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  1. Tonights episode will be a goody looking forward to it..
  2. @yusefull I think step mother always had in her mind to leave her new family after she slowly killed off dad feeding him all things that could give him a stroke or a heartattack.. Her plan was to take everythig that family had to offer and leave them high and dry in the end thinking that her own Bio kids would accept her because she had money..(But back her childrens love) Stepmother never felt anything for BR as she claimed but just felt pity about her plan knowing that BR was always nice to her.. So her way to compensate BR was to have her to marry the sleezy lawyer (This would be BR compensation) Now she wants to give them (her children) what she never had well it works for the daughter but not TJ.. (TJ sees this as this should hae been accomplish as a family not her go off and od things on her own leaung the family unit our of it ) Yes her plan was to have DH and GH together for TJ sakes I saw this coming long time ago as for being well aware of DH being the killer of WR dad.. Now to kill someone is just wrong and part of DH problem even if he had turned himself in he would have gotten out of it due to his father relationship with the dirty police chief.. So DH fathers behavior is this way all because of his line of work if he would had shown any soft spot in him this would have been taken and avantage of..
  3. @Ldy Gmerm Bs will be the tables that turn on them because he will bw demanding sticks from crazy SN and in the form of half or he's telling all. I look for Ruby to be getting a divorce soon anyway once she learns that her husband did actually help frame DM to marry her and on his way to jail right along with his mom and sister.
  4. Hello Everyone, I just been lurking drama land, Nothing is catching my interest since Bora married GH brother.. I careless about GH she's always be indesive in her decision and the dicipline of her child so we can't get upset about DH he's doing what he supposed to do..
  5. @Jackie1048 I'm sick of DJ crying behind the dog, It seems she still don't get that he wasn't into her at all..
  6. @maddymappo I just have to ask is everyone in this drama three fries short of a happymeal.. It's going no where fast.. I tell you a person will ggo bald warching this everyday..
  7. I can't wait for this drama to be over and how is it that Ym's family living in the house of the chairwoman.. So shameless
  8. @Ldy Gmerm SN plans will backfire not only will she gets the shock of her life learning that DM holds shares in that company that halmoni gae DM whats rightfully hers DM will end up suing Sn for the rest of the shares she has.. On the grounds of false imprisonment and the frame up.. I'm so looking forward to the trio family going to jail.. I also I thought Ruby was a divorcee.? Any who from the preview it seems that Ruby hae went off the deep ed with her wake up call. Will it Dm fault that her husband was engaged to her I hope DM let her know she was also carrying his child when they framed her for murder..
  9. Ys finaly realized how much of a monster her father really is he lock her mom up and lied to her all her life about her mom..
  10. Rudy does need to know the truth but not being told by her brother or nephew. If SH or her brother tells her SK and family will lie their way out by placing the blame on DN. Ruby needs to find out the truth all on her own so the real truth can't be covered over with lies. @sangre, @awsparkle Is right.. She needs to find out on her own no matter who tells her she's so onto him she wouldn't care what no ojne says but her earning the truth of this matter on her own will prove he only married her for money and also on his way ro prison for covering his sister and mother crimes..He will not only be losing his lawuers degree bit also his job because he will be kick out of the familu.. I'm waiting for the fun part to begin when he will pull out all the stop trying to stop DM from marrying onto that family..
  11. I said it before Tj is to indesive, But Bora's dad going after Gw will get him and the police captn cought..
  12. Snake went on and on blaming and framing DM killed JH now it's only a matter of time that she'll try to kill DM since SH has told her that he has DM in his heart.. That has completely pushed her over the edge.. She'll be diving into the deep end now.. Well halmoni has heard of thr past she won't do nothing since her G/daguter is pregnant but I'm wondering what will she think of her G/SIL family.. Especially learning the facts thst he help cover his sister crime and framed his innocent pregnant Ex-Lover for it so he could marry rich. @awsparkle Yes YR will also become unhinged and will blackmail snake and her mother I see her getting her shares back the same way they was taken..Now that Sh has told Lil snake about his feelings for DM she will tell DM who her real mother is once she put under the pressure.. She will tell DM that her real mother gave up her shares to cover up the fact that she's her Bio mom anything to hurt DM.. All because she can't have SH but I see this as being the button to push DM right into SH arms sending snake into kill mode.. The more SH learns about her hurt to DM thr further he will push away from her and hate her.
  13. It's 8 episodes left 6 tobring the downfal of them all and the last to wil be all is forgiven.. SMH