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  1. I did not catch this part when the episode was live. I saw a playback and I just wowed... and drooled... and so much wanted for a piece of pizza. That episode's first 35 minutes brought back what I have been fell in love in the 3MAD FV2 and longing for from that season. It was the focus on E-Chef cooking and the warmth of 3 persons exchanging small talks and laughters... But let's enjoy the beautiful and delicous pizzas first. = = = 170909 Shinhwa’s Eric, Pizza + Pasta… What Do You Not Know How to Make? Eric made pizza and pasta with his newly upgraded cooking skills in ‘Three Meals a Day’. The 6th episode of tvN’s ‘Three Meals a Day’ aired on September 8th featured the three brothers taking on Italian cuisine. Eric started cooking saying “I’m going to make pizza” when asked what he would make for today. After Eric making the dough first, Lee Seojin ground tomato, onion, and garlic for the tomato sauce. Yoon Kyunsang made cheese with goat milk, and when the size of the cheese gradually decreased he asked “Seojin, you don’t like cheese right?” to which Lee Seojin answered “No, I don’t like you.” Eric pulled out a can of olives, and Na PD was surprised and asked “You brought this from home?” Lee Seojin responded with a joke “Apparently his Mom bought it for him. She is Italian.” Lee Seojin and Yoon Kyunsang could not hide their happiness and excitement as they were eating the pizza and the Octopus Roe Pasta. After, Lee Seojin tried to make a deal with the production crews saying “We have dough and cheese left but no tomato sauce.” In turn, the productions crews secretly handed him tomato sauce pleading “Then make some for us too.” Eric once again created two pizzas that looked amazing. PDs Na Young Seok and Kim Dae Joo said “This is delicious, but the pizza Eric made before was more delicious” and realized that differences were the goat cheese Yoon Kyunsang made and the tomato sauce Eric made. Lee Seojin agreed “The tomato sauce was much more alive on the previous pizza but this is still really delicious.” Eric showed off his cooking skills in hot summer weather making Lee Seojin smile with dimples and Yoon Kyunsang said “Oh I have to put this on SNS!“ Source: My Daily Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  2. So happy to read long write ups about 3MAD FV4 and E-Chef. It is funny to read that E-Chef reduced the time of cooking from 4 hours to 2...! Men, if I have to deal with that live octopus... Take a bow Eric /o\ = = = "3 Meals a Day – Marine Ranch”, Why Shinhwa’s Eric’s Octopus Rabokki Was Closest to the Identity of the Show Eric’s cooking seems to have got better. Thanks to him, ‘Three Meals a Day – Marine Ranch’ could stay true to its identity. There are some concerns as the show is inviting guests again. The viewers might find the show fun or boring depending on each guest, and each of their visits has a clear purpose which can ruin the natural flow of the show. The value of Chef Eric’s cooking; Han Jimin and Lee Je-hoon. The guests and their charms are welcome but the show cannot be directed by the guests. Han Jimin left. It is rather perplexing to see that the departure process was strangely edited. After she left, Lee Je-hoon visited ‘Three Meals a Day’. The next guest after Lee Je-hoon has already been revealed. ‘Three Meals a Day’ centered around guests can only be bound with limitations. Fishing has become a routine as the show is set in an ocean. Since this overlaps with the previous seasons, the production team made a small ranch by the ocean and brought Jackson family. ‘Three Meals a Day - Jeongseon’ was the beginning of all the journeys. They met Jackson for the first time in that season and Jackson has not formed a big family. It was just interesting in general to see the reunion with Jackson and his family. It was a good choice to have the cast take care of Jackson family and produce goat milk to give to the town’s people. A small fridge named ‘Jackson Salon’ is placed near the gazebo, and the fresh milk gave happiness to the town’s people. It is a way to express gratitude for letting them film in the location, but the town’s people started putting things in the fridge. There were crabs, eggs, kimchi, etc. Jackson Salon’s meaning and value has greatly expanded as the town’s people gave very valuable things to the Three Meals a Day team. The core of ‘Three Meals a Day’ is cooking. The essence of this show is cooking a meal to eat together whether the cooking is good or not. In the beginning, the life at Jeongseon was banging a head against a stone wall. There was no