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  1. Was it just me or did a section of the intro music sound like something from the Ghostbusters? lol
  2. So I'm guessing people were right when they said she had a child. I wonder why he doesn't live with her though
  3. I rather enjoyed that. I also noticed that big house near the end was the same used in Cinderella and the Four Knights
  4. No doubt about it, YH will kidnap JM if MA let's her see him. I hope she has the sense to stay with them if she does let YH see him.
  5. That kiss was rubbish! lol. Lips barely touching is not a kiss. Like someone said previously, make it a peck on the cheek instead. This seemed so fake to me (and i know its a drama but you know what i mean)
  6. This episode really infuriated me a lot. Till the last few seconds when I saw MA's look on her face..yesss feel the rage!
  7. At the moment, watching that preview it feels like 1 step forwards and 2 steps back
  8. Can someone talk me through this? I'm having problems lol.