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  1. Ok I know we all upset that we didn't get our kiss scene today but thats saved for when SJ and Hw finds DH and rescue her from bad uncle.. Just think she still do not know why would anybody want to kidnap her and MH dad darn sure not going to show his face to her all he's going to do is send pictures of someone with similar height weight and hairstyle looking all beat up trying to get the rest of those shares.. Mh is going to suffer the biggest problems of it all her arrogance is going to hit rock bottom finding out just who really owns that company.. Mh or her father don't kinow of the connection between Hw and Sj and Hw will do anything for his lil brother even if it means moving mountains.. So fake halmoni is going to have to come clean to the brothers if she wants to save DH.. Also besides didn't MH dad report her as being dead..? I wonder if there's a death certificate on her that he fabricated.. Now come to think of it he kidnaps DH but he don't realizes that his mother has left the home he got her hide in..
  2. @rikimaiu I understands why DY didn't question how deeply involved Jang is in on the kidnapping his point at that time was to get GO back.. MH thinks she has escape these kidnapping charges but once DY steps into the arena to fight the trio this is where MH connection with Jang will come into play because there was never a connections to Jang and HJ other then he kidnap her child.. Being that HR isn't of DY bloodline and GO is well it don't take a genuis to figure out the rest she order the kidnapping of the child so HR paternity wouldn't be questioned and cut the child links to his only family for HR sake.. Back then if it was known HJ was pregnant all would have known who she was pregnant by and MH pregnancy would have become questionable.. So let her thinks she has escape the charges only then she did was dug her hole deeper.. I'm looking forward to HJ breaking that recording out of her saying she would kill the persons that kidnap her child.. This is why I see her spending a life time sentence in Koreas worst prison.. If she done something like this in the states prison life wouldn't be fun for her at all.. She'll be having a lot of sleepless nights.. I just hope the writer don't make her ill she needs ro pay for her sins.. @maribella Jang did kidnap the child 8 yrs ago because he's guilty of that but I net he got something from MH foundation to link MH to it all the man isn't stupid.. Maybe he got recording also of MH giving him orders on what to do.. He may have the info dtill on who she first gave GO to.. @viyra I'm questioning her motives also, I think she's buttering him up for HJ to stick with Jw because she hates DY family with a passion.. Thank You @janp You said just what I'm thinking especially when it comes to GO this is why I said he'll be safer at DY house..
  3. @farhah_1986 This drama has 120 episodes, I don't think there be exetended episodes being that only maybe 1 or 2 days was skip I think. Also I don't know anything about the ratings but I can tell you based on my opinon I think this is the best daily showing out of all the dailys.. I don't see how this writer could make this drama become a train wreck of and ending when he or she has been so consistent with writing a good story.. SDM/Park (nShe Devil Mama Park) Needs to end up broke and bankrupt and her precious SD/So Jin aka (Sperm Donor) either he ends up in prison, paralyezed or dead.. SDM did all those horrible things back then and someone has to pay the price for it and that should be her precious son that she thinks the world of HY was spared thanks to EH.. As she would say to herself what did she ever do for him to be this sick and blamed the baby sickness on JK when clearly it was her own sin that brought misfortune to HY.. That daughter of hers is no different from her mom greedy for things that don't belongs to her.. No time for her daughters well being Ms has been greedy since she was small and not much about her has changed letting her daughter witness the abuse and child making differtences first hand all because she wants a building.. Well maybe for YR and HY sake.. EH may let her have the building which I think she should rent it to her SDM makes her pay rent on it.. Now when it comes to EA/SJf just the kidnapping of EA/SJf alone is the ending for SDM she just put the noose around her own neck, This will delay Gw and EH wedding because no way they would want to get married with her missing.. I think now SDM finally realizes the exetent of damage she done to her family.. She thought she was giving them a better life only to put there lifes in turmoil and SD knows it thats why he was beating the steering wheel and crying like that..
  4. Hello All, @hibiscus23 I do want SJ to leave that house and figure things out for himself, Even if he was to go to that small rural town by the ocean where DH is at but by her being kidnap things has taken a different turn. @chocolatepie Thanks for the recap as I was able to watch live this morning.. I'm skeptical to what made MH break her neck to go and visit DH did her dad figure out who DH is or just using her to bargain with halmoni for the rest of those shares.. MH wanted her gone why is she paying her a visit it's still not going to get her the marriage she wants with SJ and it's going to take Hw to find out where they got her held up at.. Being that Dh has been kidnap Halmoni is going to have to come out of hiding also being that DH real G/mother has been found I think they'll get her out of the hospital to even if they have to break her out.. I blame Halmoni for this kidnapping she should have told DH by now instead of leaving her in the dark like that she's old enough to know whats going on..
