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  1. @wdsayang Loved the video thumbs up.. JS first love and he's madly in love
  2. @awsparkle I agree Halmoni will lay out the difference to OSR the difference between her and GY.. Halmoni will tell her that GY isn't out to gain status like she was nor do she care for it.. GY isn't coming banging on the door with a pregnancy in tow to be apart of the family demanding marriage like she did.. Were going to see OSR pulling all kinds of stunts because of her own past..
  3. @angelwingssf Yes she could have been much nicer, But the environment that's she's been living in and the abuse she gets from her family members cuts deep into her bones so this is what she thinks she should do to make him back off and hate her at least if he goes away hating her she knows he would think of her once in a while as she will think of him.. But she came around..
  4. @wdsayang I can GY has been belittle by that awful woman of a mother who has always told her how low she is how unfit to society she is.. That mother keeps her self esteem below zero so when man comes around she feels she's not good enough and to spare herself from being hurt she hurts him.. I knew she was going to act this way this is why I said I want to see what does to change her mind..
  5. Well Said Thanks @chasen8888 @msmy As well @0ly40 For your patients.. Bringing us recaps and videos
  6. @kp2118 Welcome to Tv novel world.. You do get sick of them after three or four then if your anything like me I watch certain parts of the novel but just follow the thread to keep up with whats current.. My theory to these writers is they are beginners and this is how they get there start to write real dramas.. But there have been some good Tv novels that has aired.. Since the last two bomb the next has to be a good one I hope ..
  7. That's the key point here she still lying to have her way @UnniSarah TS HJ and whatever her bio mom name is.. They not thinking of how people is going to look at these greedy and vile people..
  8. ok @hibiscus23 Ep 59, I think your guessing to soon the way this drama is progressing
  9. @anja61 Not a chance.. Stepmom should be the one apologizing
  10. I also vote for ep 72 with @whome @awsparkle ep 60 @booha ep 79
  11. What is ONR scheming in her head now.. Just hearing that JS is supposed to be dating some rich girl he mind is running a hundred miles and hour. She's the type that would blackmail he own sister if there's money to be gotten in the deal and for some reason I think were headed this way.. If she is JS bio mom like some of us thinks she is she's going to use this to her advantage.. She will set out to see who is JS dating.. Ok here we go I also vote for ep 72 with @whome
  12. I think DS/ES should keep slapping her because she looked mighty shock DS slap her back.. @anja61 Even if YH wakes up she might not tell DS/ES that TS isn't her father but her spilling the beans could be how they found out TS sold ES stocks..
  13. First off @chasen8888 Thanks for the recap As I had said @Jackie1048 The only way he would find out he would overhear someone talking a what better way to hear it straight out if the horses mouth.. You said it best.. Off to watch this well worth while episode