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  1. although it's rare for the members to acknowledge SJH's beauty on screen, but the moment they praise SJH, makes me smile, wide just like in ep 149 when they say to JH "you look so pretty" ,"you look so beautiful" , "she looks like an angel" or ep 159 "JH really is the best today" or ep 175 when the PD say that SJH's crime is "crime of beauty" or ep 259 "she's beautiful, though" "i feel embarrassed for no reason" and ofcourse there's KJK who keep saying "JH looks pretty in anything she wears" but in the same time always nagging when SJH's dress is alittle bit short "ya ! why is your dress is so short" or "why is your dress like that ?" i do, agree with KJK. SJH really look pretty in anything she wears, even with simple dress and barely-no make up at all
  2. yeah, what's really interesting for me was the other members reaction, as if it's normal for them seeing JK and JH holding hand and staring to each other. the only one who found JK and JH weird was suzy, i think she tried to talk, but after she saw how JK and JH holding hand, she decided to leave them be i think i have 2 speculation on how JK and JH behave like that. first is, if i remember correctly, that scene happened after JH and suzy realize that they are the ghost sisters, and they have to eliminated the other members by knowing their weaknesses (not to look back, not being in the same room, etc). so they have to gather the infos. you know how JK always spill any info he had if he met JH ? or JK always immediately in protective mode over JH in this kind of game ? JH knows that, so she tried gather as many infos from JK. JH is trully JK's weakness (remember when JK immediately allied himself with JH in ep 59, even holding her hand, without suspicious that JH was actually the spy) second, they are in the "honeymoon" phase, since they start dating only a few months before (some speculated that they start dating just before the jackie chan episode). so no wonder they act lover dovey, JK even backhug JH for awhile during the school mission
  3. while (us) the viewers getting bored by the show's concepts which repetitive, and mostly stay watching the show just because our loyalty to the cast members, the SBS think otherwise. once before, they thought firing 2 members and making the the show into heavy-gag one will rise it's rating again. now, they going to add 2 new members and hope it will risen the rating again. a part of me hope it will work. however, without fresh and new concepts, it will only goes to waste. if they need better ideas or concepts, they should really look into RM early episodes. there's a lot of ideas to bring back to today's episode or they can take concepts and ideas sent by fans all around the world. not only it will make overseas viewers felt closer to RM show, but hopefully it will attract local viewers to watch "foreign" concept. they already done it several times in the past (mr.wolf game ep 242, chess game ep 198), why not doing it again now ?
  4. maybe i'm delutional too much, but seeing both of them side by side, even just for awhile is enough for me ofc i hope for more though anyway, finally i got the time to do the reviewing for SA moments in RM early episode again i hope you guys didn't felt bored with it so this time it's episode 16 during the 1 vs 9 games, when they talk about marquise diamond, they joke around about KG buying diamond for SJH birthday present. YJS said "it's pretty expensive". then SJH who was looking toward YJS, shifted her gaze more to her left which i think toward KJK KJK ask Yuri if she's envy SJH, and then suggest Yuri to dated KG to solved the problem, but added that KG isn't available in monday, SJH like always laugh with KJK's joke. then yuri ask SJH if she really likes KG, KJK said something that goes unsub while looking toward SJH, and SJH also looking toward KJK. when KJK turn his head to the left, at the same time SJH look away, shifting her gaze to the right. it's almost like they accidently look into each other eyes and immediately look away because they feel embarassed it's KJK's team turn to stroll around the food market, trying to gain 1kg more during the food tasting game. KJK didn't want to eat deep fried food because it's unhealty, and YJS ask the members their opinion about KJK's philosophy. SJH said that "she can't stand it". and immeadiately YJS said "kim jong kook, kim jong kook, kim jong kook, did you hear that ?" it's funny because YJS only need SJH's opinion about KJK, ignoring comments from the others, and for some reason, YJS feel that KJK should know SJH's opinion about his healty life style when SJH met LKS during the hide n seek game, she unleashed Bad Ji Hyo, scaring LKS, and even throwing her shoes to him. but when she met KJK, it's whole different story. immediately after realize that KJK knows her hiding spot, she get out from her hiding spot, and to KJK surprise, kneel down on the floor a really different treatment from LKS then SJH grab KJK's right leg and beg him to let her go to everyone surprise, KJK decide to let her go. it's the first time, because before this, even when SJH ask KJK to let her go, he never did. he usually call KG or HH to rip SJH nametag KJK said "hurry....leave....." i think, SJH also surprise with KJK's decision to let her go. she repeatedly say" chincha ?......chincha? " before leaving, she bow and kneel down once more to KJK