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  1. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I can see they're trying to improve something here, and the interface lol I prefer the old one, yeah programming all over again. Hope everything will work right again as soon as possible~
  2. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Lol almost finished ep1, will up-ed sometimes later. The cut was amazing i didn't know(after i compared cutsubbed vers; maybe it was discussed before I haven't done backreading anyways), even the small parts like guhai moving home, bly "barked" at his mom in car, even reading guhai's card name was cut. (If anyone knows the missing translations to this tell me, I will fill it in or i'll just wait from novel then). I'm going on slow pace since i'm doing this alone and for fun haha. *** translation does not belong to me, I just helped re-timed, syncing, and add missing parts (if there is)
  3. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    no worries, I already had back up in my folder just in case (you can find in my profile), currently I'm fixing the soft-subtitle, so that (new)fans get proper stuff than we were before lol
  4. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Once you got the raw download completed, go here for soft subtitle (owner: riri13, note: bedscene not subbed cs they subbed based on cut version I think). If you want HD hardsubbed which is still on-going and I'm not sure where 1-10 were shared (for HD), you can go to this user Johnny & Timmy's office
  5. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I tried to understand what kind of sarcasm or joke is this he put thumbs up lol so ZZ actually asked front desk to heat his chicken or what or to bring the oven into his room (wow, london hotel(?) allowed that) oh well, it has that service apparently but judging from zz's shock emoji, he did not expect too. It's like, he asks for a cap but they gave him crown instead? XD queen ZZ!
  6. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Guess so too, it's not recent as candidates were already on the board. So it was discussed with them the actors personally? but I might be wrong cos I'm not tracking the timeline, tbfrh i'm not really updated with detail stuffs lately heh. Agreed though, I never have thing(s) for remake etc. Anyway, which ever decision ZZ make, jiayou. If ZZ say yes, (if it's not rumor) then JY surely will retreat, he'll do anything for his wife and won't cause trouble anyways. but it'll be good if the producer get PASSED and approved the two lol /let me be selfish for once. we're sure aware of poisons outthere buurghh, shhhh~