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  1. yeah i agree..maybe because he lost a lot of weight and he looked exhausted..and the appointment to the dermatologist was not yet enough to make him look really young hahaha i don't want to expose the name of my husband..he will get mad if he finds out.. he might forbid me to use soompi for life if i do so hahaha
  2. you're right his skin really got much better i think start from the helipad scene(ep4) onwards i miss you too! i was just gone for a few days and now your handle is different but it sounds really unique.. what will be the name of your shippers thread now? hahaha.. i think i want to change my handle too
  3. could be the major reason hahaha and maybe he likes this upgraded version of himself (krw v2.0) and he doesn't want to downgrade hahaha.. sorry too technical feels like i'm discussing about a software
  4. only sh made him go to a dermatologist hahaha.. looks like he got the much needed boost from fans as well.. his IG posts are full of inspiring comments from fans
  5. no, its ok that we follow him, i'm just concerned that maybe if we dwell too much and keep mentioning about his other personal IG activity not related to raeshin and his work, he will feel suffocated and go back to his old ways.
  6. yes i think we should be more careful now that he has changed.. let us not give him a reason to go back to his old self
  7. he was the one who asked fans during stage greetings to post on social media about the movie.. so i think he has been monitoring all activity in IG if the fans listened to him
  8. not so sure.. but those box office pics were tagged to his IG.. he is very active today and liked many Ig post by fans