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  1. DAEBAKK... the individual posters came out really pretty and intense... btw.. 15 more days to gooo... 'Monarch ' Yoo Seung-ho X Kim So Hyun X L , overwhelming character posters 6 character source: NAVER On the 25th, the character poster released through MBC captures the charm of six character characters in 'Monarch' with a cUt. The six posters contain the lively expressions and dialogues of the characters, raising the expectation of the monarch. In particular, Yoo Seung-ho, a seaside artist, is holding a 'mask' along with intense eyes and adds curiosity about the character. Kim So Hyun emphasized the traits of her role as a swordsman. L expressed his willingness to be a king in a way to wear a mask, and Yoon Soo-hee revealed the character of the Hwa Goon with a straight posture and an overt face. In addition, the character poster of Huh Junho, who is confronted with the Seja , and Park Chul-min, Uboo the teacher of Seja, are also overwhelming. He is also looking forward to the activities of charismatic ghosts and geeks. The drama depicting the prince's righteous struggle and love, fighting against the organizational number society that has gained powerful wealth and power by thinking of the water of the Korean peninsula. It is hoping for the Hybrid Fighting drama, a combination of politics and melodies. It is scheduled to be broadcasted on May 10th following the 'Luminescent Office'. Popnews@heraldcorp.com
  2. @Ly Khánh Yup, they have similar height and looks the same when wore the mask.. But L's voice sound more light and thin compare to YSH's voice that have weight and deep.. I hope with this English translation we can understand this promo better
  3. There are some behind the scene photos on IG today and I saw a few casts wearing KIMONO.. Huh... This drama really mysterious to me since I know nothing about the Korea history but maybe in that era, Korea already has good relationship with Japan.. Maybe international trading relationship...Who knows? And only YSH has been seen on the shooting site today..
  4. "This is the atmosphere ..." Kim So Hyun, neat eyes (Source: Sports Korea | Naver TV Entertainment) [Sports Chosun.com Jung An Ji reporter] NAVER Actor Kim Sohyun's neat appearance was revealed. Kim So Hyun, on the 23rd, posted a photo with short remarks "Monarch" on her Instagram. In the photo, there is a picture of Kim So Hyun, who is shooting MBC new drama 'Monarch'. Kim So-hyun who is proud of her fine self-determination. Her sad eyes gazing somewhere here further upgraded her elegance. The back view sitting still was the picture itself. In particular, the innocent visuals of Kim So-hyun made the eyes inseparable. Meanwhile, the 'Monarch' is scheduled to broadcast in May as a drama depicting the prince 's righteous struggle to fight against the organization' Psysoo hwe ', which has gained powerful wealth and power by thinking of the water of the Korean peninsula. Anjee85@sportschosun.com
  5. Promo video with English translation YSH was so cuteee here...and Why he can't hold his laugh?
  6. All credits to the IG owners That human figurine size maybe taken from filming location..and welcoming the visitor to Gochang Green Barley field festival..
  7. Our OTP looks so calm and beautiful in this corner promo.. Hope tomorrow we will get another new teaser.. Tonight, another promo too..
  8. April 14, 2017 A flirty prince and a tragic twist in Ruler–Master of the Mask by girlfriday Okay, this new teaser for Ruler–Master of the Mask is pretty adorable. The prince is a total flirt! From what we’ve seen of MBC’s new historical melodrama so far, it appeared to be rife with tension and epic tragedy, about a prince forced to hide his face behind a mask and a young woman who vows to get revenge on him. But in the latest teaser, there’s youthful love and a whole lot of cheeky flirting from the prince… before the tragic twist brings on a shower of tears. Hey, I didn’t say the show became a comedy, did I? Yoo Seung-ho (Remember–Son’s War) stars as a lonely Joseon prince who is forced to wear a mask, a mystery that drives him out of the palace in search of answers about his own past. Kim So-hyun (Bring It On, Ghost) is a young noblewoman from a family of warriors, described as fiercely independent and unladylike. Atta girl. L (She’s So Lovable) co-stars as a lowly butcher’s son with a brilliant mind who will become a stand-in for the prince, and Yoon So-hee (Memory) is the granddaughter of the prince’s greatest enemy. In the teaser, the prince reveals himself inside a palanquin and shares a charged moment with Kim So-hyun… and then suddenly asks, “Am I good-looking?” which earns him an incredulous look. Uh, is he joking, or does he actually not know because he’s worn a mask all his life? He starts following her around eagerly, peppering her with questions: “What’s your name? Are you betrothed to anyone?” Her father feeds him happily and invites the young man to come by their home often, much to her embarrassment. But then a tragic twist changes everything, and the heroine watches in horror as the masked prince publicly executes her father. The copy reads: “A wrong start. Crisscrossed fates.” The prince is trapped inside the palace as he wails, “Please!” and his voice shakes as he asks, “What do you mean it’s all my fault?” Kim So-hyun screams, “Why?!” but all he can say in the end is, “I’m truly sorry.” I would be more upset about the loss of innocent puppy love if I didn’t already know this was a story where she’ll fall in love with the prince she vows to kill, but I’ll be selfish and hope for my sake that we get to spend a fair amount of time with princey loverboy before tragedy strikes. Ruler–Master of the Mask follows Radiant Office on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning May 10. All credit to: Drama beans
  9. 'Monarch - Owner of the Mask' drops still cuts of INFINITE's L oogle+ INFINITE's L will be playing the role of a poor working class son, Lee Sun, in upcoming MBC historical drama 'Monarch - Owner of the Mask'! Despite his genius intelligence and his spirit of fire, Lee Sun is a member of one of the lowest working classes in Chosun society. For his first ever historical drama role, L will be showcasing acting in a role very different from his previous ones. L said about working on 'Monarch', "I am honored to be able to give my first shot at a historical drama through such a great production. The set of 'Monarch' is a place where I can learn from the sunbaes I respect so much by watching them pour their hearts into acting from up close." Meanwhile, 'Monarch - Owner of the Mask' tells the story of a crown prince who fights against a powerful organization opposing the royalty, and stars Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun, Yoon So Hee, and more. It premieres May 10. Full credit to Allkpop
  10. @akausagi You're not wrong.. I read it too at Dramabeans