one good at cooking in the cast so the cooking itself was a big challenge. Ok Taecyeon was not good at cooking. He was totally inexperience when it came to cooking but showed progress throughout the show. The best he could do was constantly calling his Mom and a chef he knew to ask for recipes. However, ‘Three Meals a Day’ became completely different after Cha Seungwon joined the cast. Various menus from Cha Seungwon, who was almost like a chef, gave a unique entertainment value. The particular reason Jeongseon-spin-off “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village” was successful beyond Farming Village’s popularity was Cha Seungwon’s cooking. Cha Seungwon and Yoo Haejin’s various rich menus that have never been seen before made it clear where ‘Three Meals a Day’ should be headed in terms of its content. It was Eric who brought the show starterLee Seojin back to life. It was a fantastic move to cast Eric who became an invaluable asset to the crew that left theFarming Village and headed to the ocean.He is slower than Cha Seungwon but is good enough at cooking to be compared to Chajumma. This made it possible for ‘Three Meals a Day’ to stay true to its identity. ‘Three Meals a Day – Marine Ranch’ started bringing guests again. It was a good move to bring Han Jimin as the first guest. She has ties with Lee Seojin and Eric and is a guest that everyone is going to be happy with. Bringing Han Jimin is important as it made the negative reactions towards having guests back to the show disappeared. Eggplant soybean rice that Eric made on the last day for Han Jimin really showed the growth of Eric. Evolved from normal eggplant rice, this dish makes everyone curious what menus Eric has in store for the viewers. Han Jimin left after having Patbingsu after the meal. Returning to Deukryangdo for another filming, the three brothers couldn’t resist missing Han Jimin. It felt inevitably empty for them without her. The menu Eric chose in an extremely hot weather close to 40 degrees celcius was cold noodles with summer kimchi. The summer kimchi he made a week ago was well fermented, and the noodles prepared this was very cooling for everyone. The best part about episode 3 was ‘Octopus Rabokki’. It was incredibly hard to catch octopuses when they were fishing in the last season but the fish trap already caught two octopuses this season. The unexpected catch of an octopus after playing in the water made Eric’s Rabokki fancier. This unbelievable Rabokki with a big deep-fried octopus on top was only possible because of the environment called ‘Deukryangdo’ and the special E-Chef. The new guest Lee Je-hoon has arrived. It is interesting to see the three brothers getting close to the guest they do not know well. As Lee Je-hoon arrived with his luggage, Yoon Kyunsang recognized Lee Je-hoon right away but Lee Seojin and Eric did not recognize him. Familiar Han Jimin was gone and an unfamiliar Lee Je-hoon arrived on Deukryangdo. The difference between each guest has become party of the entertainment that ‘Three Meals a Day – Marine Ranch’ brings to the table. Fun that the future guests will bring and their assimilation process with the crew will bring a lot of entertainment in the upcoming episodes. However, the fact that the guests have certain goals and purposes with their visits will not help the show. There will be visits with advertisement purposes from the guests who have movies releasing soon. Guests with advertisement purposes will inevitably have limits on the show so it might have a potential to sabotage the episode. Deukryangdo with Han Jimin was very beautiful and charming. It was a very good move to bring Han Jimin as the first guest because she showed very well the role and the value of a guest in the new season. The viewers enjoyed seeing the three brothers become one with the guest as well. Fishing has disappeared from this season of ‘Three Meals a Day’. Eric’s cooking speed has improved. Things to do has decreased, and the daily life on the island has become the center of the show. Considering the hot weather and the difficult situation, Eric’s cooking will become more important in the future. Preparing the three meals of the day and eating together is the core and essence of the show ‘Three Meals a Day’. Finding fun and values in the process is also part of ‘Three Meals a Day’. As long as this identity of the show is not lost with guests, everyone will love ‘Three Meals a Day – Marine Ranch’. Source: MediaUs Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  3. E-Chef in pink and red cheeks due to the heat! How lovely to see that! === 170819 Even