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  1. Chingu..uri jieun changed her layout..Did she used the same colour before..Purple, pink n black..N JG use pink n purple..Or different colour?
  2. Its OK if JG won't update his IG that related with Valentine day..mayb that could be the best way to avoid the rumours..n both of them can live peacefully.. N myb this is not a right/good time to look obvious or to show to the world that he currently in relationship or in love with someone..heheh.. Let just wait patiently.. JoonU is love
  3. I want to say..that..I clearly see JE others. Letters.. n ..TQ @kilovekyo for ur eagle eyes.. So..if someone say other letter not up to U/them...kekeke..for me its still JE..Sorry.. N..I'm also never going to give up on JoonU.. I'll stay here with u all till t end.. P/s @NerinaC ur writing is so beautiful.. Please keep writing.. N please include me in ur tagging list..
  4. Same thought.. Did they snapped the picture from the same angle?..
  5. Yeay..I'm so happy too...... So, no wonder someone smile so brightly to night..
  6. @akinahana89..captain.. fanfic..I love it..can't wait for next chapter...
  7. @NerinaC..just want to say again..I really love your fanfic..really...
  8. Dear chinggus..all chinggu here whose keep posting a positive n matured thought, opinions, insight.. I'm really appreciated that.. A true loyal shipper..a silent reader who keep coming here..also u all.. This is the best shipper thread ever..from the page 1 till now..n hope in the future will still the same..always... Maybe start from now we will face a real challenges..n a lot of bumper, a storm, n myb no crumb easily come surface infront of us just like before..but I'll stay here with all of u my frens..will keep my Faith in JoonU till the end ( or until......) Please keep posting..cheer up..fighting
  9. Aahhh..I'm Sorry.. Sorry..sorry..because too happy about this news..but l can't help..huhu..I'm not supposed to be like this..but still can't help.. BTW..all the best for both them.( uri jieun n kjh).. N..ofc for uri JG..hehe Yaa..fighting..
  10. But chinggu yaa..Your fanfic also good.. I like it a lot.. Waiting for the update..
  11. Since no more crumb these days..i'll give my little opinion here..please be patience with me..I'm not good in English n also not good in words..kekeke.. I'l try to give my opinion why JG look so different during photoshoots session in July.. I think at that time uri JG has realized his feeling to JE...he fell in love with her..he loves her..( maybe after been away from each other especially during his trip to hawai - he misses her so much..hehe)...he knew that he falling in love with her at that we know (like @starcandy0516 mentioned before)..on July there were a few fan accounts saw JE n kjh at the its gave a meaning that JE still with kjh.(he is a CCTV..maybe he used this skill to find information about JE..hehe).so, as a gentleman, JG don't want ruin others relationship n maybe felt hopeless ( and ofcs he don't know how JE think about him- even though She seems so comfortable with him)..n by that time he knew how n who she is..(loyal an kind hearted person ) he need to do something to decrease or erase his feeling to building a wall between not showing or not giving more attention to,.we can see during fingers talk video, he look so different..not talk to much n look so serious,..but still we can see.., he stole a glance to her a few times.. N..after JE did a' "freedom" thing - cut her hair- he look so happy n no more wall between them (sit so close to her- during last gathering /finale ML airing ) hehehe..pardon me n my delulu thought..
  12. No words can describe my feeling right happy.. This is not crumb..but so huge..big cake..hahaha..I'm full up....but I want some more cake please....JoonU yaa..give me some more
  13. @jetsu just want to say..I love your words.. always..I do respect others opinion.. @NerinaC same with u..from the ML time till right now, till this moment, still IN LOVE WITH THEM..n this love made me blind n in a deny mood..Hihihi.. @simplyme_crazyme so glad u here..please keep posting.. @chi13lou thanks for ur dedication.. Please do tagging me..kekeke.. N JGsii why your hand so fast..the reflex of ur hand so good..never fail to reach jieun hands first..each time u or she won an award...kekeke