after SJH leave, KJK say that he let her go because he could catch her again really fast anyway i'm gonna add some non-SA moment too : what i really like about SJH is that she can alter her character in RM, depending on the guests. sometimes she can be the scary noona, the person to beat (for female guest), or she can be the good unnie who guide and makes the situation less awkward for the (younger) female guest. when Yuri is about to cry at the end of the first mission, teary in her eyes and pouting, SJH immediately goes to her side and hug her. imagine if SJH is not around, what would the boys do to console Yuri ? when LKS is shy to Yuri, YJS said that LKS is feeling like a fan and like Yuri, but still it's ending wouldn't be good. if you notice, YJS isn't supporting the loveline of LKS-Yuri at all. just like in the SNSD episode (ep 63) when LKS looks really happy with Yuri, YJS said that they're here to race together, not to love each other and it seems that YJS also "secretly" oppose the MC loveline. he often said "fake couple", "these two never meet outside RM filming", etc and he also not supporting HH-SJH loveline, like in this episode he say "HH, there wouldn't be any spot for you" on the other hand, just like JSJ, YJS secretly support SA. those nudges, those knowing look, those smirk and grin, those tease and also comment towards KJK and SJH. maybe one of his comment is "i might be getting ahead of myself, but it'd be best if JK and JH getting married" maybe it's just for fun and making the show livelier, but it's still funny and interesting at the same time so that's my review for episode 16. if i missed some moments or anything, please feel free to comments tyvm
  5. very well said specially because KJK is always a shy guy, and SJH in an introvert person they bullied and tease one another while in the same time took care of each other is the way they interact since the early episodes. different couples have different ways to interact and having fun anyway i wouldn't give up just like @perfectmatchjs said but i also prepared myself if someday - though i hope it wouldn't happened - things going not the way i hope it would be
  6. yup, i do agree just let them be, whether there's interaction between them or not in several past episodes who knows, maybe their interaction getting edited and just because they didn't interact much on the screen, doesn't mean they didn't interact out screen, right ?
  7. wow, congratz to Kang Gary ! he must've planned this ever since he decided to leave RM back then and hopefully this news can lift some of heavy burden on SJH shoulder, so the fans won't forced the MC loveline to her anymore now, we'll just have to cross our finger and hope we can hear more good news, this time from uri hyung and uri noona whether they married to each other, or to someone else who's special in their heart they're not getting younger tbh
  8. who knows, maybe KJK and SJH made an agreement with the PD or SBS regarding their comeback to RM after getting fired, which is they will stay in RM until the PD/SBS find their replacement i don't know, but the new members is one male and one female, the same spot KJK and SJH leave behind when they get fired before different role, same gender whatever it is, i just wanna hope the best for KJK and SJH, the two main reason i watched RM over the years
  9. yup, RM is not a gag show from the first place. each member has their own role and character. for me, SJH and KJK already funny enough. SJH with her mong face and bad ji hyo, while KJK with his shyness around girls and his commanding aura (specially to LKS) but, what really matters in the end is the rating, what the south korean viewers wanted to watch. i just hope, IF this adding new members eventually lead to the departure of KJK and SJH from the show, both of them will finally reveal their true relationship without have to be worry about company contract, haters, and all the BS thing out there. one thing for sure, RM without KJK and SJH is not RM anymore. serengeti without the lioness and the tiger ? i don't think so
  10. if only JH grab KJK's leg (again) and plead him to let her go (again).......... *those nostalgic moments*
  11. i had the same thought like you, and i think a lot of us do too. since they never making clear their actual relation to the public (whether because they trully just close friend, or because they are in a relationship but they want to keep it a secret) but whatever they are to each other, i will still love them, and i wish happiness for both of them aaanyway, finally i can make review on RM ep 15 not much interaction though, because the episode itself only focusing on one particular game, "Raising Heartbeat Game" but in that game is when one of most iconic SA moment happened before the beginning of the raising heartbeat game, there are four male which their footage interaction with JH get shown (KJK, HH, KG, SJK), while the other five male (JSJ, YJS, LKS, KK, TA) only their face shown. in the pre-investigation Q&A, KG asked JH if she don't like the "bad boy" type, which JH replied that she "hates those types". then YJS said that JH "like gentle and considerate male". KJK said "kure" which make SJH immediately look toward his direction and after that HH said that "bad boys also have the gentle and considerate side to them". hearing that, KJK dislike HH's opinion and say "aniya" with a display of displeasure on his face i