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  1. yep, that's his dog Bilie/Billy currently in his hometown (dandong), with his fam. So black(?) and white uh? He has yet to decide name for this Bulldog lol he said either local or blue. If im not mistaken, he said "blue sounds dull"(?), I wonder if he go for LOCAL already haha EDIT:
  2. I don't mind, no worries @bearology and yes, quoting from what you said ^ those with account (weibo) need to careful when posting there, that we know our fandom we're into is sensitive fufufu
  3. I'm sorry for giving wrong info ^^" This is Chi-subbed version. Hope Eng sub will be release soon <3 I will just highlight one of important rule: Re-post is prohibited (meaning no re-upload in any stream sites form or social media) I tried not to direct the download link here although it's not mention so, go to this account (hope you can see it) and you'll find the download link there within the account.
  4. This is not new, most of you probably know, but, who doesn't, just a little bit info, you can get to lurk from super topics (that bearo mentioned) without the need to create an account:
  5. "Recharge!" Pikachu Raichu. Feels like a secret code for us, to be stronger like two of them. The least I could think of don't mind me. I've been wanting to see his Billie's partner! Thanks Bearo, ugh HAIR! no cap (I like it tbh) I like the photo being blurred like that, especially from fan, protecting JY's privacy, his Me-Time. I also read that when one of the fans encountered JY with Liu Zheng that night, one fan asked this fan "didn't ask for signature?" and this fan replied "no, I didn't want to disturb" I think I'll do the same if I'm in her place :') Lucky fans /hearts/
  6. continuation of @psychology92's thread. Johnny was spotted shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch, Nanjing West, Shanghai cr:蒙娜丽莎眼中的米开朗琪罗 cr:鲸鱼卖个萌 hope he attend an event before leaving, want to see his onion head (sorry i called it that/hides) Want to add this because it's hilarious and hard work, oh meow cr:红丸子绿丸子都是丸子
  7. Credit to the right owner @bearology was it sophiaxin? should've known. would like to see his worn out face during exercise lol those ninjas must have enable every push notifications connected to YZ. ACE!
  8. Timmy commented on his post after he posted the picture: timmyxu 肉松青团~ (meat what? brooks meat? google translate lol) cos fans was curious what he ate i guess XD
  9. wow @psychology92 no coincidence, recently i stalked ray (jy's close friend) following Shila Amzah. No related again, just my fate cross this fufufu wondering why everything connect. Lol random again.