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  1. Not sure what KES is thinking but I'll try: (1) Fish-eating: Rather typical of k-dramas, especially of sad ending -- perhaps to soften the impact after a hard blow they deliver into our guts? They did that in Moonlovers Scarlet Heart ... Hae Soo & Wang So are split apart by centuries (literally-speaking), so the last scene was a flash-back of King WS having fun piggy-backing Lady HS -- which left us scratching our heads going "What Gives??!! " Look at it this way: I had to put my cat to sleep -- her death is devastating but I will always remember our great times together. EC caught fish for AS to eat ~ oh so romantic; my cat caught dead mouse for me ~ and freaked me out ... TWICE! Still I miss her and it had been fun. (2) DM's Death: He is already in bad shape, probably never recovered from that injury, only used opium to suppress pain -- death is inevitable, just a question of how. I prefer to believe that the writer chose to take him out in a more glorious way -- DM has some good in him. That said, DM had been ruthless -- killing indiscriminately at times. It cannot go unpunished, so his body is dragged, which is humiliating. Why not fight for Chosun and die honorably? -- that is not the DM we know. Death ... if you are a good guy, hopefully you die with dignity or honor (go down fighting) and bestowed a nice burial; if you are an A-hole, then you die lamely (Mori, LWI) or your body is treated disrespectfully. **************************** In retrospect... * We are optimistic people, we continue to believe there is hope despite all the hints: ~ Sad Ending -- the phrase that keep appearing ~ HN admonishes AS that because she chose to pick up the gun, she has caused harm to 3 men ~ HS carries the burden of his ancestor's cruelty. Chinese believe that among the 3 great sins, the worst is to have no descendants (Chinese thinking has a lot of influence on the Koreans and Japanese) -- HS's death is punishment of their evil deeds ~ EC's repeatedly stated to God that he is willing to exchange his life for AS -- hence EC has willed his LOVE for AS to LIVE * I remember a comment about Star Wars Rogue One: We knew they (the Rebels) would die, but we didn't think they would ALL die !! I guess it's the same with Mr Sunshine ~ AS (a parallel to Princess Leia perhaps) is someone of the future generation and has to be alive to lead. **************************** What more can we ask for EC? A son of Chosun by birth, a naturalized American by choice, an ex-soldier who died bravely and honorably, remembered by many fondly, buried in the foreigners' plot but in Chosun soil. Sad ending it may be, but I grudgingly admit, it did close out appropriately.
  2. Heartbroken. Crying buckets ... even if I knew more will die. I was hoping for at least the 2 leads to fight side-by-side -- towards a brighter future for Chosun. Consoling myself with the fact that finally a great show that I enjoyed after a couple of years and will reminisce the good times with the past episodes. KES fooled me again -- SHEET!
  3. I find it interesting that, loosely translated: (English = Korean) Love = Sarang (sah-rahng) Live = Sara (sah-rah) Both words in either language are so closely-matched -- fun word-play!
  4. Hi @rubie Good to meet again. Thought your profile name looked familiar. Guessing from his conversation with Kyle, I'm thinking EC will stay behind to fight with AS -- he couldn't bear to leave her too, and it's more attuned to KES's style. But hey, surprise me! Dare I hope for another fraternity gathering to provide the last light-hearted moment, even if we do have the pawn brothers and the translator-brethrens. I say this also because I fear DM will be next to go. Only a few hours to go -- so near yet so far away ... I will miss a good show.
  5. @rubie @mistergenie If past shows are any indication: * KES's shows end in mostly dubious, huh? and even weird ways, but rarely (if at all) sad endings. Her past shows usually hint that the male and female protagonists will be together, but I've yet to see one in the typical fairy-tale ... prince & princess got married and they lived happily ever after. I'm OK with that actually, otherwise it's too predictable. * I stopped believing the previews coz I've been fooled so many times before ... HAHA. * Mr Sunshine caught my eye by chance after 2 years of hiatus, and it didn't disappoint. Already at episode 22, I guess I'm spared the torturous weekly wait, especially when they are so good at ending with nail-biting cliffhangers. But then I also missed the discussions and speculations. Funny it was Byun Yo-Han (6 Flying Dragons) and Jin Gu (cameo) who caught my attention, not the famous Lee Byung-Hun. Here's hoping for a good ending ... or at least don't make us scratch out heads
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