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  1. well, not exactly. as someone has already mentioned, JK often be the opposite to the other members when they say something about JH. when the other members or the guest praise JH, JK do the opposite. take ep 226 as an example. when Kim Hye-Ja said that JH was as pretty as when they filmed Goong together, JK teased JH by saying she was pretty back then. but when the others members said nothing, he suddenly said that she's pretty. ofc we all still remember what KJK said in SJH's episode, right ? it's so sudden, so random and out of nowhere that it made the other members speecless ofc, it's not always like that. there are moment like the latest ep when the members said that JH is pretty and JK agree with that even with a low voice.
  2. most members already said this, but i just wanna say it for one more time. if you have any concern about an article or a video clip, there are several things that you can do, which is : 1. watch the whole ep. sometimes watching only a clip for several minutes and a whole ep would give you different understanding. it's always better to watch the whole ep so you can get better and complete explanation. 2. discuss it with one or more forum members before you express your concern in the forum, it would be better to ask several other members for their opinion about the article/clip that concern you. do it in private message. maybe reading and discussing with them could makes you feel better. 3. post your concern in the forum, but in spoiler as @mn0096 have said, better to put it in spoiler. or else you are spreading something that's uncertain, unconfirmed, and most likely will spread negativity in our forum, specially when the article itself is not a clickbait shipping is fun and heartwarming, but please be responsible and be mature
  3. i'm really glad that our forum has been lively nowadays and please allow me to greet all the members here, specially the new ones happy shipping
  4. iirc, somin and LKS get teased excessively during SBS awards 2017 when they won best couple award meanwhile, LKS started dating sun bin around July 2018 (according to LKS in december 2018 when he said that he and LSB was already dating for 5 months)
  5. hey guys, it's been awhile just wanna ask your opinion something. it's when YJS say "she's Jong Kook's first love interest on our show, Jong Kook is her second". then SJH replied by saying "Jong Kook oppa was on our show even before that happened" when i heard what SJH was saying, the only thing that came to my mind is that she's trying to say JK is not her second love interest, but rather her first one. because for me "....before that happened" is referring to MC my english is not that good, and i'm also too delusional (as always). so i really really need your opinion about this.
  6. me too, maybe because SA getting higher and higher % in compability each year, that they decided not to have the fortune telling segment. iirc, two years ago it's 80 of 100, last year its 85-95 out of 100 the precentage is getting higher each year, who knows maybe this year it's 100 of 100 ? although this will make us really happy, but it will give SA a bit pressure too many people will asking whether they are dating or not ? when will they get married ? etc although they're really dating, getting the same question again and again, specially when they're not ready to reveal it yet, would be stressful....
  7. actually, it's HH who said that anyway, there's moment that caught my attention from yesterday ep. it's when HH said that the last song should Turbo's. isn't KJK sitting a little bit too close to SJH ? some people might say that KJK just being nice and polite, giving more space for his partner (SooYoung). that might be true, but SY is just finished dancing at that time, and there's a lot of space to his left i dont think KJK need to give SY that much space, to the point that he has to leave his own space like that and then when he rejected the idea, instead of leaning on his own table, he leaned to SJH-YSC's table, right in front of SJH iirc, someone posted about the signs when a guy and a girl is a couple, one of which is that they often invaded their couple spaces. they're too comfortable around each other that they didn't realize when they're invading
  8. i always reminded myself that shipping SA is different than shipping other couples (although SA was, is and probably the only couple i ever ship). their past (SJH with her MC role, KJK with his past lovelines) restrain them from going public about their true relationship. what they and their friends have said couldn't be the only source for info. we have to take account the vibes, the gesture, the facial expression, etc. take example when CTH teased KJK and when HH teased KJK if you are going to be dissapointed just because HH jokingly teased KJK, you'll be dissapointed many many times during MC era or when KJK said that SJH belongs to Gary. be patient be reasonable shipping them is never easy, but it's fun at the same time what did he said/do ?
