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  1. Shin Se Kyung 신세경

    Excited to see Se Kyung in a new drama with KRW but I will terribly miss her sizzling chemistry with NJH in Bride of Habaek
  2. Nam Joo Hyuk 남주혁

    From the IG of 222percent, a long time Korean fan of Joo Hyuk. October 17, 2013 Nam Joo Hyuk debuted as a model. Happy 4th anniversary to NJH!
  3. Nam Joo Hyuk 남주혁

    Joo Hyuk is not a singer but he obviously loves to sing! Its an awards event and I think he was in MAMA 2014/2015 just as a guest & I think he also sang? Not sure. Not a fan of his singing but I give him an A for effort particularly during fan meetings to entertain his fans