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  1. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    those thighs....
  2. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

  3. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    always a pretty darling <3 <3
  4. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    those fanarts are so adorable!!!!
  5. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    all this love jiyong is recieving, plus his sister's loving message. this is so beautiful
  6. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    i just had a thought...is the cafe a way to still be with him while he's away? if so that's sweet
  7. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    haha so cute..
  8. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    i see those nails jiyong! so pretty aw brothers : ) "g dragon doesn't make his music!!!1111!" i miss his white hair so much uggggh ;_;
  9. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    i'm about to cry....so much love
  10. Les Twins Thread

    i will post more later but i just wanted to share laurent and his beautiful sister < 3 < 3 link:https://kriscoko.tumblr.com/post/170125465114/laurent-putting-on-a-puppy-face-for-his-big-sister she's gorgeous is she not?^^ my mother noticed that lau's GFs (well more like the women he takes interest in) look very similar to his sister, he must unconsciously choose women who look like his sister because he considers her his type! so cute^^
  11. Les Twins Thread

    the mogul minute interview (2014): Magnificent, influential, zealous, and unique are a few words that describe Les Twins. These two internationally known brothers have traveled the world blazing stage after stage with their breath taking, eye-caching, mind-blowing, must-see, performance. There is no doubt that Larry & Laurent have been given a special talent for the world's enjoyment. When Les Twins are not on tour with superstarBeyonce they teach workshops around the globe. I attended their Philly workshop at I Am Phresh Dance Academy where dancer/entrepreneur/leader/educator Smart Mark Aka "Phresh" and his beautiful wife Shanika Boston are the owners. Les Twins uplifted, Inspired, and motivated the students. The students received fantastic instruction as the students were taught simultaneously . The brothers taught brilliant dance moves and emphasized how important it is to feel the music and express those feelings with your body. The arua of Les Twins is captivating. It was mesmerizing to see them perform live .Les Twins Are So Humble And They Love Their Fans. They Are So Kind And Their Heart's Are As Large As Their Talent. 1.) The Mogul Girl : Larry, what would be you ultimate holiday? Where would you celebrate it? With whom? What Colors Would They Wear? Larry : It would be the real christmas. I would celebrate it with my best friend from New York. My best friend from Vegas. My family, my crew, and my brothers and sisters altogether at the same time. I would love to show them somewhere new , I think Japan. That's a great question I like that . Everyone would wear khaki and green. 2.) The Mogul Girl : Laurent, If You Could Be In Any Two Music Videos From The Past Which Two Would They Be? Laurent : You have real beautiful questions. Destiny's Child "Say My Name" and Beyonce's "I'm Here". There's a Dr.Dre video featuring Snoop Dogg in which Eminem appears for the first time, I wouldn't want to be in the video, but the experience would be the best. My brother and I appreciate people who work hard like us. 3.) The Mogul Girl : Larry & Laurent, You Guys Get To Travel The World And Do What You Love, What Does That Feel Like? Larry : My body is really tired. We try to be the best for our fans. Everyone gets to see us put on a good show but they don't see everything that goes on behind the scenes . If Something happens in my life, I show my fans and share my story so that they can know I'm just like them, and I have problems too. Laurent : I have to show my fans that if they get tired and are low energy then I'll get tired. So I have to boost my fans up because I love and respect them and they came to see me. Larry: My Mom said "If you feel dance looks like a job, we would quit". We dance because we love it! 4.) The Mogul Girl : What's Three Things About You Guys That Nobody Knows? Larry : I think it is good to have things people don't know. I think we all have secrets and it's better like that. I was poor and actually happy to be poor. I have only my mom. My mom has been really great. I love her so much. And I've watched her fight for so many babies. I think my story has a lot of secrets. Laurent: Mom has been fighting a long time for all our brothers and sisters and us since we're the last babies. Larry: I definitely know what a soldier is our mom is soldier. It was my pleasure to have met and interviewed you. link:http://www.themogulminute.com/the-mogul-girl/the-mogul-minute-the-les-twins-are-dance-royalty-interview also dead in the first pic i thought larry was laurent until i saw actual laurent lmao.
