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  1. HAHAHAHAHA gosh now I'm blushing. I only know poke as a verb. I should've asked good ol Google but I thought better to ask here. As for AF... Hmmm we need to circumvent Soompi's swear filters (sorry mods!) It stands for "As F***" - use it to emphasize and make a statement stronger. Example: Ha Suk Jin is ridiculously hot AF. Slightly off-topic: Watching PM now. Annoyed at myself because I'm distracted at how good-looking he is and then I write the problems, wracking my brain for a solution, and HSJ stands up with the freaking correct answer!
  2. It's brilliant that JN is presented at the absolute worst during the start and we get to see things from her perspective as the show goes on and see that she's not a horrible person for breaking up with KT. I initially thought she's a witch and totally didn't deserve KT because we only saw their breakup from KTs eyes. What's a pokey? It must be innocent but my mind is wandering to the gutter. I think the only character who didn't have some development would be Young Jae. He is annoying AF and sometimes I wish he would be shown the door but he is so right that the women of sales and marketing are formidable.
  3. Hi guys, been lurking since the drama started. I don't know how to keep waiting for two weeks with a cliffhanger like that.
  4. Hmmm how do I describe this... Think of it as Soompi but for KNetz. There are threads for just about any topic, not just dramas. So there are threads for the dramas and actors. It's a great resource of pics and gifs. Yeyyyy! Congratulations dear! Balancing uni and drama-watching is tough. Of course, no pressure to post right away. Post when you can.
  5. Oh I don't remember the exact details... I thought it's open to any jobseeker. I also can't piece together the timeline in RO. I'm not exactly sure how many months are left in the trio's original 6-month contract. Not sure if there's a couple of months or only a few weeks left so KT can join the contest when it's running and he's no longer connected with Hauline. I have to agree with you how awkward it was for KT to join them. In fact, I am cringing when WJ announced it to the whole department instead of talking first to each of the trio privately. I feel uncomfy for him when they're toasting and talking about future projects when he won't be a part of them anymore.
  6. Hi, just use your mobile when checking out DC. It's blocked in desktop if you are outside South Korea. Are you looking for the Naver webnovel chapters? It's not published in Gall DC but KNetz get the advanced episodes through Oksusu app (restricted to S Korea only) and they sometimes post lots of pics and gifs in DC. Though I just checked Gall DC and they are not as prolific in posting spoilery pics and gifs now unlike when 1% was airing. Hiiiii @Ayame are you still able to watch the first 3 mins in Oksusu? EDIT: Webnovel link. Google Translate is wacky but passable.
  7. Somebody really really wants to be called Oppa. Seeing your gif, I have the strong urge to send Director Seo to the Whisper universe. He will surely get eaten within seconds by the sharks there. I'm really worried about Ms Cho because Director Seo's decisions are boneheaded. If the premium line fails, maybe we can be finally rid of Director Seo but she will not get that promotion and she might be forced to leave Hauline. I just hope Director Seo will experience some kind of resistance from the other department heads for his stupid moves so he'll realize WJ is not just being difficult because he doesn't like being under Director Seo. Did anyone notice KT looking with interest when HW and KH were discussing the contest rules and they mentioned that the winner will be given a chance to work in Hauline? I first thought that KT was just proud of his friends but maybe he has some talent in design? This might be the chance for him to get hired full time and we can get the Disney ending. That is, if Director Seo has some decency left and retains the employment clause. WJ looked really amazed (turned on ) when HW spoke up. LOL! You go, HW!
  8. Thank you, chingus! This might be the only show where I feel that an extension is reasonable ------- Dare I say that episode 14 is probably the best episode so far of Radiant Office. It's seriously sooo good! There are just so many things to talk about in this series, that for the first time I feel like additional episodes are very much warranted. There so much ground to cover and 2 episodes is a tad too short to wrap things up. It can be attributed to the fact that the supporting characters are fleshed out with their own stories of personal growth unfolding. Even the hilarious but strangely sad dinner of Jerk Park and ex-Director Han was compelling to watch. From the very start, Manager Cho's plotline is the one that resonates so much for me. I love her scene with WJ so much! For all WJ's awesomeness in previous episodes, he is pretty blind to the male privilege he has no matter what industry he decides to work on. I wanted to give Manager Cho a standing ovation for stating it matter of factly to WJ who then had to apologize for offending her and then Manager Cho, without missing a beat, told him she was not offended at all because he stated the truth that she was working towards that promotion. I just love her being cutthroat and honest. While Director Seo will go where his instincts are, I trust Manager Cho understands the market better to think that launching a premium line is feasible and ultimately profitable. Surely, she must not be as shortsighted as Jerk Park. It was also pretty magnanimous of her to admit that the premium line failed several years ago that's why they all the more need the help of WJ and the marketing team to make it successful this time. The sales and marketing department have previously always been in competition with each other so they always don't work harmoniously to carry out a campaign together. Going to that meeting with the executives, WJ is taking the conservative and safer approach while Director Seo has a higher risk appetite. Director Seo is right that the higher the risk, the higher the return. And what he said after that just about confirms that he is not the right person to steer Hauline. As top executive, your decisions have larger repercussions for your stakeholders - customers, shareholders and employees. You just can't go into a risky high-end line because your instinct tells you it's going to be profitable without being backed by some data analysis. Even more dumbfounding is that he excluded the marketing team because he found WJ pessimistic. I didn't find WJ pessimistic nor combative in that meeting. WJ has always been asking the hard-hitting questions and I don't find him being an richard simmons to Manager Cho while asking those. His questions are perfectly valid. Manager Cho may have been able to answer WJ's questions had Director Seo shut his trap. Then now the Sales team will be more burdened because Marketing team has been cut off from the project. He is looking more and more like an idiot with the things he says just to make WJ see who is the boss. Another headscratcher- he is decreasing production for the budget line to make way for the premium line. Oh boy he is putting all his eggs in one basket. Dad please wake up because Director Seo is going to run Hauline to the ground with his volatile decision making! Manager Cho's work is really cut out for her premium line project and she needs all the support she can get because dammit I want her to get that promotion!