the Extreme Heat Wave Couldn’t Stop Shinhwa’s Eric’s Passion for Cooking - 170,000 wons ‘Octopus Rabokki’ Even the extreme 39-degree-celcius heat could not stop Chef Eric’s passion. tvN’s ‘Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village 4’ that started airing since the 4th of August is a ‘Marine Ranch’ edition. Getting paid 2000 Won per bottle by the production team, the three brothers of Deukryangdo Lee Seojin, Eric and Yoon Kyunsang run a ranch by the ocean and produce goat milk bottles from the Jackson family to donate to the people in town as gratitude gesture for letting them to film there. This was an attempt by the production team to show something different from the last season but unexpectedly brought upon a butterfly effect. The menu from the three brothers of Deukryangdo has become richer and more plentiful as the town’s people bring groceries and side dishes as thanks for the goat milk. Eric’s cooking has been upgraded because of this. From the first menu on the first day with Bibim noodles, to brazier-roasted Samgyupsal, Haeshin-tang, Eggplant soybean paste rice, and octopus Rabokki, he is making menu that is both visually appealing and delicious every episode. Viewers are salivating when they see Eric’s menus in ‘Three Meals a Day’. The newlywed Eric’s cooking on Deukryangdo in ‘Three Meals a Day’ is still rich and fancy. Due to the extremely hot weather, the show has become ‘Two Meals a Day’ but Eric’s cooking has evolved and his speed has also got faster. The production team said “Now it takes 2 hours instead of 4 hours.” Broadcasted on August 18th, upon their return to the island of Deukryangdo, the three brothers were hit hard by the extreme heat wave of 39 degrees Celsius. Lee Seojin said “Let’s postpone the filming” and Yoon Kyunsang said “Even the army doesn’t train in this kind of hot weather.” In this extremely hot weather where you start sweating even if you are sitting still, Eric made noodles with summer kimchi as the first meal of the day. This is the kimchi that Eric and Han Jimin made before they left the island. She even sent a message to Yoon Kyunsang asking if the kimchi has fermented well. The three brothers chose to play in the water as there was only an old electric fan on Deukryangdo. Lee Seojin drove the boat out to the ocean with the others and enjoyed swimming and fishing. They were lucky enough to catch an octopus in the fish trap. After getting back home, Eric started making a masterpiece using the octopus. It was the ‘Octopus Rabokki’ which is a Rabokki crowned with an un-sliced, deep-fried octopus on top (t/n: Rabokki is street food, a type of Tteokbokki with added ramyeon noodles). He heated up the oil very hot to fry the octopus in a very hot weather. It was a display of his passion for cooking. On top of this, Eric even went through the trouble of stir-frying the anchovies to create seasoning for the Rabokki. In response to Na PD asking “Isn’t Rabokki supposed to be a snack that is simple to cook?” Eric explained his reason for making his own seasoning: “The taste of Tteokbokki entirely depends on the sauce, and I am making this dish with a wild octopus.” He said it’s a waste to use MSG with a rare wild octopus from Deukryangdo. The fried octopus was reborn as an ‘Octopus Rabokki’ for the noodle-lover Lee Seojin. Na Youngsuk PD highly praised this beautiful-looking menu “This is a 170,000-won Rabokki”. Lee Seojin and Yoon Kyunsang were amazed by the taste. It felt like the ‘Octopus Rabokki’ was worth a lot more than 170,000-won as it made the three brothers so happy. The production team has given the three brothers a fridge and a brazier to add more varieties to the show. There will be new dishes made by using the brazier so the viewers are anticipated the return of Seojini the master baker. Although the focus has been on the guests Han Jimin and Lee Je-hoon, the menus from the Deukryangdo three brothers are interesting as ever. This is why we are anticipate Chef Eric’s delicious menus each episode. Guests are guests. Eric’s menus keep evolving. Source: Newsen, OSEN Translation: EricMunTumblr.
  4. Eric is young at heart! As long as he keeps playing with the pink swan, being dorkie, throwing pranks to his brothers and friends, looking at life with his naive and curious marble eyes.... he will never get old! To me, Eric's age stopped at 37, in the year of 2016 when I discovered Eric and Shinhwa!!! Shinhwa’s Eric, “Is He really 40 Years Old? Tell Us Your Secrets, Eric♥” Eric ranked 5th on tvN’s Stars who looks young with a good body. The list will be released every Monday at 12:15 All about Eric Mun.
