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  1. It must be a really hurting feeling for JB to listen to his on mom tell him he's nothing and not ever going to go far in life.. What mother says these words to her own child and not try to encourage him to be better at whatever he's good at.. Why blame thew child instead of the parents both parents isn't that bright at all.. Now switching places with DB isn't going to help none of them the chairman has every right to be upset and take everything from them if they would have sent the right person DB would have always look out for them but after this he'll never look them in the face again and no matter how many I'm sorry is said nothing could make up for this period.. HK will try and destroy that company before it's found out she's going to team up with the other guy she's not going to live in povety with JB..
  2. @angelwingssf & @celebrianna Come to think of it I don't think she has been to work since she's been married.. She sure is busy eyeing others stuff and now she has taken up stalking
  3. @celebrianna I agree let her grow more with the company to assit WDR right now the boys mom or DY can't be any support all DY could do is offer flowers at some company function.. Which her shop seems rather small so I don't think she could much help even for that
  4. @dramaninja That SW arrogance really needs a wake up call.. He ask NJ do he thiks he's someone just because he has a title.. Happy the chairman changing his last will and testament.. He and mom got the shock of there lives to see NJ change the game on them with his plan on the boardmembers getting kickbacks on the companies that invested.. SW himself wasn't aware of their plan and he wants to try and run a company.. SW now have to take another look at NJ who he thought was a nobody is going to become a force to be wrecken with especially when he's announce to be the only sole and heir to HK gruop.. NJ is going to fight with tenacity and determnation to keep his G/father legacy alive according to G/pa will.. He's going to have to fight SW and mom to get them out of that company.. I hope the chairman has bought enough shares to keep NJ in control of it all.. I do see him and mom trying to do a hostile take over. I can't believe lollipop boy sitting in that floor throwing a tantrum like that snot running out of his nose and his parents trying to compromise with him.. I say if he wants to act like a child then treat him as such whoop his butt
  5. @angelangie In Korean culture only the eldest son and wife lives with the parents.. Either way they will still need to move what if DR came up preggo YY and DY would only be using up space for WDR family.. What DY needs to be doing is trying to get preggo fast as she can instead of meddling in others business
  6. OK G/pa even video taping naming NJ his sucessor and announcing him as his G/son.. I hope SH and SW don't finds about this tape.. I could see one of them trying to bump him off.. But my guess would be they would go after NJ thats the only way SW could be safe.. SW look really teed his plan blew up in his face because NJ sure called SW flunkies on those kickback they would have been handing out with the exception they get a cut to.. I couldn't tell if SW knew of this plan or not.. @0ly40 & @dramaninja T..hanks for the video upload.. Also did anyone make out what was written on that yellow piece of paper of G/pa that SW balled up ?
  7. @angelangie Technically when WDR marries YY and DY are suppose to move out of the home.. Da Ya mom must have not taught Da Ya the customs of Korean families.. I know her mom has to know these things but she must have some kind of greedy motive for not telling Da Ya any better.. All her mom sees his YY mom is supposed to be her bestfriend and she'll be at Da Ya beck and call when needed and take up for her but she even forgot that there's someone ahead of her and thats halmoni she's the true matriarch of that family and no matter how much Da Ya throws a fit what she says goes.. @nohamahamoud2002 & @smhelen Thanks for the preview videos.. Da Ya looks like a deer caught on the headlights.. I hope halmoni tells her a thing or two spying on people.. I tell you her being married into that family is going to cause that house being turned upside down..
  8. @celebrianna I hope when they get together they don't move in.. Move to there own place have fun.. Da Ya moved in because she thinks it would make her the next Mdm of Bom Foods.. Poor her she has know clue she would never be Mdm of the company because she married the wrong brother..
  9. @rocher22 JS can really throw her off her game ES wants him to accept the baby ok fine just take it and send her packing.. She didn't factor in this part of the plan all she knows is hold on to his kid and she'll have him.. I say take the baby from her and put it up for and adoption or he raise the baby himself.. He don't have to be with her.. @maribella This is why I said take the baby and send her packing..
  10. SJ obviously didn’t know how to handle SW at first ( I am not sure many could anyway ) he keep playing dirty and guilty her with his sad story and grandfather sick . @Ameera Ali Yes he's playing real dirty.. I mean he just over talk SJ when she told him she wasn't interested in marriage.. He basically told her she was going to marry him rather she like it or not.. He didn't care if there was no love involved because he don't believe in love.. Then used G/pa past deed of not allowing his mom and supposed to be dad to gain sympathy.. I'm still skeptical about SH relations to G/pa son I find her charcter real shady and she's been feeding SW just her side of the story which seems to be a bunch of lies.. SH playing the innocent good girl role which I don't buy.. So now that JA’s (lollipop boy marriag) storyline is over ,AJ’s thinking to work in the company we can safely assume she will be interesting in SW any minute now. JA’s expression when Sw help her out and introduce himself and asking to call if she need anything was quite amusing? Plus,Did anybody else want to shove a bag of poo down SW’s throat ? When JA saw SW I seen greed in her eyes.. I think she's going to go after SW until she finds out NJ is the real heir to the company.. Hopefully NJ will see her true colors and realizes she already taken off the market and move on put that candle out he's been burning for her as she said she left the past in her hometown that includes him.. lollipop boy dad told JA mom to go to Seoul and find JA or he was going to send the dad to jail she just sat there and took it.. She should have threaten to send the son to jail for illegally registering a marriage withou the other party consent.. No worries the big bag of poo going SW throat is when he finds out who NJ is.. Thats going to knock his arrogance into a loop
  11. @Ameera Ali Ok she may have been the mistress. But SW isn't his G/child.. So now I'm more sure she did some under handed stuff to NJ when he was born she had to show up with him after he was born claiming he's the mans child.. After NJ did todays presentation that throttle SW plans she seemed very worried about who NJ is and wants to send SW to G/pa
  12. WAIT HOLD THE PHONE: So the man and woman in the picture is NJ real parents. So SH probably showed up after the real parents were already dead claiming SW was the son. So my guess was right she had a onesided crush on NJ father.. I understand @jayakris I'm also on vacation and return back to work tomorrow.. I'm in Texas right now my flight back to Vegas leaves tonight
  13. @angelangie I was also thinking DR could be related to Halmoni sister.. But to pair her off with WDR thats to closely related.. That would have 2nd cousins married to one another so this would be Mr. Wang and Chairman are first cousin and they're children are 2nd cousins.. I can see this working for them.. Your right this would really send Da Ya over the edge.. But halmoni said her sister died