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  1. he's looking so much happier! can't express how happy i am he's coming back to normal body wise too. his face is looking good, now just to see the rest of him catch up! the way he opens his eyes and looks at her like "....? Oh? You're here? Hello!" and laughs. I HATE HIM....
  2. idk about others but i see you as a gorgeous, beautiful, kindhearted man, who i wish to have and even more beautiful family someday!
  3. i had a dream about meeting ji!!!
  4. cute little puppy! @moniw18he certainly is gaining weight! just look at that face above! also i REALLY hope you can have a chance to bring him those cookies. good luck!!!
  5. his face is getting fuller for sure! keep going jiyong!!!
  6. my healthy boy!!!! so beautiful as always
  7. i can see he's getting his face back! he's getting healthier in the cheeks
  8. AHHHHHHHHHH YOU SAW HIM?!?!?!?!?!? AS IN MADE EYE CONTACT?!?!?? I WOULD DIE!!! wait did he say that in english?
  9. when he laughed with that smile i screamed right with them! it's so beautiful...... GIRL BYE I'VE BEEN WONDERING THE SAME DOGGONE THING
  10. GD in tight clothes spam
  11. i never get sick of his smile, ever. @moniw18 honestly i knew he wasn't hurt. it didn't look like a serious situation at all so i allowed myself a laugh; he looked so cute hopping down the hole! but if you don't think it's funny that's alright too. THANK YOU FOR THE VID!!!! i will watch it ASAP!
  12. bastard!!!!
  13. @moniw18 fr... partly it's because i miss healthy ji. i miss and worry him so much, when will he gain some more weight if we're worried i know good and darn well his closest friends and pare even more worried...all we can do is pray!
  14. deep v neck shirt GD is everything