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  1. and here is my review for episode 14 before the start of the 1:9 mission, SJH was asked by the other members to choose one from five tubes to determine which Sobangcha's song they will sang. then YJS notice that SJH's hand is injured and KJK's say that she injured her hand because she's Mong Ji Hyo (as always) SJH laugh hearing KJK's comment called it fate or whatever you want, but the tube that choosen by SJH contain the hardest song to sing so actually, SJH somehow "helped" KJK doing his mission during the thief game, after the musical chair game, SJH sit next to KG. and KJK couldn't help teasing the MC. i'm not quite sure whether KJK looking at KG or SJH, but SJH definitely looking toward KJK and KJK continue to teased the MC, and SJH (still) looking toward him during the "i person came" game, when YJS say that there's three people left and it feels like a trio. then KJK say that they should work hard to get one running ball. (again) SJH looking to KJK when he's talking when it's SJH's turn to pick one of two KJK's card, KJK's act coy (again). what makes it more interesting is the caption even included a love pic and SJH (as always) seems happy and laughing in the Hide and Seek game, SJH really wanted to win, especially catching KJK. she even leave KG behind when she saw KJK, and immediately running toward KJK and overlap YJS on the stairs and finally she catch him, and do one of her killer-moves-special-for-KJK, the leg grabbing move, which KJK has no answer to this move, and he just patting SJH's back and SJH say "Kim Jong Kook, i caught you" she even manage to steal KJK's walkie talkie and her hardwork pays off when her team won the mission, and it's SJH that rip off KJK's nametag in this episode, not only we can see that SJH and KJK looking at each other (again), especially SJH. but, we can see how competitive and determined SJH is when she's in the chasing team
  2. well, there's not many post recently, so here i am giving my review for episode 13 while waiting for YJS, JSJ and LKS whose doing last week punishment, at first there's only KJK, HH and KG. and then SJH arrive. (again) she's standing in the middle next to KJK KJK said that they tried to recruit SJH, although SJH denied it when HH push away SJH to give her place to lizzy, SJH then move to the left side of the group by walking behind them. just when SJH walking behind KJK, he look the right and (from my biased eyes) took a quick glance to SJH whose exactly behind his right shoulder. the scene is quite fast so i couldn't get a clear pic when SJH help KG in the "word game", KJK gives comment about it and SJH laugh hard hearing what KJK said and when it revealed that the thief card is on KJK, the other members celebrate it and laughing, including SJH. but her laugh is really different from the other members. it's kinda a forced laugh after the PD's decide that KJK is the captain of the chasing team, all the members (excluding SJH) immeadiately goes to KJK's side wanting to be in his team. but then SJH smile, and based on the direction of her eyes, i think she's smiling to KJK. during the hide n seek game, SJH tried to run away from HH and KJK ambushed her in the corner. and the surprised SJH fall to the floor. KJK help her by briefly holding her shoulder/head and when SJH tried to sit, KJK help her by holding her arm. look how small her arm is, compared to KJK's hand SJH asked KJK and HH to let her go. KJK agree, but she have to lure a person from SJH's team. and then KJK and SJH glare to each other for quite some time, and she agree to lure her team member. when SJH failed to lure her team member, KJK decide to rip off her nametag. but SJH insist that LKS will come. KJK just laugh hearing SJH attempt to save herself not much SA moments in this episode, but i want to highlight what KJK said to YJS about his attempt to recruit SJH to his team, which is (for me) interesting. up until that episode, KJK always have the female guest in his team, while SJH is in YJS team. the caption say that SJH is always excempt from punishment, which is false. she (and her team) served coffee as at the end of ep 3, clean the museum at the end of ep 5, and took the bus home at the end of ep 8. so no, she's not always excempt from punishment. and the reason is absurd too. why would you recruit someone to your team just because the person always excempt from punishment ? so why does KJK want SJH in his team ? maybe he want to push MC loveline by having KG and SJH in the same team ? or maybe he's comfortable enough with SJH, so he want to be in the same team with SJH ? another one that interesting is, when finally KJK can choose whose gonna be his team members, although there are two girls (SJH and Lizzy) that day, he choose neither of them. so it's the first time that KJK not having female guest in his team. and why KJK not choosing SJH as his team member ? maybe the PD's told him not to ? or maybe he's dissapointed by SJH denial ? side note : i think the punishment is one of the nicest punishment in RM early episode. it's chuseok, wearing hanbok, and participate in live morning show. no wonder lizzy really happy doing the punishment
