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  1. Many thanks to @siena and @etherealk408, for the early and confirmed translations, and to everyone here for the analyses since then. Regarding the tears that KNG shed following the filming of LUTYN, I attribute them to the fact that he was taken from the modern-day Seoul in which he was reunited with KAJ's character and transported to another locale, not unlike being sent back to Joseon. Whereas KAJ could maintain the illusion of happiness that would come from staying in a time and place where she had just reconnected with her character's lover, KNG was sent away, to an environment where nothing of that joyful reunion remained. Having just experienced, so viscerally, the pain that HI felt at Namsan Tower and again when he pierced his own heart, while looking into CYK's eyes, being removed from the set of LUTYN, to film a new story, founded in a new world and in a new location, could easily have caused KNG to revisit the sensations of wrenching loss. Fortunately, the peace of KNG's current filming site provided the solace he needed, as much as being in a remote location (again, not unlike Joseon) contributed to his suffering. Just as HI successfully readjusted to Joseon life, KNG has begun to regain his emotional footing and likely separate himself from the character of HI. For these reasons, I don't think that the tears KNG described were due to missing KAJ, but due to reliving the separation from a loved one that HI experienced, as KNG moved to a new filming site. That he would re-inhabit this set of tortured emotions probably did take him by surprise, as even he might not have been aware of how thoroughly he "became" HI. Because his personal change in location caused his last impression of HI to be one of pain, exorcising the character from himself likely was more saddening than he expected from a drama with a happier ending. By contrast, the overall joy that he exudes I attribute to the acceptance and harmony that he found with KAJ, whether professionally or personally. Feeling understood and welcomed and seen and valued makes people smile from the inside out, and I do see that kind of happiness in KNG these days. I also agree with @YuKo Wong: we don't know what stage of relationship or non-relationship the Gum Couple is in, at the moment. Like many actors who experience crazy chemistry with a co-star, they might be stepping back for a bit, to see what remains of their connection, personally. Time will tell. On our side, though, we have their intense professional rapport, which may well cause them to be cast opposite each other in the near future. We also have excellent detectives here, ready to analyze crumbs in the forms of sleeve lengths and BTS stares, and give us more food for thought.
  2. @starrymaze, yes, yes, yes to everything that you wrote!!!!!!!!! I was going to quote sections of your post, but then realized that I wanted to include all the paragraphs after the ones I had in mind, which basically meant that I would have quoted the whole thing. So, instead of quoting I’ll just endorse: Please read @starrymaze‘s post again, with a huge thumbs-up from me. The writing of CYK’s character was such a breath of fresh air. Every time her hoobae, Kim Min-jae, looked at her with such obvious respect, or her rival, Kang Man-soo, looked out for her well-being, I thrilled and did an internal happy-dance. (As someone who works in a field that is 97% male, I love public reminders that men can and do respect their female colleagues and mentors.) Only a woman who walked a feminist talk in her own life could convincingly portray CYK. Similarly, only a man who was willing to cede the limelight to a woman could play her counterpart. When I first saw KNG in Pirates, I fell in love with his obvious willingness to let his female costar have the last word or carry the day at his expense. As an actor, he seemed so utterly at ease with coming in second to his female lead that I thought he had to be showing a part of his true self. Since LUTYN had so many implausible elements that could have caused the show to founder in the hands of lesser actors, it depended upon the authenticity of its cast, and especially its leads. Casting a woman who was strong, dedicated, and intelligent in her own right against a man who was giving, dedicated, and intelligent in his own right was what made this drama magical. Kudos to whomever brought KAJ and KNG on board!! @etherealk408, thank you so much for your cultural perspective on the V Live segment!!! It sheds so much light and dissolves so many of our concerns. Your input - and that of all of our translators and subbers and timers and overall beautiful contributors - is invaluable. Confirmation of the respect and delicate work that was already underway between KNG and KAJ is much appreciated. Thanks, again!
