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  1. Ahahaha during the pepero game SH looked like a vacuum cleaner chewing on that pepero so fast, it shocked the hell out of JE. I mean look at how she was slightly trembling at the end lol! Yup I love seeing their happy faces too Their smiles make me happy. Haha @eunsungjisung @fashiondream LOL!!Yeah I noticed it too.! How cute of JE to have made such a mistake. I wonder if she would notice it soon and change the tag.
  2. Oops sorry here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/OCN.TV/
  3. It's at OCN tv facebook page. It's streaming now. Go watch it!
  4. No problem.. But that's just my interpretation of things. I don't have a problem with fans getting worried. Actually I think it's pretty sweet that they care about their idols/celebs as long as they don't go overboard by making theories and assumptions and putting the blame on others that might have nothing to do with it at all. @fashiondreamOr perhaps it's because him being a man (with no knowledge on girl anythings what with being enstranged from his mum for 20 years?) just took it as fact and assumed that bra pads could hurt one's neck.. XD..Talk about jumping to conclusions lol. Welp what d'ya know... JE just updated..haha..SK2..
  5. @fashiondream No wonder I couldn't spot SH in the first pic you posted from the photoshoot, because he was wearing green lol. He was camouflaged in the greenery and it doesn't help that he is quite tanned haha. He blends perfectly right into the trees. It'd be great if they can do another photoshoot together even though they have done one for the drama. Both are beautiful people in my opinion . Btw throwback to ep 4 I don't understand how Jin wook could have assumed that Yoo mi was talking about bra pads when she said that the neck would hurt if one were to wear it haha. Like how could bra pads make one's neck hurt right??Lol. I Loled so hard at the part wear he asked her "What? If I were to wear it?"
  6. @fashiondream Nope not Song for Love by Lyn but Love song with Eun ji won (from Sechkies??) and the other two girls (I think they've yet to debut if I'm not wrong) haha. I just love how chill and soothing the song is. Each time I play this song I'm reminded of the scenes from the drama. Oh and I agree that JE would probably slay that Song for love song.^^ Oh..so he won't be playing an all out villain? I don't mind sympathetic villains if the character is well-written and has depth (sidetrack something like Wang yeo from Goblin) and character development. That's unfortunate that we might not be able to see it. I think for K-movies it's usually the ones that have high profile actors that are screened internationally I suppose although I heard Brothers in Heaven/Return To Busan (Why do K-movies/dramas always have to have multiple versions of an english title?lol) has been screened in cannes festival? I think I've read about it somewhere but I might be wrong... @Cherrine Kim I have no idea whether your theory might be true or not..haha..Either way I sure hope she is doing well. I agree with you and @fashiondream that that's the downside of increased popularity for celebrities. I think after getting invested in the drama, bts and tv appearances (be it interviews and such) some fans can get pretty obessed with the respective actors/actresses. And since Social media and stuff from the internet (that shows just a snippet and not a while part of their lives and interactions) is the only way to connect with those actors/actresses, it creates that tendency to look out for every little thing that they're doing (as well as over-interpret) even if it's not a holistic or complete depiction of them as people. But yeah chemistry is just chemistry (on or off-screen) and it doesn't necessarily mean that it is anything romantically related (since friends can have chemistry as well). @fashiondream I think it's more like they are worried why she deleted the photo and not because of it's relation to SH. Also before that, her previous couple of posts make her seem like she was sad over something so fans get kind of worried that she deleted her latest update especially since it's been a while since she updated her ig. At least that's how I interpreted the situation.
  7. @raqlobster @fashiondream Lol omg Peperro game. I'm not sure I can handle that...Considering how many times they have kissed on screen it shouldn't be a big deal but I think I'd still feel shy if I were to watch that happen . My sister though on the other hand (she's more of a shipper than me) said that she'd rather have them react to their kissing scenes just like PBY & PHS did when they visited Singapore for Strong woman Do bong soon lol. I think she just wants to watch them get embarrassed lolol. Besides the duet from SJE & SH, I hope to see a live performance of Love song since it's my favourite song out of the whole ost. Wonder if they can make JE do the crazy dance which she did in the club scene in ep 1 jk haha. @fashiondream Yeah I hope we'd get to see part of the rest of the cast too especially Secretary Jjang and the Sexy nutritionist. Those two make a hilarious pair haha. Agreed I do hope fans won't be too over-analytical this time around and just enjoy the drama concert and whatever interactions we can get from those two^^. Btw it actually took me awhile to find SH amongst the greenery in that forest photoshot photo you posted lol. @Cherrine Kim I think it's best not to jump to conclusions for now. From the photo she posted (even though she already deleted it) she seems to be doing alright making cute faces like that haha. And before this she has been actively liking some photos on ig as well. For now it's best not to overthink and look forward to the drama concert^^. By the looks of it JE is going to attend some camping thing in July.
  8. @fashiondreamNot for online drama and shows but there is Korean cable tv awards for dramas shown on cable tv. I've never watched it before though but since My Secret Romance was shown on OCN they can be one of the candidates? Not sure if there exist an award show dedicated to online dramas and shows. @Cherrine Kim Oh I know that couple. They're the swag couple from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. They were pretty close friends for four years prior to starring in the drama though and before becoming a real life couple afterwards. Both couples' forehead kisses are pretty sweet (:. I can't stop smiling while looking at them too. Simply seeing them smiling happily next to each other makes me happy.:D I hope their friendship last long. ^^ Can't wait for the fb/whatever online livestream they're gonna do on July 8th. Looking forward to the live duet of "Same".
  9. Add and Subtract Game

