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  1. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    she's RooRa's member, right ? iirc, she guested in one of KJK's show
  2. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    this i don't get it why some people get easily frustated when our SA have little to no interaction at all in certain episodes. losing hopes and making ruckuss and all. even if they're not interacted on screen, we all know that they often met and most probably hang out off screen. and it's more than enough for me. when i found only a little interaction in one episode, i usually watched again episodes in the past that have lots of SA moments, reading SA fanficts, watching YT for SA videos, etc just to lighten up my mood and as @mn0096 have said, we've been blessed with so many SA moments last year, let's cherish it and not to be greedy
  3. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    ah i didn't notice it, thank you for clarifying
  4. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    sadly, yes i'm not quite sure since the article only stated that regular tv broadcasting schedules will change due to coverage of the events. and for this weekend there are total of 7 dramas, varieties (including RM) and music show will be canceled. i hope it's just this weekend......because if it's during the whole events, we'll be without RM for 3 weeks https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/04/several-weekend-shows-canceled-due-2018-pyeongchang-olympics-coverage/ (sorry for not providing the source in my earlier post)
  5. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    i dont know if you guys already notice this, but several weekend shows will be canceled (including RM, inkigayo, and RoS) due to 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games coverage
  6. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    5th in Asia and 3rd among SK female celebs.......absolutely wonderful not to mention that PSH and Suzyis a lot younger than her a natural beauty indeed !
  7. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    ah thank you very much, that explained everything
  8. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    waiting for the moment for soya to finally call "aunt" to SJH (lol) anyway, i've watched the recent episode again, and there's some moments (SA and non SA) that caught my attention. please, feel free to comments or correct me if there's a mistake 1) when they're playing the timing game, after KJK and HH lost the game so they became no.5 (KJK) and no.6 (HH), KJK sit beside SJH. then HH said "i like the order". hmmm.......i guess he wanted SA to sit side by side unfortunatelu, JSJ lost after that, so he's the one sitting beside KJK 2) when JSM shouting and throwing fake punches meant for KJK when he's buying food, HH said that JH did it in the past. i really have to disagree about that. SJH did that directly to KJK, shouting and pulling his hair, even from RM early days. on the contrary, JSM only did it when KJK was not around, somehow like LKS and HH often did, and silent again when KJK is back. SJH is the only one who could do such thing to KJK, and most often KJK only smile 3) during the pinocchio game, when KJK was asked who's the most beautiful actress, without hesitate he answered "SJH". the members reaction was priceless. HH leaned back while saying "oohh....". YSC laughing, YJS looks to SJH, LKS looks to KJK, and ofc SJH's shy smile and after that SJH blow the whistle, and interestingly, YJS blow his whistle too as if agree that KJK was saying the truth. ofc, KJK said that it wasn't true, that he had met many beautiful actress........but, i have to reminded him who's the (only) actress he always praised time to time such as "beautiful JH where are you ?", "she's always pretty", " will our beautiful JH pick ?", etc 4) YJS said that eventhough they are playing games, why did KJK and SJH say each other's name ? i guess, they only thinking about each other even during games 5) SJH seem so concerned when she knew that KJK got the longest jail hours, and ask him "did you ?" 6) in the prison cell, while the other members sit side by side, KJK was the only one separated. and he sit right across SJH, so they could see each other very clearly 7) the gashina dance 8) i'm just curious, who's the cell leader when HH went to the solitary cell ? iirc, KJK was the cell leader. but why did SJH instead who sent HH to the solitary cell ? did the cell leader change without showing it to the viewers ? 9) when KJK arrive and bring tofu with him, SJH runs toward him. she might be trying to persuade KJK to give her the tofu, but did she have to be so clingy to him lol
  9. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    mom always knew, period specially things related to her son, a mother and her son always have special connection totally agree with you.....whatever happens happens, right ? hey, i just realize this lol
  10. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    talking about My Ugly Duckling, makes me remember the scene during SBS Awards 2017 when KJK and SJH greeted the elder lady from the show, and some commented that KJK was kinda "introduced" SJH to the elder lady ("this in my GF".............lol delulu hyper mode on ) i think we all have that feeling, wanting them to make clear of their relationship............but, there's nothing we can do about that. if they choose to silent about it, we'll just have to accept it. they have numerous chances to deny or refused when they got teased by the other members, but their only reaction was only smiling or laughing. that alone already suspicious enough. they're definitely really really close, them dating ? that's the mystery they must have a reason with their choices, something we might not know yet..........we'll just have to be patience enough, i guess (and hopefuly, when the time come, it wll bring us good news)
  11. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    so i guess it's like ep 213 when they can changed partner at the end of each mission ? and maybe KJK-SJH is one of the final couple can't wait for the episode
  12. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    iirc, a member of the forum once said that things are going faster than our SA had planned, so they might wanna slow down a bit, just to make sure everything is on schedule and don't worry, sometimes being in different team makes it more obvious to us when they have wonderful moments for two person who's the most competitive among RM members, they almost not active at all during the final mission. i think they just wandering around together lol iirc, they hold hand just for a brief moment when they found the altar SJH look very happy when they selca after they arrived in the chinese district........she even doing cute pose when climbing the stairs they might have a wonderful conversation in the car
  13. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    @tko4now i agree with @jihyo658, it's frustating JH fans (i know i did) to see such comments. i understand that such comments were not the first time nor the last one to be adressed to SJH, but it's kinda spreading negative vibes to the other members. maybe if you still wanna post it, you could put it in a spoiler just like @mn0096 with her "rant", so the members could choose to open the spoiler if they curious about what the haters said or choose not to if they think they've seen enough
  14. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    what kind of animal did she became ? lol anyway, it may be nothing but i read from one of SA fanspage on FB that the dress and shoes wore by SJH during celderma event yesterday was from "Bride and You". korean designer who also make Song Hye Kyo dress for her prewedding photoshoot @saissuspicious ah no problem, thank you
  15. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    just a quick question in the second pic, which episode is the middle small pic ? thank you