  5. @sk0317 I'm sure hoping she tries to run him over again and succeed, This time I want Dr. Han to remeber everything about his life from day one especially that pouch and hopes he finds it in the Yoon house as halmoni explains to him exactly what it is and this is how he'll piece together that Js is a fake and question him about it and figure out he knows it as well. @Ldy Gmerm Back then DR.Han basically told Mh he didn't love her she said it was find because she has enough love for the both of them.. She also lives in a delusional world and once she discover her world his faje she'll blame that on him to.. It's all DR. Hans fault that she ended up with the faker instead of SHw when she's the one that blackmailed herself into that household.. I don't think her married life is going to be all she thinks it is..
  6. @Ldy Gmerm What I find funny about all this is when MH talks about DR. Han criminal Father but actually turns out to be her FIL. So well deserved I think this man will get out of prison to out greedy mama and lead DR. Han to his real family.. If Dr. Han appears on Tv and talks about the past will be enough for the man to atleast try and contact him.. But as in Korea the prisons I've seen none has Tv's but this man will come back ibnto the picture.. I'm looking forward to them all finding out DR. Han is the real Js. Not only she'll try and stop DR, Han from finding his family but she'll also try and protect her criminal mother who is also headed to jail.. I hope Dr. Han don't be forgiving towards MH or her family they caused him to much grief.. I'm wondering do he remembers the IOU he had wrote to Crazy Mama about paying her back for raising her daughter.. Once she learns it was her mother that destroyed her marriage with DR Han I see her becoming a criminal to try to stay married into a rich family.. Maybe Js will tell her he's really not the Yoon G/son and is a fake and looking for the real one.. I hope he rells her after he's married to her but knowing the evil lil witch she'll use her power being married int9o that family just to continue to torcher SHw.
  7. Finally the day I been waiting for, I didn't read no news articles beause I wanted to be surprised as the story unfolds, But I'm asking for a live link if anyone has please share with me
  8. This has being weighing heavy on my mind, Just what is she up to and why with her medical condition HJ would even leave the GO with her one she allows any one to walk into her home claiming they are the police.. Is she still on the kick of Hj and Jw. ? Probing GO about DY is stupid why ask the child about someone he knows nothing about.. Is she hoping for HJ Jw and Go be a family I hope not it's time for HJ to kill that thought of her quick if this is what she's thinking..
  9. @Jackie1048 Yes she will go off on Ys and CRazy, I just hope she finds out Bw was poisoned at work KJ would know who did it and why.. I think even if she has to go and look in Crazy house or that shop she will find what took Bw sense of taste.. I was going to skip next week episode but being that Bw is learning the relationship between KJ and her father should make for and interesting watch.. Ys wanting to know Bw father phone # she's going to up her one better and show her something better and thats Bw being her daughter she abandon and KJ will start to pay her lip service..I'm loving the fact she's going to tell her the young lady that she's been badmouthing is her daughter and G/son. KJ will even go as far as to tell Ys she's a better mother then you and she's not hiding whom she is.. I think Ys will sneak and do a DNA test between her and Bw or By. I think once what KJ told her is confirmed they'll be back on sending Bw out of the country again kick.. They'll play on OHW hatred for Bw, Telling Bw it's some kind of place in the states that can cure her and all along plan for her never to return.. But no worries KJ isn't going to let the cat out of the bag just yet she's going to milk Ys I just hope nothing bad happens to her in Ys quest to keep her past hidden..
  10. @Lunkera She has no other choice, She's been found out and the more crimes she committes trying to hide this man the more guilty she is.. If she didn't do anything wrong she wouldn't behave this way.. Where she F-up at is taking him out of the nursing home.. Now he's not eating proper meals nopr getting his nedication.. I just hope by her being found out she don't kill him for real.. Is she manage to escape her kidnapers and get away safely they may turn around and kidnap EH..I look for desperate SDM to do something drastic and dangerous.. EA/Sjf escape kidnap EH and go get HY and go on the run with him..
