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  1. Happy Wedding Day to everyone! Dropped by to say join the twitter party they are now trending. use the hastags #SongSongCouple and #SongSongCoupleWedding. Lets show them we love them!
  2. There have been polarizing discussions, disappointments on the privacy and no media allowed during our SSC wedding. Pls respect their privacy its their right to have a peaceful and private wedding. In that way they may be more expressive to each other. They would touch, hug, kiss when they want to. Give them their moment to savor and feel how deeply they are into each other. Imagine them kissing each other lovingly then flashes of bright light will ruin the moment? Media people even bring in a lot of equipment and entourage. Its not Kdrama they dont need any media play or coverage. It might just turn into a circus so its so scary (literally Halloween?) Weddings are supposed to be magical, dreamy and surreal. I can expect a lot of crying, goosebump moments and teasing from their family/friends. Yes lucky are those who will be able to experience it and feel how tangible their love is for each other. We see them on screen but we grasp how deep is their love for each other. I just also love how personal the little details are it shows how they are very simple and hands on to the details of their preparations. They have thought about it intelligently and seemed to enjoyed and even travelled to complete their preparations. Lets expect that we may not be able to see it or hope some may share a glimpse of that day. Wishful but you know that our couple never disappoints. We have waited for two years and we will wait for whatever they will share to us! Ultimately we are all happy and lets be happy and respect them on their most beautiful day 103117. Next stop will they also have a honeymoon baby oh I hope so? Fangirling for them I cant stop sorry not sorry I just really love them!
  3. Gahh! Oxygen pls im dying! JK is too much to handle! For a hot supposedly single Hallyu superstar at his peak. To say those words sincerely show that he really has found his precious ONE. He wishes for a more fruitful private life while mentioning his nephews like he's jealous. Yah JK how fruitful can you get palli? #songsongbaby. His subtle decalrations of love for her leaves me breathless. Kyo you are so lucky he loves you so much. They are just so simply perfect for each other! However long we wait until their wedding day! Patiently wait shippers! Our captain has spoken This ship is sailing!
  4. @alwayskikyo oh yes it all makes sense now why it got cut because of Ki's very bold move saying that Korean actresses dont deserve much recognition unlike the actors. OMG Joong Ki ssi you are a real life Yoon Si Jin! He's been so protective of her. The more we know about them, their personalities, attitudes how can you not love them more? @SSK1 haha I mirror also your feelings you have the symptoms of a SSC shipper cant help but their ninja-ness is up to the highest levels no pictures caught, friends are so protective. But well we are happy for their subtle hints and test our detective skils to piece puzzles together. Just my opinion I dont think they would even try to confirm I feel that they would pull off like a Ruby Lin-Wallace Ho where they would shock us one fine day with their wedding pics. Ho! I would die that day! I really hope its soon patiently wait!
  5. If they really cut out that part that is so disrespectful. Do they hold a grudge against Kyo or something? Thats really so sad why do they do this to our dear Kyo
  6. All positive no room for negativity please! Oh my shipper heart is so happy right now both our captain and his queen REASSURED us that we are still smooth sailing! Even googled reassured it means to take away all the doubts and the fears! Wow such mightly words from our bold and handsome namja! And to share the burden. What is this are you saying your vows its like in sickness and in health or for richer and poorer hehe.... Such a couply thing to say. He never fails to mention her so consistent with his words and actions. He is such a keeper he his proud of her and he is subtly showing her off to the world. Fueling it more here comes our queen posting their celebration. Of course theres the two of them posing again separate from the other hahah as if usual protocol. But kyo posting her man's picture not once but thrice choosing the pics with the writers and PD but still Ki is the star. Kyo maybe does not care anymore about the awards, yes it true male actors are more highlighted but im sure she is so proud of Ki who is really so deserving of the award yet humbly always acknowledging her. Ki really transformed in DOTs and definitely he can act or I feel he is not acting but just being himself because his partner is Kyo. Kyo you have your award far greater than any daesang and that is Ki's love. DOTS team is really the best team their friendship and talents came together to form this phenomenal drama. And we are all so lucky to witness it all. Happy Sailling keep the faith our OTP again reassured us!