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  1. Skawngur just reached 8 million Instagram followers! Thanks from NJH
  2. Joo Hyuk in the September issue of Cosmopolitan Korea. Photoshoot in Paris wearing Dior Homme
  3. Got to love the ladies in BoH dc gallery how they dissect every step of the way about the kiss! Have to admit that by looking at the pics you will conclude that they will go all the the bedroom but dang Habaek being a party pooper
  4. Joo Hyuk IG update. He commented "Habaek's friends". I wonder if Joo Hyuk is a Paulo Dybala fan, he is doing the exact pose of Paolo everytime he makes a goal. Paolo made that pose quite famous. I would love it if he likes Paolo and both of them are too cute! Here's Paolo with his famous trademark "Dybala mask"
  5. Clips from Episode 13 Habaek and Soah are getting more romantic!