  3. @leba and @sukbin, thanks for your dialogue, which has me thinking in new ways about HI’s and CYK’s relationship, and KNG’s and KAJ’s. At least we have KAJ’s interviews to use as confirmation that she consciously changed her approach to KNG over the course of the drama, and, when the time was right in the storyline, she did so by deliberately opening herself to him. No wonder KAJ speaks so openly of wanting to date and marry: During the course of LUTYN, she found (or created for herself) a professional reason to step beyond her normal barriers and extend herself to match someone else’s vibration...and she was amply rewarded, by KNG and the show’s many avid fans. She took a risk and succeeded, in grand fashion. I agree that KNG was cool to KAJ, at first. But I like thinking, now, that the reasons were not so much because they didn’t click (we know that they did, from day one) but because of the walls KAJ probably had around her. Even with her crush on him, KAJ sat - literally and figuratively - at a remove from him. KNG wasn’t rejecting her, in the beginning; he likely didn’t think any less of KAJ. She just did not give him much to work with...until she did. What I enjoy about this perspective - which, again, your conversation has inspired - is that, even with a spark, work is required. KAJ mentioned as much in her interviews, regarding the effort she put in to be as flexible as KNG. Her crush may have given her the motivation to match him and the courage to love a person/character sooner and deeper than she would have otherwise, but according to her recent statements, her active acceptance of KNG’s approach and style and his acceptance of hers are what turned the tide. The universe had already given them chemistry to spare, but to really unlock its potential they had to make the effort to open themselves to each other. In a weird way, they had to live up to their names (as actors and people), too. Hopefully, one day we’ll hear directly from KNG about how healing this show was for him. Because clearly it was eye-opening for KAJ and it had to have been no less so for him.
  4. Annyeong everyone, and thanks for all the stellar insights, translations, and video postings!! For the past couple of days, I’ve been asking myself why I like the Acupuncture Kiss so much. It’s one of my favorite on-screen kisses of all time. When I look at the mechanics of it, I see many of the same techniques that KNG employed in Bad Guy. Even the lip-biting is a familiar gesture of his. KAJ’s kisses in prior works (like My PS Partner) I have not revisited, but for the sake of argument, I’ll assume that she has a kissing toolkit of her own. So, if the mechanics are not new or unique, what is so different and compelling about this kiss? And am I dreaming that anything IS different about it? For shippers, the question of reel versus real is an almost daily one. On any given day or at any hour we may convince ourselves of one end of the spectrum or the other. But one thing that I can’t deny, whether reel or real, is that the Acupuncture Kiss is a soul kiss. It represents a perfect alignment of two people’s minds, hearts, and bodies. The art of acting is often about portraying an alignment (or misalignment) that one does not actually feel within oneself. This pretense can, of course, extend to kisses, but not to kisses that are this complete in their impact. Regardless of the romantic feelings or intentions that KNG and KAJ may hold for each other, the synergy between them is undeniable. The chemistry between them is striking because they are on the same wavelength on so many levels. Actors can and do find points of connection with their costars that can be held for moments at a time. Yet, to adlib to the extent that the Gum Couple did requires complete immersion, not only individually, but as a unit. At this point, they are literally co-writing the script for their characters, based solely on the common ground that they’ve found. In my humble experience, when artists come across this level of fluid collaboration and trust, they tend to work together as frequently as possible, because the inspiration is so delicious and addictive. (Jazz and classical musician trios come to mind.) Whether the Gum Couple is romantically involved now or not, their connection is unusually strong and multi-tiered. If they could give us the soul-tingling Acupuncture Kiss (and every other soulful scene that followed), then we can trust that this connection will work its magic in the same way that the needle case did.
  5. I love this sequence of events!! I also love the comments that people are making regarding KAJ’s happy demeanor: a woman ignored or passed over she does not appear to be. A woman flush with optimism and conviction, yes. In my own delusional world, I’d like to think that a director’s cut of LUTYN would be too revealing for a couple in the early stages of a relationship. Let the director have made the decision not to release more BTS clips out of respect for KAJ’s and KNG’s privacy. Also, a lot of people have made great observations that I would love to credit here, but work and a fast-moving thread are foiling me. Still, thank you, all!
