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  1. @crystalclear18 no problem, i'm glad helpingand true, there's some bts that are separated from the video, like when zz boxing jy, both were in bathrobe (had it in my download folder, small size/part only), scattered lol i still silently hoping the release of manmanzou making, but maybe just my dream. Anyway, for affection, thanks, now i understand the context Many theories in mind about Nash, but I'll just shut up. So this is little huang that he wanted to bring home
  2. kitty baby is happy and having fun! His bruise still obvious haha caption 开心的一天 (wide smile) 那个小黄人, 我想把它抱回家 (sleep) a happy day That little yellow I want to take it home *that little yellow is minion, apart from pikachu, he also adores minion. Cr. 许魏洲ZZ edit: Literally heavy images under spoiler Cr. 粥刊话报
  3. Posted by Lihao: Make your own breakfast~ (meow: I can cook too!) nah~ sausage is easy, keep it up! ZZ XD @psychology92 tbvh, i no longer see any similar posts as coincidence. but they did on purpose, for us, cpf fans these are one of those little present can they give us study, cooking what else?
  4. @crystalclear18 I will put main shangyin folder to my profile in this forum, you can check it there and bookmark if you want to download anytime. Still in progress for uploading some files. But for thai version here, is already completed.
  5. @crystalclear18I forgot to mention, tencent has official YT account, just in case if they upload full show there I read somewhere the content of dvd are the same *i want more though*, it's just that there's extra items, the special box, original script of drama lol & sticker? Not sure. Hahaha yeah his/her name was all over weibo as that's the main source of thai bts that time XDD I think there's a brief trans of the girl post, but i dont remember who, maybe 008 but nvm, someone will explain it later. I'll only pick interesting part, she thought jy was a singer but only to find out that he's not a singer but an actor! From then on, she keeps updating news about JY by creating weibo since 10/4/2017 Poor girl, she's sick(?) and wrote that long message for jy :'-) and JY replied with the Sun reminds me of the "Sun", im so irrelevant.
  6. I can't edit previous post otl, here an extra: So, bigger names also coming to the same event as ZZ in USA later, im not sure how to stream tencent, but how about we go to YT and go to LIVE section on the date and time of event started? hopefully it has ^^" either from tencent or any usa stream lol
  7. @crystalclear18 Yes, even the one that he sang on Changba and uploaded to YT, also got removed. I know this because I used some of the links at my blog, and when I checked, it's said removed sigh. So I'm not surprised if 90% solid videos coming from the company will be removed, not to mention the subbed one as well (but so far subbed one are safe no worries) but be sure to have backup. Once again, that's uncle youtube. Btw i've heard hjt present song for jy. i like it. did we have fan song for zz? If yes, i want to listen but where is it. XD