  3. @linzer03 ah yes, the moment when KJK punch the sandbag several times before going to the 10m platform, right ? i totally forget about that. yup, i too agree that SJH's attention mostly - if not fully- toward KJK than to other members, especially after KJK jump from the 10m platform. her expression is priceless. anyway, here's my review for episode 12 during the first mission "fool JongKi / Quiz Game", when YJS asked each members that already succeed to mention again their answer, KJK give sign to YJS to "don't ask, just get it over with". and then SJH saw what KJK's doing and SJh laugh in fact, she laugh realy hard, she almost ROFL and after SJH succeed answering the question, she stand right next to KJK in the middle (they didn't interact, but she's already comfortable enough to immediately stood beside KJK) in the second mission/The Thief Game, when YJS's turn to pick one of two KJK's cards, KJK act funny, and you can hear SJH laugh. and then she say "Oppa, why is it so weird ?" and then it's SJH turn to pick one of two YJS cards. but instead, she choose YJS's face. KJK think it's funny and give her a thumb up and high-fives her when KJK win the game of Eye Expression by standing fast enough, beating Joongki, SJH laugh hard (again), even pointing to KJK when KJK catch SJH during the mission vs chasing team, SJH tried really hard to escape from KJK's arm, and KJK say "i already passed you to let gary catch you. i won't catch you" then, when finally KJK able to escape the punishment after HH give him a second chance, SJH look happy and clapping her hand so in this episode, KJK and SJH give attention to each other and appreciating each other effort to be funny (SJH by laughing, and KJK by giving a thumb up and high-fives her) and as @linzer03 have said, in the early episode, KJK rarely ripping SJH's nametag. he usually passed the task to either HH or KG. maybe the reason is purely about considerate toward girl or he still shy when around SJH. but whatever the reason is, it still cute. even until now, whenever KJK have to rip SJH's nametag, he's doing it softly, saying "sorry Ji Hyo" and hugging her (epsiode 185)
  4. @linzer03 when you mentioned it, i just realized that indeed it's KJK and SJH whose being the main target for LKS framing. i agree, that in the early days of RM, LKS is already close to SJH and KJK (and SJK). while SJH and SJK are a fellow in acting world for LKS, KJK is the person who helped LKS finding and developing his character in RM. as you already mention, it's funny that although KG is her loveline, if related to boxing, SJH only mentioned KJK and not KG, eventhough both good in boxing. my speculation is, SJH knew that she will have a loveline and she think the best candidate for her loveline would be KJK (as the king of loveline in his previous variety show). so she studied about him, just to know him better, to make their loveline smoother. but eventually, her loveline is with KG. but because some of KJK's data already in her memory, she sometimes (by reflect) mentioned it, without thinking. @athoughtcloud1 from what i've read, HH and KG were already friend even before they entered the entertainment industry. and in the industry, they both support each other. HH help KG develop his character in RM, while KG helped HH in his music. so no wonder if in RM, KG and HH look close
  5. @athoughtcloud1 for me, it's okay if we gonna shipped a pair that we thought is having a relationship, as long as we keep ourself not to cross the boundaries and respect their privacy. i, for instance, consider myself a SA shipper because of their natural interactions during RM filming (those skinship, bickerings, glarings, looking to each other, etc), how they spend some time together outside RM (going to tanning salon, SJH hanging out with KJK and his friends, etc), how they look good when together (MAMA red carpet 2013, everyone ?), how they zodiac sign complimentary (dragon and rooster), and many many more. and i do REALLY wish that they are dating and going to marry anytime soon. but, if things is not what i wanted it to be, i'm still fine with it, and will still love them both. it's their life, it's their choice, they know what's best for themself, we have absolutely no rights to interfere with it. and asking tiny's about SA relationship is a no no. yes, he's one of KJK's best friend, and that's the main reason why he wouldn't say anything and feel annoyed when someone asked about SA relationship. that's what best friend is for, right ? keeping your secret until you reveal it yourself ? i just wanna remind all those obsesive shipper out there, not only SA, but all shippers, about what YJS said in RM episode 3 @linzer03 thank you very much for your adding, you do have a sharp eyes regarding SA moments yup, i agree with you that KJK support HH-SJH loveline more than KG-SJH loveline, especially looking at HH-SJH interaction. but eventually, it's KG-SJH loveline that was chosen, so KJK support it. i also think that in this episode KJK starting attracted to SJH, just look how the way he look at her many many times. can you blame him ?