  6. To everyone who might be worried about KNG’s nonchalance during the wrap-up party, I submit to you @Fallenangel_c‘s keen observation. (If other people have made the same observation in this fast-moving thread, please accept my apologies and know that this acknowledgment and my appreciation extend to you.) After reading it, I looked more closely at the footage and, sure enough, KNG quite slyly slides against KAJ’s body for some subtle contact. Nicely done, my man. Also, I am in the camp that believes KAJ would not have sung KNG’s praises to the heavens without prior communication with him. Overall, I really admire how she has handled her crush on him. In the beginning, I can imagine KNG staying at arm’s length, for fear of how KAJ’s admiration for him might affect their ability to work together. But at no point during filming did she ever pull her punches for him. Admiring him did not mean losing sight of her own purpose or vision as an actress. Interested in him though she might have been, she never faltered in shaping their scenes together or providing input for the show’s direction. Once he saw that KAJ could like him without losing herself, I think KNG opened up to her more, too. (The open-hearted acting that KAJ credits for their explosive chemistry was definitely two-sided, as was their artistic trust.) One of the BTS clips, when KAJ and KNG are rehearsing post-Joseon-fire scenes, complete with burnt hanbok, shows KNG holding onto a railing and cocking his hip, as he stares at KAJ. In this moment, he strikes me as considering KAJ from a new perspective. He’s not smitten with her. She’s probably not what he would consider his “type.” But she is saying and doing things that he considers “interesting.” With his curiosity piqued, the tenor shifts. He stops putting professional distance between them and, bit by bit, the sparks really start to fly.
  7. Annyeong, yeoreobun! Much analysis of body language appears to await back-reading, and I so look forward to catching up on everyone's posts. In the interim, has anyone else noticed that KNG's facial appearance changed after the acupuncture kiss? I've looked at episodes and BTS clips from before and after it and I really think his face took on a glow after that kiss. The chemistry between these two actors is amazing from day one, but it seems more professional, at first, even if KAJ gives off a vibe of being intrigued by, interested in, and admiring of KNG. At some point, as I think others have noted, the tables seem to have flipped, with KNG becoming increasingly aware of how well he fits with KAJ. The first time I really thought about shipping them was when I saw them lying on the hospital bed together. Their bodies seemed to fit together effortlessly, like a lock and key. KAJ executed a roll into KNG's body that would have been a 10, if rolling into people on a narrow bed were an Olympic sport. This constant and ever-increasing clicking on professional, mental, skill-level, and physical levels can't have gone unnoticed by our Gum couple. Something happened to KNG during that acupuncture kiss, though. His demeanor completely changed after it and he looks like a different, younger, happier man since it. Does anyone else agree? Edit: If BTS footage from the acupuncture kiss never sees the light of day, then I'll be even more convinced that a more personal kind of heat was generated.
  8. I swore I would not ship this couple, for the simple reasons that I have male colleagues with whom I truly enjoy working and sometimes we tap each other on the arm (and engage in some level of skinship) to make a point and actors might need to have even more skinship as part of their roles. But, yeah, my colleagues and I maintain a professional bubble of space around us and if that bubble has been pierced for the Gum couple, as evidenced in the Namsan Tower BTS clips, you'll see more of me in this thread. Also, does anyone else think that KNG might be in love with KAJ's hair? The way he repeatedly stroked it made me wonder how silky it might be and if they were prepping for a shampoo CF. Edit: For anyone who was asking what KNG calls KAJ, I heard him refer to her as "Ah-joong-shi" in the VLive recording.
  9. [Drama 2017] Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo 명불허전

    More great points; very nicely said!! [Insert clapping emojis] (And I'm right there with you, in not being able to let go. Somehow, this drama feels important.)
  10. [Drama 2017] Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo 명불허전

    No worries, @ImKyung!! Triple "Yes!" to everything you wrote, too.
  11. [Drama 2017] Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo 명불허전

    @ic3chubb3, may I say how much I love your list? The production-team perspective (especially about the ad libs!!!!!) gives me life. KNG and KAJ are incredibly gifted and good at their craft to have improvised as well as they did. Props to KNG, too, for performing so many of the acupuncture techniques himself. Whether KNG and KAJ date in real life or not, please, please Universe, cast them opposite each other again, and again, and again. I want at least a movie and another drama, with them starring as the leads!! Also, a serious nod of acknowledgement to KAJ: Her portrayal of a doctor will go far in terms of encouraging women and girls to pursue more careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Typically, I loathe medical dramas. But KAJ pulled me in, like no other actress ever has. When she showed that her character spent her free time practicing her sewing and knot-tying techniques - and KAJ managed to make that moment as sexy and important to the character as going clubbing - I was sold on the drama. I love that KAJ was cognizant of the message that changing the boy-girl color scheme would give. Let CYK wear all the blue she wants. (KNG happens to look divine in pink.) Let the character be practical enough to wear comfortable shoes. Let her win all the physical contests. Let CYK's life be as important as HI's. Let HI come back for her, rather than have her sacrifice her contribution to the larger world for him. Let CYK's character be a complex and realistic mix of selfless and selfish. Let young women and men see more dramas like this one, which may inspire them to value what they can do on a grander scale, individually and equally.
