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  1. This was an old interview lastyear, I wonder what they were saying starting from 6.10-9.20, anyone knows? previously i watched with subbed but cut in the middle. thanks @psychology92
  2. Yes @1blankstare with bye thailand as caption i guess. I think he deleted bcs he thought it's too much (eventually realise himself lol since he major selfie angle now) or comments. He got time to recheck uh. About ninja turtle, he bid goodnight but online after 1-2 hrs (obviously hubby too) lol Ignore the spoiler, I'll leave it if you want to read. They apparently CHANGED the date to 5/4/2017 /sulks/ edit: just random, zz and jy have same number of "assistants", 1 female, 2 males. the only difference is that, zz's assistants aura feel young, while jy's are adults XD despite their age.
  3. I just realised Timmy deleted his thick lips photo on instagram, anyone has backup? want it haha. I wonder what else he deleted lol zz with candy again but this time... He shared lol lihao rejected
  4. @psychology92 ikr! this cat got unleashed and out of sight only for a few sec caused panicked, can be lost again XD but walk over-confidently. salute zz! @1blankstare just like what psycho said lol my other thought was, jingyu's "tsk" sound (like, he's always thinking how to act the scene) similar to when zz playfully offered him a hand in the field xD then paused and continued to press zz on tummy xD
  5. no worries @abhishikta Well, i guess johnny's too (johnny1107(sp?) and i have question for this one: I feel like making these again. NSFW LOL Focus on ZZ awww thank you @psychology92 all i need is high definition and un-watermark videos Edit: Thanks abhishikta, psychology92 & bearology for answering @psychology92 thanks but tbvh i'm not good with words like the others. i'm more into pictures speaking :3 @abhishikta add that on purpose so that others can read (if taken lol) and have ideas what should do before believing XD
  6. Is there a full show for ZZ's (shanghai was it? & Korea?) concert? cr: tooya2016 I haven't seen this one in here yet or I missed it. It's hilarious, even just by 'reading' the pictures you understand the full story of it. Few hours after I re-posted this, these pictures suddenly deleted or idk. I don't remember. I didn't keep the original images after posting /baka me/ and didn't intend to cut because IG cut ORZ. The expression of these cats really matched theirs caused me to laugh cuz it's imaginable. Good drawing. funny, cute, dork, silly, I just love these words to describe these two. (cute, dork, silly also words they used to describe each other) cr: MZJ - posted in 5th March 2017 Edit: zz, pole dance in front of jy please, not the kid