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  1. Just popping in real quick to share this fanfic. Please give it some love cause it's UHMAZING!
  2. Just popping in real quick to share this UHMAZING fanfic! Give it some love!
  3. @Donut Baekie Just a pic that show how similar their styles are. They're taken years apart.
  4. Us trying to protect KGE If there are any contributors on here with a IG fan page that can help, please PM me. I'd like to spread the message for this and would absolutely appreciate your help in this matter!
  5. OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING! Ahhhh, I'm waiting till March to buy my OST and photobook. I'm soooo jealous! I really think Goblin will be something that will stay a part of our lives for a long time.
  6. As of right now, this thread is in crisis mode. The fact that these IG shippers have taken our shipping thread and used it as an information library is DISGUSTING and will not be tolerated. It feels like someone has violated us and its NOT okay. For all of the IG shiptards who are pretending like they're in on a big secret. You're not. You don't know anything and are pretending that you are so that people stick by your accounts and follow your posts. You know s h i t all and if you had ANY self respect, you'd step back and re-evaluate your actions and the harm you are causing to REAL LIFE PEOPLE. This is not shipping, this is harassment and it is something that, since page 1, we have condemned. If any of the normal contributors on this thread wish to continue, please ensure that if it is anything analytical, based on an original work that you created, or an insider scoop, please PM it to one of the OG members as @seasonsoftheheart32 mentioned above. We are currently going to heavily censor this thread to prevent this abuse. It is sad that things have turned out this way but as shippers, our priority should be to protect those we ship and ensure their well being. The way that KGE is being ATTACKED on her wedding picture is NOT okay and does not represent our Soompi forum in any way, shape, or form. If you see an IG account other than GongYooXGoEun or DestinCouple (which are the two accounts approved by me) using any of our media, PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND MESSAGE THEM TO TAKE IT DOWN. We are not a library, we are not an archive. If anyone wants to share show gifs or continue talking about our GongGo couple in a normal, non analytical manner, please continue. We are meant to spazz out but lets do it in a way that does not give the social media spammers any ammunition. I hope to see civil and appropriate shipping this weekend!
  7. ATTENTION ALL GONGO SHIPPERS Our ship is in trouble and we need YOUR help in ensuring that these IG spammers do not jeopardize our couple. If you truly are a GongGo shipper, please help up eliminate these threats and protect our ship. These accounts have ranged from stealing Soompi members posts, tagging cast, crew, friends, agencies, Dispatch to even posting false rumours and perpetuating negative feedback. As the official shipper's thread, we need to take action against these idiotic "fans" and represent our ship in the correct way. Remember, one bad apple ruins the bunch and this will all end up hurting us as shippers if these idiots continue. Please follow the steps in the spoiler to report the following accounts: Miss0Zero samantaaa27 ggonekim_indonesia More to be added soon.....if anyone has any other suggestions, please PM me. PLEASE HELP PROTECT OUR SHIP. If we can get these idiots off of IG, it will make all the difference.
  8. @nearsea SO TRUE! I tried explaining it to my cousin the other day hoping that she would enter the world of dramas and she just looked at me like WTF when I started out with "So there's a Goblin and he's looking for his bride to pull out the sword in his chest". Mortals don't understand....
  9. @sooyoungdaebak Everything about this post is BEYOND AMAZING! You're on fleek AF!
  10. OMG I DIED LAUGHING AT THIS! My favourite highlights: Ahhhh this is the best tumblr post I've ever seen! Thank you for posting it!
  11. I thought the exact same thing too! She even had her luggage and changed her clothes for the airport but they're still in KSs room. Either he transported to her room to get the stuff OR they spent the night together. Maybe the "after flight" session was the result of just being too in love after the first time and him not wanting to wait any longer again. It was round two! She was way to experienced and comfortable that time which makes me think something already happened. First time was slow and loving and second was a passionate exchange? OMG KILL ME NOW! I'd fly down to South Korea just to watch it live and add to the ratings. Dang can you imagine? GY is too private for that kind of thing but ahhhhhh. @sooyoungdaebak We need your GIF abilities to make this a thing. I think it was after Canada. Before Canada, I don't think that GY and KGE ever filmed together and probably only ever met up (if at all) to discuss how to execute certain scenes in Canada. Plus you can see how playful they were already. No awkwardness which means they had already hit it off by this.
  12. Just a reminder to the IG accounts: YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OF OUR PICTURES WITHOUT PERMISSION. I know you're reading here so take it down before I report you for intellectual property infringement. These IGer never learn do they? They're single handedly ruining our ship
  13. I'm off to bed but don't fret guys, even if the March award thing isn't happening, in about 10 years from now, this is the kind of red carpet picture y'all will be seeing #OffToMyMentalWardRoom #SingingBeautifulLife Edit: Oh look, Gita goes stealing my pictures again. Seriously? No, I did not send you this picture or give you permission to use it.
  14. Here's something to lighten everyone's mood Introducing Kim Shin, the overgrown child