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  1. @nearsea @ghosthunt YASSSSSSS! Thank you for your research! I swear, with every revelation we uncover on this thread, it becomes increasingly clear that they were either a couple during filming or at the very least in some kind of early flirtationship/romance.
  2. @simplysl Hey! If you like KGE and GY being together, join us over on the shippers thread!
  3. Ahhhh the feels! He forgoes his privacy for her. Anything for his girlfriend KGE's van driver must have been enjoying a nice vacay during Goblin's filming since she has being chauffered around by GY and his van
  4. @Map Nichurt No prob! On a side note, I'm just so happy today because once again, this forum has proven itself to be an amazing and tight knit family that will never let cyber bullies get the better of us. We will always stay united and ship responsibly and the day that GY and KGE announce their relationship, we will be able to proudly say that we shipped them with dignity unlike some (ahem I'm talking to you Hantarman Surlianto!). Be proud of who you are GongGo brides! If anyone ever tries to bring you down, rise above the uneducated scum and be yourself! You're all worth it!
  5. The white car was the Maserati that KS owned. The black van is actually GY's. So they finished filming a scene in KS's car, both got out and GY got in his van. KGE has a white van (not seen in the vid).
  6. UHMAZING EDITING! I seriously felt like I was watching a real part from the show.
  7. Can we take a second to appreciate GW again and how he's taking MS's pregnancy so seriously. Not only does he protect his love, his son, and his sister but also his best friend. The way he confronts JK's brother in the preview, like this guy is a saint! Where can I find a GW for myself? Do they sell him in stores in Korea?
  8. @yoogo @firstsnow29 and everyone else who has written words of encouragement, this thread is for you guys to enjoy! Thank you for the support! @yoogo You mean this part?
  9. @deara Got it! It's from episode 12. Dang they must have been REAL close by then @molybdenum Good analysis! I would also like to think GY went "Ladies first" and thats why she's sitting inside. They're so cute and I agree, let's do a Soompi field trip to all the locations they filmed and obtain CCTV footage. If watching dramas has taught me anything, it's that if you pay the security guy, he'll give you access easily. And thanks babe for reporting her. I'm quite honestly over it, she's crossed many lines and hopefully karma will be coming to her real soon.
  10. @starryknights I've NEVER seen that one before! Wow! It's from when they filmed episode 6 @deara Give me a second, I'll go investigate which episode the GIF bts is from
  11. @deara @bikingotter I tried to zoom it in. Looks like a call me, kiss and wave
  12. @Poh_Lint Thank you! I just want us to have fun while shipping responsibly, that's the whole reason why I started this thread
  13. @sooyoungdaebak Haha well if she goes further to hurt you guys, myself, or any innocent people, I have the time and money to do so. I also have friends in Indonesia who are also lawyers and have access to public information databases so if she tries to go further with this, I can contact them and get her legal information to send her a cease and desist. Shipping is meant to be fun but she's taking it too far.
  14. @sooyoungdaebak Well, I AM a lawyer in real life so maybe I should help this girl out eh? Hanie (or should I say Hantarman, that's her real name) is dealing with the wrong person.