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  1. I have to agree with you, @lyserose: through their consummate skill and professionalism, KNG and KAJ are able to make HI and CYK come alive. Interestingly, the characters are as skilled in their careers as the actors are in theirs, and I think that parallel is no small reason why HI and CYK resonate so well with us, the audience. For a far-fetched plot that could easily have fallen flat, the production, as a whole, has a tightness, a maturity, and a realism that make it a success. Oh! But here's a truly far-fetched possible ending: working off of a Tumblr summary of HI's career that someone linked for us in this thread (please accept my apologies for the lack of credit), what if he finds a way to dance between Joseon and modern-day Seoul, on a nearly daily basis? Yes, this ending would be very much in line with "My Love from Another Star," but, if it could work, HI and CYK would have each other, outside of their day jobs, and we would have a funny explanation for why HI was apparently (historically) late to palace functions.
  2. Regarding criticism of MLSHR that may help our cause to address, we had some pretty interesting discussions in this thread back in December, I believe, in which a few of us came to the conclusion that MLSHR was the cult hit and gem that it was precisely because it was rough around the edges and experimental in its directing and writing choices. Had it been a smoothly polished stone, we all would have moved on to other dramas long ago. But the imperfections in timing or writing or close-ups or pacing or casting created a textured surface that spawned fanfics that are still going strong today and one of the most active Soompi forums and loyal fan bases ever. Imperfections in execution have inspired creative interaction with the work that would not have been possible or necessary were MLSHR as slick as it needed to be to be commercially successful in South Korea. We love the show because it is as realistic - in the pain and suffering and hope and determination that its characters experience - and unfinished - in its open ending - as we are.
  3. @summer2017, @meahri_1, @ktcjdrama, I've voted! I hope everyone who has loved this show can join us, too! @meahri_1, @summer2017, and @chi13lou, thank you so very much for your efforts with our submission!!!!
  4. The time for proposing favorite scenes may be past, but, for the record, my top five favorite moments in MLSHR were: 1. The scene between Hae Soo and Oh Sanggoong, in the cave, when Hae Soo finally wants nothing more than to run away from the palace and save Oh Sanggoong 2. The scene between Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo, when Queen Hwangbo drops to her knees, in order to beg for her children's lives, and Queen Yoo sneers at her from above, telling Queen Hwangbo to get up, because she's making a spectacle of herself in front of the servants 3. The scene between Wang So and Seol, when he recognizes his daughter, tries to take her, and then lets her go 4. The acceptance kiss scene between Wang So and Hae Soo, in Episode 14 5. The prison scene between Wang So and Hae Soo With so many other moments vying for "honorable mention!"
  5. [Drama 2017] Forest of Secrets / Stranger 비밀의숲

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to this thread, but feel compelled to post an observation about Bae Doo-na's character that has me rattled and segues from your post, @Nymeria289:
  6. Count me in, too, @meahri_1. I'll have a list for you soon.
  7. An age seems to have passed since I was last active in this thread, but I have to agree with your comment, loljk17: LJG does seem more at peace, now, than he has since the dating news broke in early April. I, too, think the storm is passing. The price it has exacted seems to be the childlike effervescence that you note and its reward appears to be that mature calm. While I pray that JoonU survives the current crisis a better, stronger couple than they were before it began, I do not rue the conflict brought on by the dating news. Instead, I look forward to my favorite part of any life-changing event: the aftermath, when we get to see how people's decisions under duress have shaped them and caused them to become (hopefully) even better versions of themselves. In IU and LJG we see enormous talent, much of it developed through years of hard work, but even more of it, as yet, untapped and raw. When I see the radiance in IU and the maturity in LJG, of late, I cannot help but be excited for where these more battle-hardened and committed versions of the stars we have been shipping might take us next, artistically, professionally, and - at a distance - personally.
  8. I'm all in, as well. Couldn't stop shipping JoonU if I tried, and I have no desire to try.
  9. For exactly the reasons you've described, @violet90, I'm willing to give them time. The kind of joy they draw out of each other doesn't come along every day.
  10. Deleted or BTS clips like this one are exactly what have given this ship life. I can't help but see how comfortable LJG is with touching and holding LJE, or how badly he wants just one more kiss (), or how LJE's right thumb strokes his hand, or how her hand settles first on his voluminous robes, and then moves to rub and pat his wrist. Perhaps all of these actions are in-character only, but the ease, the consistency, and the repetitiveness of them understandably cause collective eyebrows to rise.
  11. Thank you, @jen459, for the additional background on IU; your point makes a lot of sense. Thanks, too, @postnihilism, for your explanation; as usual, you knocked it out of the park. Reid sounds like an intriguing choice for LJG. Definitely a step away from action roles and into other aspects of his acting abilities.
  12. Thank you, everyone, for the correction, and @WH, for the link to the video. One of the things I love about this thread is the freedom to try out ideas, express opinions, be wrong, be set straight a bit, and have the level of fun never diminish. Truly, one of my favorite hang-outs!
  13. My only recollection is of a BTS clip in which Hong Jong-hyun asks LJG if he is dating. LJG evades a bit and then says, "Yes." When HJH asks him whom he is dating, LJG answers, "My fans."
  14. @sscllccrazy, I've loved your recent posts, and feel compelled to add my two cents to your theory: