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  1. Hyunjin is visible you can search in twitter, instagram, you tube our shining is doing good.
  2. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Elegant and Sophisticated Seo Hyun Jin cr. morocco fans
  3. thank you ms. angel2013 now i will not mislead anymore and for your kind heart for explaining. the truth is when i saw article about Shj i just post it, now i will not mislead anymore. thanks again
  4. thank you for clarifying, I appreciated it very much, I'm really sorry.
  5. i'm sorry ms. anggel2013 i already deleted it, can I ask you pls who can I ask permission so that i can post it in our thread' I love Seo hyun Jin so much pls. I want to know more about her,.