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  1. wow, you really are something, my friend to have such analysis is trully amazing i suggest you applied to SBS and became RM's PD, script writer, or just about anything there it would be good for RM, and great for us shippers
  2. @athoughtcloud1 your analysis was very clear and thourough as always ;D i imagine you watched this episode many times to make that kind of deduction. very well done ! i'm just really happy with this episode, especially when SJH took KJK arm and put it around her shoulder, it's really sweet and adorable not to mention that she then kinda hoping and jumping around a little bit, and CMIIW but before she took KJK's arm, she bit her lower lips. maybe she was hesitate and embarassed to do it but then she think "ah whatever, i just wanna do it". and when SJH hold KJK's hand firmer because it slip a bit, it became more adorable. i'm glad that SJH is an impulsive type, so we could see this kind of scenes it's been awhile for us shipper to see them like this, and i hope we can see more of this in the future
  3. well, if that's what written in her passport, so maybe she did change it legally thanks YJS, JSJ and HH for making SJH change her real name
  4. when KJK (and SJH) convince the other members to continue RM, i had a feeling that both of them will stay in RM under several "hidden" condition. then came the news about the addition of two new members, which make me think one of those "condition" is both KJK and SJH will stay until SBS found their replacement. after that they both will leave the show on their own will, not fired like the last time. but after seeing how SJH revitalized again in the show, and how RM rating slowly increase (althought KJK seem still confuse finding his new character), maybe i was wrong. i don't know about the new loveline, but i think they're more comfortable when the viewers see them as just "close" friend. you know sometime netizens interfere too much into someone relationship, even if it's just a loveline. i've read some article which said that some netizen blaming SJH for KG's marriage, saying that SJH make KG wait for too long, thus made KG marrying another woman. crazy, huh ? both of them very protective about their personal life, so by being just "close" friend, they try to avoid being the center of attention but, we all know how "close" they trully are, right ? so close that i haven't see them like that to anyone else this is a qoute from a member of this forum, which i believe represent our thought about SA couple. i'm very sorry but i don't remember which page i read the qoute or who wrote it, so full credit to the person
  5. @athoughtcloud1 i'll just ignore those kind of peoples, judging a person just from one action, while ignoring many other actions. KJK and SJH always sweet to each other, just that their interaction sometimes got cut off or not in the middle of the screen i guess only SA fans can see it
  6. hello and welcome there are a lot episodes though. for example ep 21, 57, 62, 138, and many more. one of which would be ep 103, especially the ending part when KJK kneel down and give the beast's nametag to SJH. and SJ was also their teammates, and whenever SJ is teamed up with SA, there would be more SA moment than usual maybe they want to celebrate KJK's birthday together, but they have to go different places ?
  7. i just think that KJK only tried to show how close he is with SJH he wouldn't be like that if he and SJH is not comfortable with each other and looking from SJH's reaction, she's not surprise, she even fight back sometimes they act lovey dovey, sometimes they bicker and fight that's what i like about them
  8. i really like when KJK get along quite well with heechul, SJH's friend and co-host when she was the MC of inkigayo
  9. yeah, i think they didn't want whatever relationship they have became the center of attention, for both of them really protective about their family and personal life. they also became more careful about what photo or picture they will post on their social media. from my shipper eyes, just because they didn't go to the states together, doesn't mean they didn't spent time together elsewhere, right ? simple dinner, hangout with friends, etc would be enough i guess. staying low in the public eyes, especially when all people attention is toward them now
  10. @athoughtcloud1 yeah, i guess you're right. it's really kinda weird for KJK to say such thing, especially for someone who widely known for his gentle and manners towards woman. i do think that he meant to say that tall women is not his type, but he's having a slip of the tongue or wasn't well expressed his thought, so he's saying the words that became controversy. and unfortunately, for some reason, the PD didn't cut it. funny how the PD cut a lot of the members moment in the show, but they didn't cut that controversy moment of KJK. i hope KJK, and or the PD can issues and apology or clarification for this matter
  11. i haven't watch the episode yet, but seeing what was writen above, i do agree with what the netizen wrote. it's KJK's personal preference, why would they make a big fuss about it ? and like what someone has write on the article above, if a female celebrity who list tall men as their ideal type, and no one complain about it. then when KJK prefer shorter women, suddenly it became a controversy ? every men and women has their own ideal type, and just so happen that KJK's ideal type is a smaller types (SJH's everyone ? :D) but, just as @jongimsarang said, i hope KJK make a statement about this issue, just to make thing clear
  12. although it's rare for the members to acknowledge SJH's beauty on screen, but the moment they praise SJH, makes me smile, wide just like in ep 149 when they say to JH "you look so pretty" ,"you look so beautiful" , "she looks like an angel" or ep 159 "JH really is the best today" or ep 175 when the PD say that SJH's crime is "crime of beauty" or ep 259 "she's beautiful, though" "i feel embarrassed for no reason" and ofcourse there's KJK who keep saying "JH looks pretty in anything she wears" but in the same time always nagging when SJH's dress is alittle bit short "ya ! why is your dress is so short" or "why is your dress like that ?" i do, agree with KJK. SJH really look pretty in anything she wears, even with simple dress and barely-no make up at all
