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  1. ^ LOL at the caption of swag_yona.. reminding myself...Joo Hyuk is only 23 years old.. anyways, looks like a serious scene! Oh I can't wait to see the other members of the cast!
  2. Fan art for Scarlet Heart Ryeo >> 13th Prince Baek Ah who loves music and arts
  3. Same as the poster...I miss this Joo Hyuk
  4. the ever present uniform! TvN can save a lot in costume budget if he keeps on wearing that suit
  5. Bride of the Water God filming today. From the IG of @_hwangxgxxyu What are you doing Joo Hyuk
  6. I think it's time for Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It will be my first time to watch! Congrats for winning Best Ensemble in drama fever awards.
  7. @chrrykssd hello! I sent you a pm, thanks!!
  8. His Rising Star award news is also in YG stage website. I'm very happy 222percent, a long time Korean fan of Joo Hyuk is back
  9. @ilove7 I'm so very sorry for your loss omg I'm hugging my baby dog right now oh those sasaeng fans from what I gathered Joo Hyuk got only a limited number of sasaeng fans so yeah, it's their loss anyway. They won't be able to witness the journey of Joo Hyuk as an actor! Just what @chrrykssd mentioned the other day, most are mature enough and supportive so I'm ok now with that info.
  10. Joo Hyuk's short Thank You message after winning the Rising Star award from the 5th Drama Fever Awards.
  11. @ilove7 omg I'm so sorry about your cat is he/she okay now? yes, I've seen them. And the wfkbj DVD staff are getting the ire of some knetz ! MBC owns the copyright so I guess the staff have no control over those videos. I pity the staff after all the hard work they did but there seem to be a major communication breakdown with MBC. But I'm wondering why MBC allowed to show the videos when they know that the dvds have yet to be released! Or they are trying to lure more buyers after the dating news. Re that article, the complaints there were almost identical to what I understood from the comments of Korean fans in JH manager's IG, which incidentally he went private. Well JH can't please everybody but I think most are supportive of Joo Hyuk!