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  1. @maskros Thanks for every statement that you wrote. Poor our girl. I agree that certain scenes that GE in feel so rushing and underdeveloped... If I jotted everything down, we gonna see lots of plot holes in GE scenes that feel so meaningless and sort of filler to the episode. Maybe I'll wait for another project to see KSH shines with her talent...
  2. @joyspartace_stv Yes, we have another 14 more episodes to go.. And I don't know what gonna happen in the next episodes.. I just hope that the production don't use KSH popularity as a crowd puller... She is main female lead not a filler... I love HG character so much... So brave, have a great mind, powerful.. It is very rare to see this kind of character and I don't want to see GE have character that so forgettable and doesn't bring much impact to the plot. However, i need to keep on positive mind and enjoy this ride..
  3. @maskros Yup.. Today we got many spoiler about how good GE and CP scenes with horse riding etc.. But in the end, when the episodee aired HG has steal the limelight... What to dooo... Writerim.. But by next week, I thinks we can see the growing in LS and GE relationship.. I thinks GE will find the cure for LS..
  4. For those who still streaming... Right now, we gonna see special episode of Ruler.. I just read this special episode will crammed all important events in episode 1 until 22 into 100 minutes..
  5. HG follows CP go to somewhere with ship . shipping is sailing for them...usually I'm hear second lead syndrome... Maybe we will have second female lead syndrome. New character just appear.. The one that will help CP later..
  6. Lee sun bodyguard will keep loyal even though the real cp will come later on.. Omoo... HG so excited to meet CP... Her intonation keep getting better... They flashback their scenes together..
  7. I guess they can stay at their village... Everyone cheering but I'm sure there will be a few condition.. Need English sub HG see GE ... Jealousy will kill people. She knows that GE is special to CP
  8. after watching ep 9-10. I feel very pity towards HG. Her love towards CP is endless and strong.. it so hurt to have one sided love. I hope later, she doesn't betray CP when she knows about GE and Gon please, take care of her... although Yoon So Hee quite stiff, somehow I can feel her sorrows and really thanks to her for saving the CP. L throughout five years, he still can't adapt to be a king as all the minister keep pressure him. I'm sure his character will have good plot twist when he has the courage to defeat his own cowardliness (plus all the minister and DM). Hope he asks help from the Queen and fights together.
  9. @wingki13 And hopefully more air time for Sohyun too.. I need to see her character development.. As others characters already well develop right now.
  10. I don't know how many plot twist for today. But KSH in men wears is something I don't expect at all. Hopefully, Ruler can pull these scene smoothly. Rough translation credit to wow_kimsohyun_my ig Heard that Monarch's new sound director has come? Oh my God, Hair tied up Cool Tonight _ will be together _ watch_ Monarch.
  11. Sidus HQ uploaded BTS for Sohyun's scenes in episode 1 - 4 http://www.vlive.tv/video/30981/ Click the link above for English sub Credit to talova0908
  12. This is brief for episode 9 & 10 EP 9 - will focus on LS as it all about wear a mask,be the puppet and become the king of Joseon While EP 10 - due to all tragedies that happen , CP is depressed and escape from DM. LS becomes a king GE become poor... Stay in poverty area and meet new crisis...