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  1. Hoping for a first kiss tomorrow! I knew they were teasing us with that preview lol
  2. I finished this today, I really liked it. They are so cute together!
  3. It's been a while since I've watched a drama and wanted the whole week to go by super fast so I could watch the next episodes.
  4. If MH has any sort of happy ending I will be very very mad
  5. I love this drama so much, its so so good. So I watched the end and was all like, I can wait till next friday no problem, then i watched the preview for it and I need it right now!!! lol
  6. I've kept off watching this until 2 days ago and I'm so glad I did. I binged these 5 eps and now I'm ready for more.!
  7. ot but the little boy actor who plays Ga On is in strong woman do bong soon albeit briefly
  8. I was so emotional during that last scene. I felt like he just knew that was his mom
  9. there was no preview for tomorrow where i watched..bummer
  10. I started 3 daily dramas off at the same time, and this is the only one I have stuck with. The others bored me by episode 20 or so. I'm still enjoying this and the SL isn't dragging at all..lets hope it stays that way!!
  11. It seems like it was a good idea to stop watching this drama a few weeks ago! lol