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  1. wow, i thought their age would be closer after saw their foto when they were kids thanks for the info
  2. ah, sbs awards 2016. they both had a hard time before the awards because of the firing controversy, and yet they still came to the ceremony. but JH really took care of JK in that event, eventhough she's as sad as JK at that time. when JK couldn't get into the elevator/escalator (i'm not quite remember) because he's still sad, it's JH and HH who tried to console and cheer him CMIIW, when KS get the awards and giving his speech, JK clapping with teary eyes and JH tried to console him by poking his cheek and smiled at him
  3. @jeremylim88 as everyone has said, no need to apologize. we all have that question that stuck in our mind and couldn't find an answer to it. that's why sharing it in the forum really helps a lot, coz maybe the other member have an answer for the question anyway, the cleopatra game is sweet SA moments. JK who refuse to go against JH, after that for some unknown reason the PD use "han namja" song. JK kinda poking JH shoulder in her 1st attempt in the final, then JH look to her left (JK), then JK tapping JH shoulder letting her know that she's doing it wrong in her 2nd attempt.
  4. yup, that's exactly what i had in my mind
  5. @jihyok and @jeremylim88 i'm sure there are parts of the story that's untold by KS, JK, and JH. what makes me curious is the subject that makes JK and KS had to tried to sent JH home first before discussing it. and as JH said, JK and KS kept going somewhere else without her. this is purely my delulu mind, but after looking at the date, i just realize that day is next month. so maybe JK and KS is preparing something for that day
  6. actually, park geun shik first appearance in RM was episode 34. when he pretended to be YJS close friend during the fool Uee game
  7. yup, i think you are right. KJK were looking toward YJS-SJH when he said that
  8. i remember watch a video in YT when KJK got interviewed in a tv show along time ago about his relation with YEH, and he explained with almost straight-poker-face. for someone who have a loveline in a tv show, he doesn't look that happy and now, there he is, in his tv show, questioned by his co-worker, about his relation with his co-worker in another tv show, and he look way too happy for someone who supposed to be only having just "family" relation with SJH. what's more funny was when the guy beside KJK say "this is the first time, i've seen JK so talkative" yup, and i had to qoute your review about SA in year 2014 as of many of us know, CYJ is one of SJH's close friend, so her decision has a deeper meaning ? yup, maybe that would stop some people from linking him with other female celebs, but some people (paparazzi) who eager to know who KJK non-celeb GF is will try by any means necessary, and that would be very uncomfortable especially for common people. i think that's also the main reason why KG hide his marriage from the public (and from the RM members)
  9. Kim Jong Kook vs Kang Ho Dong..............Xman times
  10. @jeremylim88 ah thank you very much for your explanation for some reason, the video from IG which posted by @athoughtcloud1 only showing the part when JK and KS along with gapjin and gsun entering the theater, that's why i'm confused
  11. i only saw JK and KS entering the theater, did i missed something ?
  12. it's me being over delulu (again)............ but, it has to be JK who's standing behind JH
  13. it must be hard for KJK to play supportive for MC. he have to look tough, but it must be really hurtful inside.......... i'm glad it's all over now, especially after KG married, so SA can be more freely in filming RM and FM
  14. a good big brother will always do what KJK do. rather than go easy to his younger brother, he went for the "tough love" approach. "if you want it, you have to earn it by yourself" and knowing KJK and SJH for more than 7 years, i think LKS know the consequences if he decided to tried to rip SJH nametag, which is have to pass KJK first. what can they do if they are so good at nametag ripping, right ? they're the strongest couple for a reason yup, people complain when every other members is running around and trying hard, SA just sitting around. those people have to learn about a qoute "work smart, not work hard"
  15. i couldn't saw clearly at the beginning since the camere was a bit shaking. the last time i saw the woman is after KJK took selfie with the tourist, when the woman walking near the stair which lead to a store/resto. i lost sight of her after that. there's so many possibility. so until there's an official announcement, i will still shipping happily