  11. @Ldy Gmerm CR is playing to lose for comfort, I wouldn't be surprised if she puts the poison in Bw room and claim she did it for attention.. CRazy is delusional like this.. I think it's time for JY to start showing that family the rest of her true colors and they find out she can't have kids because her attitude is to nasty and why have kids belonging to a family she even looks down upon.. I want mom to find out as she blamed mom for her not being able to get knock up.. But CRazy won't dare show her face when Bw is there WH and Bw will catch her there and knows she's not there because she's friedns with everybody in the household she there to being dysfunction to the household trying to bad mouth Bw and Wh relationship so they could tell Bw to break up with WH.. Well it's time for Sc to let the cat out the bag about him and CRazy and her obesession for WH.. I mean this iswring on so many different levels her coming to the house like that I don't care if her and JY are friends it's not like she's dying.. I just wish Bw had pictures of WH tact up on all the walls in her room when she hoes in for a peak..
  12. All I can say is don't blame JK brother blame it on his upbringing, He has been maid butler to every women in the house.. I think mother treated him this way because of the men she choosed.. She despise the men she was with and she treats her son no different.. The pampering that she makes her son give to her and JK is the pampering she craved from the men she choosed.. Heard what she told him he's not allowed to get married or have a girlfriend far as that matter goes and to stay a virgin until she dies
  13. @viyra I decided to do the samething, I'll come back with DY steps into the game, This would be a lot more interesting as he gives Mdm, Kim a run for her money and if need be he'l step all over his father because per conversation today he's siding with Mdm Kim about MH being the cause of his accident he'll step all over him he has no love or sympathy for the man that supposed to be his father.. It was him that got him into all of the mess in the first place and it's going to comes a time to choose between saving daddy and GO well we all know who he's going to choose.. @Mailelei This is the sad part about it all , Hr is in for some very miserable times that her mother the one she looks up to and admire will be the one to put all this mental stress on her.. If she can get past a child shrink I say MH # 2 is already to take the stage and become and evil monster like her mother.. She grew up in her mothers make believe world only to realizes that everything was a fake.. She will hate GO because her thinking is he came into the picture to take over from her and her not knowing she wasn't supposed to be there from the beginning.. Any attention DY shows GO she's going to act out on it because she want to have daddy all to herself.. Even if she finds out Jw is her real father she would rather stay with DY to keep his affection for her and no one else.. It's going to get ugly for the two kids as GO needs to be with his father but HR will act out according to MH orders and get found out and out the door like her mom.. We have atleast 8 to 10 more episodes before the KIm family downfall.. MH biggest fear is being outed for bring adopted and Mdm Kim disowning her..
  14. @stroppyse This is what you called taken advantage of a woman under the influence.. He knew she was drunk but all he was worried about was having some kind of connetion to his one sided crush.. I kind of feel for him being that Ms is way more mature then he is.. HGe still under the skirts of his mom and sister.. Like I said Jk mothers Karna is to take his child to his mom and tell her to raise the child well but I so get Ms bei8ng that she left on the door step of and orphanage.. So I give my hat to her all she can do is her best in raising her child as a single mom.. She's not the first and won't be the last.. Shye and child would have enough support with EH and the rewst of the crew.. I understands why everyone is hard on JK brother but look what could you expect from a person like himn look who he had to look up to only to be look down upon..
  15. @viyra From the beginning I had voted this drama as the # 1 out of all the daily's each day the story ptogresss from different angles for all the character not the same annoying stuff especially like in our other dailys we know CRazy Cr will be up to mo good towards Bw and MH will bring and ocean to drown GO.. Or will they find GO today. Just the same ole clich'e non stop.. But with this one it's always something new and different that makes it and exciting watch.. I think SDM CRazy and MH would have made and awsome team thowing they money around.LOL @Jackie1048 It would be funny if Ms did the samething JK mom did have the baby and drop it off on greedy mama door steps with a nice note attach explaining her son is the father.. I talk about KARMA. @stroppyse Thank you, So Mdm Park followed EA to the DNA center and had her kidnap, I guess she'll pay someone there to burn or get rid of the files showing that they are a match.. If something happen all signs are going to point towards her this is why I said from the moment EH discovered she was alive they should have kept it hidden from SDM.