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  1. Good day everyone! How's everyone doing? Holiday season is fast approaching and it's really getting cold. Stay warm. Better for us to ignore those kind of people that have nothing best to do with their own lives as for me, just happy to be here shipping our beloved 503 couple and patiently waiting for their wedding bells announcement! SOON. As for OYS, I don't worry about her because she's a very strong person with a good, loving and caring heart that's why she have million of fans around the globe. Isn't it a given that her company that she belongs to supposed to take care of their talents because if not what's the use of having them? Just saying! Have a great day, everyone. Stay healthy. Take care always. God bless.
  2. Because of LOVE of course. Hi, everyone. How are you doing? I think we're close to hearing a very good news soon! I am just patiently waiting. Have a great day 503 couple shippers.Fighting!!! Take care all of you and God bless.
  3. Finally, I was able to finished back reading...i'm up to date now. WOW...all these revelations about our OTP makes me very very happy. I really feel their LOVE for one another despite the distance of 6,783 miles, an equivalent of 10,916 kilometers or 5,894 nautical miles. NO distance can separate those people who truly love. I can attest to that because it happened to me and my better half for almost 5 years at least our OTP will only be not together for a month. HOPE their LOVE will become stronger as time pass by. LSG OYS forever!!! 503 couple shippers fighting!!! Take care all of you and God bless!
  4. HELLO everyone. Sorry for my absence once again... I was out of the country and just coming back. I can't believe I have so much back reading to do. Anyway I'm so happy to be back here again. I'm really having a blast reading everyone's posts, seeing those lovely pictures and a lot more. OYS is really lovely and stunning!!! and you're right those are beautiful gifs indeed! At least even if it's crappy you know how to... I don't know how . Have a great day 503 couple shippers. Fighting!!! Take care and God bless.
  5. Who wouldn't? Especially if it's given to you by your charming B-friend , I'll do the same with LAAAV and very tightly. How's everyone doing? Have a great day! 503 Couple Shippers, Fighting! God bless.
  6. I know how you feel... I watched it, too and to tell you honestly I skipped episodes 4-6, because I missed OYS so much that I watched episode 7 right away where she finally appeared. Ha ha. She really is the brightest among the stars!!! Have a wonderful day everyone. Fighting!!! God bless.
  7. HELLO, everyone! SORRY for being MIA, I've personal things to take care of...but I NEVER forget to visit our thread. I'm very happy to read and see photos of our OTP...as always act as a medicine to my stressful day. Right now, just can't contain my happiness because of the hint LSG is giving us. WOW!!! 503 Couple Shippers, FIGHTING! Have a great day. God bless.
  8. Because of its caffeine contents which stimulates our nervous system, thus the "wake-me-up" properties of tea and coffee can become addictive. Oh wow, thanks to google!!! And that's what our 503 couple needs when they're together so as not to sleep and stay awake and have a lovey dovey time all night long. OMG...what am I saying? I think I'm corrupted by this ship.Ha ha!!!
  9. Hmmm or a mixture of the sweetness of cotton candy and the spicyness of tteokbokki? What do you think?
  10. Me, too feel the same way. Before I always asked my husband, but he always tell me to google it. So now if I have anything I don't understand, I don't bother him anymore. I just google and have the answer in no time plus this kind of thing must be done in secret so as not to embarrass myself. Good day everyone! I'm still here just enjoying reading and looking at all your posts. Have a great day. Fighting!!!
  11. Good day everyone! Thank you once again for keeping 503 Couple thread alive. I'm very happy to come here everyday to see and read all your posts, gifs and photos, as always never failed to make my day as lovely and charming like our OTP. Plus we're only 31 pages away to 300!!! Keep it up! God bless. 503 Couple Shippers, fighting!!!
  12. Hello everyone. Wow! I'm really glad everybody's in a good mood today! I'm enjoying all the posts, gifs and photos you all shared here. Thank you so much! I do believe you! Good things come to those who wait. God bless! 503 Couple Shippers fighting!!!
  13. Hello, everyone!!! Sorry for not being able to participate for the past few days... I was busy with some family affairs. But I never missed to come here and read and looked at everyone's posts. All of you never failed to give a smile on my face every time! I'm loving it! Have a lovely day everyone. Cheers to all 503 Couple Shippers! Take care and God bless .Fighting!!!