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  1. *comes out of eons of lurking* Trust any Ha Seok Jin news to make me come out of my drama cave. Dang, the webtoon doesn't seem to have any English translation, does it? My fantasy of HSJ as a sexy housekeeper is finally gonna come true.
  2. Ah yes. Reminds me so much of TWY (the beautiful cinematography, seeing the future & trying to change it). There's also the changing aspect ratio to differentiate between the dream and reality. Bless pre-prod dramas. We can watch it subbed almost at the same time as South Korea. I hope they don't spend so much time discussing legal stuff. This is just a personal preference but I think I've reached the quota on legal dramas this year and I just want the supernatural and the romance. I find myself tuning out when they're discussing so much about legal things. So Hong Joo and Jae Chan have met when they're young. Interesting. The radio broadcast mentioned that the soldier already killed someone in another location - that might be where their connection is. Thanks you for the roll call @nonski! I missed that!
  3. HAHAHA! It was fun watching an episode with you while chatting in WhatsApp. Been a long time since we and @itzibitzispider did that. Shall we lose sleep again? Hi @triplem! IKR! Missed discussing (and spazzing) with you. So many familiar names here. I've missed y'all! I've been steadily watching dramas the past months but just lurked occasionally here in Soompi (real life gets in the way, sadly). I liked the pilot episode a lot! The vibe, the cinematography, the premise - I like it! I was really caught off guard (but in a good way) that Jae Chan had a prophetic dream as well. Don't know yet if it will occur again or it's just a one-time deal. But I like that he got to experience it so maybe he won't think Hong Joo is mental / will need a lot of convincing when he learns that she has these kind of dreams. UGH. I like LSY but his character is such a snake! He'll find other ways to pin the blame on others again. Can't wait for his comeuppance!
  4. I caught the first few episodes while in Seoul and while we only understood about 30%, me and my roommate are spazzing over how cute DM and AR are. I've watched all episodes with subs now and I'M IN LOVE! I cried with AR when she lost the announcer job when she was clearly the better one. I cried too when DM threw a match and his Olympic dreams for his sister. I really felt their pain. I love love love their friendship and they are all awesome as individuals. I am so rooting for them to take those steps in pursuing things they are passionate about. I've never been so excited for Monday to come.
  5. [Drama 2017] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스

    Annyeong! Real life is too demanding right now I've not been able to come back here to hangout with you while this was airing. Everything has been pretty much said. The extra episode imo really threw the pace off. Have to admit episode 10-12 really made me want to throw things at the TV and scream at the characters. I did really like the scene of JW and YM at her mom's wedding - just the two of them. Didn't end with a wedding of them but still a lovely scene of them. Sung Hoon and Ji Eun really looked like they enjoyed filming this and translated to the cuteness of CJW and LYM. See you everyone in another thread!
  6. [Drama 2017] Meloholic 멜로홀릭

    I remember reading this webtoon but wasn't able to continue.. I can't remember why. When I saw the casting news today with KSJ as lead, I immediately thought @Dhakra 's fave girl! And whaddya know, you are here as expected lol.
  7. Hi guys! I'm currently in Seoul and was able to catch it live. OTP is sooooo cute!
  8. [Drama 2016] 1% of Anything 1%의 어떤것

    Funny. I'm still here in Seoul and I see HSJ's ads when I ride the subway, at personal stores, TV. He's quite popular domestically but he's not a Hallyu one. But that's ok. CFs are where the money's at haha. Seems I'm not the only one still rewatching. Tunnel ended and MSR is ending soon so I'm thinking of rewatching it again lol. I ought to move on by now, right? Anyway, sharing here some alt cuts from the Japanese Director's Cut DVD. They're quite sweet. And also check out @somethingabout1p IG account.
  9. [Drama 2016] 1% of Anything 1%의 어떤것

    Yep! I am here. HSJ has an event today with Pilsner. A few days ago he was in an event for LG's wine fridge. Guy is getting endorsements from his DS character and his real life self who loves beer. Definitely one of the best, I still watch 1% clips for instant pick me ups. Heol! SH and HSJ getting your messages. I hope you get tickets to the fanmeeting!
  10. [Drama 2016] 1% of Anything 1%의 어떤것

