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  1. Lets all give an applause to Se Joo. Se Joo is the GOAT. He is a good friend to both SH and SZ. He seems like the sane one from the three and the only one that thinks all this revenge is ridiculous. I am glad that he broke off with KJ before it gotten worst. It was the right thing to do... even though he didn't start it because he wanted to. He has the most character development. TBH He deserves better. I hope he gets his own happy ending. I hope he succeeds in life. Nothing but best for my Sejoo.
  2. me to Taehee when she fell for him too early. I wish she tried hard to get. 10 min left. i am so ready to for this episode
  3. All i was thinking about when i watching the drama was everyone is entangled in a messy relationship and i can't wait to see how it will get messier. Anyways, Woodohwan can have it any day, anytime. I am cheating on my husband ji chang wook, who is in the army. But i just can't resist woo do hwan. i was swooning over him while watching today's episode but i was also screaming at tae hee to not fall for him too fast. He need to work harder than how he is now to make her fall for him. I think je soo will turn out to be the scarier one. His relationship with si hyun will be strained cuz Si hyun will prob hurt Soo ji.
  4. [Drama 2018] Eulachacha Waikiki 으라차차 와이키키

    Same I tried looking for other links but none of them are working
  5. Someone please DM me the live stream link, Iwould really appreciate it