  12. Les Twins Thread

    another one (when they were very young)^^ TO UNDERSTAND THE INTERVIEW READ THE SPOILER Interviewer: So tell me who you guys are! Larry: I think my brother will do it because I didn't really get it. Go ahead! Laurent: (to Larry) Oh my god. You're terrible. (to interviewer) So Larry, Laurent, nice to meet you. Les Twins, Criminalz. Criminalz is our crew. Les twins: it is me and my twin, of course. I started dance at 5 years old because in my family everybody dance. I have eighteen brothers and sisters; for really, nine brothers and sisters and just my mom. I don't have the daddy. (whispers) He's gone. (laughter) So I started dance at 5 years old and I really found my own style at 9 years. Because I saw all the guys dance and... I not feel him. I dance like my sister. I have one sister, she doesn't dance. Um, so you understand me? She not dance. She stands up in a room... (dances)... and goes crazy like that. And I love that. When I dance, I dance like her. Like a cartoon too. He's my favorite cartoon. Like Tiny Toons (French cartoon). It's him. Interviewer: Where did you have your first battle dance? Laurent: The first battle dance was in Paris. No, in Sarcelles. It's my city, it's like Detroit or Brooklyn. Larry: Or Paris. Laurent: It's not in Paris, it's.... but it is close, it's the same. So yes, it was there, in my city. All the guys wanted to beat me in dance. Because I was little, like this, a big afro, and....cute...? Larry: A little bit cute! (laughter) Laurent: And I danced not like everybody, so guys would confront me and battle me. Because all the girls were saying "oh, the twins are good, oh my GOD...(French)". The girls were a real problem for the guys. Larry: Yeah. Laurent: ....(laughter) I am sorry, excuse me. So, my first battle started like that. One day boys came after me when I was finished with school. And he say, "Okay, dance against me right now." The guy was tall like that (gesture), and I was in middle school with my big sister. I was like.... nine years old....no. Yes! I was nine years-- Larry: Ten Laurent: Yes, ten. Ohh, it is the same! So I was ten years old and the guy was like, seventeen. He wanted to dance with me, battle me. So he danced... and I danced too! And after that...! Larry: Oh. My. God! ... (In French) What happened is that a wave of jealousy came. Everybody hated us. Jealousy everywhere. And not only in Sarcelles. Laurent: (snorts at the fact that Larry's not speaking English) Larry: What? (more French) Interviewer: It's okay, you can speak french! Larry: (continues in French) (twin joke moment) Interviewer: Do me a favor. Um, can you ask him if--and he can speak in French--what does he like best about dancing? (twin interaction) Larry: (In French) So we are champion of the world since one month already it's called the Juste Debout 2011 it was the biggest Juste Debout ever. It was from the United States to Japan. It's the equivalent of the Olympics for hip hop. It was amazing and I think we were the only one, as many people said as Bruce (Ykanji), to have win the battle in Japan and the final battle in Bercy (Paris). We won over 353 dancers. It is enjoyable. After that you feel good. For sure. Interviewer: How do you describe your style? Laurent: My style? One style? Interviewer: How do you describe your style as a group? Laurent: Um... Criminalz? Interviewer: Yes. Larry: DUH. Interviewer: And what makes you stand--describe your style and what makes you stand out above all other dance teams? Interviewer: Describe your style and what makes you stand out above all other dance teams. Laurent: There is no casting. First, our crew is a Bboying crew for breakers they dance on the floor. And there is only two hip hop dancers, and that's me and my twin. And so I take the guys--they never danced in their life--I take them and say, "Do you want to dance?" I said, okay, I teach them. And today my crew is the number one worldwide. Members of Criminalz Crew dance like Stretch their dances and moves are really... really special. Interviewer: (to Larry) Now answer that same question in French. Larry: So all the guys in the crew were Breakers, so they all danced on the floor. And there were few that were good at dancing while standing up. When we arrived in the crew we were just two twins among the breakers. And we said to five breakers, you, you , you and you. Do you want to learn hip hop? So they agreed, and there is one who really managed to go to the next level. He creates his own style. His name is Speedylegs. We taught him dance and he learned so fast that we were able to move on to teach the other dancers. So we took care of Lil' Regie, Devron and all his family, Diablo--he's from southern France. We really have good boys. Diablo came to our crew