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  1. top keeping up with the title of the main visual of BB! GTOP keeping their thrones as BB's visuals! although huffington posted it and i would have wanted it to be somewhere else... it's an SJW site
  2. haha yeah well that's right!
  3. LOL well you're still closer than SK!
  4. GD IS IN MY COUNTRY!!!!! i know he's nowhere near me but at least he's a bit closer!
  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY THE PAINTED NAILS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!! i thought they were gone.....
  6. i'm crying right now...i need to see GD in painted nails again!
  7. i freaking LOVED this fashion show look! one of his best moments! thanks for sharing! also that smile at the end...who can't fall for that! @moniw18 YES orangji is utterly so beautiful, bless! while black GD is dangerous....
  8. @moniw18DON'T LOOK AT THE FANCAM!!!! I FOUND A HD LINK make an account and look for the videos under "special video", enjoy^^
  9. @moniw18 I'M SORRY I WILL TOTALLY GIVE A WARNING NEXT TIME I PROMISE!!! i'm NOT kidding at all, there was one time when someone posted a GD pic (the one i used in the article recently) and i literally jumped, his stare was so piercing! i really would have wanted a warning for that but GIRL my reaction was like you! my heart was beating so fast out of nowhere and i couldn't stop staring at them! and LOOOOOOOL YOU THOUGHT THEY WERE CHAINS CRYING GIRL I'M DYING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but i guess a bit hotter lol! good thing it WASN'T, you probably would have died! but yes his breathing, the breathing, the BREATHING!!!!! SOOO HOOT IYJGTDGDRGGVNJUYGTUH i thought it was from loser because it looks a lot like the MV. but even though i haven't seen it in a while i SWORE i don't remember this scene AT ALL. so because i knew at least that i begged my friends to tell me where it's from. it's from the made tour trailer and i found it but there's no HD version of it (at least i couldn't find it) so i had to watch a fancam of it. here it is: OMG THERE IS AN HD VERSION OF OF IT FOR SOME STUPID REASON I'M SO DUMB I HATE MYSELF!!! anyway...YOU can watch the HD version! because there's a video, i can make bigger gifs if you want! the one thing i noticed about the gifs is that they're hugely edited, but i like the gif edit much better. you'll see what i mean. also, HUGE respect to YG for letting this happen. i may not respect him personally but WOW, BB really is king! they really are so different from the rest! EDIT: no, this isn't the full trailer with hot GD, here it is. still a fancam
  10. OMG he's so perfect, he looks so beautiful in the second pic ;_; healthy/weighty jiyong is missed ;_____; cracked up when i heard his attempt to meow LOL @moniw18true, GD's past fashion is better than the current one, but at least we understand this baggy unappealing fashion. from the pictures above he's still pretty rail thin so there's no way he can wear any fitting clothes without looking really sick. we can only hope he looks better when the concert starts next 10th! he'll definitely need the energy! speaking of mad sex appeal...i just saw this last night and flew into a frenzy!!! IT'S GD IN ALL BLACK!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG HE'S SO FREAKING SEXY I CAN'T LOOK AT THOSE HOT AF LEGS IN THOSE PANTS AND HIS CHEST IN THE GAP OF HIS SHIRT!!! EBEN WHEN HE'S BREATHING LIKE IN THE FIRST GIF IT'S SO HOT!!!!! IT'S OFFICIAL GD CAN'T WEAR THIS STYLE ANYMORE BECAUSE IT WILL GIVE FANGIRLS HEART ATTACKS!!!!!
  11. i knooooow, i love it when he's effortlessly cool like that (plus those lips)! he's not even doing any fanservice or anything, he's just so cool! and this is sort of random but you see his bracelets? i love it when he wears bracelets in interviews because there's this particular "sound" that happens whenever he moves his hands, and they jingle so pleasantly. i remember he said before that he noticed he uses his hands a lot when he talks so he took advantage of that and made something of it. if I ever meet him i hope i get to hear that particular jingle
  12. good for you!!!!^^
  13. GD's pretty lips part 2
  14. this cute little bunny, he can't look at his own commercials @moniw18 you know you could just search in up in the thread. where the magnifying glass is, try to remember any word you read and put it in. i tried it once an thought it would be cruddy because most forum searches don't work or don't work well, but this is the best i've used. YAAAAAAAAAS i know it's pretty much confirmed! which makes me wonder again, was he painting them for this exact reason???? i don't think we'll ever know the real truth XP either way good job GD! LOOOOOOOL DIDN'T SEE THIS
  15. he's coming to mexico too!