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  1. I'm all in, as well. Couldn't stop shipping JoonU if I tried, and I have no desire to try.
  2. For exactly the reasons you've described, @violet90, I'm willing to give them time. The kind of joy they draw out of each other doesn't come along every day.
  3. Deleted or BTS clips like this one are exactly what have given this ship life. I can't help but see how comfortable LJG is with touching and holding LJE, or how badly he wants just one more kiss (), or how LJE's right thumb strokes his hand, or how her hand settles first on his voluminous robes, and then moves to rub and pat his wrist. Perhaps all of these actions are in-character only, but the ease, the consistency, and the repetitiveness of them understandably cause collective eyebrows to rise.
  4. Thank you, @jen459, for the additional background on IU; your point makes a lot of sense. Thanks, too, @postnihilism, for your explanation; as usual, you knocked it out of the park. Reid sounds like an intriguing choice for LJG. Definitely a step away from action roles and into other aspects of his acting abilities.
  5. Thank you, everyone, for the correction, and @WH, for the link to the video. One of the things I love about this thread is the freedom to try out ideas, express opinions, be wrong, be set straight a bit, and have the level of fun never diminish. Truly, one of my favorite hang-outs!
  6. My only recollection is of a BTS clip in which Hong Jong-hyun asks LJG if he is dating. LJG evades a bit and then says, "Yes." When HJH asks him whom he is dating, LJG answers, "My fans."
  7. @sscllccrazy, I've loved your recent posts, and feel compelled to add my two cents to your theory:
  8. Cheers, @freckledcontessa! And hugs - big hugs - to you and everyone on this ship. A blessed and peaceful day/night from my side of the world.
  9. Hands down, my favorite post of the day. Yes, why not get drunk on fine wine and send LJG the tab? We've been drunk on fine chemistry for months, now. Why sober up? Let's say LJG and JHB are real. If they are (do you like how l'm not yet convinced? ), good for them. Their relationship does not make LJG and LJE less real. I have no doubt that LJG and LJE are attracted to each other. If JHB were not in the picture, JoonU would probably be on their way to secretly dating and becoming perfect Dispatch fodder. And Namoo Actors would be repeating their favorite "close colleagues" chorus. I came for the magic, and I'll stay for the magic, no matter which form or wild path it takes. Thanks!
  10. Of all things, the MEC news - that the production staff have decided to pull the last episode with PMY - makes me curse far more than the news that LJG and JHB are confirmed to be dating. D$&@ it!!!!! I was enjoying that show!!! I get that the fallout has begun. For me, this kind of aftermath will be harder to bear than the actual dating confirmation.
  11. I'm with you, @postnihilism. I have no problem hanging out in this thread for another two years, or however long it takes for a certain couple to break up, and then yet another two years, for a different couple to realize they're the real deal. IU is young; she is just coming off of a long-term relationship. Giving my favorite pair time to get together is no big deal. Life is long and full of curve balls. JoonU is still cool, in my book.
  12. Agreed. I'd also like to point out that, if LJG and JHB are truly an item (yes, I'm a JoonU shipper, okay? ), then LJG just pulled a Wang So, rather than a King Gwangjong. Wang So would choose his woman over his career - and then go after the career, again, anyway. Gwangjong would choose his career over his woman, and ask his woman to prostrate herself to his career. So kudos to him for having the gumption to knowingly risk the wrath of netizens and fans, alike, and not expect his woman to be subsumed and silent.
  13. A punishment, perhaps, for stretching too far outside of a predetermined box? My thoughts are turning dark, so I'll stop them here. No matter what, I believe in LJG, I believe in LJE, I believe in the authenticity of their chemistry, I believe they both deserve to be happy, I believe they both deserve to thrive, and I believe that they deserve all manner of strength and support and faith and love as either one or both of them are embroiled in scandals. I also like the suggestion that Namoo Actors urge JoonU out of hiding, to defuse this bombshell.
  14. Yes, something is very odd about the timing. As @akinahana89 mentioned, a good number of these pictures look old, and the newer ones could be circumstantial. No matter what, the thought that someone has been hoarding these pictures for a year or two and waiting to release them is creepy. The act comes off as some sort of blackmail.
  15. I'm with you. For some crazy reason, right now, I'm laughing. Whatever. I still love JoonU and I love the Stargazers in this thread. I'll just chill and continue hanging out here, I think.