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  1. is she confirmed for her role in Miss Granny adaptation? I heard she considering it positively and I hope she's really take the role.
  2. They are obsessed fans I must say. After creating multiple accounts, they will spamming her to follow 'Please follow me Unnie' or 'Please follow my other accounts Unnie' After she followed, 'Please like my posts Unnie' and after that 'Please see my IG story Unnie' or 'Please read my DM Unnie' and more never ending requests True..it's all about common sense.. I hope they will become more mature, give her some space to enjoy her own social accounts not to see their spams all the times and more importantly, respect her. Yup, RESPECT her.
  3. She upload the status again.. I don't know what has happened.. But seems like some fan has send her lots of DM and i do read that she's trying to replying all the fan. Sohyunah, it's okay.. Please, don't feel guilty because you did nothing wrong..and you know what? We all love you so much
  4. It is said that Sohyun update her Snap IG at 2.53am SKT time but deleted the message around 5 minutes later ..we all love you Sohyun..and will always supporting you P/s: Snap IG = I don't know what it is, but I think it is same like updating in IG Story but in picture format .
  5. IMO by creating Mongsuk's IG account, maybe she thinks it is correct medium to express her love towards Mongsuk.. Because her own IG posts mostly related to her works even tho I (majority of fans,maybe) doesn't mind if she post about Mongsuk.
  6. I think it is genuine as there is unseen photos of Mongsuk and it has been followed and liked by her manager too.
  7. @Elif Ataş They are really two different girl. The one with long hair is her fashion stylist while the one with short hair/wearing the cap is her assistant manager/manager. While here during the fanmeeting in Japan Ahh...her calming voice.
  8. Happy to see her enjoying her leisure time. Nope, the girl is one of her fashion stylists.. She's has been following Sohyun in many trips before like in Jeju, Japan, LA and ofcourse in this Hanyul event too.
  9. Big yeay! for you @angrytomato BTW, seems today Sohyun has entered her second semester. Good luck Sohyun! Edit: I'm not sure if this is her new photo or not but I never see this photo before..so I just assume that this photo probably the most recent one. 2nd Edit: confirmed that above picture was from their last day in last semester. This guy wore the same bag as above and Sohyun wore the same clothes. Nevertheless, happy to see her enjoying her college life. Credit in spoiler..
  10. I think following Netflix's IG is a definite hint from her. Good or bad, this gonna be another great experiences for her and us.. So let's hope for the best.. Read that they gonna shorten the episodes from 12 to 8 episodes only. I suppose that was good news.. Since webtoon usually quiet dragging, so this drama sure be packed and has good pace of plot development. What's not so good is, this drama gonna be aired in Netflix only.. So, it will be little hard to watch it since I doesn't have Netflix's account. But, first of all, let's wait for the confirmation