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  1. GMMTV live OffGun Valentine's eng sub
  2. My heart hurt..this is so cute
  3. New poster Pick and Rome Emma and Porsche
  4. My condolences to Gun and his family sorry for his lost.. Please stay strong.... May she rest in peace... I read somewhere his father passed away when he was young, now the mother...
  5. Yay ...finally thanks alot...
  6. wow Off so handsome... @dreadaeleonkvothe can you teach me how to embed tweet..
  7. Is U-prince Lovely Geologist (TRex) in youtube? I haven't watched any U-Prince series... Seem interesting, will watch it later.. Can anyone translate what they talked about especially second and last videos...
  8. Thanks for the information.. I'm so excited My Lil Boy 2 starts this week. Can't wait to watch S and Belle.. I noticed this topic full of Pick Rome, I had no complaints. Since this is puppy honey thread can l leave this here.. I like Emma and Porsche, they had some cute moments too..
  9. They are so sweet... What with the 'I miss you' kinda voice .. If that not dating I don't know what it is ... Yay...can see them more in series.. I demand puppy honey more than 6 episodes, not enough pickrome... Do we have to wait a month for eng sub?
  10. [Thailand Drama 2016] SOTUS The Series

    Excited for episode 10 ... But the separation starts this week..ottoke need to prepare myself mentally and emotionally...hope it does not drag more than 2 episodes...
  11. I miss Moon Chae Won soooo bad . Wish her picks new drama soon. GMB is not enough for me, great casts but the storyline is a ......
  12. Finally I can login soompi. I thought internet problem from my place . Seem everyone had the same problem. I remember Off showed that Gun's spiky hair in Gmmtv live but I don't understand what they were talking about .. One thing that makes me curious why Gun called Off 'papi'? It kinda sweet Off just go with the flow
  13. Thanks for all your sub videos. Please take care of yourself...dont skip sleep and food...here have some baby Gun.. For all Offgun shipper..they are so cute.. How to not ship them
  14. I'm assuming this is Off shop... this is Gun's shop
  15. Hi.... I am new here.. I created this account to comment in this topic... Look what have they done to me.. I am officially pickrome trash now.. Usually just a silent reader... nice to meet you all.. Sorry if my english a bit awkward thank @delightful for challange hardsub.. I watched it over and over .. you are awesome how you managed your time to sub for sotus and puppy honey... It so hard to find eng sub compare to kpop