because he was admirative of the atmosphere in the crew, and liked us. And we kept our crown, meaning that they appreciate us the same way knowing that we took care of them. And today we are here, and it's awesome, but we have a personal coach who is Abibou... Laurent: Kebe. (Abibou's last name) Larry: Kebe. Laurent: He's Senegalese. Larry: Playmo. Laurent: Playmo. He's our real coach. And a little girl, Laura whom is in our crew and she's magical. Interviewer: Right. So, next question. How has it been, traveling the world? You're from a small town in France. Now, you travel the entire world, dancing, battling. What has it been like, the drastic change in your life? How great has it been, how fun has it been? Pretty broad question, but you can answer in French. Laurent: Yes. Um.... (in French) So it's started by word of mouth. We just stayed in Sarcelles. I live in a city close to Paris and there everybody thinks like... Let's take Harlem for example. Imagine that the people in Harlem think that all there is to the world is Harlem. (in English) I can't say it in English. I'll try. Interviewer: Ok. Laurent: I live in a city close to Pari. In my little city, they stay like... I don't know. They stay all together, like... Ok, so for example, like in Harlem. Now imagine all those people there thinks that the world stop at the metro. I don't think like that. Our brothers and sisters said to us, "You can go. Somewhere else, everywhere." And I said, "Ok." I wanted it to be my story. My real story, twin style. I wanted to take the guys, but the guys didn't want to go with me. I just had my twin. My twin...uh. Me, I stopped school at 15. And him (Larry), he was in school for the kitchen...in the restaurants (Larry was in culinary school). He's good! So I, "Fine, you have to stop, and come with me." And he had courage with me (he trusted me) to go. So we went first to the South of France, Italy, Spain. And after that people started talking about us. I beat all the guys in dance. In Paris... I won't say the names, because... it's not nice for him. Larry: (In French) So to resume, because our dance was cleaner than before, we improved in a certain way. So we just had an ascension. Laurent: (in French) At thirteen years old we started to dance for some artists. At fourteen we did our first musical comedy. At seventeen we already had our own imagination and we directed ourselves artistically. We had a coach who was always there to motivate us. And he was making sure that we were straight and that we were down to earth. Larry: We had several friends before it all. Now we only have two, real friends. Only two. Except our coach and, in United States, Bobby, we don't have real friends. Laurent: Because of that, it's easy for us to just up and go everywhere we want, anytime and for an unlimited time. It is not that we don't care. We do our lives. So many people tried to make it difficult for us. And they succeeded because today, I am good, Thanks to god. But I could have been way further, a long time ago. And today because of Bobby, LesTwinsOnline and Next Agency, we go everywhere and our life is more fulfilled. And today, we finally see the life we deserve with the talent that our mom gave us. Interviewer: What makes your style so fresh and so new? Laurent: Here is an example: Everybody wants to dance differently, no one else. People want to have a really special style that's all their own. It's because you want to dance with a style that's really special... like everybody. And at the end, because everybody is looking for the same special thing, everyone ends up dancing the same way. And me, I don't care about that - I just move the way I feel and I the way I want to dance. And I dance. And today, I don't dance like everybody. Because I don't want to dance like, "really special." I dance with my twins 24 hours. And when I go out and I see all the guys dance, they dance not like me. And I watch the next guy, and they dance not like me, too. But it's the same; like they're twins. And the next guys... same, too. And I think, "oh my god, it's a nightmare." When I dance, I stay in my room and I dance just 24 hours. Every time. Larry: He's my mirror. Interviewer: What is the best thing about dancing as brothers? Think about dancing in a group where you guys are brothers. What's the best thing about the brother relationship in your group? What's the best element? The best thing? What makes it great for you? What makes it a great team? What makes it better? Uh... what gives you an edge over anyone else? Twins: ... What's the question? Camera woman: (explains the question in French) Twins: OHHH! (a little more elaboration) Laurent: Just imagine you're a dancer. You dance not like everybody, and you have a crew. And you say to your