  9. 1. hmmm......my name is adines, and my name was a combination between my dad's and my mom's name 2. since 2016, a couple months before SA get fired 3. beside our SA ? JSJ he's a real family guy, always say i love you to his son, and in ep 16, rather than choosing between SJH or Lizzy, he choose his wife 4. well......since 2016, yes i believe they're dating. because of their behaviour on and off screen specially when KJK said that he didn't have that many woman friends and instead surround himself with his "brothers", but he often hang around with SJH 5. when SJH whispering to KJK during taiwan FM (cmiiw), and many many others 6. 15 (nighttime train serenade ep), 21 (best chasing partner ep), 29 (beautiful SJH, where are you ?), 36 (yoona and sunny), 138.......and i have to stop myself here, or else i would write too many ep 7. JSJ, HH, and YJS 8. since my all time fav video already mentioned by @linzer03, then it would be : 9. it would be this two : http:// https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1022381/it-began-with-a-gray-sky-kimjongkook-runningman-songjihyo-spartace-spartacecouple-spartacefanfic and https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1263290/monday-monday-runningman-spartace-songsongcouple-kwangmong @linzer03 i couldn't believe that you are the author of the fanfics i've been waiting for the update for almost 2 years.....must be hard writing story and being a college student at the same time 10. all for you (seo in guk & jung eun ji) and neol saranghagesseo (ost sassy girl chun hyang, monstar, etc) 11. i would be JSJ's eternal rival
  10. tyvm for the link i loved it when SJH teased KJK with the "ofcourse" moment, and yeah, as you all have said before, SJH really know alot about KJK (specially when he's nervous)
  11. safe to say, SJH was absolutely right when she said "JK oppa is good in everything"
  12. I love it when they reacted almost at the same time: D While jsm, ysc, and the guest still confused, SA already laughing together
  13. she's not his princess, why did KG threatened KJK by using SJH ? makes me remember, in ep 39 when Yoona and Sunny guested, KJK was in the same team with KG and SJH. and when the members talk with Yoona and Sunny, SA was constantly bickering, and kinda left out KG who's silent most of the time. not only bicker, but SA also whispering and smiling to each other, they even walk side by side, followed by KG behind them. if i was new to RM, and didn't knew about MC, and then i watched that ep, i would really sure that KJK and SJH was the loveline of the show. i mean, who would left out your "loveline" and flirting with your "brother" instead ? oh and there's a moment when Yoona tried to take a closer look at the stuff that KJK's hold, but then stopped midway by SJH might be nothing though, but it's still "interesting" for me
  14. @Regita M. P welcome to the forum i would not worry about HJY though. although KJK said that she's his type, he or his coworker also said that to many other woman in the show (YEH, Soo Ae, HyoLyn, Seo Eun Soo, etc). and it's perfectly fine if his close friend and family say that they liked HJY, it would be really rude if they say "no", right ? @linzer03 thank you for bringing up Lee Arisu. as you have said, that's the only time that KJK took the initiative and being "aggresive" when he's interested to a woman in the show. and SJH behavior was really interesting during the call to Lee Arisu makes me wonder, why did SJH has to be that shy ? quickly look away while trying to hide her smile at the same time ......they are on a show before, so they're not a stranger to each other at the very least. she's also not having any problem being in a staring contest with HH in ep 24
  15. (laughing and feeling embarrassed at the same time ) when they talked about JSM and Jin Young GOT7, JSM said that they would go on a date until her nametag removed, then KJK said that he will removed it right away. KJK added by saying that JSM and JY GOT7 will be on a date while running away, and the rest of the member will chase them. then he say again that JSM and JY GOT7 will be holding hands and running away JSM repeated what KJK have said i might be wrong, but after that SJH say "Oppa...." while looking at KJK and reached out her hand to him, as if saying that KJK should take her hand and give example to JSM how to runaway while holding hand anyway, i really like the nevis swing team+JSM, they are really funny on both mission. for me, YSC is really funny when HH was around, such as when they swung together in NZ, betraying each other is Swiss, joking about Sun Mi, and this ep too. they are like two teenage fooling around (just like me and my friends when we were teen ) SA was really interesting to watch. KJK "modifying" SJH's vacation, their bickering when they just arrive at the gym, they speak at a lower tone, they teamed up when giving massage to YSC and HH. and as @delusionalme said, SJH was the only person that didn't get the massage drill treatment from KJK (lol). i wonder why they didn't showed SJH reaction when they saw KJK bare back after the cold sauna ? HH, YSC and JSM were laughing anyway. maybe SJH's reaction was similiar when she guested on MUD ? JSM was okay too. she's kinda awkward but understandable since she rarely teamed up with members of nevis swing team, specially KJK. she even hide herself when she and YSC just arrive from the minimarket, fearing she would be scolded because she bought choco milk. as a RM fans in general, i wish that the staff would change the team selection occasionally, might be awkward in the beginning (just like JSM in this ep), but it would be great in the future. the more chemistry between the members, the less awkward between them, the show would be much better. the first time HH and SJH teamed up, they were really awkward, but now look how close they are. or when JiGaHa formation getting laugh at in ep 57, turn out they did really well in the mission, even took 2nd place in the end of the show
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