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  1. Gifts for wedding? I suddenly think of a handmade quilt for a kingsize bed. It's in navy blue with orange shaped patches. We have good raw silk and skilled tailors in town here. What do you think? Another hope of mine is the Baeksang Art Award as a wedding gift for Eric. I think I share the common thoughts with the many. And @Phi, I join you in this quest to the end. President Mun is not a bad idea XD, and at times I tumbled on that thought too. But then it means no Shinhwa bcos President Mun could not be on the stage performing rap or do weird things in front of the camera with his brothers. Gosh only thinking of such a combo President cum Rapper Mun makes me laugh to tears... No way I wont vote for Eric if he runs election :D... Thats enough joke to ease away some of the pain and anger I got lately from all the nonsenses created by those indecent fans of Shinhwa.
  2. I can't help but come back on these beautiful photos. The more I looked at them, the more I found that the second photo showing the future: Eric's wedding and his best men and brothers making the final touch up for the groom before THE MOMENT! It looks so much like a rehearsal to me. And I relate Eric's upcoming wedding with Shinhwa MT (Vlive episodes). The outing, gathering, partying, drinking and doing all sorts of wild and weird things are like activities of a bachelor party before the wedding day...
  3. Yeah one big imagination I have is Professor Mun delivering the lectures during daytime, and Rapper Eric rapping his earsgasmic part and performing his sexy and weird-at-times moves in Shinhwa concerts... lol... that would be a good way to enlist more fans for Shinhwa, dont you think? And that photo of that handsome creature in tux and bowtie has always been successful to take my breath away. Sigh a long a big sigh....
  4. In the same morning of 17 April when Eric sent me his wedding invitation :D, I officially became Shinhwa Changjo. SHCJ membership card arrived together with an orange raincoat. I amusingly thought to myself "Don't they look like a marriage certificate and a wedding dress?" Later on I came across this beautifully written letter. It does speak my heart and my mind and I am really admiring the writer for the ability to express. YOUR WEDDING MR. MUN it’s not important but i need to say it and i want to let you know how thankful i am that this day finally came when you shared us your special day — your wedding.. i admire you for letting us all know first hand without any cover ups, without so much media attention.. our respected leadernim announced this like how a strong gentleman would.. ahh.. my respect for you just elevated a thousand times more.. i knew this will happen, i tried my best to be prepared.. i did, but as a fan i will not deny that i felt that strong pinch digging through my heart causing it to skip a beat — but it’s okay.. this is just a product of me wanting to let you go.. a way of me waking up to the reality that in the end i needed to give you a heartfelt send off, to the arms of the person that you love, to your missing piece who’s been your perfect fit all along.. you deserve to be happy.. after all your hardships and sacrifices.. you deserve to be loved and have the freedom to love.. i will still be here.. i will still support you strongly while wearing my orange raincoat, bearing that orange torch of pride and yes keeping thy orange blood of mine.. lighting up the orange ocean still as it is.. forever is real and forever can also be found in the word you spell as — FAMILY.. until you age, until you finally have something you can call your mini yours.. my loyalty and dedication for SHINHWA will still remain the same.. unshaken, undefeated always enduring until the end.. love, miclargeone
  5. I started to see a few ads, selling Shinhwa CDs, photobooks, etc... Below is one example . While it's none of my business, my blood boils... and at the same time, I told myself Shinhwa does not need this kind of fans.
  6. Hello everyone, sorry for being MIA... things about illness and death have occupied my schedule lately Catching up, I am so happy about the current votes for Eric for the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards. The voting saw a surprising twist: Park Bo Gum became the second (for the time being) despite a very large gap between the votes for him and for Eric when the voting started... As per @Orange_Comp, Eric tops the board on 12 April.... I am super happy.... I am going to buy the points to vote, @Phi. Getting free votes is just way too time consuming. I sincerely hope the votes for Eric will stably maintain.... keep our finger crossed!!!
  7. @Phi, sorry that Vlive does not work for you on laptop. After you told about your failing, I tried and faced the same problem you faced... But then I tried the same thing on my laptop again yesterday and just now, it works again. Please see the screenshot below... I use a Dell laptop on Windows 10. As said, I googled VLive Vapp. Then I selected from the offers. I clicked and got into the app. Here I logged in with my Facebook account (the one I used for registering VLive on my phone). I have a samsung smartphone (android) and SH's VLive works for both android and IOS as they announced...
  8. @moca_hanzel, 6 episodes plus 6 BTS plus their intangible benefits of making you laugh, smile and happy... are worth an invesment for a new phone :D... Especially Andy has been super cute so far lol.
  9. 170324 ‘Youn’s Kitchen’, Youn Yuh-jung: “Korean Restaurant? Bring Shinhwa’s Eric” Oh yes.... please bring E-Chef back to 3MAD!!!!! ’Youn’s Kitchen’ Youn Yuh-jung mentioned Shinhwa’s Eric who is good at cooking On tvN Youn’s Kitchen’s 1st episode aired on March 24th, Youn Yuh-jung, Jung Yoomi, Lee Seojin were gathered in one place for the first time. Youn Yuh-jung was trying to avoid camera saying “I just went to the dermatologist. Please photoshop me”, made people laugh. Youn Yuh-jung, Jung Yoomi who is afraid of the camera, and Na Youngsuk PD’s Muse Lee Seojin gathered altogether at a restaurant and listened to the program’s plan. Na Youngsuk PD said “We will be running the Korean food restaurant”. Youn Yuh-jung said “Then we should have take Eric!” She then pointed at Lee Seojin and said, “What is he doing here?”, cracking the crowd up. Source: Mydaily Translation: EricMun.tumblr The video clip:
  10. Hi @lee79, you may want to connect with @purple1n2d who wrote earlier that she purchased the coins... or with @moca_hanzel who I hope has got thru the technical problem with purchasing the coins... I already partnered up. Sorry. Can't wait to watch Shinhwa Vlive tomorrow @6PM KST. Early Happy Birthday wishes to Shinhwa !
  11. Hi @PutriSalju, thanks so much! My fangirling Shinhwa and Eric is a secret to the family . If I go to Shinhwa, then its just a one person trip. And I truly prefer this mode in order to be my crajee self in Shinhwa concerts... I'll find some ways to make my boys SHCJs later but not thru attending concerts wz me. Selfish mama you would say... sigh, but thats true when it comes to Eric and Shinhwa ;D.
  12. Hi everyone, sorry for disappearing. Work n life have been a mess, and besides I hardly have anything to share ... BUT, I got the needed coins for Shinhwa Vlive. Counting down to the 24th! Have been rewatching Xman, Happy Together and Shinhwa Broadcast... to fill up the void... You wont believe it but March 24 - 26 is my celebratory period. The 24th is Shinhwa's birthday. 25th - my wedding anniversary. 26th - my twin boys' b-day. I had prayed hard that Shinhwa's concert should not be on these days and they heard me . Now I am comtemplating my 'business trip' in June... kekeke...
  13. Hi everyone, you may have seen this orange princess dancing Shinhwa dances at MBC real Shinhwa Changjo on Duet song festival.. but for me its the first time. I am sooooo proud of SHCJs! I wish one day on Shinhwa stage, there will be a small show of SHCJs! Have a nice weekend to all!
  14. I saw in Twitter someone saying that the package will be on sale at KTOWN4U tomorrow. The website is in English... good luck... I'll wait if I can get it from Interpark. I am more familiar with this site.