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  1. 22 Of The Most Popular Hallyu Celebs In China Revealed Media site Top Star News recently did a study to see which Korean stars were the most popular in China during the last two months. By checking Weibo hashtags views, the site was able to compile a list of 22 Hallyu stars who had hashtag views that exceeded over 1 billion. Check out the full list below! EXO’s Lay EXO’s Sehun EXO’s Chanyeol GOT7’s Jackson EXO’s Baekhyun Hwang Chi Yeol Nam Joo Hyuk BTS’s Jungkook f(x)’s Victoria BTS BIGBANG’s G-Dragon EXO BIGBANG BTS’s V Lee Min Ho Gong Yoo Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon GOT7 Girls’ Generation’s YoonA JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Girls’ Generation Song Joong Ki Based on the list, groups like EXO and BIGBANG continue to be popular in China. Meanwhile, EXO member Lay came out on top with 10 billion hashtag views and inquiries. Jo Se Ho Meets G-Dragon At A Pop-Up Shop And Shares A Photo Jo Se Ho and G-Dragon look happy to bump into each other! On March 25, the comedian wrote on his Instagram, “I saw G-Dragon today at a Nike Air Max pop-up shop,” along with a hashtag saying, “I’m shorter but my head is bigger.” Jo Se Ho uploaded a shot of with G-Dragon, where he wears a cheery grin while the rapper naturally rests his arm around his shoulder. Although in casual wear, G-Dragon’s distinctive sense of style shows through the photo, as he sports a bucket hat and painted nails. That sure is a star-studded pop-up shop!
  2. MY BABY FEATURED ON A LEGIT UNIVERSAL COMMERCIAL!!!!!! king, his fame just refuses to go down : ') if i see this on my TV i will legit die.
  3. aw his waist is so cute and small DYIIIIIIIIING OMG JIYONG PLEASE STOP
  4. The Reason IU and G-Dragon Are The Most Successful Young Artists Of K-Pop A post from an online community portal has outlined the reasons as to why G-Dragon and IU are the most successful celebrities of their age. IU and BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon are two very young idols who have incredible success and have turned their names into a brand as individuals. One netizen from an online community portal decided to provide a summary explaining what made these two idols so successful. G-Dragon showed his genius composition skills at the mere age of 19 when he composed and wrote BIGBANG’s “Lie”, which catapulted the group’s popularity with its addictive melody. In 2009, G-Dragon’s first solo album Heartbreaker made history, being the first ever album to have all of its songs take up the top spots on multiple music charts in Korea. Furthermore, some of his social media postings have proven time and time again that he is incredibly wealthy, owning a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 that costs at least $575 million, a Richard Mille watch that costs over $129,000 USD, and riding private jets to and from some of his schedules. G-Dragon is also considered of Korea’s trendiest celebrities, as he has started several national fashion trends. He has also recently founded his own fashion brand, peaceminusone, and almost all of his products are always sold out, proving again that G-Dragon’s influence in fashion and music are too big to ignore. Almost every item at the peaceminusone website is sold out. IU debuted in 2008 at the young age of 15, not as an idol, but as a solo artist, with “Lost Child” before gaining popularity with her incredibly popular song “Marshmellow” the following year. Soon, fans realized that IU was writing and composing all of her songs, and this established her reputation as a truly skilled and talented singer-songwriter. From then, each of IU’s songs became hits as soon as they were released, and people everywhere began anticipating IU’s future songs, trusting that they were going to be loved by fans of all ages and of all backgrounds. Her songs from her albums have also dominated the music charts by taking up all of the top spots upon their release. IU's songs from her album Modern Times dominated the top spots in 9 music charts. IU has also been establishing herself as a highly talented actress, as she has been starring in several dramas that have reached high viewership ratings, such as Dream High and Producer, showing that she has amazing potential to do anything in the entertainment industry. With both IU’s and G-Dragon’s incredible achievements and milestones throughout their career, it’s no wonder the two are Korea’s two most successful celebrities in their age range.
  5. ok so when is GD's first page going to get updated? it hasn't been touched in a long time. i really respect this thread for being around since day 1 of jiyong's solo, but it's still so outdated. even if the OP is gone, mods can change the post right? is there any way to edit it?
  6. he and his hair are so beautiful in the first one...and his legs are gorgeous in the second one...and he was so good looking in the third one i didn't even recognize him! if you are disappointed/taken aback/surprised top ranked higher...then you need to get used to it fast lol. he IS the visual you know, don't take that away from him! i understand though, i really do haha. but you should be grateful actually, he would NEVER make these type of lists just months ago. he would usually make lists of "inspirational idols" or "top idols with stage performance presence", etc. but very recently he makes lists with male idol looks right along with top, but he's always a couple notches down. just be happy he's there at all, both of them deserve it. they are so very gorgeous ; ) and yeah i know, the other site i'm at, the fans are thinking they are real, but i'm more inclined to think they're fake aha. he bites them so low it even made me admire how he did it. if he did quit then it's all good just the same lol. sorry! i haven't watched it yet because the site is really icky to me today. i'll try to find some time later.