    720 I realise the topics I bring up can be pretty random at times They're called mosquito coils You burn them and they emit this chemically smell that kills the mosquitoes. I remember my grandma using them a lot when I was little because I used to get alot of mosquitoe bites..Downside is, the smell is pretty bad haha so the dynatrap @triplem recommended at page 805 is a pretty good alternative. I read the description, the ultraviolet light will lure the nugs in and the apinning fan would grind them to a pulp. Savage machine I should say haha. Sometimes if one is pressed for time, store bought sauces is the way to go..lol..My mum does that sometimes too when she's tired. Preparing the ingredients to make sauces for a dish can be a time consuming and tedious task. I guess your nonni prefers to do it the good old fashioned way haha. @Dhakra Oh no you divulged a pretty interesting secret..I always thought triplem was about my age..lol..Anyways as @triplem said rendang specifically beef rendang is one of the more difficult malay dishes to make although my mum would beg to differ. She said that a trick she uses to make rendang is to make sure the meat has been boiled until tender first before adding in the spices and whatnot. Not sure about chicken rendang though..Maybe it would take lesser time as compared to beef rendang. Not sure if you'd be interested, but maybe I should have reccommended a simpler dish like Sambal tumis telur (Fried Sambal egg) instead. It's a pretty simple and staple dish but really really yummy. It's the sambal that makes the dish I think. As long as you can make the Sambal tumis you can make a variety of different dishes. I could give you the recipe but there seem to have several variants. I think this video which I've put under spoiler is the closest to how my mum would make it (I think she would skip out on the lemon grass though). Have fun trying it out! ^^ @USAFarmgirl It's nice what your family does for those kids. @staygold From the slime pics you posted, I'm suddenly reminded of how my late grandma bought me and my sis some slime when I was a kid (as in slime-slime the jellyish type not the thera-putty type) and I had fun playing with it for quite some time. After awhile though it started to smell weird and the smell would stick to my hands and in the end I threw it away..haha..I wonder if the slime had gotten rotten from the bacteria from my hands.. @lynne22Happy Eid Mubarak to you too!^^ I'm feeling bloated from all of the food I've eaten today. Lol Oops hadn't intended to make this a long post..
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    712 Lol yep! You can also do that with a pen. I'm always amazed at how some people can do the pen spinny thing with their fingers. I am terrible at it..I'm better at inserting staples onto the back of an eraser and spinning it like I would a spinning top. So much fun! Haha..Okok I'm jinjja going to bed right now!.. Good night!/morning/day!
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    712 Haha you both get along so well.. Why is she called Queen Noona btw? Anyways it's almost 3am where I live I should really get to bed..Don't wanna be a sleepyhead during Eid celebrations haha..Good night!! And happy weekends @phikyl I've never used a fidget spinner before but wow that is pretty expensive for something that just spins....I personally think that slime/thera-putty provides as a great stress reliever because it gives that resistence when you squish them. Feels satisfactory just to squish the hell out of it..
  12. Add and Subtract Game

    710 Haha maybe when you've completed the book you can post a picture here on this thread. Would love to see what recipes you've gathered from around the world. To be completely honest since I don't cook I can't exactly give you proper advise. (I mostly know how to eat and be the taste tester ) but I guess you can follow that recipe. Seems legit. I can ask my mum but she's fast asleep right now lol. Yeah since @triplem is Malaysian maybe she would be more qualified to give advice with regards to this recipe.
  13. Add and Subtract Game

    710 It's ok.. we learn new things everyday.. Ramadhan is one of the names we call the many months in the muslim calender so is Syawal (just like in the gregorian calender we have January,February etc)..Like some of the months are named Muharram,Safar,Rabiul-awal..Ramadhan is a whole month dedicated to fasting and the month after Ramadhan is called Syawal. So 1st of Syawal is when we celebrate Eid al Fitr (a celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan and successful completion of the fasting month). Here's the link showing the months of the muslim calender. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_calendar
  14. Add and Subtract Game

    Yes she has beautiful hands indeed. Ones that match her pretty face.. The one at the bottom is chicken rendang with ketupat (rice cakes) while the one at the top is beef rendang. Wow your cookbook is getting thicker by the minute. For the chicken rendang I can link you the blog I got the picture from for the recipe but it's all in malay.. http://fizalgk.blogspot.sg/2013/08/ketupat-daun-palas-dan-rendang-ayam.html?m=1 714 @Lmangla Haha we learn and discover new things everyday! ^^ @kokodus Haha Ramadhan is now over! It's syawal now..but thanks alot for the wishes