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    : Hiding under KES's bed, waiting to confront her about making me cry so hard in the last episode.
  1. Well he wants to spend the first 80 years with her. Because that's how long ET can possibly live. She's 19/20 and he wants to spend every moment with her. He wants to be with her in her entire life span. And then he's asking for her to be reborn so when she's 20 again, he can tell her that she was his first love.
  2. Regarding the restaurant scene in the future and with all of the new info we have: We know she's got a cold and sad heart, suffering for 9 years. Maybe when she meets KS again, she'll feel this pull towards him and as he's trying to romance her, her heart will come back to life. The excitement and giddiness that we see in the restaurant indicates that she is happy to see whoever it is but at the same time, she's already seen him since she turns around and gestures "CEO, over here!". That means they've already met and that this is more of a date style situation. Maybe in order to jog her memory, KS takes her on another trip, to Quebec City and has been showing her all of the old places. He leaves her and says "meet me at this restaurant" and goes back to his hotel to get the letter that ET wrote for him. He comes back and gives it to her and she will remember. She knows her necklace is important because she's holding on to it. It signifies whatever is missing and when she's at the restaurant, she knows that this is right. That maybe this CEO is a step in the next direction. It also means that ET will no longer call KS ahjusshi since he's going to be CEO now. Maybe she'll call him that when she recalls everything. Honestly, I'm scared of an amnesia plotline but I have full faith in KES. Every time she has presented a risky cliche, she has turned it into the best thing ever and I shouldn't be so hesitant and just put my faith in her.
  3. Thats why we're not using the thread for live streaming. There has been a chat set up for the live stream (cause last time we almost crashed soompi with our cries of WTF) and we'll all be using that.
  4. Umbrella man strikes again. Gong Yoo always gives up his umbrella staff to KGE
  5. Oooooh what if KS has been dead for 10 years, ET is 29 and still feels empty and this cry for help is what will awaken him in the field? Like we know that the show is into parallels (a shittone of them) so maybe they're trying to parallel her moms plea for help and KS being pulled to the cry and ET's own. Love is a powerful thing and he's never been able to resist her pleas so maybe it is what awakes him. I was expecting the time jump to be around ep 15 but it looks like we're going to get it within the first thirty minutes of ep 14 KS wakes up and finds the changes around him. He sees an older ET and then will pursue her for the next three episodes to remind her of their love.
  6. Okay so far I've guessed the memory erasing, the emptiness and wonder for KS related things, and that KS will appear in full episodes warrior in front of Sunny. According to spoilers, I think my guesses about the blossoms and KS having his memory are also going to be correct! My theory for why KS is staying away and won't just go to ET is still the same though. God gives KS another chance at life but only if he gives her space and allows her to be her own person. If he does that, God will allow him a happily ever after with her.
  7. I'm rewatching the entire series in anticipation for the new episode and came across this gem. Can't wait for this to really happen.
  8. SHK can't come anyways, he started filming for his movie on Jan 2 and I doubt he'll be done by Feb. While SHK works, KGE and GY can have fun
  9. Can someone tie up SHK for a few days while GY/KGE are on vacay? I know of one person who can do it....COME BACK KS, SHIPPERS NEED YOU!
  10. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Let the romance begin!
  11. I found a really interesting correlation between the buckwheat flowers and KS's love for ET. KS gave her the flowers, which to me represent him giving his love and his life to her. He says they mean lovers but I feel like it's symbolic of the lover himself ET tried to hold on to the lover and his love for as much as possible, even preserving it. But in the end, it got away. Literally scattered in the wind in pieces. The flowers fell apart in the same way as the lover himself, in scattering pieces. The flower itself was representative of KS himself and his love and in the end, everything got away from ET, literally slipping from her hands.
  12. One thing that I am going to be very interested in seeing is the chemistry in the Quebec scenes. They were the first ones filmed and obviously GY and KGE weren't as close of friends yet as you can see them now (ie. the playing around in Ep 13). I wonder if this will present as a continouity problem since they're such amazing friends now and probably have more of a rapport than before. I have a lot of faith in them though. Both being amazing actors, I'm sure they make out just as passionately in future scenes as they did last episodes The other thing is GY's hair. Oh god I hated the longer hair in the beginning/Quebec scenes. I like how it is now and wish they would have filmed Quebec again last.