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  1. She looks extra beautiful with no bangs and mint dress ..
  2. Looks like this video was originally sent to her mom! Cute mom and daughter bonding!
  3. Wednesday, July 4, 2018 [FM] Kim So Hyun First Premium Japan Fan Meeting (Recap by Korean Media) Kim So Hyun, Successfully Held Premium Fan Meeting… Like Two Hours of “Full Gift Set” Actress Kim So Hyun has captured Japan. 'Kim Sohyun 1st premium tfanmeeting 2018' was held at Shinagawa Intercity Hall with seating capacity of 800, it’s like giving a sweet holiday to her fans. Moreover, even though it’s her first Japan Fan Meeting since her debut, not only a lot of fans came, but it also attracted more attention from the media by holding an interview before the event which proves her great popularity. Kim So Hyun opened the Fan Meeting by singing the OST of SBS Drama “Suspicious Housekeeper” (First Love) with her lovely eyes. During the Talk Session, she talked to her fans about her daily life and various histories of her previous dramas which never been heard before. Especially, during the “commemoration of filming” session, Kim So Hyun actively led the fans who reenacted the same scene of the drama. She also comforted the crying fan, and she melted the audience’s heart by showing her sincere love towards them. After finished the Talk Session with a friendly atmosphere, thinking about her fans, Kim So Hyun started the second session by singing the ost of Movie “Begin Again” (Lost Stars). During the Q&A Time, she communicated with her fans by answering the questions which were written by the fans themselves. She answered the questions honestly. And in the last corner (session), she made her fans constantly happy by giving them the precious gifts after they completed the various missions. During the “performing the scene of the drama” mission, she was surprised by the acting ability of her fans who acted against her. Suddenly, in the "surprise dance" mission, she shyly showed her cute dance moves. Her extraordinary charm heated up the fan meeting venue. Also, Kim So Hyun ended her first Japan Fan Meeting by singing passionately a song titled "Ito" by Nakajima Miyuki. She tried her best to prepare the song before the event. At the end of the Fan Meeting, as her gratitude towards her fans, she said, "It's too bad that it's over. Not only today, but it would be great if we can meet more often in the future, and also I'll be very happy if you can come again. I will prepare better in the future, so please give me a lot of love". After that, with the warm look in the eye, she gave the gift to the fans who left the venue one until the end Kim So Hyun who successfully finished her first Japan FM, now is reviewing her next project and fulfill her schedule with magazine photo shoot and CF filming. source: Sports Chosun translated by MsSubak Thanks @MsSubak for the translation
  4. Finally, a website from E&T for everyone! Slowly but surely... Thanks E&T! Hopefully they will update more soon.. http://www.ientstory.com
  5. @mindstar Done Chingu! Happy with all the updates from E&T! Have good rest Sohyunah! and everyone too.
  6. Sorry that I can't join our forum much right now, but I always read all the discussions and updates here... Thank you for all the contributors that make our forum alive Almost every year she is busy with the schedules and this year is more sweeter as she will spend her birthday with close friends and families since she is in hiatus right now.. Happy birthday in advance Kim So Hyun! o(〃^▽^〃)o
  7. Her mother was with her too.. All white top to toe like KSH.. She's the one that have red luggage, white attire and use transparent umbrella in the video. Fuhhh... Long time no see everyone!
  8. Happy to seeing her promoting her dramas again.. Hope she enjoying her works and this short vacay too She looks so fresh with green! I love it!
  9. What to do... It is true tho All of them are great casts and work harder to carry the burden of the poor writing + lack of development for every Characters. Kudos to them, if not for them and ofcourse if not our Sohyun, I will drop the drama right away.
  10. thanks for all the updates guys.. Every projects that she does means another new experiences she will gain.. We are never too old or too young to learning new things everyday. I secretly happy that Sohyun took this roles although the drama development is verrryyyyy disappointing... Song Geu Rim is good listener, do not blaming others, very positive and have flaws too eg: by respecting others too much, make her character as a doormat is what irritated me but she is firm person, don't easily sway up etc and our Sohyun potrays that character really well. So, let's keep supporting her till the end. With just 2 episodes left, hope the writer can wrap up this drama beautifully.
  11. I agreed with Knetz this time. After watched ep 11 and 12, I feel morally down and demotivated to watch the remaining episodes. Hmm.... I know. I know she's enjoying this works so much and that's the reason why I will continue to watch this till the end. Because of her. Please writernim.. Please make it good.
  12. Only take KSH's related comments from ep 11 Credit here http://netizendrama.blogspot.my/2018/03/spoilers-radio-romance-e11-12-rating.html?m=1 1. [+104, -5] Kim So Hyun is so pretty and Yoon Doo Joon's so heart fluttering ㅜㅜ 4. [+77, -3] Kyah Geu Rim is so pretty!!!5. [+66, -6] She is really so pretty ㅜㅜ She looks like a doll ㅜㅜㅜ6. [+48, -2] Honestly I'm watching it because of Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun, The writer and production team seem to be lacking...7. [+48, -3] Kyah, It's so heart fluttering. They are both so pretty ㅜㅜㅜ8. [+42, -2] Soo Ho and Geu Rim are pretty!!! & ep 12 1. [+1443, -47] I appreciate the actors who are working hard to lead Radio Romance even though the writer has wrote a strange script. There are only 4 episodes left but nothing seems to be clear and each episode has the same content and situation...I heard this is your first time writing a drama but this is too much 5. [+216, -5] Honestly, this drama is all about the actors' visuals, Handsome male lead + pretty female lead + handsome second male lead!! What I mean is, if it weren't for the leads I wouldn't have watched it! Only 4 episodes has left and the story hasn't developed yet...A childish romance with a feeling of repetition...I hope you don't do this in your next project, you should really be thankful for the actors, more than half of the ratings come from the actors' faces.6. [+175, -5] When Soo Ho raised Geu Rim's arms for a hug, it was so heart fluttering...Honestly, the actors' acting and beauty has a taste of spring ㅋㅋㅋㅋ7. [+159, -3] Now only 4 episodes left, writer-nim you can wrap things up, right? Tell us properly about Woo Ji Woo...We have a lot of questions about the postcards that jason is sending...8. [+150, -4] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ People are watching this drama because of Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The drama's scenario is seriously on another level....9. [+141, -6] The main couple's chemistry saved this drama10. [+135, -2] The problem wasn't the age difference between the leads but the writer was the problem ㅋㅋㅋ
  13. SOUP is updating their Instagram with sponsored clothes for last night episode. moreee.. and we can see Sohyun's pictures in frame from the captured screenshot below.. Hahaha.. Mod: More than 3 pics should be placed in Spoilers.