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  1. She become one of the presenter for 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards @_happiness_J: 11/23 7:00 p.m~11:00 p.m KST 제 39회 <청룡영화상> 시상자 참석 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards Presenter 第39屆青龍電影獎 頒獎人 #KimSoHyun #金所泫 #김소현 https://twitter.com/_happiness_J/status/1063325017495105536/photo/1
  2. My heart Here the link https://www.preview.ph/culture/celebs-netflix-swn-asia-a00232-20181113?ref=home_feed_1 With the caption... Actress Kim So Hyun is set to star in the live action Netflix Original adaptation of popular web toon Love Alarm. I just know that the Love Alarm genre is live action while My First Love starred by Jisoo, Chaeyeon & Jinyoung is in Romance genre, maybe because Love Alarm itself focused on some social issues includes suicide too.
  3. Kim So Hyun greeting video's to the Dramabeans community. Hopefully there will be more collaboration happens between them! http://www.dramabeans.com/videos-posts/2018/11/hello-dramabeans-kim-so-hyun/ Please go to the link and leave comments there!
  4. Quick 5 Q & A with KSH!!! 1) the movie that you have watched recently Searching 2) the work that are interesting even you've watched it many times? Inception 3) your current listening songs? I like to listen to Brown Eyes and Brown Eyed Soul 4) what is your favourite film/series under Netflix? To all the boys that I have loved before 5) what is your says to dramas/films fans in the world? I will give my best version of Kim So Hyun in future. Please give lots of love and support! Thank you.
  5. NEWS Kim SoHyun Is Chosen As MC And Surprises Contestants Of “Under Nineteen” OCTOBER 22, 2018 Actress Kim SoHyun surprised the contestants of MBC “Under Nineteen” by visiting their dormitories. On October 22nd, MBC revealed that Kim SoHyun is chosen to be the MC for “Under Nineteen” and surprised the contestants by making her way down to their dormitories. Despite her busy schedule, she made time to go down and support them by giving out snacks. Kim SoHyun also watched them practicing with awe before leaving. MBC Earlier on October 21st, she also gave a shout out to the contestants of “Under Nineteen” on her Instagram, telling them to not give up and saying how they will meet soon in the recording studio. Previously, it was noted that Kim SoHyun has experience in a variety of activities such as drama and movies. It can be expected that she will be able to pull off her role as the MC very well. Credit article here: https://www.kpopmap.com/kim-sohyun-is-chosen-as-mc-and-surprises-contestants-of-under-nineteen/
  6. By making Mongsuk as her companion, i think it is best decision ever that has been made by Sohyun. It is the best stress reliever after all the hectic schedules. Getting some cuddles sure can improve and brighten the moods.
  7. Our girl is so funny when she says "don't say forest, even tree can be seen because of really rushing time to shoot scenes". hahhahaha take your time this time.. don't worry and enjoy your works. Just paste it again... Credit to Shirlley on IG [181018] So Hyun's message on STANDBY CAFE Today rough translation:- Title: Hello everyone! ! Long time no see, how are you ? It's a bit late for updating because of schedule... This time, I am coming to convey new news! I'll be with Kim JoJo in Netflix Original series ‘Love Alarm ’! The news came out when everything wasn't confirmed at the beginning, fans were very worried. On the other hand, I felt that there would be some fans feeling disappointed, so I was very upset... but I've also considered the part that you guys are worried about, and I will be careful to approach Though there're many things to be careful! First of all, it's not a TV station broadcast it, so the real-time response, the ratings aren't centralized calculated, I hope you don't need to worry too much Not to mention the kind of shooting system that forest and tree can't be seen and shoot in harsh environment in a short time. This is a work that can be done with sufficient time. I'm relieved to participate in this work! So please be patient! I will work hard to meet you in Netflix with a new look. There are still many people who are new about Netflix! Although it has TV channels, there're apps too! So it's easy to get close, and the advantages of using a variety of data:) Although it's very new but it's still a good platform, so don't worry too much! I'll come back again when there's good news! Leave a small message for everyone who is worried! ! See you in ' This is my first 20' tomorrow. Watch with my little cutie ! ! Cr 閃光站weibo, Standby .. Our warm & caring So Hyun left messages on Standby about her new drama and tell fans not to worry! we'll support you, fighting!
  8. Some refresher here.. I thought that she already confirmed months ago but actually she is not! so for now, welcome back to drama land Kim So-hyun! Can't wait to meet Kim Jo Jo soon. Now I need to think how to subscribe Netflix.
  9. Under 19 update. I don't know which one is official IG for this show.. so, I put it both https://instagram.com/under19_official?utm_source=ig_profile_share&amp;igshid=1td2ph1io29yh https://instagram.com/mbc.undernineteen?utm_source=ig_profile_share&amp;igshid=k4yu3121aupq Under Nineteen MC & Directors MC : Kim Sohyun Vocal Directors : Solji, Crush Rap Directors : Dynamic Duo Performance Directors : Eunhyuk, Hwang Sanghoon Credit to bndxv Twitter
  10. Here is the article from Soompi about she got her driving license. I always love their writing.. and hopefully she will have a chance to drive mini cooper or just buy one! Kim So Hyun Finally Crosses Getting Driver’s License Off Bucket List Oct 16, 2018 by J. Lee Kim So Hyun has achieved a big goal of hers! Previously in April, Kim So Hyun talked about how she wants to get a driver’s license during an interview. She revealed that getting a driver’s license is one of the goals that she would like to achieve as a 20-year-old (Korean reckoning). She said that she already passed the first and second test and only has the final driving test left. She also talked about how she wants to drive by herself first and then take her mom and her dog on a drive. During the interview, she did not forget to mention one of her future car candidates. She said, “I used to often bump into this person who owns a pretty car in the pet shop that I go to with my dog. I asked the name of the car and found out that it was a Mini Cooper. It doesn’t have to be my first car, but I would like to drive it someday.” Six months passed since the interview, and it seems like Kim So Hyun finally got her license and achieved her dream. She shared images of her ID photo on Instagram.