crew, and you say to your crew, "Please, come with me. I want to go to Paris right now, see all the guys dance. Not like me, not like you, etc etc." And the guys don't want to go. No one will go with you. And you say, "Ok, you don't want to go? Then I'll go." ... And you go, and then you come back. "Hey, guys! You see me. Bye!" Just like that. So-- Larry: (to Laurent, in French) Laurent: (to Larry) Yes. It's the same. Larry: No... (speaks in French) Laurent: .... And... (Anyway.) Larry: (chuckles) Laurent: The guys also had school. And me, I stopped my school. I am not a good example. I stopped my school for dance because I was really sure dance was my life. And I took my twin, but he wanted to stay in school. My mom too, she wanted him to stay in school. Larry: No. Larry: Yeah. I took you with me. Larry: No, no, no. Laurent: Oh my god (twins joke in French) Larry: (in French) It is an advantage to dance with a twin. There are plenty of dancers who would love to get the connection we have, and to feel his or her partner without looking at them; to have a better connection. But this is something you don't have to work on. It is supposed to be there from the beginning, since the day you ask them to be your dance partner. We don't work on our connection. We were together in our mom's belly, meaning that it's more than "natural," more than a desire. I know in advance what he will do. Sometimes he'll impress me. And it will upset me a lot more than if somebody else did it, because he did something I never thought he could do. In the end I'll work to be better than him and will improve. Then he'll be upset, so he will do the same, and so on. It's more interesting to have a twin, because it seriously motivates you. (there's a transition, but for the record, the interviewer had asked, "What do you guys look forward to in this journey? What do you guys want?") Larry: (In French) I would be really excited knowing that working here in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and in Hollywood is a regular thing for me. Because I dance for me and my brother - but there is also somebody there behind us: our mother. She wants to see that dance is a real job for us. And I think we've proven this to her. It's our dream, not hers - we brought her to Miami and we saw what this all meant to her. I want it to keep going. Laurent: And to other people it might seem like nothing, but for us it's a big thing. But what I personally wish for, it's... Larry: To meet Will Smith! Laurent: Okay, Will Smith, why not? Is there anything in specific that you want? To be in movies, shows...? Laurent: Our first dream was that people, all over the world, would discover us and our art. For example, you could pick out anybody on the street and ask "who is your favorite dancer?" and automatically they'll think "Les Twins", whether they loves us or not. Our wish is that we'd be the first name to pop up in people's minds. And now that we've accomplished this, we want to do bigger things; movies, tours, TV shows. And we'll never give up dance, showing people on a green screen or whatever ... who we are. link:https://lestwins-daily.livejournal.com/3297.html
  13. Les Twins Thread

    hi so i'm going to share some interviews!^^ B-Boying twins They started in the streets, but now they have a name on TV and theatre The most famous hip-hop twins made it from the streets to theatre (in Paris they are on stage at the Trévise which has staged a show especially for them), television and at the prestigious Avignon Festival where their performances in 2007 were sold out every night. Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, the so-called "Les Twins", are just twenty-two years old and have received a number of awards in dance competitions throughout the world, from San Francisco to Moscow. They began dancing when very young; in fact, they love jokingly to say they were already dancing when in their mother's womb. Many dancers were born to that family, but only the twins reached a professional level. "Our mother is starting to take our career seriously, but only now", says an amused Laurent. Their mother was crucial to their artistic path, dispensing warmth, humor, and energy. When they are not travelling the world, the two continue to live with her in Sarcelles, in the suburbs of Paris, an area of "great inspiration" for the two youngsters. Their style is immediately recognizable, thanks to certain very personal details: trousers which are always worn in reverse, scarves, elbow pads and kneepads. link:http://www.vogue.it/en/uomo-vogue/people-stars/2010/11/b-boying-twins#ad-image45331
  14. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

  15. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    oh wow he doesn't look too thin here!