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  1. The ending for this episode just reminded me of Sunny and the Grim Reaper. Let's keep hoping that things will turn out well. I am banking on that she'll realize she doesn't want to act anymore and want to go back to school and study law, because that was originally what she wanted to do and her career just took her away from her studies. She's a bright girl, she'll eventually figure it out. He's just giving her space, so she can focus on her career after a long break.
  2. Today's episode was good in introducing our couple's trust and respect for each other. They understand that both their lives are different, but they'll make things work and be patient with each other. It's such a good development for both their characters. I really like that. He's killing me, too. I'm all cringy here, but at the same time I can't stop laughing at them. They are definitely the comedy couple. I keep guessing that if his mother meets her, the mother would like her. Remember how she rejects the girls he likes? Well, she might like Mrs Dan. Lol.
  3. LOL! I am really looking forward to the comedy from this couple. Tons of things is going to be happening in the next couple episodes, as long as we get a little comedy from these two I am happy.
  4. I know. As long as KJR is there to protect her. I am loving his character as KJR, a man with the law behind him. You make a very good point there, chingu. I'm guessing it's the secretary, too, but I feel like she's just nosy an observant. Somehow I keep guessing it's OYS's manager. The reason I'm saying this is from what we've seen in the previous episode, he is always protective of OYS, but during the incident of that night, he wasn't there to protect her or like slipped away. Also he isn't honest with her, when he got moved to go take care of another actress, so the fact that OYS is innocent and naive, they think she won't notice. Just my guess.
  5. @jeonghyang @turtlegirl Thanks for the recap, pictures, and gifs of the episodes. Sorry if I miss anything, but thank you. The kiss is just soo sweet and yes, I agree give us a kiss per episode. Even if it's not something like this, at least have KJR see OYS at the end of his day and have him hug her and give her a quick peak or kiss on the forehead is enough. Well for me. ANDWA!! KJR is going to get a new secretary? So does that mean that OYS's time is up?
  6. @themarchioness Thanks for recapping the ending two episodes. Yes, the ending didn't explain well on how CY survive, but I guess, we're just going to stick to the fact that he did and they get each other. My guess is at the end of the well there's a route out and CY kills the old guy and escape. Lol. Just my guess of how he got out. Finally BinBin gets the girl at the end. Lol.
  7. I'm nervous, too. Saw some spoiler on instagram already and I don't know what to say, I'm speechless. Lol. I will wait for your recaps, too.
  8. Man! DFS is doing all he can just to have HBQ with him and protect her, but it's sad that it don't matter what he does, she doesn't love him.
  9. Just saw the preview for episode 50 and 51 posted on the Youtube channel. I guess DFS and HBQ wedding is towards the end. Honestly, everything just feel soo rushed right now. I don't understand, how the hell did she ended up in the palace being with the king?
  10. Thanks for the translation, but man it gave me the chills. That creepy CEO is coming into the picture and KJR is going to stand up against him.
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