  13. yeah, what's really interesting for me was the other members reaction, as if it's normal for them seeing JK and JH holding hand and staring to each other. the only one who found JK and JH weird was suzy, i think she tried to talk, but after she saw how JK and JH holding hand, she decided to leave them be i think i have 2 speculation on how JK and JH behave like that. first is, if i remember correctly, that scene happened after JH and suzy realize that they are the ghost sisters, and they have to eliminated the other members by knowing their weaknesses (not to look back, not being in the same room, etc). so they have to gather the infos. you know how JK always spill any info he had if he met JH ? or JK always immediately in protective mode over JH in this kind of game ? JH knows that, so she tried gather as many infos from JK. JH is trully JK's weakness (remember when JK immediately allied himself with JH in ep 59, even holding her hand, without suspicious that JH was actually the spy) second, they are in the "honeymoon" phase, since they start dating only a few months before (some speculated that they start dating just before the jackie chan episode). so no wonder they act lover dovey, JK even backhug JH for awhile during the school mission
  14. while (us) the viewers getting bored by the show's concepts which repetitive, and mostly stay watching the show just because our loyalty to the cast members, the SBS think otherwise. once before, they thought firing 2 members and making the the show into heavy-gag one will rise it's rating again. now, they going to add 2 new members and hope it will risen the rating again. a part of me hope it will work. however, without fresh and new concepts, it will only goes to waste. if they need better ideas or concepts, they should really look into RM early episodes. there's a lot of ideas to bring back to today's episode or they can take concepts and ideas sent by fans all around the world. not only it will make overseas viewers felt closer to RM show, but hopefully it will attract local viewers to watch "foreign" concept. they already done it several times in the past (mr.wolf game ep 242, chess game ep 198), why not doing it again now ?
  15. maybe i'm delutional too much, but seeing both of them side by side, even just for awhile is enough for me ofc i hope for more though anyway, finally i got the time to do the reviewing for SA moments in RM early episode again i hope you guys didn't felt bored with it so this time it's episode 16 during the 1 vs 9 games, when they talk about marquise diamond, they joke around about KG buying diamond for SJH birthday present. YJS said "it's pretty expensive". then SJH who was looking toward YJS, shifted her gaze more to her left which i think toward KJK KJK ask Yuri if she's envy SJH, and then suggest Yuri to dated KG to solved the problem, but added that KG isn't available in monday, SJH like always laugh with KJK's joke. then yuri ask SJH if she really likes KG, KJK said something that goes unsub while looking toward SJH, and SJH also looking toward KJK. when KJK turn his head to the left, at the same time SJH look away, shifting her gaze to the right. it's almost like they accidently look into each other eyes and immediately look away because they feel embarassed it's KJK's team turn to stroll around the food market, trying to gain 1kg more during the food tasting game. KJK didn't want to eat deep fried food because it's unhealty, and YJS ask the members their opinion about KJK's philosophy. SJH said that "she can't stand it". and immeadiately YJS said "kim jong kook, kim jong kook, kim jong kook, did you hear that ?" it's funny because YJS only need SJH's opinion about KJK, ignoring comments from the others, and for some reason, YJS feel that KJK should know SJH's opinion about his healty life style when SJH met LKS during the hide n seek game, she unleashed Bad Ji Hyo, scaring LKS, and even throwing her shoes to him. but when she met KJK, it's whole different story. immediately after realize that KJK knows her hiding spot, she get out from her hiding spot, and to KJK surprise, kneel down on the floor a really different treatment from LKS then SJH grab KJK's right leg and beg him to let her go to everyone surprise, KJK decide to let her go. it's the first time, because before this, even when SJH ask KJK to let her go, he never did. he usually call KG or HH to rip SJH nametag KJK said "hurry....leave....." i think, SJH also surprise with KJK's decision to let her go. she repeatedly say" chincha ?......chincha? " before leaving, she bow and kneel down once more to KJK after SJH leave, KJK say that he let her go because he could catch her again really fast anyway i'm gonna add some non-SA moment too : what i really like about SJH is that she can alter her character in RM, depending on the guests. sometimes she can be the scary noona, the person to beat (for female guest), or she can be the good unnie who guide and makes the situation less awkward for the (younger) female guest. when Yuri is about to cry at the end of the first mission, teary in her eyes and pouting, SJH immediately goes to her side and hug her. imagine if SJH is not around, what would the boys do to console Yuri ? when LKS is shy to Yuri, YJS said that LKS is feeling like a fan and like Yuri, but still it's ending wouldn't be good. if you notice, YJS isn't supporting the loveline of LKS-Yuri at all. just like in the SNSD episode (ep 63) when LKS looks really happy with Yuri, YJS said that they're here to race together, not to love each other and it seems that YJS also "secretly" oppose the MC loveline. he often said "fake couple", "these two never meet outside RM filming", etc and he also not supporting HH-SJH loveline, like in this episode he say "HH, there wouldn't be any spot for you" on the other hand, just like JSJ, YJS secretly support SA. those nudges, those knowing look, those smirk and grin, those tease and also comment towards KJK and SJH. maybe one of his comment is "i might be getting ahead of myself, but it'd be best if JK and JH getting married" maybe it's just for fun and making the show livelier, but it's still funny and interesting at the same time so that's my review for episode 16. if i missed some moments or anything, please feel free to comments tyvm