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  1. It's now licensed by Viki, since they upload all the 24 episodes at the same time, it's gonna take them a while to make all the subs though...
  2. When I heard they were going to make a drama out of this wonderful movie, I was so excited ! Seeing the leads, I'm even more excited ! Hehehe
  3. @marykarmelina wow, you've been quick in opening a thread for this drama, nice ! Thank you. ^-^ I'm truly wondering how will these two chemistry is going to be ? Can't wait to see !
  4. moreenke

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    I'm quite anticipating this drama, don't know why, lol ! Anyway, I'm really glad to see the lead, finally as lead ! hehehe ^v^
  5. moreenke

    [Drama 2018] Radio Romance 라디오 로맨스

    @godhunters thanks for the preview ! So it seems it seems Ra Ra Hui is gonna cause trouble again saying Song Geu Rim dating Ji Soo Ho for career purpose. She always thinks the wrong way, as if everybody is twisted like her. And her useless ex-husband PD, well... Glad we'll get more OTP lovey dovey moment ! ^^ Oh, and looks like Jason was the one sending the notes about JSH being a muderer ? Hope not, or he better had good reasons.
  6. You're right, because I was seeing him the same way too but he indeed looks more confident and relax than before and well, as we can see, exit cutie puppyish boy welcome to our new favorite swoony guy ! hehehe Right now, JSM doesn't think OG doesn't love her. I don't believe it at all. She's not 100% sure he does because of the bracelet but I'm certain she knows or, if you prefer feel he loves her. Love is not just "I love you" it shows also through actions, and OG's actions when he first had the GGG and now are not the same anymore since quite a few episodes. First of all, he's not saying his famous "Because I love you" while showing the bracelet. Saying he's the way he is with her because of the GGG to me, sounds like her rassuring herself that when things will go awry, he won't be affected and suffer in the end because it's all fake. (recall the sadness she saw on the Heron). But most important, I personally, absolutely don't see how she forced him to intimacy. When she kissed him in the library, he is the one who kissed her back, I can't picture him doing that at the beginning, instead he hated being associate with her. Let's say then, there were no way for him to avoid the kiss and because of the feelings the GGG gives him, he kissed her back. Then when he kissed her several times in her office when she was pondring about marriage with Han Joo, was it him forcing intimacy onto her ? And him willing to marry her, can a bracelet, however powerful it may be, can really make you propose to someone ? After all that, of course she knows it's not just the GGG that make him act this way. And well, no matter how I was blind by their hotness last ep, for having view the last scene lord knows how many times, they were agrement between two adults knowing what they were walking into. Did you miss all those passages in the middle of the drama when JSM was telling him things were dangerous for her because, though he loves her because of the GGG, that's not her case, if she loves him it's real, so she was being careful around him and was never letting him stay at her place ? I agree, officially she doesn't know his feelings are genuine (since she doesn't know for the GGG being story) but unofficially she does ! And to say that she forced him, like abusing of his feelings for her, I can't agree. It's not like she brainwashed him and he can't leave her at all. He told her first "The great sage SOG loves human JSM", the way he said it, no one would believe it's because of the bracelet. Anyway, let's say we all have different views and perspectives of one thing. Though, when it comes to dramas, there are some where you feel like feelings of one are forced onto the other, but to me it's so not the case in this one. It's actually one of the reason why I like this drama.
  7. Hahaha, I'm wondering the same too! I like him as an actor since a while now, but I never found him this hot! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's ugly, to each their own. But I must admit that I saw him in a new light with this drama, like I'm discovering him all over again and I love that ! He brings out a certain charisma with this role that I never saw in him before. ^^
  8. Hahaha, so I'm not the only one refreshing again and again desperately! ><
  9. Sorry to cut your post. So he kept the GGG on means, if she ever tried to do like when she took ASN's place, it won't work. She doesn't like him being hurt, she'll rather die than him, but it's the same for him. So if she tries to sacrifice, he won't let her do and suffer from the pain the GGG give since he'll disobey her. But she won't bare watching him suffer so she'll stop trying to do something that'll get her killed. Right ? Well, it's a possibility...
  10. moreenke

    [Drama 2018] Mystery Queen 2 추리의 여왕 2

    There's so much in this video ! D-2 ! Seems like we might get to the bottom of the Seo Hyun Soo case. The way we saw her alive at the end of season 1 let me with so many questions. Hope I'll get all my answers. And, maybe I don't see correctly (or my eyes see what they want, lol) but it looks like at some point our leads will live together... It's too soon to tell, I know but well hope keeps people alive. Hehehe And we'll get some romance between them, the ending of the video is too explicit, no ? I mean, at a moment they're eating ramyeon together like Lady and the Tramp (I so can't wait to see this scene and its ending ! Hahaha), and at the end he askes her if she's not hungry and she tells him "Let's go quickly. I'll cook you something good". Will she know how to cook now ? He doesn't seem reluctant to her offer, unlike in season 1. Ah, last days of waiting, we're almost there ! Can't wait to see what this new season got in store for us !
  11. Attemp of translation : MW : It was you. (?)(he talks to the demon but don't understand clearly what he said, sorry) Go away ! (He stops) JSM : (?) (she says a sentence about the demon) What's wrong ? MW : I feel an energy similar to mine coming from this demon. (the demon gets up and our monkey OG shows up to take care of him !) MW : Wait. Don't get rid of him. I have something to confirm. SOG : MW, get yourself together. (OG get rid of the demon) MW : I told you to don't do that. SOG : I told you to get it together ! It can't be your son ! It's ASN's joke. What are you going to do by keeping him ? (?) MW : She (maybe they, if he refers to the heavenly realm) made a fool out of me (MW goes see SBR) SBR : Ma Wang. MW : I can't handle it anymore (?), say the truth. What happened with my son ? (he raises his umbrella) If you don't talk, I'll kill you. Whether you're a god or whatever. I will kill you. SBR : Don't do that. MW : Speak ! (SBR turns his head) Fine, I'll kill you then. I put this (?) next to what I didn't know. I don't speak korean so everything may not be accurate but it's not completely wrong. ^^
  12. Seems like SJ is looking for a demon with Secretary Ma. Don't understand everything but Oh Gong understood ASN little plan and looks like he's telling her to keep on going, he'll make so it backfires at her...
  13. My man is back in dramaland ! Yeah ! Can't wait to get more infos on the plot and everything, lol.