  6. since there aren't many pics from FM in Thailand and also the cancelation of RM ep.342 due to political situation in South Korean,so here's my view on RM ep 10 during the first bidding for the Punishment Immunity Voucher, when SJH bid 20 times hit by chopstick on the forehead, KJK then said something to SJH which unsub and then CTH bid for 21 times, SJH look to her left, and immediately KJK took a glance to her during the second bidding for Punishment Immunity Voucher, SJH bid for 15 times hit in the forehead, KJK said something (again) to SJH which unsub (again) and when SJH was angry to LKS because he bid one hit higher than her, KJK is laughing and when, finally SJH get the Punishment Immunity Voucher and talking to LKS, KJK (again) took a glance toward her when the red team is leaving the coffee shop, excluding KG, KJK said "Gary-ah, make it look like its love until death". and SJH (along with LKS and CTH) look to him when the red team came back to the coffee shop, the guest say "looks like we came back to fast !" then KJK say "sorry" patting KG's back and then look toward CMIIW, but at that moment, for a split second, SJH look toward KJK too so that's what i found when watching episode 10. my conclusion is that KJK give alot of attention to SJH during the bidding game ( giving comments when SJH bidding or took several secret glance to SJH). and i think at this moment KJK support the MC loveline, seeing how he ecourage KG when leaving him behind with SJH. maybe because he's still busy building his image as the Commander. oh, one non-SA scene i want to highlight is when the blue team gonna leave behind SJH in the coffee shop. SJH holding YJS and JSJ hands, because she didn't want then to leave. she's really nervous getting leave behind with KG only. i wonder if it's with KJK instead, will she be less/more nervous ? SJH look really adoreable, just look a child who didn't want to let go of her parents hand in her first day at school
  7. wow, my goodness what a man do for his beloved lady
  8. nope, but i hope nothing serious happened..........
  9. - sorry, accidently double post - waiting to be deleted by the moderators
  10. test
  11. because @linzer03 already mentioned all SA moments in episode 8, i'm just gonna added some non-SA moments that makes me think episode 8 is one of the best episodes during RM early days. SJH "fighting" shout during the Chopstick Break Game, after victoria gives encouragement to her teammates (KJK's team) by saying "fighting", then YJS asked SJH to do the same for her team (YJS's team) then SJH say "fighting" (which i thought was already good and cute enough) but JSJ asked her to do it even more bubbly her voice tone is somehow similiar when SJH encourage RM team (*coughKJK*cough) during the Shinwa episode both are very cute and adorable Big Nose Hyung Power it's rarely to see JSJ excel in RM games, but during the Pegs Tug of War Game, he really stand out in the first round, after his teammates pegs unclipped, it's his peg that still attached to his nose. the scene was really hilarious. his teammates laughing really hard. you can see lee joon laugh in the back and then it's 1 vs 5, but he's strong enough to hold out. even the crew laughing. in the second round, it's no different. he's stand out again in 1 vs 2 after all SJH's pegs unclipped eventually he lose both rounds though Ji Hyo's personality gets revealed during the second round of Pegs Tug of War game, it's SJH-JSJ vs KG-Victoria. when victoria tried to touch her chin because she's start drooling, SJH automatically yelled her infamous "YAAA!!!" CMIIW, but i think this is the first time SJH yelled like that note : if RM writers need inspiration for RM games, they really should look at RM early episodes. the games are funny and hilarious, and some of them wasn't physical at all
  12. @linzer03 ah so that's why JSJ make KJK and SJH look at each other, thank you for sharing your theory. it really make sense now and i want to added just a little about ep 7: when they talking about Sejong Center KJK : i've come here to collect an award YJS : really ? did you know you're speaking a lot more lately ? it's kinda funny that YJS just realize that KJK is more talkative the moment SJH come back to the show as a permanent member. i know that it's merely coincidence, and the reason KJK more talkative is because he's been in a lot of show. anyway, that conversation remind me to a scene in Escape Crisis when the host asking KJK about his interaction with SJH during several FM, and KJK try explaining to them, then the person on KJK left side said "this is the first time, i've seen KJK this talkative" oh, and the second one is when YJS team discussing about whether they will be the chasing or mission team. when SJH talk about KJK, although the sub written is "i don't have confidence to get Jong Kook", but you can hear clearly that she said "jong-kookie" maybe she's just imitating how YJS sometimes called KJK as "jong-kookie", while she's almost always call KJK with "jong kook hyung" or later "jong kook oppa"
  13. @linzer03 i'm just curious about why JSJ ask KJK to look over to SJH, wasn't KJK already refuse having loveline in RM ? wouldn't it more make sense if he asked HH or KG instead ? anyway, what makes me smile is eventhough it's her 2nd appearance, SJH already comfortable enough to hug KJK in the waist to try to stop him. that kind of "treatment" special for KJK only, as she didn't do it when dealing with KG or HH. called it scripted or being competitive, i don't mind, i just love it.
  14. hahaha nice one, and seeing the comments there makes me smiling even more they say that they've look at the "neighbour" shipper comments about KG liking this pics, and the comments are ridiculous, such as KG "accidently" hitting the like button, or it's not KG that hit the like button, or KG just trying to support SJH only, etc really, are the "neighbour" shipper that desperate ?
  15. wow nice, the once-maknae-FD became the new PD *beep-beep* hopefully he can get along with the cast member again just like in the past