  12. [Drama 2017] Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo 명불허전

    Okay. I just finished a raw version of Episode 16, and here are my two cents on Mak-gae and the needle pouch: The needle pouch still belongs to HI, and it has been wiped clean, so that he may begin a new set of journeys between Joseon and modern-day Seoul. In this way, he can still meet his obligations to Joseon (and history) and satisfy his longing for CYK. How many resets he might get with the needle pouch is anyone's guess. (In other words, the recently-witnessed parting scene may need to be repeated, in the future. ) But, by returning with Mak-gae, HI has brought with him his main, "familial" tie to Joseon. MG is someone to whom HI will always feel attached, and about whom HI will likely always worry. Her presence in Seoul, where HI can watch over her, indicates that HI will be able to spend longer periods of time with CYK. As for the books that MG brings with her, HI could probably return them to Joseon himself. Therefore, I see the ending as one in which HI continues to live in two worlds: A world in which he advances Korean medicine at a critical time in the nation's history and one in which he can find the nourishment his heart seeks. Kudos to this show, too, for working the "heart" metaphor so thoroughly and consistently, without being trite or over-the-top obvious.
  13. Hugs, fellow Stargazers! In preparation for our anniversary celebration, what would you all think of running a survey, to see (1) when we first thought about boarding HMS JoonU, (2) when we officially did, and (3) what's kept us on board? For me, the answers would be: (1) When LJE patted LJG's chest and he touched her arm, while he read from his script in her lap. Definitely an eyebrow raiser. (2) When LJE and LJG spoke in their own language, complete with hysteria, giggles, and jumping up and down while holding each other's arms, backstage at the SAF. (3) How each one lights up - in megawatt measurements - when the other one is so much as in the building. That kind of joy cannot be contained and is hard to duplicate or replace. What would everyone else's answers be?
  14. [Drama 2017] Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo 명불허전

    Yes, to everything that you wrote; most especially concerning the final separation between Hae Soo and Wang So in MLSHR. In that show, I cheer the lead couple's parting - not gleefully, but with the relief that comes from seeing an end to a relationship that has become toxic and dysfunctional, over time. Circumstances certainly conspire against Hae Soo and Wang So, but so, too, do their personalities: the disparity in their priorities is ultimately too great to be borne. In LUTYN, circumstances are, once again, not in the lead couple's favor. Yet, contrary to MLSHR, the very similar priorities held by Heo Im and Choi Yeon-kyeong (namely, those of true healers) are key components in what drives them apart. Both shows touch upon class inequality, but with different results: In MLSHR, Hae Soo tries to bring a notion of universal suffrage - of human equality and rights - to a bygone time. In LUTYN, CYK brings a sense of personal equality and worth to HI, who has been bled dry by the class-driven abuses and inequities of Joseon. Ultimately, both women bring change to the men they meet and may even alter the course of history. For her efforts, Hae Soo is left a withered husk of her former self. CYK, though, will likely fare better, as she is in a stronger position (mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially) and in her element. Hae Soo and Wang So are never equals. Heo Im and Choi Yeon-kyeong absolutely are equals, in heart and mind and talent and worldview. HI helps CYK as much as she helps him. They give each other space and support, in equal measure. They challenge each other as much as they cheer each other on. They are so utterly modern: an ideal, in this era, and a rebellious couple, in any previous one. HI's immediate attraction to clubbing CYK and his ability to adapt to Seoul are part of the reason I think most of us want to see him return to CYK, in her time: 21st century Korea seems to suit him. (By contrast, 10th century Wang So would probably not translate well in modern-day Seoul.) While HI's and CYK's life purposes seem locked in separate eras, their personalities do not. Because I do not see the same life lessons and message in LUTYN that can be found in MLSHR, I do think that tomorrow's finale will end on a high note. This show is a proponent of being true to oneself and conquering odds through alignment with a higher purpose. Thus far, LUTYN has not promoted a sense of defeat against "what-is." It is a rallying cry to strive for more, and I don't think it will leave us with less.