  7. instead of advertising the shoe i feel like GD is proudly showing nail biters (like me) that it is possible to quit
  8. GD made it to the top ten most beautiful male faces of 2016 voted by France # 1 V [BTS] (104 answers - 12.22%) # 2 Jung Kook [BTS] (79 responses - 9.28%) # 3 Lee Jong Suk (75 responses - 8.81%) No. 4 TOP (53 responses - 6.23%) # 5 Ji Chang Wook (51 responses - 5.99%) # 6 SUGA [BTS] (46 responses - 5.41%) # 7 G-DRAGON (46 responses - 5.41%) # 8 Song Joong Ki (42 responses - 4.94%) # 9 Park Bo Gum (41 responses - 4.82%) # 10 L [INFINITE] (40 responses - 4.7%)
  9. ugh if only this was his fashion now.....:') no i haven't seen that fancam. i don't look at them much unless someone suggests one to me, so i'll watch it. you don't need to credit YT vids i believe btw. -------------------- this is what i'm talking about when i say i love GD's singing. it sounds... innocent? pure? it's really gentle to the ears and soft, i like it.
  10. i'm nervous too! SO nervous. on the other site i'm at his fans have this blind faith and here i am just being afraid >.< and of COURSE he will have MVs. if dae can have them, why not the leader? that's the one thing i am excited and not nervous for. we need some new GD gif content ;_; i like his singing as well, but not as you like it. i'll explain later.
  11. “G-DRAGON is now working hard”… YG’s full line-up for the first half of this year While BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON has emerged as a hot issue because of rumors about his relationship with Sulli, it was reported that G-DRAGON is now working on his new solo album. YG Entertainment rather kept silent in the music scene of February and March this year unlike other music labels, but it will be all different from April. YG artists will continue to release new songs, to entertain music fans. The first hitter will be WINNER. WINNER has confirmed their comeback on April 1 and is now giving the final touch to their new album. Fans are showing especially keen interest in WINNER’s new album to be released in April 4, as it is WINNER’s first album after the team’s restructuring into four members. It will be worthwhile to look forward to a new color of WINNER’s music, as the team is known to be coming back with a song written by KANG SUENGYOON. Then, iKON will also come back to meet fans in Korea soon. News that iKON has kicked off music video shooting for their comeback in spring has recently been announced. Following WINNER and iKON, BLACKPINK and SECHSKIES are also preparing for comeback. YG also recently announced the launching of the label’s youngest boy group led by Bang Yedam, the runner-up of SBS “I Love Sunday – K-Pop Star” show, to complete a new lineup of “YG boy groups”. Because of the rumors of romance, what G-DRAGON has been doing recently was unveiled. Early this year, G-DRAGON already announced his solo comeback. The fact that G-DRAGON is now concentrating on writing his new songs to create another solo G-DRAGON syndrome in the music scene is now officially confirmed. As YG Entertainment is to create sensation with many of its artists attacking the music scene from April 2017, music fans are now paying keen attention to what kind of “YG style” music they will present. side notes:
  12. ok so my brother saw never ever yesterday and we have no clue what the members are but he said that the guy in the beginning looks like an ugly GD LOL yeah that makes more sense. thanks for that
  13. wow....his influence on korea is really amazing. did he really design them tho??? or did he just hire someone? just asking. i've always wondered. either way it's just wow... @moniw18 according to timelines you came upon it much sooner than i did. it took me months upon months to find that song lol.
  14. @moniw18 i have NO idea where those gifs are from actually lol. my other GD stan friend had those as her sig and i went into the same pile of goo as you did. a deleted scene maybe? and let me just say this about his hair... EVERYONE loves his black hair! it's hands down his best colour (or isn't a colour after all)! i just meant what was his best UNnatural colour lol. black makes him look so hot and sexy, you can't go wrong with it. and yes i agree about the length of how long he kept the orange hair. i was only talking with my friend yesterday he MUST have known he rocked it since he had it for like a year. that and the red hair was the longest. my favourite style? hmm that's hard. (also i find it funny you loved his weekly idol outfit, one of his WORST days :D) really i just like him in casual clothes. but now that i think about it my favourite style of all time from him would have to be the chonqing fanmeeting. everything was so perfect. the colours were just right, i loved his silky light shirt, ugh just EVERYTHING. as for makeup, i never saw a man in makeup except for movies, and that doesn't count since it's to show they've been in battle, are sweaty, etc. when GD was in makeup at first i was surprised since i thought he was just so beautiful. but then i looked closer and i could see, and i immediately excepted it. he looks amazing in it, i especially love it when he wears that cherry red lipstick, because it makes his lips look even more plump and kissable i am also happy to know that GD is the first male celebrity of all time to advertise male lipstick. that's GD for you, changing male sexuality! his game promos? give me a break, that would have to be his BEST makeup, i've been saying so ever since they were released. i even made some edits to change up his makeup to see how he would look, i can show you them if you want! as for not liking men in makeup, i think it depends on the face. GD has a slim face and fragile frame, so it would look good on him. if you were to apply the same makeup he uses for i dunno, taeyang, he would look terrible since he is manly looking. so i do like makeup on some guys (like taehyun, his face is PERFECT for that stuff), but i just like it best on GD. about crooked... that's almost exactly how i reacted. in fact crooked is what made me respect him for his talent and made me a fan as soon as i read the lyrics. it's my favourite song by him as well, so i completely understand.
  15. my favourite GD and top pictures are the first two. as bom said, "I'm with GD and Top. The cute boys."