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  1. Sound like her ex is a very clingy type. hahaha no one could ever forget a very talented and hardworking 'girlfriend'.
  2. My heart feels so heavy knowing the premiere episode is getting near! I remember when the first day of filming WYWS, KSH already get involved. Some passersby seeing her shooting in a raining scene and wearing school uniform. Some more, She squeezed her tight schedule to fit both in Ruler and WYWS. I feel bad knowing the possibilities our baby girl is not in there. Even her shadow is not showing! at 1.11 minutes in the teaser video is not KSH but Suzy's mother. I know im over exaggerating but this is more better than hope too high I guess? yeah..after watched Ruler, this waiting game is no joke.
  3. Morning! Please don't forget to vote in AAA! http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1704?search=Kim+So+Hyun First round is until 10/10/17 So, let's do the best! 1 Facebook ID 1 Vote! Thanks guys!
  4. ahh.. I have the same thought of you! Nonetheless, everything is gonna be fine someday. Just hold a moment and for sure KSH can endure it!.
  5. Would you care to explain why? if it is a sensitive issue, you can put it in the spoiler.
  6. @mindstar If I not mistaken. D'Live is their major shareholder in SidusHQ And yes 2-3 months backs, there is news that D'Live has bought SidusHQ in total. And iHQ is one of their subsidiaries. And this is totally unrelated tho.
  7. Both have accepted her message to support 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics.
  8. Guys... Please don't forget to vote! http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1704?search=Kim+So+Hyun 1 Facebook ID 1 Vote! Thanks for voting!
  9. @mindstar @Melati Huda I think it is new pic because of the hair. It is new colored hair. I never see it before. Plus her caption is at filming site and have a nice weekend! And this is the subbed video for Ruler's promotion. I think it is similar hair style.
  10. Ok... I noticed it too when thinking about the possibility, If, they cut KSH scenes from the drama, it will shatters my heart.
  11. Hahaha.. Is she's an anti? Only put Seolhyun and IU name and thanks God everyone is complaining how dare she only put first and the third name and left out the second name. Please give respect towards others effort report-nim!
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  13. Based on his IG. He only follow 8 people and one of them is KSH! I thinks he's very selective and out of many co-star that he has works together, maybe KSH is among the one that he close with. So I guess they still keep in touch with each other.