  5. Hello everyone, I really smiled a broad n happy smile seeing this beautiful photo. I like Eric in this pink-like color. He looked so happy. So did all family members! ❤❤❤ === 170818 [Exclusive] Shinhwa’s Eric-Na Hyemi’s sweet family picture “Even their family trip is extraordinary♥” [Sports Seoul Jo Seongkyung] Eric and Na Hyemi are enjoying their sweet life as a married couple and also doing a good job as new members of their respective families. Eric and Na Hyemi, who got married on the 1st of July, went on a family trip with their respective families to take wedding photos as well as family pictures. The couple went to a resort in the Southern sea that Bae Yongjoon and Park Soojin went to for their honeymoon. In June, the couple did not only have a pre-wedding photo shoot for themselves but also a family photo shoot with each other’s family. They spent a quality time for 2 days on their photo shoot / family trip. In the photos acquired exclusively by Sports Seoul, the happiness of a newlywed couple can be seen on their faces. Moreover, the picture of the smiling families of the couple makes everyone smile. It was easy to see that the families were rather easygoing as they took pictures in a comfortable environment without much formality as even Eric’s nephew and niece were in the picture together. Source: Sport Seoul Translation: EricMun.tumblr Note: As reported back in June that they turned down offers for their pre-wedding pictorial photoshot, one of them was an offer from South Cape, Southern Sea. It’s unclear if what type of offer(s) were turned down, and if the sponsor offers came in AFTER Eric & Hyemi already planned to have their pictorial at South Cape. It could be magazine photoshoot offer that was turned down, it could be anything as it wasn’t specified. Celebrity sponsor is normal and we also don’t know if this resort stay was sponsored or not.
  6. PD Na Young Suk Reveals Why He Chose A Seaside Farm For New Season Of “Three Meals A Day” J. Lim August 1, 2017 PD Na Young Suk finally revealed why he decided to have the cast of “Three Meals a Day” take care of a seaside farm in the new season. During the show’s press conference on August 2, the PD said, “Like the title of our show indicates, we’ve created a seaside farm. We were thinking about where we should film the new season, and we came to the conclusion that there’s nowhere better than Deukryangdo. We chose to return to the island to show viewers what it looks like in the summer, and we decided to bring Jackson [the goat] to shake things up a bit.” Na Young Suk added, “The season will follow the cast as they take care of Jackson’s family. That will be the thing to look for in this new season.” When asked why he decided to open up a farm, the PD explained, “When we were wrapping up filming for the last season, we all said we should return in the summer. Because we’re on an island, we should have the cast fishing for food, but we learned last season that the trio has no talents whatsoever when it comes to fishing. That’s why we tried to look for something new and came to the decision to bring Jackson along for a unique experience.” Talking about how things have changed in the new season, Na Young Suk also brought up how Eric has changed since becoming a married man. He explained, “Eric’s personality has become a lot brighter since getting married. He’s usually quite introverted, but he’s become brighter and more talkative.” The PD also emphasized, “His cooking has gotten a lot faster too. He’s shortened his cooking time by about an hour, and he’s really improved.” The seaside farm edition of “Three Meals a Day” will follow Lee Seo Jin, Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang as they head of to Deukryangdo again. The first episode will air on August 4 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Source: https://www.soompi.com/2017/08/01/pd-na-young-suk-reveals-chose-seaside-farm-new-season-three-meals-day/
  7. Simply put, the depth of love, passion, craziness, obsession, delusion for Eric himself, for koala couple was much much deeper :)... and we should not forget RicSung shippers and Shinhwa lovers... As Eric plays all the roles he has taken on so well, it is logical that the level of damage is exponential.... OMG why do you have to be that good looking and talented Eric?
  8. Shinhwa's Leader is strong. Despite all the odds and ends lately, he could still draw a clear border between work and life. He had wedding photoshoot and made his bride a happy person! Dont know if we could one day admire the photos but I imagine they are heart-breakingly beautiful!!! Just that thought made my eyes teary! = = = 170524 Shinhwa’s Eric and Na Hye-Mi, A Private Wedding Photoshoot After Turning Down Sponsor Offers Shinhwa’s Eric and Na Hye-Mi had a wedding photoshoot on May 18th somewhere in Seoul. The photoshoot took place in a peaceful and happy atmosphere. Na Hye-Mi looked beautiful in the wedding dress, and Eric kept his calm composure during the photoshoot. Eric made it comfortable for Na Hye-Mi during the photoshoot by making her laugh with his humor and witty charms. Most celebrities’ wedding photo shoots are usually sponsored. Since celebrities and studios agree on photo selections, corrections, and distributions, the photoshoots are usually announced in advance. However, Eric & Na Hye-mi did not notify to the public since they decided to take wedding pictures in private. They only notified their families and close friends about the wedding photoshoot. They