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  1. @euraka I tell you she fears losing her son altogether to Dj.. The family rep will be really damaged and Dj could sue her and mom for defamation, mental anguish after all they did to her and family.. I wish someone would tell her I'm getting sick of her looking stupidly in love with a dead man
  2. I wish somebody on the show slap HJ just once for me.. I'll be back to give my full comment on todays episode
  3. “Falsify” Holds No. 1 Spot In Its Time Slot For 5 Consecutive Weeks Although the ratings for “Falsify” dropped a little this week, the SBS drama is continuing its dominance of the Monday-Tuesday time slot. On August 22, Nielsen Korea reported that the recent two episodes of “Falsify” recorded a nationwide average of 9.7 percent and 11.2 percent viewership ratings. This is a drop from last week, where it recorded a high of 12.2 percent. Nonetheless, this is the fifth consecutive week that “Falsify” has held the No. 1 spot in its time slot. KBS’s “School 2017” recorded a viewership rating of 4.7 percent, while MBC’s “The King Loves” recorded 6.2 percent for its first episode this week and 7.0 percent for its second. “Falsify,” also known as “Distorted,” tells the story of journalists working to expose the truth in a corrupt society. @bebebisous33 Yes he needs to prepare himself mentally and physically to go up against him.. Mr Lighter seem to be on steriods or something nothing seems to make him hurt or say ouch.. Now SR is opening her eyes more to how coocked her world really is, and all thats revealed may not be the truth.. In todays episode were learning how really big this case is over a billion dollars embezzeled indentity switch you name it it's there.. I'm just liking the fact that the newspaper diector always thought he was in controlled of the game only to learn that he's just a pawn and can be eliminated like HMY brother.. The showdown is coming between him and the lawyer they already at each others throat it's only a matter of time before the backstabbing really starting to take place and SR boss os the biggest flunky of them all he still can't read he's about to be thrown under thew bus @jongski I look forward to the weekend being over just because of this drama.
  4. @MrsSoJiSub Apostle Jo choose her for himself the moment he first saw her it's about her beauty and virginity that he wants to hold near and dear to himself.. He's afraid if she's involed in the outside world he can't be her savior and benefactor.. It's only a matter of time before her father gives him the go ahead to have her as his wife.. I tell you each week this drama gets more grusome and creepy with this cult.. The poor kid took the easy way out..
  5. @maribella Thats because she don't know who the father is.. I hope the brother can get rid of the nasty witch if a wife.. I love to see her thrown out of the house..
  6. @deadorblack I would love it if TJ moves out of the house to show them he means business.. The nerve to look down on Officer Moo.. Just wait to Officer Moo finds out who TJ Bio Mom is so mich for thinking she's high and mighty.. Maybe DH will bring mom back to work for them just to see what she'll do to keep her past hidden..
  7. @stroppyse Thanks and Enjoy.. @Ldy Gmerm I'm skeptical on this I see it as really a tormenting situation on SJ part because after finding out that SJ mother killed both of the childrens father best revenge is to have it fixed were DJ also has custody over SH and SJ can't have NO involvement with him nor can her family.. I think this is what SJ is really worried about this especially if DJ decides to marry Jw. Being that he's the FIL Bio Grandchild and Jw name the Bio father on paper she's in a no win situation.. DJ can be listed as SH legal mother being that she was and is married to both dads.. SJ can end up being a serrogate mother on paper.. No more trying to use the child for her benefit,, I hope DJ still sues her and her nasty mom..
  8. I can't help but laugh my butt off after watching with subs... I tell you why TJ has always been halmoni pet pea.. He has done everything she ask of him without giving the family static or trouble.. Now seeing him walk around unhappy after a while she will give in.. I don't think any of them notice that he wasn't smiling or showing he was happy at all until he met office Moo.. This is because HJ has ran everything and everybody in that house.. HJ has in her mind that Halmoni will win her way, but wrong TJ will get his way or it will be no way with the friend Granddaughter or any other women.. I'm praying HJ take Halmoni to meet officer Moo and TJ also shows up to and read his sister her rights when it comes to his private life but stuff really going to hit the roof when his Bio Mom tries to meddle in his affairs after being and absent parent since he was 11 or 12 years of age.. TJ spilling the beans about officer Moo so soon means we could be seeing a mariage around episode 80 or 90 I hope.. HJ is going to have to learn that ber brother will not marrying a woman just because who her family is.. I think her motive for him hooking up with Corporal Jang is to help her son later in life.. I think no one in that house knows TJ very well because he's always been so quite well the noise from him is beginning to start.. But what I'm really laughing about is HJ having mud in her face in the end her and the evil greedy Bio Mom.. WOW I can't believe she trying to use Bora to try and take over the hotel for her own kids this women is a piece of work.. Love how DH sees right throug her and read her like a book.. So glad he told her to stop trying to hook Bora up with the slithering snake because it's no way she would be with him so give up.. That was the look of disappointment on her face.. And Bora made it no better she walks in and see slithering snake rolled her eyes at him and kept it pushing The look she gave him should have set reality in with him but it won't he's going to get down right nasty to have Bora.. He will think Bora will choose money over love in the end but she won't.. Which leads me to believe that her and slithering snake got some kind of deal going on which involves Bora at the head of the table both are trying to use her.. Can't wait for Bora to find out how phony her feelings were for her it's all about her Daddy's Benjamins for her.. @newyee It's really going ton hit the fan when Halmoni finds out that she sneaking around and messing around with TJ life.. HJ will try to cut ties with TJ and officer Moo this way when she'll be the culprit.. Yes TJ will tell Halmoni that he's in love with a widow with a child as you can see she has taken to the floor hope he ignore it she'll het up eventually when she realizes it's not working.. Dad marries widow with a son and paid off her debts.. HJ marries and orphan the nerve of these peoples.
  9. @euraka You can best believe if JH had something in her room to prove that she and snake wasn't on the best of terms snake mom would have gotten rid of it.. I'm loving this drama more and more everyday it's fun watdhing thr trio do whatever it takes to slip through.. The real fun is going to start when they start getting caught..
  10. Thanks @stroppyse It's alwats a pleasure sharing a good drama with you
  11. @effy1994 Her or mom will be visiting a loan shark soon which is going to add to more problems for them.. Hello @unnisarah..
  12. @chdom I agree he really do needs to grow a pair.. HJ has been spoiled and throwing her tantrums at everbody and they do what she says.. Add on top of it she took over the mothers role of running the house since she became pregnant with her son.. Now that others aren't dependant upon her anymore nor will listens to what she has to say she's going to feel rebelious because it's the only way she's been getting her way.. I'm waiting for the day TJ tells her and halmoni both don't make plans or try and choose the woman he would marry because that decision is entirely up tp him and not them.. I think hubby is going to leae her for a minute she deserves it..
  13. @jongski Apostle Jo don't care about his side kicks doing as long as he can get to SM at anytime he'll let them do as they want.. I think that lady is pumping her mom full of pills because it's how she gets off.. So I'm happy to hear that I wasn't the only one that thought SH mom got involved with that cult.. Also being that his father is a govenor why hasn't he done something about it.. Unless they was financing his campagin