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  1. Yes, it needs to be happy ending! Ohhh.. That makes a lot of sense about her death. Soo excited for it, cannot wait to see what will happen next and seeing Chen Yu admitting that he loves her.
  2. I'm going to bank on it that we'll get a happy ending. They will probably let everything go and become the lotus hero and heroine towards the end, because they both wanna do good. It's just titles and status stands in the way. I saw that spoiler, too and it breaks my heart. He's falling in love with her, but at the back of his mind, he keeps telling himself, you're the reason my mother's dead, but his heart can't stop going towards her. It's such a heartbreaking relationship to begin with. From putting the pieces together through trailers and MVs, they are going to poison her and fake her death, so that everyone can stop trying to catch her for the treasure. This will be when CY finds out that they aren't siblings. Then after years, she's going to come back and more stuff will happen. Just a guess. See, that's why I think MRF is a girl and they are just hiding it, because girls cannot rule or be the leader of their family. But who knows.
  3. I know! I know it's suppose to be a guy, but with their bond, they just seem like sisters to me. Lol. I keep having this feeling that they are hiding MRF's identity and she's actually a girl. Lol. I don't know, cause it's just soo weird that they had a girl playing a guy's role for this drama.
  4. No worries. I'm like in crazy search for it now and so far I got nothing on the English translation for the novel for this drama. Will let you know if I find anything. Ahhh.. no wonder. I was soo confused. I kept thinking to myself, so are they going to explain it in the end of their time traveling. But thank you for the clarification.
  5. @vlvl1 I hope it's a happy ending, too and I'm sure we'll get some sad scenes for a bit, but things will turn out for the better good. I tried looking for an english translation of the novel, but no luck. Usually, when a drama has a novel, I always read the novel and then watch for the drama. I'm a little curious that part of the synopsis states that this drama is a time traveling. Is it? Or did that just got taken out?
  6. Hahaha! That's a good one. The Fountain of Youth. It's shocking on the 11 year age gap. I literally did not know that she was that old and he was that young, because honestly, bin bin looks a lot over to me. I don't know he just seems mature, that's probably why. Lol.
  7. Lol! It's a great drama and I hope this one will be a great one, too. It's hilarious that Chen Yu don't want to take Bu Qi to his father, but he can't stop being around/helping her. Lol. And yes, I agree, Ariel Lin has not aged at all. I am shocked that she still looks the same. It's on Netflix. The search title is "Ashes of Love" But that's kind of weird that you can't find it. Well, I think it's in some countries, like in the UK they have tons of Kdrama on Netflix, but here in the US, I have tons of Cdrama on Netflix and it's slow on Kdrama.
  8. That makes a lot more sense now. Thank you soo much. Yes, I'm just sticking to the fact that the father is a Lord/7th prince and Chen Yu is the crown prince/young master. Lol. But yes, thank you, too on the explanation on Bu Qi. Now it makes soo much sense. I just finished the first 2 episodes, will catch up on the rest later, but I am liking this drama. I haven't found any good fantasy/Wuxia drama since Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost. I loved that drama soo much. And now it's on Netflix, I always watch an episode before going to bed. Lol.
  9. I watched the first 3 episodes english subtitles and it was like confusing on the father's title. Like first episode, his people address him as "Prince" when Xue Fei (BuQi's mother) died. Then in episode 2, he was labeled as the Duke, and now Lord. So I'm just confused on the father's title. I'm sticking to him being Lord and Chen Yu as Young Master. It's just some confusing from the english subtitles. But yes, it makes sense now that the father lied about Bu Qi being his illegitimate daughter, because she holds something valuable. She's not related at all to Chen Yu.
  10. Hi everyone, I am new on this thread and just started watching this drama. I actually watched all 10 episodes without subs and now just finished episode 1 with subtitles. I am soo confused now after I got some subs and reading some of your guys post. So Mo Ruo Fei is a guy, but a woman is playing him. And he is Hua Bu Qi's step-brother. But isn't Chen Yu also step-brother to Bu Qi, too? I'm soo confused. By the way, what is their father's title? Like he was called a Prince and now a Duke? I'm soo lost. Lol.
  11. I am all caught up. Man! Soo much is going on and soo behind on dramas. I literally binge watched a lot of dramas in the past 2 nights. Lol. I am soo excited to see what will happen in tomorrow's episode. I am crossing my fingers that KS runs off at the wedding and YB finds her. From the MV, seems like that's the case. Cannot wait.
  12. I am soo behind on this drama, still slowly trying to catch up, but after seeing some scenes for today's episodes and the preview for next week. Honestly, yes, KS is annoying and frustrating that she's not doing anything at all and YB is suffering, but here is my question, MD! MD if you already see that KS don't love you, why let her force herself into marrying you and be happy about it? If you want KS to be happy, shouldn't you not marry her or let her go on with the wedding? I'm sorry, I am blaming KS and MD for being frustrated here and YB is trying his best.
  13. I am SOO behind on this drama and everything. The holidays put me behind all my dramas and everything. I seriously need to catch up. I've been seeing clips and clips. I have no idea what's going on, but it seems like KS accepted MD's proposal and they are back on the island..?
  14. Thanks @stroppyse for translating the preview. I'm sure it will all turn out well for YB and KS. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  15. Don't know if anyone post this, yet, but here's the preview. I have not seen episode 6. Too busy with the holidays. Will have to catch up soon. Credit to TVN Drama Youtube