would like to keep things quiet for their marriage. Eric and Na Hye-Mi turned down sponsor offers for their wedding pictorial (one sponsor offer were at South Cape where Bae Yoon Joon and wife Park Soo Jin stayed for honeymoon at $9,000 per night). They decided to turn down the offers because they wanted to keep the true meaning of the marriage intact and keep things meaningful for the wedding. Eric and Na Hye-Mi started dating in 2013. When the dating rumors broke out in 2014, they turned it down. Eventually they confirmed the relationship in February when witnesses’ accounts started to surface on internet. Eric announced his marriage with Na Hye-Mi on April 17th. Eric and Na Hye-mi are getting married in private at a church in Seoul with family members and close friends. Source: etoday Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  9. Hello everyone, my apologies for a long MIA here. Lately, I am a bit more active on Twitter for Eric and Shinhwa. Also because I don't have news to share . But I found some today and told myself to be quick.... 170524 Otsuka Director Kim Sang-Woon: Shinhwa’s Eric Was Chosen as ULOS Model for His Friendly Image in ‘3 Meals A Day’ INTERVIEW: Otsuka Korea Division Director Kim Sang-Woon A few years ago, actor Cha Tae-Hyun was screaming “Oppa skin”. Jeong-Woo from ‘Reply 1988’ used skincare products indifferently. Eric from ‘Three Meals A Day’ also chose ‘All in One’ because he was lazy. These are the guys that told stories about ‘ULOS. ‘ULOS’ is creating a sensation with its consistency in Korean men’s skincare industry that is regarded as a ‘Red Ocean Industry’. To learn what makes ‘ULOS’ so attractive to Korean men, we met with the Director of health care department for Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Korea, Kim Sang-Woon. Q: Please introduce ‘ULOS’ brand to us. A: I think I first have to talk about Otsuka Pharmaceuticals in Japan. It is a global healthcare group with its headquarter in Japan. In 2008, it first launched its men’s skincare brand ‘ULOS’ in Japan. It started in 2012 in Korea. (skip irrelevant) Q: I think of the commercials when I think of ‘ULOS’. This is a rare case for men’s skincare brands. I am curious about how Cha Tae-Hyun, Jeong-Woo, and Eric were chosen as models for the commercials. A: We use a big part of the budget for marketing. TV commercials take up a big part in the marketing budget. The reason we chose TV commercials is the communication with the consumers. If we fail to communicate with the consumers, we would not be able to let them know about our products and consumers would not be able to use the products even if they are high quality. We thought about how men get their information. It was very different from women, who get information through word of mouth and reviews and are highly influenced by magazines and social media. Men, on the other hand, especially had a high number of contacts with TV on average. It became certain that we had to advertise our products through TV commercials. I considered the model choices based on ‘who would fit the strategic directions of our products’. We did not like the direction where only the vibe of the top celebrities were being emphasized like other men’s skincare commercials. We wanted someone with a nice and friendly vibe. The public was not familiar with our brand so we wanted to look trustworthy. (skip unrelated) Our most recent model is Eric. He has a bit more handsome image than the previous models. You might think it is different from the usual ‘ULOS’ direction, but Eric showed a lot of his friendly and down-to-earth side in ‘Three Meals a Day’. His friendly image from ‘Three Meals a Day’ with his handsome appearance provides an unexpected charm when you look at it from a different angle. In addition, we thought ‘ULOS’ needs to expand its customer base. Since the buyer base and user base are separate in men’s skincare market, we cannot ignore female customers and this is also one of the reasons why we chose Eric. (skip unrelated) Source: OutdoorNews Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  10. Thats a good decision Eric made. If he has already targeted a private wedding, he would not accept such offer from a 'public' offerer I believe. They would definitely make noise and earn monies from these photos. At the same time, those very rude comments about Eric covering his wedding from ticket sale would have the chance to surface again... All the haters and the obsessors would rise up and gve nasty feedback on the bride... In addition, with his famous principle of keeping a low profile, Eric he would not chose that path...
  11. Gifts for wedding? I suddenly think of a handmade quilt for a kingsize bed. It's in navy blue with orange shaped patches. We have good raw silk and skilled tailors in town here. What do you think? Another hope of mine is the Baeksang Art Award as a wedding gift for Eric. I think I share the common thoughts with the many. And @Phi, I join you in this quest to the end. President Mun is not a bad idea XD, and at times I tumbled on that thought too. But then it means no Shinhwa bcos President Mun could not be on the stage performing rap or do weird things in front of the camera with his brothers. Gosh only thinking of such a combo President cum Rapper Mun makes me laugh to tears... No way I wont vote for Eric if he runs election :D... Thats enough joke to ease away some of the pain and anger I got lately from all the nonsenses created by those indecent fans of Shinhwa.