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  1. If the reporter is her friend (the one who she follows on IG), wouldn't it be a better reason for her to lie and manipulate the truth a little to help protect her friend? If KGE doesn't want the news to come out anytime soon, this friend would be INCREDIBLY useful in being credible enough to deny stuff and keep the media sniffing. To me, that's just more of a confirmation
  2. Reporters can say anything they want but until GY and GE themselves come out saying nah or one of them gets announced with another, I'm gonna happily ship them. 99.9% of evidence points in one direction, I'm not gonna let a reporter who is "close" to GE (if she was so close, why would so go and talk about her personal things publicly?) tell me otherwise.
  3. Minimum is two years but her last one was five. I'd rather her join Soop cause she's friends with pretty much all of their talents and they would treat her soooooo much better.
  4. To all of the beautiful GongGo Brides (and if there are any guys on this thread) Hold on to this ship, it'll be worth it in the end
  5. @yoogo I think that personal time is the reason he's lost so much weight
  7. @docwan As far as I've read, it's mostly at home, parties, friends events, private rooms in restaurants, really rarely they pay to have a place shut down so it's just the two of them. That's how most celebs get away with secret dating.
  8. Since it's a quiet time for GY and GE (probably canoodling as we speak), which bts do you wish we would get to see? Apart from the hotel room scene, I wanna see these: He probably carries her all the time This was 100% GongGo
  9. I'm gonna be real mean for a second buuuuuuut And being with Gong Yoo like... No news is good news
  10. Since we can't get photoshoots and cfs, we'll have to make our own
  11. @docwan I really don't think GY is calling any shots. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn't really care about fame or his image, especially in the way of love. He's been very careful from what I can see in protecting GE (even Soop didn't release any "denial" statements on their relationship) so he's just going with the flow. I think its' a problem with GE's agency. They seem to be skimping out on what she can and can't do. Her ex is a shareholder in the agency as well as a client so they may favour him more in the situation than GE. I think that they're both waiting for the storm to blow over a little, let the Goblin hype die down so things don't get crazy for them when they announce it. The coincidences of their work schedules is too much to ignore, GE was already on a vacay right after Goblin so the fact that she's gone down underground again (during GY's holiday) speaks volumes.
  12. @molybdenum Oh man, how did you find out who I was? Plot twist, I'm an employee of Dispatch Ahem, there is probably no hotel scene bts because it was destroyed immediately after they finished editing it cause it was too hot to handle. We already know GY knows how to set things on fire, GE clearly was his accomplice.
  13. @docwan I know right? I think they must have hit it off at the table read. Plus, have you seen the crew's faces in every bts when they're interacting? It's always wide smiles. It must have been an open secret with the cast and crew, everyone seems aware and loving it. It's seriously the first time I've seen GY so expressive. He's normally got this friendly facade that he lets down only with male actors and (so far) GE.
  14. @firstsnow29 Thank you for reminding me! I forgot about the Hyenas It's watermarked now and I'm 99.9% sure that I'm the only one who has ever discovered this haha. @molybdenum Now that bae is gonna be busy, maybe GE will take on some things too? They've had a nice little break together eh?