don't know if this is purely coincidence or the PD's already arrange where the male members should be seated, but the four male that get shown their interaction with JH as i mention before, get seated in the same side the second round start from KJK. YJS said that "don't say anything to block him" "if not, we can't obtain the running ball" Different with LKS, SJK and YJS who positioned themself as someone who's having love interest to SJH, KJK said he will set it as a "friend" relationship hearing that, SJH who's looking down at her dress, lift her head up, and say "friend relationship ?" KJK only smile looking at SJH's funny yet cute reaction, then he said "ah, so she wanted to become my friend". meanwhile, YJS jokes around by mimicking SJH's reaction so after preparing himself, KJK sit down near SJH and call her "ji hyo-ah" then, KJK said that he has a song he like recently and asked SJH if she wanted to hear it too, through his imaginary earphone. SJH nodded and KJK took the imaginary earphone from his left ear and place it in SJH's right ear. you can also hear YJS teasing in the background KJK keep silent while SJH pretending to hear the song from the imaginary earphone. after a while, SJH said "oh, this song is not bad" but KJK replied "there isn't any sound though" while smiling, which make SJH laugh suddenly JSJ humming one of KJK's song, and SJH said "oh it's that one. that's nice" as if she wanted KJK's to sing it for her and thus, the start of one of the most iconic moment in SA timeline, The Night Time Train Serenade saranghandaneun mallomaneun neoreul pputjjabeul ssu eopsseo tto dareun byeonmyeongdoIjeneun neujeotttaneun geol ara hajimanSesangui eotteon geu nugudo neoreul ttaesinhal ssu eopsseoNaegen eonjena sarainneun neo hana ppuningeol Just saying I LOVE YOU can’t bring you back nowAnother excuse…I know it is late now but,nobody in the world could replace youThere is only you for me (Comeback To Me Again - Kim Jong Kook ft. Gary) SJH look really happy hearing KJK sing a song for her after KJK finished singing, SJH just blink her eyes once and smile shyly. and for me, it's one of her most beautiful smile, ever then, SJH clapping and keep clapping even after KJK standing up and back to his position so that's it. not much interaction during the beginning of the episode, nor the hide and seek mission. but the moment in the heartbeat mission is one of my favorites, and i loved it so much. resume for the episode : when the footage of KJK and SJH interaction shown, just like KG, HH, and SJK. i can understand if they show footage about KG, HH or SJK with SJH because those three is the most possible candidates for having loveline with SJH, but why KJK too ? wasn't he already refused the idea ? or they still consider him as one of the candidate too ? when SJH say that she like gentle and considerate male. we all know which RM member that always gentle toward girls, to the point that "he" would deliberately lose if his opponent is a girl, and even called "mr.manner" by the public, right ? and the way SJH look toward KJK is so adorable HH said that even bad boys have gentle and considerate side, which make KJK disagree. now, why he disagree with HH opinion ? when YJS said that they shouldn't say anything which will block KJK, or else they couldn't obtain the running ball, it's as if YJS knew that their best chance is with KJK attempt, not from KG, HH, SJK, or anybody else. is it because KJK is a loveline expert, or YJS knew something else ? SJH funny reaction when KJK said that it would be a "friend relationship". she seem to be so surprise, dunno why ? maybe because they are just colleagues before, and now they can further their relation toward friendship ? or maybe because unlike others who treated her as a love interest, KJK treated her as friend ? CMIIW, but this is the first time KJK called SJH with "ji hyo-ah". before, he usually called her "ji hyo-ssi" or "ji hyo" YJS teasing, when KJK place the imaginary earphone in SJH's right ear. i always believe that YJS and JSJ is SA shipper. YJS with his constant teasing toward KJK and SJH, JSJ when he humming KJK's song if SJH isn't KJK fans before, i really believe she is nowr. just look at her reaction and her facial expression, you just know she really touched by KJK's singing. KJK only score 115, that's make him lower than HH, SJK, Tony Ahn and even Kwang-Kyu ! yes, that's true. but he achieve such score just by singing only. not by doing skinship like SJK; makes SJH laugh hard like HH or KK, or surprised SJH like Tony Ahn. if you want to compare, KG was holding SJH hand while singing and even inserting SJH's name to the lyrics, and he only get 104. the best way to increase someone heartbeat is to make them either laugh hard (Gong Hyo-Jin in ep 108), embarassed (song eun-yi ep 24) or angry (song ji hyo ep 108). KJK in this episode wasn't doing any of those. he didn't make SJH embarassed or angry, and yes he makes SJH laugh, but it's not intended. SJH knows that KJK will sing a song, she pick the song by herself, and yet KJK still manage to achive such score, which for me is quite amazing SJH said that she's touched by KG's song, but judging by her reaction, her facial expression, and her heartbeat, we all know who really touch her heart
  12. tysm for the info well, if her boss like SA pics multiple times. hopefully it's a good news for us
  13. hmmmm......just a noob question, who is choi yunbae ?
