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  1. I saw one segment in Gag Concert mentioned park bogum name haha
  2. Wow 1000th page. Bogum magic
  3. Am i missing something? Is bogum going to be regular guest for infinity challenge? Saw the shooting schedule for IC will be on 22 april
  4. Silent reader here. So happy that Reply1988 available in viu! Can rewatch now. Hopefully they will upload remaining bogum other dramas
  5. I'm wondering is tickets for Singapore FM still available?
  6. Where is this interview conducted? He still can recall those Malaysian food satay hahahah. Hope he will come to Malaysia again
  7. Lol tat article was written by a friend of mine. She mentioned it's was the best FM after Lee kwang soo 2014. Great fan service!!
  8. I'm wondering is bogum manage to savour hk cuisine like dimsum, wan ton mee, polo bun since he staying such a short time. Hes such a foodie should stay longer hahaha. He went Korean food for dinner before went up to Victoria peak last Friday?
  9. So glad that BG enjoyed so much in Malaysia! His favourite food is nasi lemak with rending ayam and coconut drink hahahah. Hopefully he will come again! So sad unable to attend his FM here in KL. I'm amazed that Malaysian fans werenot stalking him while he was shopping that time. I know what he wants is privacy sincehe mentioned he lost privacy after becoming so popular such as taking subway. Sigh still contemplating whether want to go for his fan meeting in Singapore next Feb.