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  1. Yes, this is new interview while promoting her movie/project. I didn't think KSH and SYJ stay in touch as although they have work on the same project but they never met each other in filming site or in the same scene. They maybe greeting each other but not to the extent still in contact. But we never know about our mysterious girl. She is so random
  2. This two cuties I wonder if they still contact each other after their few collaborations before.
  3. Each venue will be attended by different presenters and performers and KSH will attend in Japan only at Yokohama Arena on this November 29. Yeay! Happy me... same with me, since I'm not into kpop songs but as long as there our girl I will be tagged along. I think this is the first time for KSH to go to Japan!
  4. She realy put tremendous effort for her singing especially in Chinese song. I have read the praises that her pronunciation is really good and doesn't sound awkward.
  5. I think this is the video that shown during the FM Credit to KSH Taiwan
  6. Sharing this rare photo... Her legs look very long here! She's already have good body proportion since child. Maybe around 9-10 years old here. *ctto weibo*
  7. Reading the Part B I learned that she lives her life in a hard way. She looks so cautious on her surroundings and cares about others too much. Never moan, not uttering any groan, can't feel tired makes me think that her life is so hard. That's the truth of celebrities life, especially in South Korea. Their career life is too fragile there. It is true that she is introvert but by growing in front of public eyes make her become more secretive. And I glad that now she has open her life to be more cheerful and in a more positive way. I also like her that doesn't hide her feelings when tired. Well, at least, if there's any problem, it doesn't accumulate and may cause too much depression for her.I wish whoever is her close friends, please continue to support and comfort her.
  8. Here the screenshot This is her recommendation for the movies It was quite old movies and I gonna put it on my watch list. Before this I have watched About Time, The Intern, Sunny because of her likes/recommendations and I never regret to watch it. It real good! And go to the music choices. I also have my playlist on what her likes. The genres were really variety and sometimes the songs that I never heard before. One of her favorites that sometimes in my workout playlist. How about you guys? Have you ever tried any of her songs/movies recommendation?
  9. @loveiskim @Melati Huda This scene will be appear during Jae Chan and Hong Joo wedding ceremony.. Not sure what the ending tho. If wedding is not their last scene, we might see KSH moreeee..