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  1. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    my fav moment on that vid would be 0:34-0:53 i mean, why should KJK apologize to JH first when he's about to rip her nametag ? and then he hug her.....err i don't think KJK need to hug her if he wanted to rip her nametag JH herself doesn't mad at all, smiling all the time, she focused more on the ring KJK wear than the fact that KJK had ousted her and ofc, KJK feel he needed to sidehug JH after that anyway, pls take a look at the vid below in 3:35-3:40 from the perspective of the video, JH kinda lean her head to the right, which look like leaning her head to KJK's head anyone can confirm it ? does JH head touch KJK head ? any reason why she did that ? i only recognize CTH in the far left.......the person with stripped black-white shirt would be jang hyuk ? the one behind KJK is HKM ? and the only person in the right is Hong Kyung In ? yup, we all hoped that it'll be SJH, but whatever their choices is, we'll support them all the way
  2. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    yup, i have the same idea too. KJK could save some times if he had an apartment in Seoul. going back and forth Anyang everyday would be tiring, eventhough he's not the driver i guess, it's the same reason why JSM bought an apartment as mentioned in RM a few episodes back anyway, does SJH house in mapo-gu since early RM ? iirc, she once said that her house was at ilsan
  3. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    as @mn0096 said, her form was perfect, and she didn't had any trouble doing it. and, cmiiw, many girls doing push up using their knee as pedestal, to make it easier for them. and there she is, doing push up, using the same form as any boys would do not forgetting her running form too. remember when she chase down yang se chan in episode 359 ? that's not a form any ordinary girls would do when running. so different to almost all the female that has been guested in RM she's trully special.........the Queen of Running Man
  4. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    that's exactly the episode i was trying mentioned hahaha thank you for making it clearer even if KJK won't mentioned about SJH appearance in turbo concert, i hope the other members would do so, either with a straight face, or a teasing one LOL
  5. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    yup, it's a huge plus anyway, the last time turbo had a concert, in the following RM filming, KJK thanked YSC for his support and jokingly scolded LKS for not attending turbo concert. so i'm curious what would he say to SJH, or how the other members would react to SJH guesting in turbo concert in the next RM filming
  6. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    there are also some vids in YT saying the same thing "KJK fall in love with his partner's aegyo" really now........KJK was trying so hard not to show his uniterested face, by faking a smile, the weirdest and most uncomfortable smile i've ever saw from him who would've guess, right ?
  7. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    yup, the picking partner process was somehow weird and unfair specially to the guest. i kinda pity lee elijah...... i prefer the guests do some kind of simple game if they choose the same person as their partner, just like in the SNSD episode true, if SJH choose YJS and most likely be rejected by him, she would automatically KJK partner. maybe as you said before, she wanted KJK to fight for her more....... KJK praise really caught her attention, coz she immediately turn around and kinda pointing toward him, but he have to do better than that i hope in the future episode, KJK will fight more for her, and SJH eventually will choose him as her partner
  8. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    KJK was not choosing kei over BJY, it's because that's the rules of the game. if two girls chose YJS, YJS have to pick one, and the one who's not chosen by YJS, automatically became KJK's partner. when kei arrive, both YJS and KJK already had a partner (YJS-Sun Mi, KJK-BJY) and then kei chose YJS, but YJS rejected her so she automatically goes to KJK. but because KJK already had BJY as his partner, BJY had to give her place as KJK partner to Kei. that's why after YJS rejected Kei and she walks to KJK's side, BJY say "then what happen to me ?" "do i move one down ?" "just like this ?" and KJK also said "i don't get to choose ?" the same reason why elijah became se chan partner, because she had to give her place as HH's partner to BJY i think KJK prefer to partnered with BJY because we all know they work in the same industry, know each other for along time, and she's married (so they will not get teased) anyway, when SJH enter, it's KJK who welcomed her, saying "it's Ji Hyo" "Ji Hyo" and KJK not forgetting to say "you're so pretty" and SJH immediately turn around and pointing (which i guess is) toward KJK. and even when HH said "she doesn't like us" KJK once again say "you look so pretty"
  9. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    sorry, just wanna add a little thing about the "dongsaeng" thing remember when park shin hye, kim woo bin, and choi jin hyuk became the guest in episode 166 ? when KJK vs PSH in the pool game, KS and HH protested that KJK way too soft to PSH, and KJK replied by saying KJK : she's a dongsaeng i really care about HH : that's how my mum and dad got together too i'm not saying KJK had a romantic feeling toward PSH, coz clearly he's treating PSH like his little sister (you can see the difference between how he treated SJH and PSH) but from what HH said, a dongsaeng could be anyone who's close to you, be it related by blood or not, just the said person is younger than you
  10. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    now, this is what we've been waiting all this time, JH in JK's concert i might be wrong, but when they walking to the end of the stage, JK waiting for JH and sidehug or guide her to walk down from the stage yup, remember episode ep 328 with the TWICE girls ? they joke around and teasing each other, specially after JH doing the TT dance with the girls
  11. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Baek Ji Young is one of my favorite female guest, and yes they're friend, sing together (in a concert i assume), and around the same age (both born in 1976). she's the only female guest who threatened to throw a punch to KJK when he jokes to her she's not that strong, but she's funny. and she get the nickname "female tiger" me too. first the like button was missing. now, the image wouldn't show up yup, i noticed that too. JN was sitting on the left side of the table, but i couldn't see who's sitting in front of him, the images is too blur
  12. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    spot on ! thank you for mentioning it knowing how busy she is now, she must have been very popular atm, not just in SK, but in other country as well
  13. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    i guess, there's only two woman in his mind now and then (his mom and SJH) did you notice HH reaction the first time JK mentioned SJH ? he immediately look down, maybe thinking what kind of excuse to cover his hyung's statement, and after a moment of silence, he said "for example" LOL i'm glad HH was there, or else it would be too obivious
  14. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    and i thought i was the only one keep refreshing the page and searching the like button isn't it weird that among the big guns, JH was the only female among the other three males (JIS, SJK, PBG), and JK has to mentioned her before the males....LOL as if, she's the first person he think about
  15. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    yup, from what i saw from the clip, it doesn't seem like JK was opening the bag for JH but, i tend to agree with the comment that JK was taking the snack from JH. anyone knows what JK said when he took the snack away ? i might be having a slight dissappointed knowing that JK didn't opened the bag for JH......... BUT seeing that she was there to support him (and turbo), how he sidehugging/patting her back, how she get along so well with JN (she must have hang around with JK, JN, and Mickey alot) already make me so happy who knows what happened between JH and JK in that time which not recorded by anyone