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  1. https://twitter.com/eyephotokr/status/933834127136059392?s=09 Uri jieuni n her favourite ring?..
  2. Just want to say..LOVE YOU ALL ..and... HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY..
  3. happy posting..this place..our place..is such a beautiful and lovely place..so proud all of you here..thanks for keep posting..and thanks for being so positive all the time..fighting.. 1st anniversary is coming..yeah..can't wait
  4. @silentwind..Really like your writing..can't wait for the next chapter.. love and Thanks to all chingus here..please keep posting..
  5. Yessss.. Really it hurts so badly..When the new Burst out by despatch...I'm sleepless n lost my appetite..Thank God, it's happen to me for just one night n one day only... Kekeke..( so crazy..Why this happened to me).. So..I got my lessons..
  6. You can click at @postnihilism name..N from the profile..You can see symbol of envelope there..N send your msg there..I hope you can understand ..n Sorry i'm not good in English..Hehehe..
  7. He will delete the post on his ig that related with iu..Or not?..Just wondering..erm
  8. Last word, I want to say to JG sii (not last word for our lovely ship...keke)..You are the best FANSERVICE ACTOR EVER..Good job...well done...lol..
  9. I'm with you...kekeke..Sorry for being cruel like this.. Perhaps for just this moment..lol
  10. I don't know..For now n this moment I still here..To read all your thoughts here..N maybe in the future or few days after this day..this ship.. our lovely ship will become abandon ship..Huhu..This thought made me feel so sad..I'll miss you all here..n already miss all of you here..TQ Captain for created this ship..So that we can share our delulu thought..I will come here from time to time..Or maybe till One of them married..Or i don't know till when...heheh..Tq cingu ya..For keep posting here..See ya
  11. N..From this moment or after this I can watch all the JG's new movie or series, especially romcom without heavy heart..Or afraid that he will falling inlove with his new co-star..lol