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  1. I am with you guys. It is really frustrated that Tae Ra had lots of screen time compare to Bora in ep 10. Her scenes with Dong Ha were not needed and took too much of our OP precious time. Tbh, she acted great and seemed to have more experience than our main leads. I still love Yoo Chan with Bora though as they are so cute together. Have you seen their interview yesterday on Viki? They were adorable! Rating for the last 2 eps were pretty good. Ep 9 got 1.9, the highest so far, consider it was on MBN, a small cable TV. Ep 9 had the most scenes of our OP, so Knets seemed to like it too. Ep 10 dropped down to 1.4, still not bad as it was showed the same time with Xiu Min's variety show. Now that Yoo Chan started warming up to Bora, let's hope that he will realize his true feeling for her soon so we can have more romance scenes for them next week. Hope the writer knows what viewers prefer and don't wait until the last ep to do that.
  2. Yes I think so too. KBH must be a older sister or close relative of KBR as she was the same age as Yoochan. Their names are both colors, pink and purple, so it seems more like sisters. She might be already pass away and KBR acted as her with LYC for a while in the past to help him. I love both of them, LYC and KBR, even Yoochan was so mean to her but they were just so cute together.
  3. I watched ep 6 with sub. Yoochan was confused about his feeling with Bora. So he went to his church friend to ask and got his advice to date Min Tae Ra as she would be a better and stable choice for him. He was told to move on from Boon Hong and forget about Bora as she reminded him about Boon Hong and they both would get hurt at the end, especially Bora. That was the reason he accepted to date with Tae Ra, and kissed her in front of Bora as he knew Bora liked him and wanted her to stop having feeling with him. What he did and the way he talked to Bora was really mean to her, but deep inside he just didn't want her to get hurt later on. Like what Bora said earlier in ep 4, he just pretended to be mean but he was actually a good guy and had a soft heart. Poor Yoochan! He didn't know he already loved Bora and what he did now would hurt all of them more, and would turn Tae Ra into a bad person from jealousy when she found out Bora was actually the girl he liked, not her.
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