang wasn't stupid she took the son as a means to get back into the house after her and so called brother goes broke.. I sometimes wonder is he her real brother.. After hearing that he has married a Di daughter she'll weasel her way back using his son to enter the house.. Remember she still wants to be the main wife and want status for herself as the main wife which will give her son a chance at becoming legit.. Just you wait and see.. I don't think she knows she married ML and she only got a small does of ML behind her friend.. ML can be just as cunning amd manipulative as she.. Here's another one ML will have to go wit for wit with.. Manninang will throw up in her face the past while ML will throw back in her face past presences and future.. She'll come back trying to hold GTY to his promise but he'll kindly let her know she was a fraud to begin with and of she really wanted a title she wouldn't have took his son and come back all these years later demanding a spot.. Eventually the poor kid will have to learn to choose between Dad and Mom.. Hopefully he'll see how much his own mother deprived him of.. @matrim The hatred that ML has in her heart comes from her own doing. She lied anout her brother being dead as a means to con GTY.. She went after him for the soul purpose to maje a better life for her and brother.. Yes the son was always meant to be used as a weapon.. I sometimes wonder is these kids really his considering how she's so attach to the brother.. But we must thank her in one sense she's the reason we have the mannish devil GTY today.. GTY already ha a title behind his name given by the emperir when he was granted his own home next to his main home.. This is the reason why the other GU women sent maids and concubines.. @m0us3y My bad yes she is a quite sniper.. (The killer beauty) Yes there's foing to be and all out war between the women in the GU household.. Evil step mom and Manninang tag teaming every chance they could get.. It wouldn't suprise me if evil step mom offer her the position of Mdm if she could get rid of ML by now she should see that ML isn;t and easy prey as she looks..