    That's really good to hear. I've seen the IG posts of Godin regarding the good reception of the DVD and the drama in Japan. The DVD is so dang expensive but I've seen the alt cuts of some scenes in IG and it's so sweet. Kyaaa After 1%, HSJ and JSM are doing really well being a regular cast in variety shows. I'm sorta in a soompi hiatus because real life is demanding. Currently in Seoul h̶u̶n̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶H̶a̶ ̶S̶u̶k̶ ̶J̶i̶n̶ visiting friends and enjoying the food.
  11. Not sure tho if HSJ is being courted prior to this to reprise his role. Kinda expected this with the junior PD suicide controversy. @triplem he really likes to travel and eat. I love him more! And his posts make me miss Japan and the food makes me hungry. Have fun on your trip, too!
  12. Hi, everyone.I'm waiting for this with so much anticipation. I'm a fan of friends falling in love. I've got nothing to contribute now but thanks so much for all the goodies posted here.
  13. This guy works a lot in a year. With DS2 being greenlit, and if they are keen on keeping the same cast, I think we are going to see him soon. If not DS2, then maybe a different drama. He sure looks really really good in a suit but I'd love to see him be cast in a drama where he only wears casual clothes. LOL. @chdom I think we're all crushing hard. He's so good looking and smart with acting chops. LOL @ the IG update. Yes, HSJ. I'll buy the Zishen stuff you and Han Hyo Joo are hawking. Going to Seoul next week. He slimmed down at the start of RO and I think he got slimmer with the liveshooting. I hope the abs are still rock-hard. Some pics from the RO cast party. He's tall but getting slimmer really emphasized his long legs now. @gladys57 wasn't able to tag you on the RO thread, so congratulations on being a grandma a second time!
  14. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    Hi again, everyone. I've set aside the other dramas I'm watching and rewatched RO during the weekend. Watching subbed episode 16 the 1st time, I was satisfied with the ending but it was in the 2nd watch where I was genuinely moved to tears. It was only the KT sickness arc where I felt it was rushed or they could've revealed it a few episodes earlier. To be quite honest, they could've scrapped it altogether and KTs arc would still be alright. In episode 1, I do think it was KT as the patient they were referring to in the ER. The doctors weren't sure if the patient is really terminal but needed more tests to confirm. Now KT got a clean bill of health in episode 2 but maybe that test wasn't enough or was not the test targeted to detect his cancer. His condition progressed enough while working at Hauline for symptoms to appear later on and necessitate another test. I think him being the sick one was always the direction the show was going to. It was too convenient for none of the trio to be sick. I think it was smart of the show when we started guessing whether it was HW or KT that was sick when Dr Seo dropped hints, when in fact both of them are sick! The first test of KT and HW's gall stones surgery lulled us into a false sense of security that the trio are all in the clear. Show has successfully made us love KT that I really felt sucker punched in episode 15. Sigh, if we only got more episodes. About the Dr Seo's hyung - I'm alright not seeing even a shadow of him. Frankly, I'm happy the chaebol powerplay happened in the background so the the show remained focused on the core characters. Hyung swooping in may be deus ex machina but it still remains reasonable that he applied guardianship. Dr Seo will run Hauline to the ground if left on his own devices; the employees are on the verge of going on a strike, hyung needed to act now. Watching Dr Seo and Hyung duke it out over Hauline? No thanks. I always expected WJ to become the Chief Director by series end. He was really being groomed to be the next CEO, starting at Marketing team and working his way up. We only need to go back to episode 5 where he met the Chairman. That meeting was a test and I believe the Chairman was satisfied with WJs principles of working for the welfare of the company and its stakeholders instead of for himself. Chairman even sent his loyal soldier, Manager Heo to help WJ out. I would even bet that Dr Seo was able to sniff that WJ was being considered as future CEO so he wanted to secure WJ as his person. Whether it was Dr Seo or Hyung who offered WJ the Chief Director position, they're operating on Chairman's wishes. @Sorary Yes, it was refreshing to see a male lead apologize for once for how he treated her at the start. I haven't even remembered that WJ was prejudiced against her and called HW an idiot during that interview because WJ was being supportive, giving constructive criticism and really sweet lately. Thank you show for that. @chocolatepie heee I also think WJ will not show any favoritism towards his gf, goes against his very own principles. If any, I think he would be stricter with her. I'll just imagine the hilarious scene where everyone in the office finds out they are dating. YJ is going to have a field day. I'll really miss this show. As with any slice of life drama, we are always going to wish for more just to glimpse how they're doing right now. I think I'm going to put Radiant Office in my top dramas now. Early writeups promised this was going to be an uplifting drama - it really delivered. A show with a lot of heart. EDIT: @kappy feel the same way as you. After rewatching, I feel like I could write more? I really need to dump my thoughts somewhere and it happens to be Soompi. __________ GAS is in Bali for a photoshoot. She looks really really lovely in these pictures at the airport. She exudes a cool aura as well. This also reminds me, she and HSJ didn't have a single magazine photoshoot for the drama. Wish they'll have one later.
  15. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    @Sorary You're welcome dear. I normally do not get bothered if the shows I watch do not rate high but with RO, I feel like people are missing out so I keep on recommending it to my friends. Fortunately, they listen to me. Actually, somebody has already posted it here, the ratings for RO are quite an improvement from the past MBC dramas that aired on the same slot the past few months. So maybe in MBC terms, RO is a win. Yes, GAS is such a good actress. I think she mostly does movies but I'm glad she took this on. I can see HW's character being polarizing in the hands of another actress. GAS was able to keep HW outspoken but not bordering on overacting or annoying. She mostly shined on quiet moments where she was able to convey emotions with her eyes and facial expressions.