  14. and here is my review for episode 14 before the start of the 1:9 mission, SJH was asked by the other members to choose one from five tubes to determine which Sobangcha's song they will sang. then YJS notice that SJH's hand is injured and KJK's say that she injured her hand because she's Mong Ji Hyo (as always) SJH laugh hearing KJK's comment called it fate or whatever you want, but the tube that choosen by SJH contain the hardest song to sing so actually, SJH somehow "helped" KJK doing his mission during the thief game, after the musical chair game, SJH sit next to KG. and KJK couldn't help teasing the MC. i'm not quite sure whether KJK looking at KG or SJH, but SJH definitely looking toward KJK and KJK continue to teased the MC, and SJH (still) looking toward him during the "i person came" game, when YJS say that there's three people left and it feels like a trio. then KJK say that they should work hard to get one running ball. (again) SJH looking to KJK when he's talking when it's SJH's turn to pick one of two KJK's card, KJK's act coy (again). what makes it more interesting is the caption even included a love pic and SJH (as always) seems happy and laughing in the Hide and Seek game, SJH really wanted to win, especially catching KJK. she even leave KG behind when she saw KJK, and immediately running toward KJK and overlap YJS on the stairs and finally she catch him, and do one of her killer-moves-special-for-KJK, the leg grabbing move, which KJK has no answer to this move, and he just patting SJH's back and SJH say "Kim Jong Kook, i caught you" she even manage to steal KJK's walkie talkie and her hardwork pays off when her team won the mission, and it's SJH that rip off KJK's nametag in this episode, not only we can see that SJH and KJK looking at each other (again), especially SJH. but, we can see how competitive and determined SJH is when she's in the chasing team
  15. well, there's not many post recently, so here i am giving my review for episode 13 while waiting for YJS, JSJ and LKS whose doing last week punishment, at first there's only KJK, HH and KG. and then SJH arrive. (again) she's standing in the middle next to KJK KJK said that they tried to recruit SJH, although SJH denied it when HH push away SJH to give her place to lizzy, SJH then move to the left side of the group by walking behind them. just when SJH walking behind KJK, he look the right and (from my biased eyes) took a quick glance to SJH whose exactly behind his right shoulder. the scene is quite fast so i couldn't get a clear pic when SJH help KG in the "word game", KJK gives comment about it and SJH laugh hard hearing what KJK said and when it revealed that the thief card is on KJK, the other members celebrate it and laughing, including SJH. but her laugh is really different from the other members. it's kinda a forced laugh after the PD's decide that KJK is the captain of the chasing team, all the members (excluding SJH) immeadiately goes to KJK's side wanting to be in his team. but then SJH smile, and based on the direction of her eyes, i think she's smiling to KJK. during the hide n seek game, SJH tried to run away from HH and KJK ambushed her in the corner. and the surprised SJH fall to the floor. KJK help her by briefly holding her shoulder/head and when SJH tried to sit, KJK help her by holding her arm. look how small her arm is, compared to KJK's hand SJH asked KJK and HH to let her go. KJK agree, but she have to lure a person from SJH's team. and then KJK and SJH glare to each other for quite some time, and she agree to lure her team member. when SJH failed to lure her team member, KJK decide to rip off her nametag. but SJH insist that LKS will come. KJK just laugh hearing SJH attempt to save herself not much SA moments in this episode, but i want to highlight what KJK said to YJS about his attempt to recruit SJH to his team, which is (for me) interesting. up until that episode, KJK always have the female guest in his team, while SJH is in YJS team. the caption say that SJH is always excempt from punishment, which is false. she (and her team) served coffee as at the end of ep 3, clean the museum at the end of ep 5, and took the bus home at the end of ep 8. so no, she's not always excempt from punishment. and the reason is absurd too. why would you recruit someone to your team just because the person always excempt from punishment ? so why does KJK want SJH in his team ? maybe he want to push MC loveline by having KG and SJH in the same team ? or maybe he's comfortable enough with SJH, so he want to be in the same team with SJH ? another one that interesting is, when finally KJK can choose whose gonna be his team members, although there are two girls (SJH and Lizzy) that day, he choose neither of them. so it's the first time that KJK not having female guest in his team. and why KJK not choosing SJH as his team member ? maybe the PD's told him not to ? or maybe he's dissapointed by SJH denial ? side note : i think the punishment is one of the nicest punishment in RM early episode. it's chuseok, wearing hanbok, and participate in live morning show. no wonder lizzy really happy doing the punishment