  9. I personally use postimage to upload pics and gifs. Just paste the direct link here, press enter then the image will be auto embedded. For IG and YT, just post the links here. Now, go forth and post pics hihi. Stan the old posts of Godin Media's IG account (around Nov 2016 to Jan 2017 during filming) for some spoilers. Chingus, I know you all love spoilers. Oksusu airs the episodes in advance. Check out Gall DC (use your mobile) for adv episodes spoilers during the weekend. And for Sung Hoon goodness:
  10. Agree there are a lot of things to be tied up in 3 episodes. The writing has been pretty tight so far so I hope things don't just happen conveniently. I'd like a combination of 1 and 2, please - HW goes for a quick kiss then WJ takes over for the hot kiss. But at the rate we are going, we might get 3. I'll seriously feel like blueballed though. The thirst is real. EDIT: Happy birthday dear @sava2sava! May you have dreams tonight filled with sexy HSJ.
  11. ASDFGHJKL!!!! How could it end like that?!! How am I supposed to get through the day not knowing the 2 people who got the full-time position?! And there's no preview which is understandable because it will give away the results. I didn't expect that they would suddenly change the full-time position opening to 2. (But with Jae Min's grand exit, there was really another opening) I thought they would suddenly go Disney on us and would say ooops you guys, we really need 3 people after all so yey for everyone. I think they will hire one for marketing and then one for sales. That jerk YJ scored HW with a big fat zero in the initial assessment so she got the lowest score before factoring the self-promotion criteria. I personally liked, out of all the 3, HWs idea of submitting all her 101 introduction essay from her previous job hunting days and then ending it with her stint in Hauline as her epilogue. KT childhood videos is a bit cheesy and juvenile for me while KH self SWOT analysis is very smart but very meh with the presentation. ETA: I find it extremely ironic that Dr Seo is the Head of Sales and Marketing but will launch a high-end furniture line just because he feels like it and without understanding the market first. Gaaaahhhd, he still doesn't get it, right? Maybe one of the reasons why his Dad doesn't want him anywhere near Hauline - because he just doesn't have an aptitude for business and pretty shortsighted. We are talking about a guy who opened a hospital then closed it a few months later, after all. WJ can easily push his buttons and he will retaliate. I don't see him suddenly seeing the light in the next 3 episodes and totally understand why WJ wouldn't want to work for him as they will just keep on butting heads. Hauline may be a sinking ship now what with the president and CEO just kowtowing to Dr Seo's plans because he is the chairman's son.
  12.'s 100% preproduced and a co-production with DramaFever after all so it must rank #1 in the priority list for getting subbed. It's always tempting to stream it from DramaFever at 9AM ET but alas am at work but otherwise would love to liverecap. I was laughing my head off when JW was agonizing over the bra inserts. Of all the things he would keep as a memento! I thought the 500 won coin would also be there. I was really laughing when he kept shouting to the wind that he is really good at it while clutching one of the inserts. I thought he was going to have an aneurysm when he confronted YM and thought she was talking casually about those. He's no virgin but I also don't think he's sleeping around. This guy tortured himself over that encounter for 3 years. He liked her all this time; might even be in love with her what with him maturing practically overnight and placing those inserts in a jewelry box which shows he really treasured the memory of that night. Had YM answered truthfully that it wasn't just a one-night stand for her, then I think he wouldn't engage in this funny push and pull game with her and consider pursuing her from the get go. He may say he'd like to keep their personal and work lives separate but his actions betray his words. His face falls when YM brushes him off and he already feels something is missing when she isn't cooking for him. JW is also a very very lonely person. He lives in this big empty house. He sleeps on the couch with an old blanket. I think he's been sleeping on the couch as a boy when his mom left and he's been waiting for his mom to return all this time. I felt really really bad for him when he was eating the meals YM prepared alone. He went home with 2 coffee cups and wanted to share the meal with her. Having said that, I can't wait for the time that JW will have meals with YM. HR is seriously creepy. Girl, have some dignity and get the message that he is just not that into you. I do like HT. Seems a nice guy all around. I do not succumb to SLS but if not for JW, HT is a good guy and also good for YM. I'm looking forward to the jealousy hijinks!
  13. Ok, seems hiking wouldn't happen this week. The preview looks promising. Hearts are practically shooting out of their eyes. A confession seems near but we may be trolled, yet again. Indeed. They used to show the wild scenarios in HWs head. Where are those now? Too hot to show on MBC? I'd like to think this must be what's running in Ho Wonnie's head lately.
  14. I always miss the livestream. The subbed ep is now up in DramaFever. I kind of like how he is "torturing" her. Clearly, that night left a lot of impact for him and it was not just a one-night stand. He constantly needles her to get a reaction and to validate that it wasn't just him shaken by what happened. Thanks @supergal99for your recaps.